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Gary Sanchez Productions. Scott Pilgrim vs. It can be a new suit that will make you look important, or that new house in an upmarket suburb. Anything that is done to impress is part of the pride of life. Your bodies get filled with a desire and then once filled with desire, you will do anything to satisfy that desire that has built up within you, even if it is at the expense of others.

Lust is fuelled by satan himself and his purpose is to so fill you with desire that you are unable to control it, and then once you give in to the lust, you are out of the will of the Father and into the sins of the world. Pornography is not there by chance.

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It is designed to fill you with lust, and to make the lusts of the flesh and the associated sins that accompany it, to appear as being normal qualities of life. Pornography fuels your mind with desire. When you are filled with love and more specifically, the love of Jesus, there is no place for lust within you. Love drives you to see first to the needs of others, and whilst you are occupied in love and seeing to the needs of others, you are too busy to ponder on your own selfish needs.

It is only when you concentrate on your own selfish needs that lust and sin are born into your members and the decay of your flesh begins. When we are absent from our bodies through Christ, we are no longer controlled by the bodily feelings and lusts. Overcome the lusts of the flesh and the lusts of the eyes by beeing solidly founded in Christ Jesus with only Him as your Lord and Saviour.

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Keep your eyes on Him and you will not be able to see the bait of satan that is there to appeal to your senses and lusts. Ephesians Who being past feeling have given themselves over unto lascivious to work all uncleanness with greediness. To be filled with envy is to be filled with a jealousy of what others may have that you do not have. However, in Godly terms to be envious of others is really to be unhappy with what God has given to you and to be unhappy with the destiny that God has laid out for you, wanting the possesions and destiny of others instead.

In short, it is basically a slap in the face to God.

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The bitterness cause by envy will defile you and destroy you. Being removed from your personal path removes the direction in your life and confusion sets in. It is like following a map in a foreign city, and half way to the destination , you lose the map. With the bitterness that springs up, comes destruction in the form of evil. For where there are envy,strife and divisions among you, are you not carnal and behaving like mere men. The works of the flesh as set out in Galations are adultery, fornication, uncleanness, licentiousness, idolatry, sorcery, hatred, contentions, jealousies, outbursts of wrath, selfish ambitions, dissensions, heresies, envy, murders, drunkeness, revelries, and the like.

Envy removes you from the will of God and places you outside of the will of God, into a place frequented by all types of evil, against which you then have no form of defence. From envy comes destruction. Overcome envy, knowing that God has the perfect plan for your life, and has all good things planned for you.

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Gluttony overlaps with the sin of greed and it is often found that those who suffer from gluttony also suffer from greed. Those who are gluttons will do anything to satisfy their desires for that which they lust for. Pride is the cripling sin that was the cause of him being removed from heaven and cast out to the earth. Pride has now become the cause of the fall of many.

Facts about pride In the scripture above, pride is classified together with lust and stated to be of the world. Pride therefore is as bad as adultery, fornication and every other deadly sin.

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Once the sin of pride has come upon you, destruction is soon to follow shortly afterwards. Lucifer was one of the most beautiful angels of all.

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However Isaiah relates how lucifer satan tried to become as God and was filled with pride. He was then cast out of the heavens due to this sin. However, satan was so devious and convincing, that he managed to convince a third of the angels to follow him and be cast out of the heavens with him. These are the demons or fallen angels that come to tempt you and terrorize you.

If satan was able to deceive those who were daily in the prescence of God, daily worshipping before God and who daily saw the power and might of God, how easy is it then for him to tempt and mislead one of us mortals. Jesus says that we should never consider ourselves more high than we are and when we come to the feast table, that we should seat ourselves at the humble and lowly seats of the table Luke He will then come and move us to a higher position, but if we seek the best seat, we will be moved to a lower seat.

This was a warning from Jesus about the damaging effects of pride. Pride makes us see ourselves as being more than we actually are and sees us elevating ourselves into positions that we should not be. Pride elevated them into positions that they could not hold and which were not theirs to hold, and so they are toppled. I have even seen those who are so proud of how humble they are! Guard your hearts, and never allow pride to enter.

Cast it out as soon as it comes near to you recognising who the author of pride is, for the minute that you start to entertain pride, you are on the way to destruction. Never think highly of yourself, rather giving the true praise for everything to the Father, for without Him, you are incapable of anything. Sloth relates to laziness, an aversion and dislike of pyhsical exertion or work, a could not care attitude, or one who can not be motivated to do anything not caring about the consequences thereof.

Basically sloth relates to most teenagers of today Just Kidding. If they do not receive that which they want, they make a big noise about it, blame everybody else for it, and accuse everyone else for having stolen their right away from them. A slothful person can never take responsibility for anything, for in being responsible, they admit that the problem lies on their shoulders and therefore it is their lack of diligence that has caused the failure.

Sloth is the aversion to work or exertion and accountability. Responsibility requires work or exertion and accountability.

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We will all be held accountable for our works in the final day. Allthough our works may be as filthy rags to the Lord, we are still required to labour for Him. When we accept Jesus as lord of our lives, we change masters and instead of being a slave to satan, we become a slave to Jesus. We are required to serve others, as Jesus Himself served his disciples and the people of the time then and still continues to serve us to this day, washing and cleansing us of sin.

Slothfull people do not serve but instead insist on being served upon.