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There is no way to track each trend that might influence professional services marketing. Selected trends will be discussed here.

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What trends interest or concern you? Let me know. Maybe I can write about it. Successfully marketing professional services requires the balance of four factors: overcoming challenges; your attitudes and mindset; your skills and expertise and the actions you take.

Among the many experience-based lessons learned is that mass marketing techniques seldom generate new business for professionals. Ideal for marketing commodities and consumer goods, mass marketing techniques do little to attract new clients or generate more repeat business. This Ebook will help you learn yo know what you need to generate more new business for your professional services business.

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Great post! Have you heard of the concept of Conscious Capitalism? As a result of these changes, the traditional role of marketing has morphed. There are a couple of blog posts I wrote recently about these topics that you may be interested in:. Is Traditional Marketing Dead? Thanks Tiffany. I will definitely check out the links. I totally get the concept and look forward to reading what you have written about it. They are tasked with the responsibility for getting it done and often operate without a net.

How exciting. I have been that Marketing Director at a small firm and was tasked with getting it done. And with very little budget or staff. I look forward to seeing your views. Thank you in advance for your response and for sharing any relevant resources you have on this topic.

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Hi Maria, I think his ideas are even more important for non-profits. Toggle navigation. He has worked in leadership positions in sales and marketing for global brands like SAP and Nielsen, as well as for thriving startups. Today, Michael shares his passion on leadership and marketing strategies that deliver customer value and business impact.

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25 Pieces of Marketing Wisdom From the Best in the Business

A great read even if you are not in the marketing business. A book for all seasons. One person found this helpful.

An absolute gem of on marketing.. Format: Kindle Edition. There are plenty of marketing books out there. So what makes this one stand out? Let's start with what this book is not. It's not one of those marketing text books that tries to blow you away with big marketing terms and concepts. There are enough of those out there, and honestly, most of them wouldn't work in the real world. What this book is to me A pick-me-up guide to what marketing is really all about. Why marketing is so important, and if you are a marketing practitioner, why you fall in love with your job in the first place.

It's a wonderful guide that will point you back into the right direction - your customer! We live in a world of sound grabs and snapshots, so this book is timely and relevant to today's marketer.

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It is a sharing of a lifetime of experience and education, and built around knowing that there are some undeniable truths about an organisation, their people and their customers. Know that you will learn something from these pages. You will learn to challenge the very foundations of your marketing practices. It is a book that allows you to grab a little gem, and carry this gem around with you all day.

Marketing Is Business: The Wisdom Of Peter Drucker

What I love most about this book is that I can read five lines or five pages and it all makes sense. Simple marketing words of wisdom rather than page long explanations on 'how to market'. Steven Howard's thoughts on paper are inspiring in a way that they made me think of my business and the opportunities within; often when reading a marketing blog or book one feels lectured to and is given the 'only way to go' spiel. In this day and age of being bombarded from all sides with information and advice overload, Steven Howard's book - Marketing Words of Wisdom refreshingly 'cuts to the chase.

An easy read, yet thought provoking, I believe this book would be helpful for anyone in business who aspires to succeed. Steven Howard has written a comprehensive and easy to follow and find topics book of marketing. This is a great resource for marketing tips in bitesize chunks. I have already written out a few of them and put on my wall of essential marketing notes to remind me every day.