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Wives of CEO are power influencers behind corporate decisions.

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The Role of a Corporate Spouse

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Pew Research Center. Martin, J. Organization Science , 1 4 , — Morris, B. Are you kidding? While their fast-track wives go to work, stay-at-home husbands mind the kids. Mumby, D. Academy of Management Review , 17 3 , — Parker-Pope, T. She works. They are happy. New York Times, January Smircich, L. All rights reserved. Page last modified on Wed 17 Apr She is a Fellow of the Academy of International Business, a select group of distinguished AIB members who are recognized for their outstanding contributions to the scholarly development of the field of international business.

In addition to her academic duties, she also maintains the Journal Quality List and is the driving force behind the popular Publish or Perish software program. Introduction to Wives of the Organization. Wives of the Organization. Does Everybody Still Want a Wife? Citizens of the Organization. De internationale betekenis van Cor Lammers in de organisatietheorie.

Seven EIBAians in search of an author. A spouse—which at least for the overwhelmingly male Fortune CEOs most often means a wife—can provide invaluable advice and emotional intelligence, said Jeffrey Cohn, a managing partner of DHR International, an executive-search firm. But he said that finding the right balance can be tricky. The former CEO of another large retailer says his wife often sat in on meetings and offered her opinion when she accompanied him on business trips, even though some of his staff resented her involvement. Former Saks Fifth Avenue CEO Steve Sadove says his wife Karin was an important partner from a social perspective; she forged relationships with designers and customers and was an ally during the dinners, parties and events necessitated by his job.

But she never sat in on business meetings or suggested clothes the retailer should carry.

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Sadove, who left Saks in , and was speaking from his personal experience and not weighing in on the approach of other CEOs. The Ellisons met in as students at what is now the University of Memphis. Their similar backgrounds drew them together. Both grew up in the South, part of African-American families steeped in church and gospel music.

His father later owned a small insurance company. Ellison played bass guitar alongside his six siblings in the Ellison Family gospel group. They recorded four albums and performed in churches and other venues across the country. Ellison earned an undergraduate degree in business marketing from the University of Memphis and an M. Soon after the couple married, they moved from Memphis to Jacksonville, Fla. Ellison worked at Target Corp.

Each month, they made the long drive back to see family.

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  • Ellison said. We would just talk. As her husband climbed the corporate ladder, Mrs.

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    Ellison, who studied business administration and finance, worked as an insurance underwriter and an investment manager. In , she started her own interior-design company. Later, most of her time was spent raising their children, a son who is now college age and a teenage daughter. Early in their marriage, the couple decided to focus on Mr. One priority was for him to become a CEO. This past year my life changed. I went from successful businesswomen, owning, and running a company to being a stay-at-home corporate wife.

    It made me feel like I was some kind of husband follower, living off his coat tails and his status. They are in a class of their own. Besides the obvious of keeping up with the family, raising the children, taking care of the home, and possibly working on your own career. There are some other requirements that go with your new title. You know besides keeping the hubs happy and reducing his stress.

    Sounding board or more? At Lowe’s, the Ellisons walk a fine line

    It is also a fabulous host! A small talker to entertaining the non- corporate spouse and a quick thinker to keep the children happy! It can be difficult though, my friend told me that they have had their rocky moments but thanks to marriage coaching they got through it. You know how long he will be or wants to be in the current position. What he wants his next potential position in the company to be and then, where he wants to go in the next 5 years and maybe next 10 years.

    Be careful not to disclose too much. You should know his goals like you know your address and be able to state that clearly to anyone that asks. Know his past career path within the company any maybe with other companies too. One slip up and a new position could be on the line.