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Let f1; : : : ; mg be a set of customer locations such that the earliest re-quest is from location 1, the second earliest from 2 and so on. Obviously, minimizing. Geiger et al. However, if de-livery time is crucial, then the tour. One way around this is to incorporate the first-come-first-served-policy. If lo-cations have priorities according to arrival times of delivery requests one canadditionally try to maintain this ordering while minimizing traveling costs.

Obvi-ously, both objectives are conflicting in general.

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In such a situation, we would liketo present the set of efficient solutions to the decision maker, i. To the best of our knowledge, this variation of TSP has not been studied before. Due to the many applications of TSP there are also other settings where the newobjective emerges in a natural way. We have encountered the following situation ina real-world project, where we used the approach presented in this paper.

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Example 2. The manager of a single-machine production line wants to scheduletasks such that the overall makespan is minimized. Since there are sequence-dependent setup times this is equivalent to solving TSP instances. On the otherhand, there also needs to be achieved some level of service for different sales de-partments that place orders. To avoid lengthy discussions about what jobs are moreimportant than others, all participants agreed on the first-come-first-served-policy. So in fact, the production-line manager needs to solve TSP instances with sequencepriorities, i.

Once priorities are considered in general, they can also be used to implementother preferences, e. As another example we want to mention the agent service brokering problem whichcan be understood as a generalized TSP problem [2]. Among other criteria, servicerequests are presented in an ordered manner by client agents. When the service bro-ker tries to choose a set of service providers subject to minimal costs, the broker canadditionally take the priorities of services into account.

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  7. We observe some easy facts about thisbicriteria problem. Published on Jan View Download 4. Knzi Managing Editors: Prof. Pages Metaheuristics for Tourist Trip Planning.

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    Scatter Search for locating a treatment plant and the necessary transfer centers in a reverse network. Metaheuristics for the Index Tracking Problem. About this book Introduction Most developed economics show the tendency of an increasing importance of modern services such as tourism, logistical services, finance, and others. Logistics Metaheuristics Production Scheduling Service Industry algorithms calculus evolutionary algorithm metaheuristic optimization. Weinhardt, H. Gimpel, A. Koschmider, V. Pankratius, B. Schnizler Hrsg. Gentili and S. In: B. Chaib-draa, J. Looking Ahead with the Pilot Method with S.

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