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However, if the stress is prolonged, or extreme, the corals eventually die, being deprived of their primary food source.

Coral Bleaching Is Not a Tell-Tale Sign of Imminent Extinction

Consider the recently published work of Guest et al. And in so doing, they discovered the following intriguing facts. The findings of Guest et al.

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Corals are much more resilient to the stress of bleaching than many people have supposed, and that is an inconvenient truth for the coralline alarmists. Cortes, J. Corals and coral reefs of the Pacific of Costa Rica: history, research and status. In: Cortes, J. Latin American Coral Reefs.

Coral Reefs and Earthquake History: Tale is There

Elsevier, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, pp. Glynn, P. Bulletin of Marine Science 69 : 79— Guest, J. Coral community response to bleaching on a highly disturbed Reef. In an area of shallow-water seafloor, such as around the islands, corals can be lifted out of the water. Air kills the polyps that form the coral, leaving behind their network of rock-like skeletons, according to the release.

The time of the earthquake is recorded, as well as an estimate of how strong it was.

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Through a chemical process similar to carbon dating, scientists can learn the coral's time of death. The amount of uplift in the land can give clues as to the quake's strength, the release said. The area earthquakes result from plate tectonic motion near the island; the Pacific Plate starts to subduct beneath the Australian Plate, about two miles from shore. One theory of island building is that earthquake uplifts are a main driver in land creation, the release said.

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There's more to learn, however. The corals' earthquake record was not enough to account for the measured rate of tectonic convergence.

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Consequently, other geological processes likely play an important role in the islands' tectonic plate movement and uplift, the release said. But this study has shown uplifted coral are important geological tools. Trending Topics. By Catherine Arnold.

A Coral Love Story (Animation) Coral Reef Restoration Reproduction Spawning

Coral tells big tales of earthquake history and can help scientists make certain predictions, researchers say. Photo : Wikimedia Commons.

A New Normal: Study Explains Universal Pattern in Fossil Record