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It all makes sense now. Quid pro quo. The Chicago way. This city makes me want to puke. In totalitarian communism, the demorats ultimate goal the party functionaries and their families get all the good perks. Security forces get less, but some while the are employed. After employment, they are reduced to the rest of the proletariat, who are lucky to share an apartment with several other families if they are allowed to live in a city. Ask any E. European who lived in the workers paradise.

Are you kidding me? No wonder this state and city is a sinking ship. Aimee ran on a GOP ticket. Typical fop endorsing a dummy rat Madigan puppet. Napolitano and Sposato are the only two former fire fighters presently on the city council to the best of my knowledge. Aside from their former mutual city fire department vocation, they both share a lot in common. Collectively, they have done more in support of the Chicago police department than the rest of the council combined.

A few others may have 'talked the talk' but Anthony and Nick have been on our side since day one. Naps was also a member of CPD before laterally moving over to the CFD side Ask around to those that live in their wards, followed or witnessed many of their pro CPD support and activities etc. While I'm not necessarily a fan of the mayor and the rest of city council I've seen many alderman come and go in my near four decades "on da' job" and I have to give credit where it's due.

And, oh yeah, they're the only two Republicans on the council which also explains why they don't rubber stamp 'every' Rham proposal along party lines.

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God Bless and watch over all my brothers and sisters on the CPD along with those that have our back. Stay Safe. Ol' vet ret. Off subject. Comp time will now be submitted via clearnet. Polite program in No more holding slips. Seniority will finally matter.

I'm finishing "House of Cards" on Netflix. This criminal behavior will continue until you start chopping off the heads of the hydra snake. Starting with the biggest, Madigan. These unfair pensions are ruining America's big cities. Communist pay all the same rate based on seniority not effort. No promises life isn't fair. There have been these special pension rewrites in the past, more then one.

A former police sergeant who was head of the state police had his chicago time and service rolled into the state police pension fund and retired as the head of the state police. Others have done the same as the state police pension pays better, way better. Nothing new here. It should be illegal but the corrupt political class always find a way for their friends.

Alderman is meant to be a part time job and should not have a pension a pension way better then the cops. Sanctuary city, school system a mess, half of the population on the dole. But what did we get instead? And a CPD "consent decree" Why is it that the intrepid journalists at the Trib and Sun-Slimes missed this? Why is it that a cop website is more willing to discuss abuse of the taxpayer than the so-called Fifth Estate?

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Mike Nolan, what's the deal at the Trib? Bosses afraid they won't get invited to all the fun parties? This is life in Soviet Chicago. Should have considered the pension before running for office. But Martwick promised that police pensions are safe because he is the boss of the state committee. Why should be worried? OT So Ram wants to make sure whitey can't move to Pilsen.

Keep Pilsen Brown, eh? Could you imagine a law keeping Mt Greenwood white?? Get a load of this! Anyone ever hear of this? Did you know that since , the Republican Party had been legally prohibited from contesting elections due to suspected vote fraud, because of a legal agreement called the Consent Decree the GOP made with the Democrat Party?

They will get it Does anybody but Us care that the Pension fund is going broke?

The Chicago Tribune

These hogs will feed at he trough until there is no more Do the math Similar to the time some alderman forgot to re-register his handguns. With no fanfare or publicity the city council opened a ten day window to re-register guns. The alderperson and a connected few were the only ones to take advantage of the opportunity.

Anonymous Anonymous said Not really accurate. Has some valid points but not a complete picture Once again, always the police, what about the fire pension fund. Thanks for participating. I voted straight republican for the 1st Time. Not percent, not 80 percent. Twenty percent. So for the "I'm only in it for the pension" group out there, the math isn't exactly looking like green pastures. Of course the city and state can keep kicking the can down the road via court orders and tax hikes, but eventually reality will sink in. Politicians lie. Numbers don't.

It has already been a hard reality for retirees when the health benefits were cut. Can you imagine getting an IOU in the mail? I just hope that more people are aware at the sad state of our pension fund, especially the new people. Just like everyone else that drinks the kool aid. God Bless Second City Cop and all our writers and readers. It's a fallen world, especially in our Chicago City I'm 3rd Generation Chicago City and things do often look hopeless.

I was 7 years old during the Summer of riots, civil war - I was heavily engaged in that '68 Civil War. Stay strong Chicago brothers and sisters. My father always told be the bad things about Chicago bad weather, bad crime, bad political corruption "Builds character" - it's why we're the tough, moral people we are. An alderman is not a firefighter. They get a ridiculous pension as it is for being aldermen.

They don't need or deserve a boost to that pension, regardless of their former occupation, or how they feel about the police. If an alderman doesn't serve long enough to receive a pension, regardless of his medical status, too bad. If he didn't serve long enough as a firefighter to receive a pension, too bad. You don't get to redefine terms to benefit your friends just because you like them and they're good to you. An active firefighter is someone who actively works as a firefighter.

This is a completely ridiculous idea. Emphasis on Former. It would take some digging to find former benefactors. These Dem m-fers are not about to give a bone to just anyone, certainly not to anyone that rountinly opposed Rahm. They all talk about pension reform, now this biscuit. No soup for you CPD - of course.

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Pass this addendum and watch for more to roll in to effect First Responders and not for good intention. Did anyone ever think the City was going to give you FREE healthcare for life after the obamacare was being introduced? Never Trust a Democrat. Is anyone surprised by another political payoff to drain pension funds as the pigs get fat and the hogs go to slaughter! Momma smelling that huge payout coming says she does not know if this was a "mistake" or not! Had a 30 year CPD career never once has a copper intentionally killed an innocent person!

And they have to mention a "white" police officer and the hating police media happily reports it! The answer they are so scared,and frightened but they are brave reporting other races! Why coppers anywhere get involved in this bullshit and respond quickly to ghetto nonsense is beyond any reasoning! Another young copper with a skull full of mush getting jammed up, maybe our own backwards baseball cap, jeep wrangler lifted wranglers with the punisher decals can learn also!

Isn't it amazing that the alder creeps can vote themselves a raise? Like they would say no This city will become another Detroit. Police Pursuits.

Both were being chased by the Minnesota Highway Patrol off the freeway system onto city streets We have had a non-pursuit policy for years here. People were suing the fuck out of the city and the department every time a criminal maimed or killed a bystander because the police tried to arrest him while fleeing.

If they started handing out the death penalty for every asshole who murdered an innocent while actively fleeing the police in a vehicle, this shit would come to a halt. But instead, they blame the police for everything because it is easier and more profitable than holding the real criminal accountable. This is what they want so give it to them. This job just keeps getting easier thanks to the stupidity of the politicians and their constituents.

Democratic Sen. The new courts would replace rarely used sand volleyball courts, he said.

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South Side Democratic Sen. North Side lawmakers are influential in the legislature, and the capital spending bill reflects that. Who are these vendors? Lots of human service providers. And the GOP? Not at producing structural reform. Not at negotiating a pairing of the upcoming graduated income tax amendment on the ballot with an amendment to enable pension reform. Just tax breaks, mostly for their favored business-constituents.

Back in the fall, I wrote a series of articles at Forbes about multi-employer pensions. I even experienced what seemed like a small success when an expert group, testifying before Congress in the winter, used some of my ideas. But in Illinois? Here in my suburb, voters, by a narrow margin, chose a Democratic State Senator over the Republican incumbent in a pitched battle with multiple daily mailers and robocalls; on her website , she applauds herself for voting for the budget and for pot legalization but says nothing about the capital bill.

My own district is Republican-held after, again, a close vote and endless mailers. And this even as the state, year after year, loses residents. View all posts by janetheactuary. Like Like. Because, I believe, the Chicago Tribune — like the Illinois Policy Institute and the Better Government Association in Illinois — want to blame, scapegoat, and eliminate collective bargaining, unions, and pensions altogether.

All those years of unbalanced state budgets and shortchanged pension funds? Its leaders interview and endorse candidates up and down the ballot. They provide staff for petition-gathering and campaign strategy. They dump cash into dozens of races. They coordinate with other unions and political party officials to elect and defeat candidates. Six percent went toward Republican committees or organizations.

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Janus decision aside, the Tribune wants to eliminate the Pension Protection Clause altogether as just one step in an ongoing right-leaning process of falsely blaming unions for the unfunded liability, and eradicating collective bargaining until we too descend into a right-to-work state like Wisconsin and Michigan and Indiana. Labels: Pensions , Resist. Compounded Cost of Living for Teachers? How Did That Happen? Unknown, except for Madigan, who is deemed the Master Illuminatus controlling all past and present evils in the General Assembly.

The real story is actually a bit more interesting and, believe it or not, an attempted bit of fiscal compassion.

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More importantly - Following previous years of equally high inflation, delivered an additional blow to consumers with a country wide annual rate of If that sounds familiar, then you are too knowledgeable about pension ramps in Illinois. Sorry, Millennials, I digress…again. The inflation rate for our past year was 2. The People History. In making the decision in to change our annual increase from three percent simple to three percent compounded, the members of the General Assembly made what they felt was a reasonable assumption that inflation would continue and that it would grow at the rate that it had been for more than 20 years.

Since state pensions had not kept up with inflation they would provide a necessary increase, but they did not ask anyone to pay for it because they assumed it would not really be expensive. The change would cost the state, but they assumed it would still run behind inflation. And growing inflation would mean the state would collect more tax revenue.

Since , high of 4. As Mr. On average, thus far, we are looking back nearly 30 years with a. The finger pointing by the Tribune and other anti-union organizations ignore the truth: the cost of pension would not be so overwhelming if there were no debt payment as a result of decades of avoiding payments. Pay increases were actually less than actuaries had assumed they would be. But like any Zen Balance question, we are all awash in what may decidedly come again in another inevitable wave. Okay, so now maybe we are.

Maybe the General Assembly didn't foresee a lessening of inflation or the Great Recession, but they understood what continued rampant inflation was doing to state retirees. If Illinois pensions were fully funded, all it would take to fund the pensions for all current employees would be just a little more than two billion dollars. The so-called pension problem in Illinois has in reality not been caused by the cost of our pensions, but by the failure to fully fund them.

Thank you, Bob Lyons.


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