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Charles Knief is a former airborne soldier, pilot, and engineer. He and his wife currently live in Irvine, California.

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His web site is www. Visit Seller's Storefront. All book are subject to prior sale. Books will be held for 7 days for your payment to arrive - then book is restocked and Orders usually ship within 2 business days. Shipping costs are based on books weighing 2. All Caine wants to do is get back to his sailboat, berthed in Pearl Harbor, and heal his wounds, but a female cop charges him with murder for the death of an innocent bystander at the melee.

The body counts racked up in his previous exploits, plus the new incident, may have given Caine a reservation at the gray bar hotel. Against this fairly realistic handling of legal maneuvering and recovery including the realization that he experienced life-altering post-traumatic stress disorder after Nam hovers the shadowy question of who ordered the sniper to open fire.

Knief Diamond Head; Sand Dollars; Emerald Flash also offers his weakened hero a superbly romantic case back in Hawaii: the discovery of the underwater tomb of the legendary King Kamehameha, filled with treasure from a wrecked Spanish galleon which proves the islands were visited before Cook all threatened by a newly erupting volcano.

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These plot lines never quite mesh but Knief keeps everything moving so that many readers may never notice though fans of the sensitive warrior sub-genre might experience a vague wish for a little less sensitive and a lot more warrior before reaching the last page. Diamond Head. Sand Dollars. Emerald Flash. Charles Knief would go on to incorporate many other experiences from his life into his books. In addition, to Kimo appearing in the John Caine series, the rest of the characters followed suit, and would also play an important role in the John Caine universe. He has noted Honolulu, Hawaii, as the best place he has ever lived where he spent three years of his life at Pearl Harbor.

This is the same place where Caine lives in the novels. The Private Eye Writers of America PWA is an organization dedicated to private-eye detective fiction and membership is open to fans, writers, and publishing professionals.

In , the PWA collaborated with St. The aim of the contest is to honor contestants for exceptional novels not yet published. Recipients of the award may gain the attention of publishers, increasing the possibility of having their novel published and is a distinct and definite means for creating opportunities.

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If Charles Knief was going to have any chance of success, this was his last one. Charles Knief had finally been acknowledged and his rise to fame began. John Caine is a retired Navy Seal who lives a quiet, peaceful life on the Duchess, a sailboat tethered in Pearl Harbor.

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He maintains a living as a Private Investigator doing favors for friends in need. Published in , this page-turning milestone follows John Caine as he assists an old friend, Max, in assisting their former commander MacGruder, who is now an Admiral interested in entering the world of politics and whose daughter, Mary, was recently raped and murdered.

The suspense grips you from beginning to end and the story is extremely well-written.

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The character build up is fantastic as we gradually become acquainted with John Caine while being drawn into his adventure.