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But venture to the north of Bali, or to neighboring Java, Lombok or Sumbawa, and you will need to know some basic Bahasa Indonesian words just to get by. Besides, if you speak with the locals in Indonesian, they give a better price when bargaining because they understand that you are a savvy traveler. People that speak only English, or some other language, usually get the short end of the stick when it comes to prices. It was developed in the s as a way to unify the country and to stir up nationalism in order to drive out the Dutch administrators.

All of the islands in Indonesia have their own vernacular that is spoken as the first language such as Javanese, Balinese , Sumatran etc. On the other hand, words are relatively easy to pronounce and to memorize and Indonesian grammar is very easy. This means that you can start speaking Indonesian fairly quickly after getting started.


Learn the most important words, try to make sentences and very soon you will be able to hold basic conversations in Indonesian and connect with Indonesian people! Click here to see how VocaBooster can help you to become conversational in Indonesian. According to the Foreign Service Institute it takes about 36 weeks or hours to become proficient in Indonesian. The fact is that it takes significantly less time to reach a basic conversational level.

How to Learn Indonesian - Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Learn Indonesian

Mastery in language learning often takes years or even decades, but understanding the basics and holding basic conversations can be achieved in much less time. We are convinced though that by following three principles, it will be extremely helpful for those who want reach a conversational level in Indonesian quickly. Learn the most important words first.

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This principle can be applied in language learning as well. To create your first sentences, you need words such as: I, you, to like, can, to do, today, to want, to be, expensive, big etc. You will be surprised by how many things you will be able to say by knowing only a few hundred words. This principle works very well for Indonesian because of its simple grammar.

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  7. Focus on making sentences from the beginning. When we learn languages at school, we often have to learn thousands of words. We also learn all the grammar rules and eventually, we have to read books in that language. Why is that? Well, in order to become fluent at a language we need to learn two things: — We need to learn a lot about the language words, grammar. Most people only focus on learning a language, but not using it!

    Greetings and essentials

    You can simply write down sentences or even better, practice with a native speaker online. So… — Learn the most important words.

    Keep yourself accountable, be consistent. Many people try to learn a new language, but few eventually become fluent. You download an app, go through a few lessons but eventually, it gets boring and you give up. Connecting to Indonesian people to practice on websites like italki. Another way to progress in the long term is by being consistent in your learning.

    Look for communities online for people who are learning Indonesian or sign up for a language challenge. These are great ways to stay motivated and stay consistent in your learning. Teach Yourself Indonesian Teach Yourself offers a wide range of self-study books including Indonesian. In 24 thematic chapters, you learn important language structures through dialogues.

    Each chapter includes key vocabulary lists. This book also features current cultural information boxes that reflect recent changes in society. VocaBooster Indonesian One of the biggest frustrations we faced learning Indonesian with learning traditional language courses was that so much irrelevant content was taught which included things one simply did not need to know as a beginner.

    Therefore, we decided to create an Indonesian course where we only focus on the most important vocabulary for beginners!

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    We handpicked of the most important words in Indonesian, put them in a logical order and added example sentences and native audio recordings. Click here for more info about VocaBooster Indonesian. Want to practice your speaking skills? Check out italki.

    What's your current level?

    That was it, we hope this post has been helpful to you. Good luck with your Indonesian studies! It is a language that was spoken in Northeast Sumatra for five hundred years. The Indonesian language was not identified as such until the country itself declared independence from the Dutch in Forging a national identity included the standardization of the Indonesian language as a separate entity to Malaysian. This literally just means the language of Indonesia, and is often shortened by English speakers to Bahasa. Although this word just means language, it is understood that it refers to the Indonesian language specifically.

    Indonesian is the official language of Indonesia, having been declared as such when Indonesia declared independence in There are around 23 million native speakers, but a massive million speakers in total. Interestingly enough, the majority of Indonesian people also define themselves as being fluent in another language.

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