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Super positive and empowering for anyone who's been crippled, or dealt with long-term health issues. In Hellery's 3rd zine she's 21, and has had a couple of years of perspective since getting both of her legs amputated below the knee. She reflects on how she doesn't have to talk about being disabled as much anymore, except with strangers who always have to ask.

That without money, it's much harder than the public perceives to survive.

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She also talks about the fluidity of her gender, and how sometimes she is a boy. Hellery talks about dressing up in drag, riding her bike with prosthetics on, and addresses all the people who tell her she's brave just for having prosthetics.

Series description Don't get too frustrated trying to read these in exact order. Some stories are taking place simultaneously, and the short stories in the Gazettes are set at different times. Eric Flint says that he is trying "to portray as far as possible the chaos and complexity of real history. This is split into sections in order to convey Flint's opinion that certain Grantville Gazettes , marked with the decimal ".

As an example, the Grantville Gazettes marked 1. Titles which have the same number should be read about the same time, e. No matter how carefully you follow this, things will still not be entirely in strict chronological order. Sufficiently confused? The works can also be read in an order reflecting the area of the world with which they are chiefly concerned, e. For a discussion of that, see the Wikipedia article reference at the end of these notes.

Parts of the Earth accidentally displaced backwards in time by art works of the Assiti. The series, based on a single displacement of a West Virginia back to Germany in the 30 Years War, is the lead series. They are actually transported to , but supposedly the publisher thought that was a more appealing title.

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The series, including the reading order, is discussed at some length in Wikipedia: series , which also has links to the official fan site etc. Related series Assiti Shards.

Grantville Gazette. Ring of Fire anthologies. Ring of Fire. Related publisher series Baen CD 01 Honorverse. Sharon Nichols. James Nichols. Melissa Mailey. Hans Richter. Thomas Wentworth, 1st Earl of Strafford. Oliver Cromwell.

Tom Simpson. Gretchen Richter Higgins.

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Ruy Sanchez de Casador y Ortiz. Cardinal Richelieu. Tom Stone. Cardinal Mazarin. Wes Jenkins. Martin Wackernagel.

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