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The Gospel is for real life and thus it is a pro-life issue. What does this all prove? That the Great Commission is rooted in life.

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To argue that we should not make any connection between pro-life issues and the Great Commission is to be needlessly nearsighted, for the gospel is the most pro-life message in the universe! Second, we must consider the consequence of the Great Commission: a culture of pro-life which will replace a culture of death. As living individuals experience life through the gospel they will become increasingly conscientious about the sanctity of life.

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Over time the penetrating gospel-produced, ethical, pro-life salt will eat away at the corruption of the culture of death. Such pro-life fruit from the root of the gospel will become an increasingly brighter light that will dispel the damning darkness of the slaughterhouses of death. Pro-life issues are relevant to the Great Commission because they are a means of helping sinners to see their need for the Saviour. A starting point with evangelism is the bad news that we are sinners. Until a person comes to confess their nature they will never see their need. We must therefore help people to understand what sin is.

It is rebellion against God.

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It is rebellion against what God has revealed. And the Ten Commandments contain this revelation. Since the Bible reveals that life is given by God and that He prohibits the unlawful taking of life, the Sixth Commandment is vital—especially in our culture of death—to help society to be aware that abortion is murder.

The church is responsible to be both salt and light. The message of anti-abortion should, like salt, burn deep into the open sore of this society-wide sin. Like light, the message of the anti-abortionists must penetrate the darkness and expose that which is evil Ephesians We can thus consider the anti-abortion, biblically pro-life message to be a key ingredient towards the evangelising and discipling of a people.

Let me put it this way: It is vital to the Great Commission that we speak to pro-life issues because society—peoples—need a lawful framework as a schoolmaster if they will be brought to Christ see Galatians The ceremonies and sacrifices and feasts and all judicial laws were designed by God to teach His authority, their inherent rebellion and guilt so that they would recognise their only hope in the Lord Jesus Christ.

But a culture of death works against such self-realisation. Such a society will not see its need for the Saviour. However, the declaration of pro-life issues confronts society with transcendent claims and eventual judicial accountability: All will stand before God. Such awareness and subsequent conviction is necessary if a people will ever come to a saving faith in the Lord Jesus. In this way pro-life issues serve as did John the Baptist in preparing the way of the Lord. Such issues like John help sinners come to the point of repentance because the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

Christ-centred pro-life issues are necessary schoolmasters for a society that has no idea of how to define the sin from which it needs to be saved. And this is nothing new in the history of the Great Commission. In each case societal sins were being confronted with the transcendent claims of Yahweh and the result was an increasing awareness that such actions were wicked and were under the judgement of God. None of those missionaries saw these issues as a distraction from the Great Commission but rather they saw them as intimately connected. It was the gospel that would make the difference, but it was also the gospel which would show the difference—a new appreciation for the sanctity of life.

In summary, the biblically Christ-centred pro-life position is a duty of the Great Commission, not a distraction. Again, the Great Commission is actually a pro-life worldview. The pro-life position, and therefore pro-life efforts, is consistent with the mandate of the Great Commission for the simple reason that the Great Commission is about life.

If we are concerned about spiritual life, why would we not at the same time also be concerned about biological life? We must beware and of and reject any false dualism which sees the spiritual as important and the physical as irrelevant. After all, the body is so important to God that He has promised to raise it see 1 Corinthians Since the Great Commission is about saving souls, and since souls inhabit bodies, saving a life should not be seen as somehow disconnected with saving souls. After all, how can you win someone to Christ if they are dead? First, no one for whom Christ died will be finally lost.

All of His chosen will be saved. Thus my argument is somewhat a non-argument. Second, this is a somewhat weak argument because I believe that all babies who are aborted go to heaven. I have no biblical reason to believe that any of them go to hell and of course these are the only two options. You see, an unborn baby is a human being.

Wires Don’t Cut Heads Off: 5 Movie Deaths That Can't Happen

The unborn child therefore has a soul; a soul which will live forever. Why do I believe that an aborted infant will go to heaven? It is not because I believe that they are innocent. Since there are no works for which the unborn can be judged I conclude that the aborted children go to be with the Lord in glory. But please understand that they can only enter heaven—into the reconciled and thus safe presence of God—by being clothed with the righteousness of Christ. Thus they must be regenerated—just like you and me. Now if this be true then we can take comfort in the fact that the aborted children are in heaven.

This may explain why the biblical revelation of heaven pictures it as a place with an innumerable host of believers. But this means that pro-life issues are intimately connected with the Great Commission because this Commission is the focus of the church—whether on earth or in heaven.

Yes, the pro-life position is consistent with our Commission because abortion is an attack upon the progress of the gospel. Satan seeks to keep people from entering the world whom will live to maturity and serve Christ.

Wires Don’t Cut Heads Off: 5 Movie Deaths That Can't Happen

The workforce of the church is being reduced as many of its unborn members are murdered. Abortion is an attack on the Great Commission and thus to be actively opposed to abortion is not a distraction, rather it is a duty. Pro-life issues are also not a distraction from the Great Commission because the Great Commission is motivated by the Great Commandment. That is, we are commanded to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.

And therefore we are to love our neighbour as ourselves. How can we do the latter and not speak for those neighbours who cannot speak for themselves? Pro-life issues are not a distraction from the Great Commission because of the nature of the Great Commission. It is about His authority. Since He is Lord of all , He is Lord over the unborn. The Great Commission is about the authority of Christ. After all, salvation is an authority issue. It should be noted that Jesus Christ commands the church to teach all that He commands. Since the Sixth Commandment falls under this obligation, we are actually duty bound to speak the pro-life issue if we will be faithful to Christ.

Further, the Lordship of Christ is at the centre of the pro-life issue because He is God and only God has the right to the control over life and death. The controversial issue of birth control is the very issue of control. There is no teaching in the Bible of which I am aware that condemns the use of birth control. What it does condemn is self-centredness and autonomy. The pro-choice worldview says that the mother is and thus she can play God; the biblical pro-life worldview says that there is only one God.

Those who have abortions, those who advise abortions and those who perform abortions desperately need the Saviour. Some allege that a believer in Jesus Christ would never intentionally have an abortion. I am not so sure. I believe that the culture of death has so pervaded our society that many believers are ignorant concerning what God says about abortion. Rape is a horrible sin and incest is an inexplicable evil yet God legislated against killing a child for the sins of the father Deuteronomy And some no doubt have and they need to experience forgiveness and restoration. Having said that it is true that most who choose death over life do so because they are spiritually dead.

They need to hear the gospel. They need to be regenerated. They need to be saved. They therefore need to cross the path of those who are fuelled by the Great Commission and are therefore pro-life-informed. Wade was the woman who was virtually single-handedly responsible for the legislation of aborton-on-demand in the United States.

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She supported abortion rights for many years, but was befriended by Pastor Flip Benham, who ministered at an Operation Rescue ministry across the street from the abortion clinic that McCorvey sponsored. Over time, Benham shared the gospel with McCorvey, who tells the eventual outcome in her biographical account, Won by Love. The progression was so obvious, the eyes were so sweet.

It hurt my heart, just looking at them.

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I ran outside and finally, it dawned on me. I had been through three pregnancies and deliveries myself. I should have known. Yet something in that poster made me lose my breath. I felt crushed under the truth of this realisation.

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I had to face up to the awful reality. All those years I was wrong. Signing that affidavit, I was wrong. Working in an abortion clinic, I was wrong. No more of this first trimester, second trimester, third trimester stuff. Abortion—at any point—was wrong. It was so clear. Painfully clear. McCorvey was converted to Christ shortly after that realisation. And multitudes of women in similar positions need the saving grace of Christ. Let me explain. The Great Commission is comprehensive in its scope.

By Michael Mullenix - November 30, Fellow Beasts! Instead every song sounds like an elevation or deconstruction of their influences, redefining what a blues, or country, or punk song could sound like. Finally the band ended up on the song Whatever Happened To My Rock N Roll and brought the house to a thunderous cheer, closing out the night.

All of the recordings I have heard on Youtube have not done this band justice. With a drum kit, a bass guitar and a keyboard split between two people, the live event was not only thunderous, but exhilarating. Books and bookishness, in one form or another, have been a constant resource and activity in my life. During this time, irrespective of my daytime job, writing has been a consistent activity.

I discovered I had prostate cancer in , and wrote my experiences of diagnosis, treatment and recovery in book-length form as Prostate Cancer Unplugged , available as a digital book. Since diagnosis, I have been living in London and working full time as a freelance writer.

My involvement in writing and publishing goes back to the mids. Suddenly the world was filling with publications that were generally small, beautiful, witty and cheap. Perhaps the best known exponent was Ian Hamilton Finlay, who was publishing collaborative work with designers and artists under his Wild Hawthorn Press imprint.

A visit to Stonypath, the house, gallery and garden created by Ian and his wife Sue, was a must for any aspiring book artist. I hitch-hiked to Scotland with a tent and sleeping bag in November , arriving to a warm welcome in freezing fog. I became hooked, and started writing brief prose and poetry. At the time I was working for a library agency in west London.

A contract to supply one copy of every original British book to the Library of Congress in Washington allowed a glimpse into unexpected corners of contemporary publishing. I loved checking out some of the more recondite offerings from quirky publishers such as Beau Geste Press, Gaberbocchus and, of course, the Wild Hawthorn Press. We each acquired tabletop letterpress printing machines, and began producing titles under a joint imprint.

I became a regular visitor and collector of their eclectic and exquisite miniatures.