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The lord showed me in my most needed time that I have only one life to live and that in a second it could be all over.

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I need to use my time to live for God and not for others. Reading this story really confirmed my thoughts.

God Whispers

Seeing the second chance that the man in the book was given is a strong reminder that I should be grateful for my outcome and that I should live according to Gods word and not societies. Since then I have abandoned my bad roots and have become more involved in my church and closer with my blood family and church family. Although I experienced my loudest whisper in a dangerous wreck, this could be yours.

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Never take a day for granted and thank the Lord every morning and night for everything he has done for you. Love this book!!

When God Whispers Loudly by Chris M. Hibbard

God will always show you and answer you!. Customer Reviews See All.

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Cuando Dios Susurra en Voz Alta. In God's Eyes. As Christians, it is imperative that we hear the voice of God, and then obey. Jesus expects that as His followers we will listen to and follow Him. We should be so in tune with God that we hear Him speaking to us throughout the day, even amid all the distractions and noises that fill our lives.

When God Whispers Loudly

Each of us needs periods of solitude and silence to know and hear the voice of God. November 10, The Great Value of Solitude and Silence Solitude and silence involve spending time on our own, with no distractions, in order to better hear the voice of God. He calls His own sheep by name and leads them out… And His sheep follow Him because they know His voice. Suggestions for Solitude and Silence Each day or a few times each week find a quiet place, free from distractions and man made noise.

It can be in a private room or some quite place in nature.

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Give yourself time to relax, be still, and to disengage from the activities of the day. Be aware of the simple, quite noises around you, and make an effort to put them aside. Ask the Lord to speak whatever He desires to you, or even ask Him if He has a word about some specific area of your life or about some question or issue you are dealing with.

When God Whispers

Sit quietly for an extended period, simply listening for words or thoughts or even feelings that you may believe to be from God. Write down anything you feel like God may have said. You have quieted yourself before the Lord and have listened for His voice.