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The human body does not like to lose weight, so it fights back. A dieting mindset also tells you that your food decisions reflect on your worth as a person. This can perpetuate a cycle of emotional eating that adds excess weight, reduces self-esteem and is tough to end. Ultimately, what works for weight loss in the long-term is small, incremental changes to your overall eating patterns.

Weight Loss: How to Reset Your Brain For Success The less you focus on restricting and categorizing foods and the more you focus on creating healthy behaviors around food and exercise, the healthier your body — and mind — will be. Share this article via email with one or more people using the form below. Send me expert insights each week in Health Essentials News.

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Ruled by Food? The 10 Worst Ways to Lose 10 Pounds. Do you have to try really hard to make things happen? Are People Nice to you? Do you feel comfortable around other people are awkward? Your beliefs are a choice. There is a choice whether you're aware of it or not. Some of these beliefs may have come from hammy downs. Literally, our parents or our family members or our environment growing up may have given us, may have handed these beliefs over to us and even though we think they gave them to us and like for status with it, we did agree to it at a certain level. We agreed to it.

We took it in and we said, okay, this is the way reality is. This is the way I see the world. Whether that's a parent telling you that kids are meant to be seen and not heard, you could say, well, that happened to me, but at a certain level you agreed to it. Even if it was an unconscious thing.

As a kid, you're like, well, I was five years old, Aaron, what did you expect me to do? I get it, but you still at a certain level chose it. The reason I have to say this is because when you become aware of this, you see that you chose your beliefs, whether you're aware of it or not, because at the moment you know that you chose it is the moment that you also know that you can choose something else because many of the beliefs that we have are just on autopilot from our parents.

I didn't experience recently where I was doing some shadow work when I was in Costa Rica and I had this experience where I had this flashback of this memory of when I was five or six years old.

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I used to always come back from my dad's and my mom's house. They're divorced, so when I was five or six years old, has gone back and forth. Whenever I'd come home from my mom's house and go back to my dad's house, there'd be an action figure on my bed. There was an action figure almost every. Every time we came back and we'd ask, oh, so he asked you to action figure for us just because he loved us, but one day I came home after like a year or two of doing a, you know, always getting an action figure.

I came home and I was five or six years old. I had this flashback of me coming home and there was no action figure there and me wondering, dig into myself, does he still love me because he did it because he loves me, but he's not doing it anymore. I was a confused five or six-year-old wondering why I wasn't getting that validation out. I can say that happened to you. I chose that at a certain perspective with where I was at the time.

Then years, years, years later, up until just a couple months ago when I went through this experience, I may have been having this thread of not feeling validated because of that experience of thinking that I needed a materialistic thing to feel a certain way. You see these beliefs can sometimes trickle in the subconscious, but I agreed to at a certain level. The key is being aware of what that is and starting to ask yourself the question, what is the earliest memory I have of this, of not feeling validated, of not feeling loved or not feeling worthy of embarrassed, feeling rejected?

Whatever the negative emotion is, your brain will start to find the answers for you. Here's the thing with reality. When I was talking about the macros earlier, the macronutrients, when you are studying or looking into something and you are playing according to those rules, that will be the rule set that you live in. For example, if I play to that rule sets of the macronutrients, meaning I eat a certain number of macros a day and then I burn certain calories per day and then the difference is what I gain or lose.

If I agree to that rule set and I play according to it, then it will be true for me. However, what I'm learning now is I'm still somewhat doing that because I acknowledged that. I still somewhat believed that because it's an empirical science. However, what I'm also realizing is I read a book that is called the autobiography of a Yogi, which is a book that was written a long time ago, is Steve Jobs like a book that he read every year, the last 40 years of his life.

And I read it and in it, there is a Yogi that was talking that the author was talking to and he was talking about how the mind is the welder or the wielder, however you say that have muscle. It literally holds the muscle into place. And then it made me remember A. I've already talked to victor one time, my buddy Victor, we were at the gym and he was talking about how honored Schwartzenegger it used to work out.

And he would literally imagine his muscles getting bigger. And he would tell his muscles to grow. I thought that was very interesting considering Arnold Schwarzenegger is the best you'll Olympia of all time or you know, that's what people consider him. What this allowed me to do is to rewire my mind around that, of this whole eating process. Then there's this guy that Victor knows, his name's Ray Moore, and he does these like dry fasts, these dry faster.

You don't eat or drink water for like four or five days and been doing so.

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It detoxes the body and it also requires people's minds for what is possible because most people believe that that is impossible to not eat or drink water for however many days. Maybe it's more than four days, maybe it's less, I'm not sure. However, hearing about that rewired my own belief because this dude that is running the workshops, he doesn't eat very often at all. Maybe it holds me back from wanting to do it if I saw someone else doing it, but they were like really skinny and I want to and I want to still have, you know, muscle.

The idea is, well, okay, if he's able to maintain his body frame and he was like, you know, similar body frame is me then that it's rewiring the way I look at it. Maybe mind is the welder of muscles, maybe it holds it into place in a different way. Maybe our beliefs that we need to eat three meals a day and all of these calories and we need to do this and this and this is maybe that belief is what really holds this, all this stuff in a plate and according to the rule game according to the game that you choose to play will be the results that you get.

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It's like, it depends on what you agreed to and what you are aware of because you don't know what you don't know. If I would have been aware of the whole of like the autobiography of Yogi and like that idea, I may have not been open to it if I would've been aware of that dry fasting as possible where people don't eat very much. But still, there's also, there's a Yogi in the Yogananda book, the autobiography of a Yogi, there was one Yogi that was like pounds that he was talking about and he said that guy did not eat at all.

He would eat like once every couple month, but he's like pounds, which makes you think, how is that even possible? And he was, I guess choosing that and not eating because that was showing what was possible, you know, it was a guy that probably lived in a cave or something like that in India. However, that was what the author said, it's like I could not figure out how he weighed pounds because he does not eat, you know.

But maybe there is something beyond that. Here's what I'm, I'm not saying what I'm saying is be aware of what your beliefs are and what game you are playing. You have to make money, you have to go to a school, get a degree, you got to go do this. Then you got to work your way up and go do that.

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Well, that's a certain game and it can work, but do you agree to it? There are other ways of going about it. You could learn how to make money online. You can learn internet marketing. You could learn all this other stuff and that could be the game that you play or you could renovate it and you can do a hybrid of both or you could do the whole. There are certain blueprints that are out there that you can follow, but just be aware that you are choosing to follow it.

The thing is that's finances, relationships. It can be the same thing. However, what I'm saying with this is just be aware of the game you are playing because whatever you believe to be true will be reflected back to you.

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Everything in life is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Even when it comes down to the Bible, more like structure. There have been documented cases of this were people that had multiple personality disorder, meaning they have one person right now.

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They shift to another. It says their name is Debbie. I don't know. I'm picking on these very generic names. As they shift, as that person shifts from these different personalities. Sally may have a tumor, Fred may have some other type of may have arthritis, different personalities all within the same body. If you were to measure the structure and you were to actually measure and take samples from that same person when they are shifting to these different personalities, one will have the tumor, Sallie Mae has the tumor.

Ten minutes later, Sally Mae turn back into Debbie and not have the tumor. What is a reality? What if by switching from that personality, with that personality, which has a pattern of how that person thinks, feels and acts, there was a defeat biomolecular structure, and just within a couple minutes they shift and they simply do not have that tumor that has been documented.

Even just those personalities having different Eichler, they might have one Eichler shift to a different personality within minutes. The Eichler has changed. Why is that?