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Why are children with learning disabilities left out of things: A cross-cultural examination of children's perspective on social exclusion. Social service use and justice system involvement of children in care: An evaluation of the child welfare system. Agricultural runoff in the Thames-Sydenham Region: Current attitudes, barriers, and opportunities for source protection. Being woman in contemporary Canadian society: A phenomenological analysis of women's experiences of street harassment. The influence of adaptive and maladaptive perfectionism on mental health during the transition to university.

The Beothuk, Ferryland's lesser-known inhabitants: Archaeological botanical evidence for cross-cultural exchange. Visions of well being: Holistic approaches to health in the works of L. Exploring women-centred, holistic, and trauma-informed programming for provincially incarcerated women in Canada: A case study of the New Brunswick women's correctional centre. Junior high school teachers' needs and interests in evidence-based social and emotional aspects of learning.

The development industry's gendered narrative of heterosexual transmission of HIV in Botswana, and its impact on programming and policy in local NGOs. Evaluation of augmentative and alternative communication training for speech-language pathology students. Financial markets and the wealth distribution: Exacerbating and mitigating effects on wealth inequality. An exploration of the strategies used by community-based recreation programs to foster quality participation among persons with physical disabilities. Domestic and international factor approaches: Explaining the mobilization of Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.

The role of parental responsiveness in the relationship between postpartum depression and infant attachment. Case studies of resettlement agencies and private sponsors in housing Syrian refugees in Toronto. Gender traitor: A memoir examining authenticity and identity formation in a time of political upheaval. Lebensraum and Genocide: Alfred Rosenberg and the decision-making process of the final solution, Crow winter: A study of indigeneity and cultural integrity through a discussion of Rez diaspora and Aboriginal self-governance. The role of perfectionism and cognitive emotion regulation strategies in the development of depression, anxiety, and eating disorders.

Rising to the challenge: Assessing the role of cognitive appraisal in psychophysiological stress reactivity during operationally-based police training scenarios. The power of the narrative: Comparing working class Chinese-Canadian museum exhibits and the archaeological record. Developing a trauma-informed transitional housing program model for homeless lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, queer and two-spirit youth.

Solutions beyond the sea: Exploring the environmental impacts and nutritional losses of seafood waste. From Marx to mechanical turk: Can the past theory of labour help us solve the future problems of work. Mahamudra as a complete path to enlightenment: A study on the paradoxical teachings of the Indian Buddhist master Maitripa. Harnessing the data revolution: Data driven approaches to civic engagement in stormwater management. The great leap famine's capitalist restorationists and rightist opportunists: Revaluating the role of local cadres. Domination, predicted consensus, and pluralism: A study of historical linearity, its implications for political exclusion, and solutions.

The importance of being kind to yourself: Self compassion as an intervention for adolescent perfectionism. Criminal weakness: Physical culture, photography, and the policing of the American body, How change doesn't happen: An institutional analysis of barriers in implementing harm reduction programming on college and university campuses. Children's appraisals of gender nonconformity: Identifying current perceptions of gender expression among same-aged peers.

Reducing burnout and enhancing lifelong learning in high-achieving students: A motivational perspective. Nostalgia, the happy generation, and the stagnant fairytale: Remembering Soviet Russian cinema of the s and s. The impact of perceived social support on the relationship between perfectionism and academic achievement. Sweat so you don't forget: Determining the optimal exercise break to promote attention and learning in the university classroom.

Implementing the recommendations of the truth and reconciliation commission: How Quebec's culturally blind child welfare law perpetuates the overrepresentation of Indigenous children in care.

  • The Rules of the Game: Cross-disciplinary essays on models in scholarly thought: Volume 86;
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  • World Economic Outlook, October 1995: A Survey by the Staff of the International Monetar.

Cripping sex education in Ontario: An exploration of institutional desexualisation of disabled students. The same, but different: A feminist systematic review of prevalence studies and associated qualitative studies of intimate partner violence among aging women. Designing for complex ecologies: How can the benefits of human relationship to nature as well as ecological resilience be increased through the implementation of a network of dense, small scale ecological hotspots in Toronto's densifying urban core. Ecological heterotopias of illusion: Uncovering natural emplacements of wonder on Shakespeare's stage.

Engaging people with disabilities in participatory development: A case study of a parents' association in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Persistence in the face of adversity: What drives low-literacy women refugees to continue on in language instruction for newcomers to Canada classes in Calgary. Creative solutions for community improvement: Identifying opportunities for tactical urbanism in car-dependent neighbourhoods by Natasha Petzold. Exploring contention around the lower Churchill hydroelectric development: Stakeholder perspectives and Indigenous health impacts. Investigating achievement as a contributor to the graduation lag of children in permanent foster care.

Exploring error management culture EMC in police teams: implications for increased work safety and accountability. The politics of the apolitical: The eoliberal Bank of Canada and rising household debt levels, The impact on two attention-orienting strategies on vocabulary acquisition in preschool-age children during shared book reading. The relations between theory of mind, metalinguistic awareness, and executive function in preschool children.

A role for translation studies in multilingual creative writing instruction in an unequal world literary system. Migrant status, sexual orientation, and their effects on social capital and economic integration. Five-finger pattern-learning in children and adults, as a model for understanding skill development in piano playing.

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Math is difficult: Assessing gender, humor and stereotype imagery in Canadian political cartoons. Family ties: An investigation of the familial and non-familial alibi corroboration on alibi believability. Library architecture and community connection: Libraries as spaces for social inclusion in Canadian neighbourhoods. Evaluating implementation of collaborative land use plans: a case study of the Great Bear Rainforest Agreement.

Unsettling virginity: exploring Marian piety in Indigenous spirituality through the theological lens of Hans Urs von Balthasar. Respiratory sinus arrhythmia reactivity as a moderator of associations between capitalization and negative affect. Cha cha and rumba: A comparison of autochthonous and foreign approach to cultural commodification.

Building sustainable cities: Can online data dashboards promote environmentally sustainable behaviour. Recreation, religion, and reconciliation: a multiple case study of church-run camp programs for Indigenous youth in Canada.

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Storytelling, power, and the tradition of the metatheatrical narrator in David Henry Hwang's M. Les obstacles majeurs auxquels les entreprises font face lors de la mise en oeuvre du processus PIC. Musical coherence without traditional tonality: Theoretical foundations of the expanding scalar universes of impressionism, jazz, and beyond. Is it possible to reduce children's negative appraisals of gender norm violations: An experimental study.

New beliefs, new lives: Roles, rights, and responsibilities of Christian women in Late Antique Egypt. Identifying barriers and proposing solutions to enhance governance in community sport organizations. Understanding retention of newcomer refugees through an exploration of their social integration in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Using innovative technology to enhance social work education: Exploring the effect of virtual patient simulations.

Re integrating social services and community space in church redevelopment projects: Opportunities and barriers. Non-governmental organizations as neoliberal instruments or oppositional political agents: A case study on three NGOs in Cairo. Addiction and identity: Analyzing public opinion of drug addiction and its consequences on the identity of addiction. Institutionalizing accountable development: How institutional structure influences citizen-driven accountability in international finance institutions. Livelihood strategies of displaced independent Eritrean youth in Cairo: Examining agency in community networks.

Reframing media technology for 21st century citizenship: Expanding discourse for design for social innovation and sustainability. Rien de plus simple. Il faut vous inscrire avant le 7 mai Quel paysage linguistique Statistique Canada brosse-t-il de notre pays en ? Dans cette province, 40 p.

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Afin de communiquer efficacement avec la population canadienne, le gouvernement place des annonces dans les journaux. Ce projet de loi irlandais s'inspire grandement de la Loi sur les langues officielles du Canada. Madame Adam est d'avis que pour les citoyens et citoyennes, les guichets uniques comportent des avantages certains. Elle signalait la plus importante transformation de nos politiques d'immigration depuis 25 ans. Mixed-effects models in R using the lme4 package Douglas Bates Mixed-effects models are a powerful technique to deal with multiple sources of variability in observed responses.

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Introduction au langage et environnement R. Marc J. Etienne Bellemare Racine. Michel Carbon. Mamadou Yauck et Sergio Ewane Ebouele.


Sophie Baillargeon. Sahir Bhatnagar.

Apprentissage profond avec TensorFlow pour R. Introduction shiny app. Traitement du langage naturel en R. Bruno Tremblay.

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