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Fucking a Reluctant Sitter.

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Maybe a story about a were-starfish? She packed a lot of weird into words. You gotta admit. And were dinos capable of that much thought? Ok — does anyone recall the name of the were-hedgehog book? I appreciate your suffering on our behalf… I laughed so hard reading this that diet Coke went up my nose. Just wow…. Curse you Red,you Ginger you!!!! Someone Jane at Dear Author maybe? Clearly I am Not Good at formatting links this week. This is possibly the greatest sentence I have read all week. And if the the Werehedgehog book was better.

I remember reading one about a cat heroine and a mouse hero. Hedgies are done. Men and women have to be mammals. We had a hedgie for about 2 months. So we found her a better home. Evil thought: Could you imagine getting this book, or the cuttlefish gangbang book, in your RITA judging packet? Ankaret Wells that review is awesome. Ellie I want to know how you get ravished by a clockwork machine. Love the bucket list! Off to go read the were-hedgehog review. You would think invertebrates would be a really underutilized population for this sort of thing.

And let us not forget that their are entities which Ravage instead of Ravish. And saving the best for last, because after this one there really is no point in continuing…. Genghis Mom says:. October 2, at am. Linda says:. Anna C. Kate L says:. Kinsey says:. June says:.