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Many of them report seeing a young man with a visible head injury in the mirror when they are brushing their teeth. After several years of distressing reports like these from students, the bathroom was locked up and is no longer in use.

Stories from the Old Montana State Prison

Others claim that a number of priests have died in various parts of the building and still wander the halls, but the only documented occurrence is related to the young man who died in the bathroom. The original owner of Copper King mansion, William Andrews Clark, is apparently still haunting his former home. Some of the regularly reported activity in the house includes unexplained shadow figures, cold spots in the building and a warm, welcoming presence.

Missoula's News Journal

During the prohibition era, the Elks Lodge was something of a hot spot in Miles City. It was pretty much the place to be if you were in search of drinks and entertainment.

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  • There are even rumours that it may have been a favorite hangout of Bonnie and Clyde who apparently went there to play cards. In , the Elks Lodge was the site of a suicide and this is believed to be behind the paranormal activity that has been reported in the building. There have been many sightings of a female spirit wearing a long dress wandering the halls of the Elks Lodge and she has even been caught on camera on one occasion coming out of a bathroom. There were homes and other amenities built including Fort Peck Theatre which was completed in so that the workers would have entertainment.

    Although it was intended to be temporary, the theatre remains in use today for a variety of theatrical productions. It is said that the Fort Peck Theatre is haunted by a male ghost who will manifest wearing s style work clothing. Montana Territorial Prison was in operation from until the late s and the insufficient facilities, overcrowding and barely edible food rations made it a particularly miserable place to be — even by prison standards. There have been several murders and suicides in the building and the prison was also the site of a massive riot in All of this has contributed to making Montana Territorial Prison one of the most haunted places in Montana.

    Some of the strange sightings that have been reported include apparitions in the empty cells, phantom footsteps, cell doors closing by themselves and a malevolent entity in the solitary confinement area which has been known to scratch, push and choke visitors.

    Top 11 Most Haunted Places in Montana (Updated )

    The Sacajawea Hotel was built back in and since then it has hosted numerous well known guests including the builder himself, John Q Adams. There have been several reports of an apparition resembling John Q Adams throughout the hotel and many guests have also witnessed a ghostly housekeeper who appears seemingly out of nowhere before walking into a closet that is actually no longer there! Local legend states that at one time a drunken cowhand rode his horse into the hotel and all the way up the main staircase before he was shot dead by the bar manager. Guests and staff alike have heard phantom hoofbeats on the stairs, mysterious blue lights are said to dance across room number and there have been multiple sightings of a male spirit dressed in a long coat who appears in various different parts of the hotel.

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      A Haunted Tour Montana

      Elks Lodge , Miles City. Prisoners even gained control of the prison for over a day in a massive prison riot in the s. The ghosts there known to touch and push people, and many have felt a large, malevolent presence rush past them. The most famous story about an encounter with Matheson involved hotel security guard Larry Bohne, who saw what he assumed to be a lost guest wandering the hotel's halls in The woman vanished, and the scent of jasmine led Bohne to room Bohne found the room empty and still — except for Matheson's old rocking chair, which moved as if someone were sitting in it.

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      In a security guard even claimed to have snapped a picture of her apparition. It's rumored that the ghost of a little girl dressed in white haunts the grounds of Bear Canyon. Over the years, many have reported that as they drove down this stretch of road, a man's body suddenly appears on their windshield, as if he had been hit.

      Then, he vanishes — without leaving a scratch on the car. This figure has been described as a Native American man with long black hair, wearing a jacket and jeans. Many believe he's the ghost of a transient Native American man who was struck by a vehicle one night, long ago.