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A Glorious Church

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Do you hear them coming, brother? Author: R. Hudson Tune: [Do you hear them coming, brother? Representative Text 1 Do you hear them coming, brother Thronging up the steeps of light, Clad in glorious shining garments — Bloodwashed garments pure and white?

Refrain 3 Never fear the clouds of sorrow; Never fear the storms of sin. Refrain 4 Wave the banner, shout His praises, Four our victory is nigh! Refrain Source: Praise and Worship: hymnal Page Scans.

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When our desire is to please God, even above ourselves, it is then that we come to know him. When we spend time in the presence of God daily in praise and worship, it is then that we come to know him.

The Victorious Church Episode 1: The Earth and God’s Glorious Plan for You

Because above everything and everyone, we are seeking to know JESUS in a more personal and intimate way. Therefore, as we do this, we begin to see and recognize Jesus as he manifests himself to us.

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As we daily spend quality time in fellowship, communicating with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ , we become more and more in love with Jesus, the Lover of our souls. It is then that we will look forward to and cherish the intimate time we spend with our LOVER, and as we are quiet and allow him to speak to us. Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Crystal Moore Naylor's new book is an absorbing work that informs everyone about the biblical truth that Jesus Christ has died on the cross so that every sinner will be saved and have eternal life as well as the ways on how one can live a victorious life with the Lord.

The power of the Lord to heal and transform people's hearts is stressed in this book.

A Glorious Church

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