Manual Enduring Voices: Oral Histories of the U.S. Army Experience in Afghanistan, 2003-2005

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During Operation Snipe, a major cave network was discovered and destroyed.

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From June to January , CJTF 's mission was to conduct full-spectrum operations to prevent the reemergence of terror organizations and set the conditions for the growth of democracy in Afghanistan. A major effort was placed on organizing, equipping, arming and training the Afghan National Army. In mid there was both a combat division HQ and combat brigade rotation. Huggins also enjoyed support from artillery, aviation, military intelligence, and other enabling units.

Military search operations were performed south of cities of Khost and Gardez. Five Taliban weapon caches and two Taliban document caches were discovered. However the aggressiveness of the 82nd Airborne Division personnel was compared unfavourably by Afghans with the Special Forces they had seen before. In addition, while searches were in progress, CA teams politely inquired about medical conditions and the general needs of the villages to identify potential reconstruction projects.

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From February to March Operation Viper aimed to search Afghanistan villages and recover weapons caches and other war marteriall left by Taliban and Al-Qaeda forces. Search and sweep operations conducted to locate and engage Taliban and insurgent forces in the Baghran and Baghni Valleys, northwest of Kana. In March , Operation Valiant Strike directed to clear and search villages, gather intelligence, search for weapons caches, and seek out remaining Al-Qaeda and Taliban forces.

The combined forces moved through part of Southern Afghanistan to eliminate enemy forces and weapons caches while also attempting to gather intelligence on Taliban activity in the area. Search and sweep operations intended to locate and engage Taliban and insurgent forces east of Kandahar in the Sami Ghar Mountains, performed by the 2nd and 3rd Battalions, th Parachute Infantry Regiment and other units of the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division along with Romanian Infantry and Afghan troops.

From August to September during Operation Mountain Viper , the Afghan National Army supported by the 10th Mountain Division performed sweep and search operations in Dey Chopan District , Zabul Province to uncover hundreds of suspected Taliban rebels dug in the mountains resulted in militants killed. During this operation, the coalition conducted 1, patrols and raids and cordon-and-search operations. They killed 22 enemy combatants and discovered caches with 3, rockets, 3, mortar rounds, 2, rocket-propelled grenade 's, 3, rifle rounds, 2, mines and tens of thousands of rounds of small-arms ammuniition.

The 2nd Marine Regiment and 8th Marine Regiment also participated in this operation. This article needs additional citations for verification. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Main article: Participants in Operation Enduring Freedom. Main article: Criticism of the War on Terror. Main article: Operation Enduring Freedom — Philippines.

Main article: Abu Sayyaf.


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Retrieved 19 March Retrieved 19 February Therefore, people frequently visited by the ICRC have been arrested for safety reasons in a safe manner. Several international conventions on existing violence include certain provisions which provide that states may allow ICRC access to persons detained for suspected terrorist activities. These provisions, as well as persons entered into International Humantarian Law agreements and in the International Statue of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is a recognition of the unique role played by the ICRC, based on the principles of neutrality and equality.

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ICRC Do some aspects of the fight against terrorism amount to a "transnational" armed conflict? ICRC What law applies to persons detained in the fight against terrorism?