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This section is optional, but as Irina tells you, results in a higher share of the profits at the end of the performance.

Shakespeare Quotes: The play's the thing

Enter the creepy looking building at the waypoint. Go and find said gang just down the street. It will be a delight to beat them up. If you use Axii in the conversation, you get XP but you still get to fight them, too!

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Back to Irina now, to report your success. If you really want the play to go well, though, pick Irina and Abelard. When on stage, you get to choose between lines.

What was Big Willy Shakes going for?

Whatever you do, Geralt spots Dudu in the crowd and calls him onstage. In the course of your chat, you can ask Dudu to show Geralt what Ciri looks like now if you like.

This is a pretty emotional moment and worth seeing, i think. They are only useful if you picked the drama as the genre of the play. I recommend to do the boxing match. For advertising you have to hire a band of street artists called the Puffins, in order to gather a big audience. It is quite simple to do so and it does not cost anything.

The Play's the Thing

Once you will meet them, they will confess that they're being harassed by a bandit named Fatso, who disrupts everything they try to do. If you take care of him, they will work for free. I recommend to charm them with Axi , because you get extra EXP and because no matter what you choose, you'll have to fight them. Do not worry they'll quickly flee once you've done a little damage.

At the end of the battle, you'll earn xp and the Puffins's advertising. Irina Renarde informs Geralt to read his lines before the performance.

When the play begins he will have a few choices of dialogue. Choosing the right ones will yield the most experience and crowns. Here are the correct lines in order of appearance: " To slay beasts most foul — 'twas for this I was made, I kill as my calling, not just to get paid. So be careful to have this script on hand.

If you make all the choices listed, you will have the best show possible and reap the most reward when it comes to experience and crowns. Their amount depends on your choices!

Hence the reference. Used it in the second game, fucked up in the first.


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