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Could fearing for your life be the ultimate aphrodisiac? A modern Los Angeles noir. Black ops. Murder for hire. And a love story about people invisible to the citizens of the ordinary, waking world. From Publishers Weekly Starred Review :. Schow presents alternating chapters from the viewpoint of characters with a variety of different aliases, then torques the plot with so many outrageous twists that they cease to be unbelievable. A kinetic, comical thriller that fires away with abandon.

We're thrilled to announce the signed limited edition of Jim Butcher's collection of Dresden Files stories, Brief Cases , highlighted by the new novella, "Zoo Day. Check out the book's product page for full details. We suspect this coverage will lead to a quick sell out of Ben's tale. The second printing of The Providence Rider , which may be Robert McCammon's most thrilling Matthew Corbett adventure, has just been sent to the printer.

Watch for copies to ship in April. Click here to read more about The Providence Rider or to place your order. We'd like to offer our congratulations to all of the Nebula Award finalists this year, while highlighting that our own Aliette de Bodard's The Tea Master and the Detective is a finalist in the novella category. We suspect that many readers will be happy to know that not only is Aliette working on a new Xuya universe novella for us, but that we have her first collection under contract, as well. The print edition is long sold out, but the ebook is available, of course.

Here's a taste of some of the praise The Tea Master and the Detective has garnered:. The story works as well as both science fiction and murder mystery, exploring a future where pride, guilt, and mercy are not solely the province of humans. From Kirkus:. From Tor. And it ends it a way that recalls the original Holmes and Watson, while being perfectly appropriate to itself. From Locus Gary K. Wolfe :. The latest is from Tor. Witty, gentle, generous, and deeply humane, this is Bujold at the peak of her form.

I loved this novella, and I recommend it wholeheartedly. Lois' many fans will be happy to know that we plan to announce her novella, The Flowers of Vashnoi , as soon as the cover art is in house. The Best of Greg Egan is one of the largest and most accomplished such volumes we've assembled. The author has chosen roughly k words well over pages of his best fiction, with an emphasis on novellas. Please note that we will not be publishing an ebook of this one.

In a career spanning more than thirty years, he has produced a steady stream of novels and stories that address a wide range of scientific and philosophical concerns: artificial intelligence, higher mathematics, science vs religion, the nature of consciousness, and the impact of technology on the human personality. All these ideas and more find their way into this generous and illuminating collection, the clear product of a man who is both a master storyteller and a rigorous, exploratory thinker.

This book really does represent the best of Greg Egan, and it therefore takes its place among the best of contemporary SF. Startling, intelligent and always hugely entertaining, it provides an ideal introduction to one of the most accomplished and original writers working today.

Head over to the In the Shadow of Spindrift House page to check out an exclusive creepy excerpt from Mira Grant's upcoming novella! Gary Gianni has been busy on the exclusive art for the signed limited edition of George R. Here's a small version of the illustration that will grace the colored endpapers. The size above doesn't do the original justice.

We'll show off another color piece or two in the near future. Copies of the signed limited edition are still available for preorder. Dawson writing as Lila Bowen , and Chuck Wendig is shipping. We're in the odd position of a having been shorted by our printer, so that we might not have the full copies for sale once we quality check them all; and b having distributors and large online retailers placing a strange array of orders, so out of the ordinary that it may take a week or two before we know if the book is indeed out of print on publication.

Pick up your copy from your preferred supplier early, just to be safe. Oh, and there are a few lettered copies still available for preorder. We're working on a nifty little extra for the traycase. We have another blurb to share with you, as well. Martin and Lisa Tuttle's classic fantasy novel, Windhaven. Look for this title to soar to the printer soon.

Head over to the book's product page to check out some of the full-color plates and black-and-white interior art. The Lawrence Block -edited anthology, At Home in the Dark , has just drawn its first couple of reviews. Here's part of what Booklist had to say:. And here's Publishers Weekly singling out a a few stories:. All magical places that mortals can travel to and marvel at the strange creatures and wonders not seen in our world.

Multi-millionaire Tip Fallows is a recreational hunter looking for more interesting challenges. Another wealthy hunter, Stockton, has a secret to share and a journey to offer. All they need to do is pay a quarter of a million dollars to go through a little door in an old house in rural Maine.

We see a supernatural adventure film that bring a fresh magical take on The Most Dangerous Game.

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Distributor orders have been strong, so we don't know how long we'll have copies after publication. As an added bonus, each of the novellas features a full-color plate by Galen Dara. We'll get right to it. Here's the pertinent part:. The signed, limited edition is bound in leather, with two color plates by Jon Foster not included in the trade hardcover. Richard Chizmar's new novella, The Girl on the Porch , takes off at full-speed, as you'll see if you check out the lengthy excerpt posted on the book's product page. Best-seller Ridley Pearson recently had this to say about Rich's novella:.

Doorbell videos. Spooky neighbors. And a mystery not boiling under the surface but blazing in front of your eyes. I read it in one sitting with sweaty palms—just like one of the suspects in the novel. This guy can write! I felt like I was sitting around a campfire hearing a story. One that would leave me pacing for hours afraid of the sound of my own footfalls.

We're thrilled to announce our first-ever project with Anthony Ryan , best known for his epic fantasy trilogy Raven's Shadow. Check out A Pilgrimage of Swords today. We expect copies to go quickly. The exceptional dust jacket art is by Didier Graffet. You'll be reading about another big project with Didier soon. It is two hundred years since the deity known as the Absolved went mad and destroyed the Kingdom of Alnachim, transforming it into the Execration, a blasted wasteland filled with nameless terrors.

Now a veteran warrior known only as Pilgrim, armed with a fabled blade inhabited by the soul of a taunting demon, must join with six others to make the last journey to the heart of the Execration. But can sins such as his ever be forgiven? Welcome to The Best of Uncanny , at pages, one of our largest anthologies. The limited edition consists of only numbered copies, signed by over 40 contributors—the most we've ever had in one book.

We expect them to sell quickly. Lynne M. Dawson explores superpowers, harassment, and revenge in"Catcall. Those pieces are only the beginning. We're happy to report that Robert McCammon's The Providence Rider is returning to the world with a small trade hardcover reprint. We've seen copies of this entry in Matthew Corbett's adventures climb in price on the secondary market, and wanted to offer a bit more reasonably priced alternative.

The Providence Rider remains my favorite of the Corbett novels, as McCammon gathers an extensive cast of cuththroats and bad doers under one roof, then drops Matthew right in the middle. The narrative begins in the winter of , with Matthew still haunted by his lethal encounter with notorious mass murderer Tyranthus Slaughter.

When an unexplained series of explosions rocks his Manhattan neighborhood, Matthew finds himself forced to confront a new and unexpected problem. Someone is trying—and trying very hard—to get his attention. The professor, it turns out, has a problem of his own, one that requires the exclusive services of Matthew Corbett. The ensuing narrative moves swiftly and gracefully from the emerging metropolis of New York City to Pendulum Island in the remote Bermudas.

In the course of his journey, Matthew encounters a truly Dickensian assortment of memorable, often grotesque, antagonists. These include Sirki, the giant, deceptively soft-spoken East Indian killer, Dr. The result is both an exquisitely constructed novel of suspense and a meticulous recreation of a bygone era.

Here's a bit of praise for the novel from Publishers Weekly:. Shanghaied in from Manhattan to Pendulum Island, the Bermuda home of his nemesis, criminal mastermind Professor Fell, Matthew is tasked with finding out who among Fell's criminal confederates is leaking to England Fell's plans to sell a devastating new type of weapon to the nation's European enemies. Once again, McCammon provides a colorful and well-researched depiction of colonial America, enlived by a rogues' gallery of well-drawn characters. Hair's-breadth escapes and the teasing promise that characters who appear to have been disposed of might resurface in future adventures make this a rollicking good yarn.

Dresden Files fans rejoice! We're shipping the signed limited edition of Jim Butcher's Changes , the twelfth installment in that much-loved series. If you haven't ordered yet, copies are still available. Next up will be his short story collection, Brief Cases , on which we are already at work. For a limited time, Connie Willis' most recent novella, I Met a Traveller in an Antique Land , has seen a price drop both here at our site and through select retailers.

We're sure this deal will go poof unexpectedly, so jump on it! Of course, not everyone agrees. After Jim bombs a contentious interview with a radio host who defends the sacred technology of the printed, tangible book, he gets caught in a rainstorm only to find himself with no place to take refuge other than a quaint, old-fashioned bookshop.

Ozymandias Books is not just any store. And, yes, the overwhelmed and busy clerk showing him around says they have a copy. Congratulations to everyone who made Locus Magazine' s recommended reading list, including a bunch of SubPress authors. In cases where our print editions are sold out, the links below are to the ebooks. Kiernan ;. Parker ;. Schow ;. Valente ;. Nature abhors a straight line. The natural world is a place of curves and softened edges, of gentle mists and welcoming spirals.

Nature remembers deviation; nature does not forgive. For Harlowe Upton-Jones, life has never been a straight line. Shipped off to live with her paternal grandparents after a mysterious cult killed her mother and father, she has grown up chasing the question behind the curve, becoming part of a tight-knit teen detective agency. Welcome to Spindrift House. The stories and legends surrounding the decrepit property are countless and contradictory, but one thing is clear: there are people willing to pay a great deal to determine the legal ownership of the house. The house has secrets.

They have the skills. They have a plan. They have everything they need to solve the mystery. Everything they need except for time. Because Spindrift House keeps its secrets for a reason, and it has no intention of letting them go. There are very few folks in this business who've been as kind and generous with their time and talent than Neil Gaiman. That includes to us, and extends to pretty much everyone we know. Right now, he's teaching "The Art of Storytelling" in a MasterClass , and we're happy to sponsor eight writers to take part.

You'll find the full details on our Facebook page and by checking in with us on Twitter subpress. Thanks to Neil for being one of literary heroes, and good luck to everyone who enters for the opportunity to take the class. This omnibus contains the two novels that comprise The Sundering, published together by Grim Oak Press for the first time, with a dust jacket and interior illustrations by Donato Giancola. If all that is good thinks you evil Once upon a time, the Seven Shapers dwelled in accord and Shaped the world to their will. But Satoris, the youngest among them, was deemed too generous in his gifts to the race of Men, and so began the Shapers' War, which Sundered the world.

Now six of the Shapers lay to one end of a vast ocean, and Satoris to the other, reviled by even the race of Men. Satoris sits in his Darkhaven, surrounded by his allies. Chief among them is Tanaros Blacksword, immortal Commander General of his army. Once a mortal man who was betrayed by King and Wife, Tanaros fled to Darkhaven a thousand years ago, and in Satoris's service has redeemed his honor-but left his humanity behind.

Now there is a new prophecy that tells of Satoris's destruction and the redemption of the world. To thwart it, Satoris sends Tanaros to capture the Lady of the Ellylon, the beautiful Cerelinde, to prevent her alliance with the last High King of Men. But Tanaros discovers that not all of his heart has been lost--his feelings for Cerelinde could doom Satoris, but save the race of Men.

This one is a doozy. We've been at work on Warren Ellis' Dead Pig Collector for roughly five years and owe Warren a huge thank you for helping pull the project together when we thought it was past resurrecting. This is our first chapbook in quite some time. It's an word tale, stapled, in paper covers, with all copies signed by the author, and a killer cover by Molly Crabapple. That version is in stock, with US shipping included in the cover price. Apologies to our international brethren. Shipping costs are horrendous. Please note that only the softcover chapbook is shipping at the moment.

The lettered hardcovers are still a few months off. Mister Sun sees the world in unusual ways—clocking a flight from London to Los Angeles on business at forty thousand seconds, for instance, instead of in terms of hours. His business is death and disposal. Taking a room at his favorite hotel, he ensures all is in order from his latest client. How does he break down a body, exactly? As she absorbs the details, a strange connection begins to build between the two of them.

But can a happy ending be dealt from such grisly cards? As I write this, individual and distributor orders account for all but nine copies of the print run. The spot on cover is by Galen Dara , who also contributed a full-color plate for each of the tales. If you want to lock in a copy, we suggest placing your order soon. And, as to that review mentioned in the headline, it's from Publishers Weekly. Here's a pertinent bit:.

Established fans and completionists will undoubtedly enjoy seeing what these characters are up to now. The first review for Kelley Armstrong's new novella, Cruel Fate , is in, and it's a great one. Needless to say, this bodes well for a quick sell through, especially of the trade hardcover. The limited edition includes a few bonuses that might be of interest:.

We already have more than enough distributor and large bookstore orders to put this one out of print, so please don't hesitate to get your order in while we're engulfed in the initial shipping wave. Important update: We've held back the last 50 copies for direct orders. The rest will be going to our distributors and large online retailers. As we noted to those who ordered the signed, limited edition, that version has been delayed by a few weeks due to a materials shortage at our printer. Those of you who've read this far: We have a "new" Bernie Rhodenbarr book on our schedule for next year!

We're readying the final files for C. Tudor's debut novel, The Chalk Man , for the printer. Our edition features an original introduction by Caz, and a never-before-published alternate ending. And if that's not enough, we're already at work on the signed limtied of Caz's second novel, The Hiding Place known in the UK under the more evocative title, The Taking of Annie Thorne. And if that's still not enough, Caz has sent us a Chalk Man doodle that'll be emobossed on the front of every copy of the book.

From Stephen King:. Tim Powers' mind-bending new novella, More Walls Broken , has just picked up another great review, this time from Locus :. Tim's novella is already at the printer. Place your order so you don't miss out! We've just sent David J. Schow's ultra-everything new novel, The Big Crush , kicking and screaming, to the printer. Here are cuttings from a couple of its strong reviews, which should drive the novel to sell out quickly after publication.

From Publishers Weeky Starred Review :. Paul Suntup of Suntup Press has been kind enough to offer us a few copies only five, to be exact of his fine press edition of Rosemary's Baby by Ira Levin. You'll want to check out the book's product page for the full details, but, as with Suntup's edition of Stephen King's Misery , we expect nothing less than the definitive treatment of this seminal novel.

Please note that purchasing Rosemary's Baby will get you a short exclusive window in which to preorder the next qualifying Suntup title from us. His last project with us, A Long December , sold out very quickly. Order this one early so you don't miss out! This guy is gold. She anxiously pressed the doorbell again and again, glancing over her shoulder as if someone was coming for her, before giving up and taking off into the dark.

There are updates on all the local networks, national coverage on CNN and Fox News, and the video goes viral on social media. Before long, everyone has seen the harrowing security camera footage. From Caroline Kepnes, bestselling author of You:. Chizmar peels the band-aid so slowly that it hurts From Riley Sager, bestselling author of Final Girls:. A tense and twisty read that poses this unsettling question: How well do we know our friends and neighbors? From Linwood Barclay:. From Bentley Little:. Our edition, the only hardcover currenty under contract, will be published in May.

But before this job, under a different name, she led a secret training program with deadly proclivities--and that must be why the assassin showed up in her bathroom. Not that dealing with him was a problem. She took him out between brushing her teeth and putting on her foundation. Enter Holt Halsey, the school baseball coach, who it seems used to be in the same line of work as her. Head over to the book's product page and check it out. Ben's new novella is right on schedule to be out in May!

We're sending out copies as quickly as possible, but shipping will likely extend into next week. Thanks to everyone for their patience. We overordered this title by a little, so once the initial shipping wave is over, we may have extra copies to sell. If this comes to pass, we'll likely post the details to the book's product page, and in our newsleter. Let's get right to it. I consider Lewis Shiner's Outside the Gates of Eden to be the best original novel SubPress will have published in our nearly twenty-five years of existence.

At pages, it's also the longest. This is a book too important to miss. Eden will be out in May, just ahead of the fiftieth anniversary of Woodstock, and the festival plays an important role in the nove l. The striking cover photo, taken at Woodstock, is by Lisa Law. What happened to the idealism of the s?

This question has haunted a generation. Cole finds his calling at a Bob Dylan concert in From the Summer of Love in San Francisco to Woodstock, from campus protests to the SoHo loft scene, from a commune in Virginia to the outlaw country music of Austin, the novel charts the rise and fall of the counterculture—and what came after. Hugely ambitious, simply beautiful. Anyone with a passion for rock and roll storytelling at its very best must not deny themselves the opportunity to read this tale.

A masterpiece. We're happy to let you know that the signed limited edition of Peter V. Brett's latest Demon Cycle novella, Barren , is in stock and shipping. We're in the odd place of not knowing exactly how many copies we will have in stock in a few days, as we wait for a few large orders to come through.

We may end up with a ready supply, or we may not have any copies left by this time next week. Humanity has been brought to the brink of extinction. Each night, the world is overrun by demons—bloodthirsty creatures of nightmare that have been hunting the surface for over years.

A scant few hamlets and half-starved city-states are all that remain of a once proud civilization, and it is only by hiding behind wards, ancient symbols with the power to repel the demons, that they survive. A handful of Messengers brave the night to keep the lines of communication open between the increasingly isolated populace. Its seven boroughs rely on one another for resources and support in the night, but they are scattered and fiercely proud, answering only to their Speakers and nursing grudges that go back generations. For nearly fifty years, through good times and bad, Town Speaker Selia Barren has been the force holding the Brook together.

But there are grudges against her as well, fed in bitter hearts for half a century. Fifty years ago, Selia nearly tore the town in half to love a woman. Readers will be drawn into the hearts and minds of his characters and deeply moved by the themes of acceptance and community. Want new novellas by Kevin Hearne —featuring Oberon! Dawson, Kevin Hearne, and Chuck Wendig. Each of the stories features a full-color, full-page illustration by Galen Dara, who also contributed the cover and a full-color frontispiece. Grist of Bees , by Delilah S. Dawson writing as Lila Bowen, follows Rhett Walker, who has given up his destiny as the monster-hunting Shadow to settle down with his beloved Sam.

But when the call to action grows too strong, Rhett saddles up to follow a peculiar bee into the unforgiving desert. The bee leads him to a weeping mother in a strangely prosperous valley, and Rhett has no choice but to hunt the creature that's stolen her child—even if it destroys a land of milk and honey. And up until now, it has been her mission to kill those killers, to remove them from the pattern so that they may not murder again. And Lois' fans will be happy to know it looks like we have more novellas coming! Their own romance still unresolved, Nikys, Penric, and of course Desdemona must infiltrate the hostile country once more, finding along the way that family relationships can be as unexpectedly challenging as any rescue scheme.

From Library Journal:. Open ordering has begun for both the limited and lettered editions of George R. At the time of this posting, there are a few copies of the lettered edition available for preorder, though they are not expected to last long. What really happened during the Dance of the Dragons? Why was it so deadly to visit Valyria after the Doom? What was it like in Westeros when dragons ruled the skies?

These are but a few of the questions answered in this essential chronicle, as related by a learned maester of the Citadel and featuring more than eighty all-new black-and-white illustrations by artist Doug Wheatley. Our edition will be slightly oversize, likely with the following features:. The lettered edition will:. We're happy to let you know that open ordering has begun for Morning Star by Pierce Brown.

We have the final three volumes of the Red Rising Saga under contract, as well. Owning Morning Star will get you first crack at the next volume, Iron Gold. If things go as planned, we'll be adding full-color interior illustrations to the last three volumes in the series. Darrow au Andromedus ascended Gold society with the dream of building a better world for the Reds. The Golds continue to take from him. They have taken his wife and now his liberty, imprisoned and tortured by the ArchGovernor of Mars, just as they enslaved his people.

But they can not take away his dream. Darrow will not relinquish his goal of dismantling the hierarchy once and for all. It is time for Darrow and his comrades to face their powerful enemies. It is time for the revolution to begin. But this war will not be easily won. Owning a copy of Changes will get you first crack at the Dresden Files short story collection, Brief Cases , due later this year. We'll announce the winners next week. Good luck and very happy reading! Richard K. Morgan's second Takeshi Kovacs sf thriller, Broken Angels , is in stock and shipping. For those of you who caught the Neflix series Altered Carbon , season two will be based on this novel.

It's really that good. The Subterranean Press edition includes a cover and full color interior illustrations by Vincent Chong. As readers anticipate the release of Robert McCammon's next Matthew Corbett adventure, Cardinal Black US trade hardcover; UK limited edition , those of you who missed out on the thrill a second chase to catch Mister Slaughter can pick up a copy of this newly reprinted adventure.

The world of Colonial America comes vibrantly to life in this masterful new historical thriller by Robert McCammon. Together with his colleague, Hudson Greathouse, he agrees to escort the notorious mass murderer Tyranthus Slaughter from an asylum outside Philadelphia to the docks of New York. Along the way, Slaughter makes his captors a surprising--and extremely tempting--offer.

Their response to this offer will alter the course of the novel, setting in motion a series of astonishing, ultimately catastrophic events. Suspenseful, illuminating, never less than compulsively readable, it is, by any measure, an extraordinary achievement, the largest accomplishment to date from one of our most gifted--and necessary--writers. From Sense of Wonder:. We're happy to let you know that Tim Powers' electrifyng new novella, More Walls Broken , has just been sent to the printer. You can visit the book's product page for an excerpt.

Meanwhile, here's a bit of description and a cutting from the Publishers Weekly review What follows is the sort of dizzying, mind-expanding entertainment that only the always reliable, always astonishing Tim Powers could have written. Their goal: to open a door between the world of the living and the world of the dead, and to capture the ghost of the recently deceased scientist Armand Vitrielli. For their own desperate reasons, they hope to avail themselves of the secrets Vitrielli left behind at the time of his death. Their experiment, naturally, fails to come off exactly as planned.

A door between the worlds does, in fact, open, letting in something—someone—completely unexpected, and setting in motion a chain of events that will reverberate throughout the narrative. The result is a brilliantly imagined account of multiple realities and unintended consequences that is pure dazzle, pure storytelling, pure—and unmistakable—Tim Powers. In book after book, story after story, Powers has set the standard for literate imaginative fiction. With this essential, beautifully realized novella, he has done it once again. The signed limited edition will be bound in leather and include two full-color interior illustrations by Jon Foster not in the trade hardcover.

We have some cheer for you this holiday season. Lansdale's contributions to the anthology. The anthology is fully-designed, Larry has returned the signature pages, and we're almost ready to go to the printer, very much ahead of our announced May release. We just have to go over the final files one more time, which shouldn't take long at all.

We're happy to let you know the signed limited edition of The Kinsmen Universe by Ilona Andrews is in our warehouse, with copies going out as quickly as possible. The World of Kinsmen. Family is everything. Talent is power. And revenge is sweet. Silent Blade:. Old hatreds die hard. Old love dies harder. When he abruptly breaks their engagement, he ruins her family and guarantees that Meli will never marry, as no suitor will oppose the rich and influential Carvannas.

But Meli has a rare, secret, lethal—and valuable—talent. To kill the man who ruined her life. Silver Shark. Claire Shannon is a killer…and her weapon is her mind. She thought she had left war behind, but now she must hide her skills and her growing feelings from Venturo…and this battle might just cost her everything….

A Mere Formality.

  1. “The Blood of Our Sons” | SpringerLink.
  2. Macaulay, Fannie Caldwell.
  3. Four: The Barsetshire Chronicle ()?
  4. Der weite Himmel: Roman (German Edition)!
  5. Darren Shan - Author.
  6. Almost the End (The Long Road Ahead Book 3)!
  7. Online Library of Liberty;
  8. The leader of the fierce Reigh people expires during an intergalactic summit, putting 30 million colonists' lives and livelihoods in jeopardy. For those of you who missed out on the print edition, or just prefer your reading in digital format, Caitlin R. Kiernan's most excellent new collection, The Dinosaur Tourist , is now available as an ebook.

    Much of Kiernan's fiction exists on the border between psychological horror and the same genre's more supernatural division… Kiernan's densely plotted and atmospheric tales of dread—supernatural and otherwise—make for a memorably unsettling read. Schow's new novel just landed a starred review from Publishers Weekly. If you like your books heavy on wit and armament, The Big Crush is for you. Alas, those orders, along with many others placed by distributors, will remain unfilled, as the print run is limited to only signed numbered copies.

    We have held the last 50 copies back for our direct customers, so if you're interested, please pick on up. We suspect Mira's latest will be scarce on the ground after publication, which will be in the next week. In other Mira news, she's turned in a long, chilling novella for publication. We'll be announcing In the Shadow of Spindrift House soon.

    Feel free to download it direct from us, or check out the book's product page for links to other vendors. Here's a cutting from the Booklist review:. Lois McMaster Bujold's latest novella, The Prisoner of Limnos , has just garnered a starred review from Publishers Weekly , which we're only too happy to highlight:. Preorder your copy of the signed limited edition or trade hardcover today. We're very happy to report that, very much in time for holiday delivery, copies of John Scalzi's Virtue Signaling and Other Heresies have breached the warehouse walls, where they're being bagged, boxed, and sent on their way to eager customers.

    In this volume, Scalzi delves through the final term of Obama and the ushering in of the Trump years, surveys the increasingly-hostile online landscape, goes to the movies, and talks on subject ranging from MeToo to the teachers who shaped him growing up. Well, it appears he's found the magic twenty years on from our first conversation about the story, and managed to mine a gem. And every last one of them packs a punch. Henry, master of the surprise ending, for our title.

    Matthew Corbett has volunteered to travel with Julian Devane, a self-proclaimed "fool and bad man" in the employ of Professor Fell, to hunt down the potion book. They follow the trail to London, where the book will be sold at a secret auction. Matthew and Julian manage to secure a seat at the auction by masquerading as respected and feared underground operatives, but to prevail in their high-stakes mission, they will require help from a very unlikely source. Even if they are successful, their race to save Berry Grigsby will leave a trail of destruction in its wake.

    For those interested, we've just gone to contract on the next three books in the series. Please mention your copy number when checking out. Important Note:. We aim to publish them simultaneously, if circumstances allow. Our editions will be:. The Tower of Babel is the greatest marvel of the Silk Age. Immense as a mountain, the ancient Tower holds unnumbered ringdoms, warring and peaceful, stacked one on the other like the layers of a cake. It is a world of geniuses and tyrants, of airships and steam engines, of unusual animals and mysterious machines. Thomas Senlin, the mild-mannered headmaster of a small village school, is drawn to the Tower by scientific curiosity and the grandiose promises of a guidebook.

    The luxurious Baths of the Tower seem an ideal destination for a honeymoon, but soon after arriving, Senlin loses Marya in the crowd. He must survive betrayal, assassination, and the long guns of a flying fortress. But if he hopes to ever find his wife, Thomas Senlin must do more than survive. This quiet man of letters must become a man of action. The adventure continues! Forced by necessity into a life of piracy, Senlin and his crew struggle to survive aboard their stolen airship.

    But the Tower of Babel proves to be as difficult to reenter as it was to escape. While searching for an unguarded port, Senlin encounters the camp of Luc Marat, who seems equal parts bandit and humanitarian. One thing is for certain: his asylum for the downtrodden hods is not as peaceful as it appears. In desperation, Senlin turns to the mysterious and dangerous Sphinx, with whom Edith shares a terrible bond.

    Senlin is soon faced with an impossible choice between his friends, his freedom, and his wife. Larry's new novella is selling ridiculously well. We don't expect the limited to last long past the pub date, if that long, and the trade hardcover might follow suit quickly. Update : The Grab Bags are now sold out.

    Many thanks to everyone who ordered. We're back with one of our most popular promotions -- the Grab Bags. The Grab Bags are currently being assembled, and will begin shipping immediately. Each bag will contain a mix of signed limited editions not PC copies and trade hardcovers. Some of the books may be distributor returns, and not perfect, but at the price, we think you'll agree the overall package can't be beat.

    Most of the titles we're using have never before been offered in a Grab Bag, so you're bound to find a good supply of new reading material. Please note that If you purchase more than one grab bag, you're very likely to receive the same or similar contents. Mira Grant's new novella, Kingdom of Needle and Bone , just picked up a starred review from Booklist. Here's the highlight:.

    Given how strong direct sales have been, and how well the novella has been reviewed, we're absolutlely certain that it will be out of print on publication. This brand new collection features more than , words of short fiction, as well as more than 5, words of autobiographical Story Notes. His storytelling always beats with a huge, passionate heart. The limited edition of Pierce Brown's Golden Son is now in our warehouse, with copies winging their ways to cusomers. Those of you who've ordered a copy, enjoy! Watch this space for more Pierce Plans are afoot.

    Brandon Sanderson's culmination to the Legion saga, Legion: Lies of the Beholder , is at the printer and on schedule for publication for late in November. We recently fired off a number of interview questions to Brandon, who was kind enough to answer them, one and all. Please head over to the book's product page , to read the interview and pre-order your copy.

    We'll probably be sending out copies until early next week. The lettered edition is still a few months off. Enjoy your flying bears, everyone. We also have a great dust jacket illustration by Tommy Arnold , natch! We're only too happy to share with you the frontispiece that Galen Dara was kind enough to contribute to the volume, and to let you know that we already have the third of the Iron Druid Chronicles, Hammered , under contract, due for pubication in late We'll begin working on that one soon. Also, pleasing everyone around the SubPress offices are new novellas by Delilah S.

    Dawson wearing her Lila Bowen guise and Chuck Wendig. As mentioned, if you head over to the product page, you can check out excerpts from Kevin's story, and from Lila's and Chuck's as well. Each of the three novellas will include a full-color illustration by Galen Dara. She loves her new job, as investigator for notorious defense attorney Gabriel Walsh.

    She has Gabriel, too, as they settle in together, dividing their time between Chicago and Cainsville. Now that wish is finally coming true. Todd Larsen is a free man. Before Todd can settle in with Olivia and Gabriel, the body of his one and only victim surfaces, along with planted clues directing the police to their doorstep. Does someone have a personal grudge against Todd? The signed limited edition of James S. Corey's Babylon's Ashes has hit the top of the shipping queue. We'll be sending out copies today, and into the first half of next week. The lettered edition is still a few months off, as we wait for traycases to be constructed.

    We're already at work on the next installment, Persepolis Rising , so look for an announcement soon! The signed limited edition of N. Jemisin's Hugo award-winning The Stone Sky is shipping. We're ecstatic to have played a small part in publishing this landmark series. Thanks to each and every reader who supported it, by buying our edition, or any other. Galen Dara has contributed the full-color cover, a full-color illustration for each story, and a full-color frontispiece. We don't expect copies of this one to last long.

    The next title in our shipping queue is Joe R. Copies are due in our warehouse any day, and we'll start shipping asap. We've reserved the last fifty copies to sell direct, so pick one up if you're of a mind. Due to the high volume of distributor and online retailer orders, this may be the last time we have copies to offer to individuals. A few of the glowing reviews for Driving to Geronimo's Grave :. Lansdale provides consistent entertainment for readers of all genres, not only in his fiction but also in the chatty intro and in afterwords of each yarn. Despite the genre hopping, Lansdale's storytelling skills make each piece worthwhile.

    It's especially impressive how distinct each story feels: style and dialogue seem perfectly attuned to each genre's demands, though the writing is equally strong throughout. Eras such as the Depression and the s are evoked in terms that have less to do with naturalism than with popular iconography… A hard-nosed and evocative set of stories that carry a rough-hewn pleasure. Here's a handy list, to order them direct, or from any of the linked retailers:. Bethany's Sin. Next month will see the release of Peter S.

    The main text is the same as the novella-length fragment we published in which now sells for hundreds of dollars on the secondary market. This edition is limited to only numbered copies, illustrated, signed by Peter, with an introduction by Patrick Rothfuss , a preface by Carrie Vaughn , and original interior illustrations by Stephanie Law.

    Our quantity of this title is not unlimited, so we suggest ordering soon if you'd like a copy. Here is the newly-illustrated origin of Peter S. Discover her might-have-been journey, both appealingly familiar and wonderfully strange. Peter S. Beagle first imagined his beloved heroine when he was twenty-three, half a decade before she sprang into the world. In this wonderfully strange adventure, a brave unicorn leaves her solitary life behind, determined to discover if she is the last of her kind. She is forewarned by a forlorn dragon and befuddled by a chatty butterfly; her unfamiliar traveling companion will be an exiled demon with a split personality and a penchant for philosophy.

    • Social Contract!
    • If History was Scottish;
    • Sleepyhead (Tom Thorne, #1) by Mark Billingham?

    Somewhere between mythology, modernity, and magic, the Last Unicorn has found herself on the road less traveled by…until now. Check out part of what Publishers Weekly had say:. Later this month, Edgeworks Abbey, Harlan Ellison's personal imprint, will release four new titles. We're not carrying copies, but recommend them wholeheartedly. Brain Movies Presents Blood's a Rover — As the contents show, this is not a reprint of our recent book of the same title. This volume focuses on the development of the teleplay, following its development through several drafts, while our edition was tasked with telling the complete story in a linear fashion, in both prose and teleplay.

    This book consists of screen-oriented material. Brain Movies Volume 8 — Includes "Man without Time" teleplay material, "Flintlock" treatment and first-draft teleplay, and all of the material written for the never-finished "Dark Destroyer". Please get your order in early to continue collecting this landmark series. Important Notes:. Our edition of Changes will be printed on 80 Finch Opaque, our preferred paper for higher-end limited editions, with a number of full-page interior illustrations, as well as a full-color dust jacket.

    Vincent Chong will once again be handling the illustrations. Suntup Press is at it again. They're following their glorious edition of Misery with what will be a stunning productions of Joe Hill's dark fantasy novel, Horns. We've managed to lock in a handful of copies of the Artist Gift Edition for our customers, which we don't expect to last long. After the brutal murder of his girlfriend Merrin Williams, a grief-stricken Ig awakens one morning to find horns growing out of his head.

    Ig soon discovers the horns hold a mysterious power that forces people to reveal their deepest and darkest secrets to him as he defends his innocence and fights to avenge the death of his one true love. Fire and brimstone have rarely looked this good. Robert Cargill's crowd-pleasing "robot western" Sea of Rust has just made its way to the printer, where it'll incubate for the next six-to-eight weeks before emerging into the world.

    We're not alone in thinking this is one stellar book. According to Joe Hill:. If that's not enough, here are a couple of additional raves:. John Scalzi is set to visit SubPress in just a couple of short weeks to sign and inscribe copies of his acclaimed new novel, The Consuming Fire. We received copies in our warehouse yesterday, and are going through them one-by-one to make sure they're up to snuff. We may have a few copies left over after John's visit. We may not. To guarantee yourself a signed, copy, get your order in today! Rock Manning Goes for Broke is out in the world, and doing well for itself.

    We're pleased to present a glimpse into Charlie Jane Anders' novella, in this short exclusive interview conducted by our own Gwenda Bond. Can you tell me a little about the genesis of this story—where did it come from and how did it develop? Bush era. We were invading Iraq and there was all sorts of stuff going on that was freaking me out, and I wanted to try to write about it in my fiction.

    And meanwhile, I was interested in trying to take my comedy as far as I could—not just in terms of being funny, but in terms of weirdness and extremeness. But then in ish, John Joseph Adams and Hugh Howey were editing a trio of anthologies that were pre-apocalyptic, apocalyptic, and post-apocalyptic, and I was able to cut the novel down to three installments of around words each. More recently, I decided to try revising the 21,word version one more time, to see if it could become a standalone project.

    Cutting out a lot of random subplots and weird side trips from the full-length novel definitely went a long way towards making it more readable, I think. Did they come to you fully fleshed out or how did you develop them? And yes! Pratfalls are basically my life, so I kind of identify with slapstick characters. While I was working on this book, I got a big boxset of Harold Lloyd movies, which I highly supermassively recommend.

    They are incredible films that hold up to this day, plus you get a beautiful view of Los Angeles from almost years ago, with streetcars everywhere. Head over to the Rock Manning product page to read the rest of the interview or order your copy. We're pleased to announce the signed limited edition of The Scar by China Mieville , the seagoing second novel set in his wonderfully grotesque creation, Bas-Lag.

    Once again, the full-color wraparound dust jacket and full-color interior illustrations are by Edward Miller. Note: Please pay special attention to the ordering instructions on the book's product page. It will lead, in the end, to a region known only as The Scar , where quotidian reality breaks down and new possibilities proliferate. We and the author have noticed that one of the earlier Matthew Corbett novels has been bringing in high prices on the secondary market, making it inaccessible to general readers, so have decided to reprint the trade hardcover of Mister Slaughter.

    This reprint will not be huge, so if you'd like a copy, please get your order in. We're happy to let you know that we've locked in additional copies of the trade hardcover of Robert McCammon's Cardinal Black , the next thrilling installment in the adventures of Matthew Corbett, pre-colonial era "problem-solver". We've been told to expect copies of the trade hardcover in the early part of Trade Hardcover:. We're about to place a reorder for the elaborate signed limited edition of Alastair Reynolds' landmark space opera, Revelation Space , and should have copies shortly.

    If you'd like to snag one, please get your order in ASAP. Each numbered book is individually hand signed by Alastair Reynolds. The book features four plates of illustrations made by the author especially for this limited edition. Each set includes eight exclusive art prints of paintings by the author. The package contains:. Nine hundred thousand years ago, something wiped out the Amarantin. For the human colonists now settling the Amarantin homeworld Resurgam it's of little more than academic interest—even after the discovery of a long-hidden, almost perfect Amarantin city and a colossal statue of a winged Amarantin.

    For brilliant, but ruthless, scientist Dan Sylveste it's more than merely intellectual curiosity. He will stop at nothing to get at the truth, even if that truth costs him everything. One of the most lauded novellas we've released in some time, Rock Manning Goes for Broke by Charlie Jane Anders, is now in stock and shipping. Speaking of plaudits, here's a sampling from the reviews Charlie Jane's novella has received:. Rock's personality—easily distracted, always in motion despite being somewhat aimless—is both realistically uncomfortable to experience and sympathetic.

    An astute capsule of that moment of overload when you can't decide whether to laugh or cry. The good folks at Grim Oak Press have just announced the signed limited edition of one of the most imporant epic fantasies ever published. Lord Foul's Bane , by Stephen R. Donaldson , will not have a huge print run, so we're especially happy to have locked in a handful of copies for our customers.

    Today marks the twentieth anniversary of our pal John Scalzi's Whatever , and we're helping him celebrate by announcing Virtue Signaling and Other Heresies. Can they survive, caught in the crossfire? Karthia is nothing like it used to be. But with Meredy joining the ocean voyage, vanquishing her sorrow will be a difficult task.

    Despite the daily reminder of the history they share, Odessa and Meredy are fascinated when their journey takes them to a land where the Dead rule the night and dragons roam the streets. But just as she and Meredy are beginning to explore the new world, a terrifying development in Karthia summons them home at once.

    Growing political unrest on top of threats from foreign invaders means Odessa and Meredy are thrust back into the lives they tried to leave behind while specters from their past haunt their tenuous relationship. In this enthralling, heartrending sequel to Reign of the Fallen, Odessa faces the fight of her life as the boundaries between the Dead and the living are challenged in a way more gruesome than ever before.

    In the early years of World War II, Josef Stalin issued an order that made the Soviet Union the first country in the world to allow female pilots to fly in combat. Some of these young women perished in flames. Many of them were in their teens when they went to war. It is the story of a thousand young women who wanted to take flight to defend their country, and the woman who brought them together in the sky.

    Because the threat against Earth is hiding in plain sight. A mounting global crisis is taking shape, starting with a mysterious illness that seems to reduce its victims to a regressed state. Jules and Mia have no choice but to take matters into their own hands, escaping custody of the International Alliance in order to reuinte Jules with his father, the disgraced expert on the alien race, whose research may be the key to saving humanity. From the mountains of Spain to the streets of Prague, the epic conclusion to the Unearthed series is a white-knuckle ride that will keep readers guessing until the final page.

    Lucy Weaver has her future all figured out. Make an appearance at prom, ditch graduation, and then head out on an epic road trip with her boyfriend, Luke. Decades of climate change have left the world teetering on the brink—entire cities drowned, violent extremism on the rise, millions of refugees with nowhere to turn. Is this the night it finally slips over the edge?

    The Truly Devious case—an unsolved kidnapping and triple murder that rocked Ellingham Academy in —has consumed Stevie for years. But then her classmate was murdered, and her parents quickly pull her out of school. Even if it means making a deal with the despicable Senator Edward King. But larger issues are at play.

    Where did the murderer hide? And what, exactly, is at stake in the Truly Devious affair? Sera has always longed for the day when the tether will finally break and the Cerulean can move to a new planet. In order to save her City, Sera must end her own life. But something goes wrong, and Sera survives, ending up on the planet below in a country called Kaolin.

    Sera has heard tales about the dangerous humans who live here, and she quickly learns that these dangers were not just stories. Meanwhile, back in the City, all is not what it seems, and the life of every Cerulean may be in danger if Sera is not able to find a way home. But then something disturbs the frequency on his radio telescope—a pattern registering where no signal should transmit.

    In a neighboring county, seventeen-year-old Nolan Chandler is determined to find out what really happened to his brother, who disappeared the day after Nolan had an eerie premonition.

    Browse By Author: M

    Drawn together by these strange signals—and their family tragedies—Kennedy and Nolan search for the origin of the mysterious frequency. Is something coming for them? It once seemed so easy to Prince Rhen, the heir to Emberfall. Cursed by a powerful enchantress to repeat the autumn of his eighteenth year over and over, he knew he could be saved if a girl fell for him. But that was before he learned that at the end of each autumn, he would turn into a vicious beast hell-bent on destruction.

    That was before he destroyed his castle, his family, and every last shred of hope. Nothing has ever been easy for Harper. With her father long gone, her mother dying, and her brother barely holding their family together while constantly underestimating her because of her cerebral palsy, she learned to be tough enough to survive.

    A prince? A monster? A curse? And as Rhen realizes Harper is not just another girl to charm, his hope comes flooding back. But powerful forces are standing against Emberfall. Teenage socialite Margo Manning leads a dangerous double life. By day, she dodges the paparazzi while soaking up California sunshine. By night, however, she dodges security cameras and armed guards, pulling off high-stakes cat burglaries with a team of flamboyant young men. Backs against the wall, the resourceful thieves must draw on their special skills to survive. But can one rebel heiress and four kickboxing drag queens withstand the slings and arrows of truly outrageous fortune?

    Life becomes the exact opposite of boring. As the days pass and things begin to unravel, Eden is forced to question everything she thought she knew about the world, her best friend, and herself. Nikolai Lantsov has always had a gift for the impossible. Yet with every day a dark magic within him grows stronger, threatening to destroy all he has built. With the help of a young monk and a legendary Grisha Squaller, Nikolai will journey to the places in Ravka where the deepest magic survives to vanquish the terrible legacy inside him.

    He will risk everything to save his country and himself. She can see them and even talk to them. When she encounters her ex best friend Tori in a shallow grave in the woods and realizes that Tori is actually dead — that gift turns into a curse. But what if the killer finds Adele first? The Hemstads possess supernatural powers bestowed upon their family by the ancient Norse gods. Now Sissel, the youngest at 16, discovers her gift: she is a Ransacker. She can find gold and other precious metals and pull them to her. Hers is an awesome and dangerous gift. With betrayal lurking around every corner, Sissel must tread carefully.

    Harnessing her powers could bring great fortune. Natural disasters and a breakdown of civilization have cut off Alaska from the world and destroyed its landscape. Now, as food runs out and the few who remain turn on each other, Travis and his younger sister, Jess, must cross hundreds of miles in search of civilization. So sick, that Fee can barely contain the magic lying dormant inside her.

    She could use it, just a little, to heal him. But magic comes at a deadly cost—and attracts those who would seek to snuff it out forever. A wisp of a spell later, Fee finds herself caught in a whirl of secret motivations and dark pasts, where no one is who—or what—they appear to be. Surrounded by enemies both known and unknown, Sybella searches for the undercover assassins from the convent of St. Mortain who were placed in the French court years ago. When she discovers a hidden prisoner who may be of importance, she takes matters into her own hands.

    As these two worlds collide, the fate of the Duchess, Brittany, and everything Sybella and Genevieve have come to love hangs in the balance. Aurelia Isendare is a princess of a small kingdom in the North, raised in privilege but shielded from politics as her brother prepares to step up to the throne. Halfway around the world, Athan Dakar, the youngest son of a ruthless general, is a fighter pilot longing for a life away from the front lines.

    But she soon learns that Vale chooses students not so much for their scholastic talent as for their extracurricular activities, such as her time spent conning rich North Shore kids out of their extravagant allowances. Now Shadyside Homecoming is just around the corner. Paris is a labryinth of twisted streets filled with beggars and thieves, revolutionaries and magicians. Camille Durbonne is one of them. When smallpox kills her parents, Camille must find a way to provide for her younger sister while managing her volatile brother. Relying on magic, Camille painstakingly transforms scraps of metal into money to buy food and medicine they need.

    Using dark magic forbidden by her mother, Camille transforms herself into a baroness and is swept up into life at the Palace of Versailles, where aristocrats both fear and hunger for magic. As she struggles to reconcile her resentment of the rich with the allure of glamour and excess, Camille meets a handsome younge inventor, and begins to believe that love and liberty may both be possible.

    But magic has its costs, and soon Camille loses control of her secrets.

    Get A Copy

    Lacey Barnes has dreamed of being an actress for as long as she can remember. That era has ended. The Kaiser thought his prisoner weak and defenseless. Theo no longer wears a crown of ashes. She has taken back her rightful title, and a hostage—Prinz Soren.

    To get them back, she will need an army. Only, securing an army means she must trust her aunt, the dreaded pirate Dragonsbane. And according to Dragonsbane, an army can only be produced if Theo takes a husband. Something an Astrean Queen has never done. Theo knows that freedom comes at a price, but she is determined to find a way to save her country without losing herself. Using her in-depth knowledge and passion for Super Heroes, Lorraine Cink explores the lives of the exceptional and diverse women of the Marvel Universe.

    Filled with inspirational lessons and clever observations, each section digs into what these relatable women can teach us all about growth, bravery, and the true meaning of strength. Paired with over one hundred original, vibrant, and emotive illustrations from the talented Alice X. Sixteen-year-old Bri wants to be one of the greatest rappers of all time. Or at least win her first battle. So Bri pours her anger and frustration into her first song, which goes viral…for all the wrong reasons.

    Bri soon finds herself at the center of a controversy, portrayed by the media as more menace than MC. Even if it means becoming the very thing the public has made her out to be. Dorothy spent her life learning the art of the con. The time is now. The place is San Francisco. Melati Ahmad looks like your typical movie-going, Beatles-obsessed sixteen-year-old. A trip to the movies after school turns into a nightmare when the city erupts into violent race riots between the Chinese and the Malay. When gangsters come into the theater and hold movie-goers hostage, Mel, a Malay, is saved by a Chinese woman, but has to leave her best friend behind to die.

    On their journey through town, Mel sees for herself the devastation caused by the riots. In her village, a neighbor tells her that her mother, a nurse, was called in to help with the many bodies piling up at the hospital. Mel must survive on her own, with the help of a few kind strangers, until she finds her mother. As the sun sets off the coast of the small California town of Orilla del Cielo, the silhouettes of oil rigs loom. Their shadows mar the serene backdrop, their sharpness a reminder of unfulfilled promises.

    To Zach, they are also a reminder of loss—his father, an oil worker, drowned years earlier. Until he meets Vanessa. Inspired by her idol, Carl Sagan, she plans on studying astronomy at Cornell. But as oil prospectors in search of black gold know, the future is uncertain. The enigmatic Black Coats have been exacting vengeance on men who have hurt girls and women for years. Justice for Natalie has never felt so close. Aeduan has teamed up with the Threadwitch Iseult and the magical girl Owl to stop a bloodthirsty horde of raiders preparing to destroy a monastery that holds more than just faith.

    But to do so, he must confront his own father, and his past.

    Four: The Barsetshire Chronicle

    But when her father is murdered and a cruel but powerful woman claims custody of Blue and her property, one wrong move could expose her—and doom her once and for all. The only one who can help? Kellan Renard, crown prince of Balavata, is walking a thin line between political success and devastating violence. When mysterious forces lead to disappearances throughout Balavata, Blue and Kellan must work together to find the truth. What they discover will lead them to the darkest reaches of the kingdom, and to the most painful moments of their pasts.

    When romance is forbidden and evil is rising, can Blue save those she loves, even if it costs her everything? After all, her grandfather was the co-creator of smash-hit comics series The TomorrowMen. And practically nothing to look forward to either—how can she afford college when her family can barely keep a roof above their heads? In her endearing debut novel, cartoonist Faith Erin Hicks pens a sensitive and funny Romeo and Juliet tale about modern romance, geek royalty, and what it takes to heal the long-festering scars of the past Spoiler Alert: love.

    When a brutal attack leaves her blind, she and the Dodger find themselves at the mercy of an experimental Bio-Mech surgery. As war between England and Germany brews on the horizon and a sinister medical conspiracy threatens to shatter the uneasy peace in Europe, Aggie and the Dodger must find a way to work together so they can protect their friends and expose the truth…even if it means risking their own survival. In a world ruled by fierce warrior queens, a grand empire was built upon the backs of Phoenix Riders—legendary heroes who soared through the sky on wings of fire—until a war between two sisters ripped it all apart.

    Sixteen years later, Veronyka is a war orphan who dreams of becoming a Phoenix Rider from the stories of old. After a shocking betrayal from her controlling sister, Veronyka strikes out alone to find the Riders—even if that means disguising herself as a boy to join their ranks. Just as Veronyka finally feels like she belongs, her sister turns up and reveals a tangled web of lies between them that will change everything.

    Nick and June were best friends for years, until their relationship suddenly turned into something more. Now, June is coping with a new diagnosis of schizophrenia, a secret she asked Nick to keep for too long. Between managing her symptoms and her parents, June is just trying to keep it together. Nick is a reluctant car thief, supporting his aunt with the money and focusing on his art whenever he can. When the world is trying to tear them apart, can Nick and June find a way to stay together?

    That is, until the day she has a vision of the newest body, a young woman, being murdered—from the perspective of the murderer himself. When the body of another woman is retrieved from the Seine days later, Paris begins to buzz with rumors that this victim may not be the last. In the wake of their victorious fight to win back the Ludus Achillea, Fallon and her gladiatrix sisters have become the toast of the Republic.

    When Caesar is murdered by these conspirators, Fallon and the girls lose any sort of protection they once had. Fallon also realizes that the foreign queen Cleopatra is now in grave danger. Ella Black has always had dark inclinations. Once in Rio, Ella learns a shocking truth about her family that gives way to a mission through the streets and beaches of Brazil in search of her authentic self. But the truth has many layers, and as Ella uncovers more and more about her own history, she struggles to come to terms with just where it is that she came from. But with such positive support, the club is also targeted by trolls.

    When things escalate in real life, the principal shuts the club down. Not willing to be silenced, Jasmine and Chelsea will risk everything for their voices—and those of other young women—to be heard. These two dynamic, creative young women stand up and speak out in a novel that features their compelling art and poetry along with powerful personal journeys that will inspire readers and budding poets, feminists, and activists. Margaret was determined to get out. Kalanthe may be forced to betray not her kingdom or her friends, but her own heart as she seeks a stable future for herself and those she loves.

    Olsa Rhetsdaughter was never meant for heroism at all. In a tale both sweepingly epic and intensely personal, Kalanthe and Olsa fight to maintain their newfound independence and to find their way back to each other. At a party she discovers her boyfriend, Mike, hooking up with her younger sister, Audrey. Furious, she abandons them both.

    When Mike drunkenly attempts to drive Audrey home, he crashes and Audrey ends up in a coma. Now Harley is left with guilt, grief, pain and the undeniable truth that her now ex-boyfriend has a drinking problem. Stella dreams of being a space engineer. Galliard has only ever known life inside Red Sun. The day Stella and Galliard meet, there is something in the air in their small town. So begin weeks of pink lightning, bloodred rain, unexplained storms…And a countdown clock appears mysteriously above the town hall.

    On the run after a bloody battle in a covert war that she never expected to be fighting, Zara, her co-pilot Beatriz, and their Leviathan ship Nadim barely escaped the carnage with their lives. Now Zara and her crew of Honors need a safe haven, far from the creatures who want to annihilate them. The secrets of the Sliver may have the power to turn the tide of the war they left behind—but in the wrong direction. Keagan, her sweet, sensitive boyfriend, is happy to follow her wherever she may lead.

    Santiago is off to Stanford on a diving scholarship, with very real Olympic hopes. And Bellamy? In an alternate 19th-century Italy, Elsa has an incredible gift: she can craft new worlds with precise lines of script written in books. Now Elsa must track down the friend who betrayed her and recover the book before its destructive power is unleashed. His parents own a funeral home, and death is literally the family business. Except not exactly. Somehow July is not quite alive, and not quite dead.

    Rupi Kaur Reads Timeless from Her Poetry Collection The Sun and Her Flowers

    Lai Cathwell is good at keeping secrets. As a Nyte, a supernaturally gifted teenager who is feared and shunned by the ungifted, this skill is essential to survival. Orchestrating her own imprisonment to escape military duty has only honed her ability to deceive others. But when rebels start attacking the city, Lai is dragged back into the fight with a new team of Nytes. Fearing for her life, Anna flees the Tower and finds herself in Cups, a lush, tropical land full of all the adventure, free-spiritedness, and creativity she imagined while weaving.

    But when the fabric of Cups begins to unravel, Anna discovers that her tapestries are more than just forbidden expression. Herself included. Mira tries to ease her guilt by brewing helpful curatives, but her hunger tonics and headache remedies cannot right past wrongs or save the dissenters her mother vows to purge. But when the Shadow Society assassinates the Sun King and half of the royal court, he must become the prince he was never meant to be in order to save his injured sisters and the petulant dauphin.

    They are sworn enemies, yet they form a tenuous pact to unite the commoners and former nobility against the Shadow Society. But can a rebellion built on mistrust ever hope to succeed? Love is messy and families are messier, but in spite of their burdens, Susan and Malcolm fall for each other. The ways they drift apart and come back together are testaments to family, culture, and being true to who you are. From the moment Foster and Tate collide, their worlds spiral and a deadly tornado forces them to work together, fully awakening their not-so-natural ability — the power to control air.

    He runs afoul of Keralie when she steals a package from him, putting his life in danger. When their reluctant partnership blooms into a tenuous romance, they must overcome their own dark secrets in hopes of a future together that seemed impossible just days before. But with the end of senior year quickly approaching, the girls face tough decisions about their futures. Josie has been dreading graduation, as she tries to decide whether to leave for a big university and chase her dream career in mainstream TV.

    Barchester Towers by Anthony Trollope - lyzard tutoring souloftherose

    Scary movies are the last connection Delia has to her dad, who abandoned the family years ago. And maybe Josie will stay with the show instead of leaving her behind, too. As the tug-of-war between growing up and growing apart tests the bonds of their friendship, Josie and Delia start to realize that an uncertain future can be both monstrous…and momentous. But the revolution has transformed Cuba into a mystery of impossibility, no longer reachable in real life.

    Cast into uncertainty, she must grapple with the philosophies of peace, civil rights, freedom of expression, and environmental protection. Despite overwhelming circumstances, she finds solace and empowerment through her education. Amid the challenges of adolescence and a world steeped in conflict, Margarita finds hope beyond the struggle, and love in the most unexpected of places. But when her coming-of-age trial is sabotaged and she fails the test, her father banishes her to the monster-filled wilderness with an impossible quest: To win back her honor, she must kill the oppressive god who claims tribute from the villages each year or die trying.

    At the Medio School for Girls, distinguished young women are trained for one of two roles in their polarized society. Both paths promise a life of comfort and luxury, far from the frequent political uprisings of the lower class. She must keep the truth hidden or be sent back to the fringes of society. As the person who cares for his terminally-ill mother, Bobby Seed has a lot on his plate.

    Told from the split viewpoints of Liv and Jory, Kate A. Siblings Liv and Jory Brewer have grown up resenting each another. The only thing they have in common is contempt for their parents. Now Liv is suing her mom and dad for emancipation, and Jory views the whole thing as yet another attention-getting spectacle. But on the day of the hearing, their parents mysteriously vanish, and the siblings are forced to work together. What starts as a simple overnight road trip soon takes a turn for the dangerous and surreal. And as the duo speeds through the deserts of Nevada, brother and sister will unearth deep family secrets that force them to relive their pasts as they try to retain a grip on the present.

    Juan has plans. Basketball is going to be his ticket out, his ticket up. He just needs to make it happen. His best friend JD has plans, too. Like JD causing the implosion of his family. Like letters from a man named Mando on death row. Like finding out this man could be the father your mother said was dead. Juan will finally meet his dad, JD has a perfect subject for his documentary, and Fabi is desperate to stop them. Sixteen-year-old Nalah leads the fiercest all-girl crew in Mega City.

    That role brings with it violent throwdowns and access to the hottest boydega clubs, but Nalah quickly grows weary of her questionable lifestyle. Her dream is to get off the streets and make a home in the exclusive Mega Towers, in which only a chosen few get to live. Led by a reluctant guide, Nalah battles crews and her own doubts but the closer she gets to her goal the more she loses sight of everything—and everyone—she cares about. But as a prisoner of Empress Celestine, Lyss is forced to turn her fearsome talents as an army commander against her beloved homeland.

    Refusal would swiftly lead to her death, and her death would end the Gray Wolf line. Sophomore year has just begun, and Angie is miserable. Her girlfriend, KC, has moved away; her good friend, Jake, is keeping his distance; and the resident bully has ramped up an increasingly vicious and targeted campaign to humiliate her. At the ceremony, a soldier hands Angie a final letter from her sister, including a list of places she wanted the two of them to visit when she got home from the war. It might be just what Angie needs to find a way to let her sister go, and find herself in the process.

    Her parting gift: the tickets for their long-planned last-hurrah-before-uni trip. Nontransferable, no exceptions. A cross-country train trip with a complete stranger might not seem like the best idea. But to Mae and Hugo, both eager to escape their regular lives, it makes perfect sense. What starts as a convenient arrangement soon turns into something more.

    But when life outside the train catches up to them, can they find a way to keep their feelings for each other from getting derailed? Everyone tells Zan not to be an idiot: Let Priya do her reinvention thing and move on. They are Hazel, James, Aubrey, and Colette. A classical pianist from London, a British would-be architect-turned-soldier, a Harlem-born ragtime genius in the U. Army, and a Belgian orphan with a gorgeous voice and a devastating past.

    Healthy, happy, and charming as ever. Even if that means believing in time travel. However, Jack will learn that his actions are not without consequences. After all, as a pioneer, she has the job of helping build a new home away from Earth. Brienna is a mistress of knowledge and is beginning to settle into her role as the daughter of the once disgraced lord, Davin MacQuinn. What if Brienna could stand by his side?

    Charlotte Holmes and Jamie Watson finally have a chance to start over. With all the freedom their pre-college summer program provides and no one on their tail, the only mystery they need to solve, once and for all, is what they are to each other. But upon their arrival at Oxford, Charlotte is immediately drawn into a new case: a series of accidents befell the theater program at Oxford last year, culminating in a young woman going missing on the night of a major performance.

    The mystery has gone unsolved; the case is cold. But as the complicated lines of friendship, love, and loyalty blur, time is running out—and tragedy waits in the wings. Now, dumped into a crowded, chaotic foster home, Victoria has to tiptoe around her domineering foster mother, get through senior year at a new school, and somehow salvage her college dreams.

    Clark Kent has always been faster, stronger—better—than everyone around him. When Clark follows the sound of a girl crying, he comes across Gloria Alvarez and discovers a dark secret lurking in Smallville. Teaming up with his best friend, Lana Lang, he throws himself into the pursuit of the truth.

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    What evil lies below the surface of his small town? And what will it cost Clark to learn about his past as he steps into the light to become the future Man of Steel? Because before he can save the world, he must save Smallville. But that was before her boyfriend dumped her for another girl. Blackmailed by Nicki to fulfill her end of the deal, Kim will have to commit a murder or take the fall for one. Sixteen-year-old Cade Curtis is an angel thief. The only payment the owner Mrs. Walker requests: marble angels, stolen from graveyards, for her to sell for thousands of dollars to collectors.

    If only Cade could find it…. Zorra, a young ocelot, watches the bayou rush past her yearningly. The poacher who captured and caged her has long since lost her, and Zorra is getting hungrier and thirstier by the day. Trapped, she only has the sounds of the bayou for comfort—but it tells her help will come soon. Before Zorra, Achsah, a slave, watched the very same bayou with her two young daughters.