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The third voice also start in D but one octave higher.

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The development part is similar to the first section. However, this part is developing slowly with big extension and having many new elements. This section can also be considered as the largest section and the most complex in this movement. This part can also be the center of the fugue. In the passage above, there are seven different keys in almost each bar. The first bar is in C minor key and then followed in F major key. In the next bar, still in F major key but in different octave and soon followed by another voice in B-flat major and C minor. After that, it modulates again to B-flat major and C minor.

The final section or the Coda in this piece is the climax of this fugue. The interesting part is that the last melodic theme is in the bass line. Later on, there is a cadenza-like or improvisation passages where players can play rubato and it ends in the tonic key of G minor. Exploration in this Sonata has been a demanding task Bach was a genius composer of all time. He also can be considered as the most influential composer of all time. His influence is about how he have his own musical language in a traditional style Baroque. In playing Bachs or any composers kind of music, playing in the right character is very important.

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In Bachs music itself, there are many different ways to interpret the music. Stevan and Joanna said that these pieces have to be lighter and strong Players also need to understand about the harmonic progression so the performer can feel which note is more important than the others. Modern performer.

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Stevan and Joanna concluded that there are never final decisions on the performance of this Sonata Scarecrow Press Bach, Johann Sebastian and Hans Wessely. Sonata No. London: Joseph Williams, Kennedy, Michael, and Joyce Bourne Kennedy. The Oxford Dictionary of Music.

Website Sartorius, Michael. Bach and Eugene Ysae. Doctor diss. Master thesis, University of Adger, Read Free For 30 Days.

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Interpretation of Bach Sonata no. Flag for inappropriate content. For Later. Related titles. What Chords Are in What Jump to Page. Search inside document. The circled notes are the melodic line There is also a section that contains several modulations. Wascawwy Wabbit. Awder Abdul.

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Shwe Oo Sa. Tomas Zoria. Marcos Moser. Bob BaoBab. Supadej Korsrisuwan. Timothy John. Paul Francis. Keith Tiller. Popular in Sonata Form. Leung Chi-hin. Augusto Lopes. Articulation and Authenticity in 19th-Century Guitar Music. Bruno Madeira.

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Allegro moderato J. Andante J. Allegro assai J. Canon J. Gigue J. Allegro J. Largo J. Allegro non molto J. Adagio J. Presto J. Adagio molto J. Adagio Sostenuto Walter Rinaldi. Allegro Walter Rinaldi. Andante Walter Rinaldi.