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The Auchterbranch had probably sprung from the Angus and may have acquired a footing in. To the memory of Keith Turni: n of Turnerhall, this stone is erected by his sorrowing widow. He was born January 20, departed this life Oct. The grave that next is opened may be thine With patience, then, sustain thy mortal load, And daily strive to walk approved by God, That when thy body's numbered with the dead, ;. The above Keith Tukxeu is called John in Burke's his. Here lys in hopse of a blessd Ressurrection, the Dust of John Ligarwood, sometime in tartie, wh died.

Landed Gentry. One stone, with the. Grieve, M. Upon monuments on the east side of the kirk minister of Ellon for 32 :. Forbes and Ramsay arms impaled the latter with 3 mullets or stars round t! Robert Douglass, died 21 Dec. Ellon, by which some peculiarly interesting payments were found to belong to it, such as the hereditary rights and duties of the scologs or scholars,.

In Ellon, the " soologs' lands" were bound to furnish four clerks for the parish church, able to read. The lands of Candellon? Candle- Ellon , were burdened with the payment of 24 wax candles ;. In regard to the proprietary history of the disneed only be stated that Ellon formed an It was the seat of justice for and upon the moot hill, or Earls'. Kynidy, , shows a key and baton, saltireForbes of Waterton was at one time laird of Kermucks and, during the early part of the 18th ;.

No stone preserves the names of any of the Falconers of Glenfarquhar. A freestone slab, ornamented somewhat in the style of the old sculptured stones of Scotland, stands upon a mound near the east gate of Ellon. It is commemorative of a meeting of the different members vastly improved of. Lord Falconer, who died in , whose eldest son became 5th Lord Halkerton, was of the Glenfarquhar branch and Catherine, daughter of the 5th Peer, was the mother of Hume, the philosopher and historian. A chest-shajDed tomb within S. Palladius' ;. Irvine, who was of the Drum family, married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir of Glenbervie.

Love convgal in lyfe keeps amity, Bvt death doth come and break society Yet heir is love com behold and see. That vith death st got the victory. Together they did live, together dy. Together ver both bvried in one day ; Together they within this grave do ly. Together they shall ring with Christ for ay. Heir lyes a faithfvl brother Iames Farqvhar,. The present laird, Capt.

Burnett, is their grandThe property came to the Irvines by marriage with the daughter of. This dust which here doth rest in sacred peace. Once lodg'd a soul eurich'd with every grace ;. In death regretted, and in life belov'd. Well pleased. Heaven crown'd his virtues with success,. David Watson, by his widow, Jean Milne, who ;. Heir lyes a faithfvl brother Thomas Crol, vho departed the 27 of April , of age 81 and his spovs Christian Covt;', de. Erected by their son James of Whiteriggs,. Under the fiat stone, 5 feet south from this wall, lies the body of James Leith of Whiteriggs, who died 20 Feb.

Milne, A. Leith, his brother, who died 6 of May , aged Janet Giels, spouse of the said Jas. Gammell, died 28 April , aged 79, and is interred at Greenock. Their son William Gammell, died in infancy. Janet Leith, who died at Edinburgh, 29 Aug. James Arnott and Janet Leith, died at Edin-. Church, for the work of the Reformation, on behalf of which his servant suffered.

He was born in , and was burned at St Andrews, 1st March Janet Leith, or Arnott, Company, aged Leith, died at Edinburgh, March 13, aged Elizabeth Leith, died at EdinErected by the burgh 29 April , aged It is marked by a few trees, ;. Lewis Eeid, Manse of Fordoun, aged The Revd. Alexander Leslie, minister at Fordoun, died Sep. Margaret Reid, relict of the Eevd. In , Sir D. Carnegy of Pitarrow had a grant Acta Pari. The Fordoun portion of the parish has been Arbuthnott property from at least According to the Aberdeen Breviary, the Pictish Saint. The present parish church was built about , when Mr Forbes of Echt gave a new bell I'he front of the loft of the old kirk panels,.

In he completed his studies at the Divinity Hall of the U. Church, where he displayed talents calculated died 21 October , aged Dun Echt House, an elegant castellated mansion, has been recently erected by Lord Lindsay, almost under the shadow of the Barmakin. The church below, a choisest Jewel lost. And Friendship, all bereaved, adores, and weeps. William Ingram, died IGth aged Cairns and tumuli called the lie. These, as well as the entrench-. The summit of the Barmakin, which is from to feet above the level of the sea, is flat, and contains, within the upper rampart, about an acre of ground.

Theie are a series of entrenchments, with gates, or entrances, farther down the hill. It is one of those ancient structures,.

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Grant, fifth laird of Glenmoriston, and his spouse Janet Mackenzie, grand-daughter of Capt. Alexander Mackenzie of Gairloch, ancestors of Capt. George Grant of the Indian Army, has erected this monument as a token of affection, esteem, and regard, with which he cherishes their memory. They died at Bre, about the year A marble slab, sunk into the pedestal, presents nicely executed carvings of two angels in altorelievo, with upcast eyes, and the words, "Thy will old mansion house.

Sacred to the memory of Jaxe, spouse of Thomas Fraser of Balnain. She added to superior personal graces and talents of the first order, the humblest piety, the sweetest temper, and the most devoted filial affection. Her spotless life was closed by a tranquil and christian death, on the 7th of July , in the 22d year of. Erected by his father similar to the tomb placed over his remains by his brother officers in India. Elizabeth Grant Mrs Eraser's mother was a daughter of Glenmoriston. Urquhart Castle, situated upon a rock overhanging Loch Ness, is one of the most imposing and picturesquely situated ruins in Scotland.

It had been a place of great size and strength and, ;. It was besieged and taken by the forces of Edward I. In , it and the barony of Urquhart came to the chief of the Clan Grant, and now belongs to the Earl of Seafield. Andrews, were respectively rated at 14 and 20 raerks each. In , Robert the Bruce gave the advocation and donation of the kirk of Essy to the monks of Newbattle. Within the area of the ruius of Essie church.

Unclouded virtue shone thro' all her life ;. All this her husband, this express'd,. Lamies reacquired it before Possibly they were of the old stock, and may have been ancestors of the present laird, Capt. Excepting the name, and a spring well, there is trace of the " Chapel of the Blessed at Balgownie, in the parish of Essie," of is. We ar bvt earth, and earth is bvt fvme We ar bvt novght, as novght we doe consvme. John Lyon and This wife Eobert III. The date of is upon the ruins of the old church and the door lintel is also inscribed, ;.

Sir Alexander Lindsay of Evelaek, who departed this life on the 9th day of June aged 50 years.

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A slab in the churchyard, which has disappeared within the last year or two, bore the following epitaph to the lady first-named in the above inscription :. Lindsey, lady Glenbucket, d Evlack, who in the Sir Alexander Lindsay departed this life on the 9th 50th year of her. Her stately person. Beauty, Great, Her charity and lowly heart Her meekness and obedience Her chastity, and her good sense, ;. Gordons of Glenbucket were descended of those of Rothiemay, whose grandfather was of the The Lindsays of family of Lesmore Nisbet.

Evelick Perthshire , were descende:! Donald Grant, Esq. This monument is erected in testimony of filial affection and gratitude to the best of parents, by John Grant, Chief -Justice of Jamaica. To preserve this burying ground, and in pious regard to the memory of Finlay Farquharson of Auchriachan, who possessed this place since , son to Findlay Farquharson, Esq. Also William Farquhaeson, son of Inver He died issueless, and was succeeded younger brother, the above Francis Grant, who married a daughter of Oliphant of Rossie, and died in Francis was succeeded by his by his.

The said Robert Farquharson died in William, his son died in Aprill , and Alexander, the last in the male line, died 11 Nov. Sweet be tlieir sleep, and blessed their wakening. Reader pray for those that pray for thee. He was also present at Waterloo, and received the medal. He never made an enemy, or lost a friend. Many of the houses are ruinous. But were the means of communication less dilEcult between the Dee, the Don, and the Spey, by the way of Tomintoul, it would improve the place, as well as the habits and tastes of the people.

A quoad sacra church and manse were erected at the village about Bene fundata est Domus Dom. James Gordon. It is said to have been used by the natives for resting their spears or lances upon when tliey came to Divine service and a story is told of some of the more sacrilegious of the Highlanders having killed a priest by the side of the stone, for his being too strict iu demanding atto Captain ;. Adieu dear friends who laid me here Where I must lie till Chiist appear And on that day I hope it '11 be.

Hays and Hays were descended of an Anglo-Norman baron who settled in the Lothians He had two sous who bein the 11th century. A monument to a monk of the monastery, who died in , bears the effigy of a priest incised,. Another slab, preserved at the manse, appears to be the tombstone of Archibald Macvicar, who was provost of the collegiate church of Kilmun, Argyllshire, :. In south-west lobby of the church, two marble tablets are respectively inscribed as below :. Erected by the parishioners of Coupar-Angus, to the memory of their late worthy pastor, the Rev.

They were considerable benefactors to the Abbey, and failed in the male line towards the middle of the 14th century, when one of three coheiresses became lords of Cargill, near Cupar, of. In memoriam parentis amautissimas et percara; quae A. Robert ;. The other fragment belonged to the Hays of Errol, who were by far the largest benefactors to the Abbey.

It may have been part of a recess tomb, the front of which engraved in Memorials of Angus and Mearns , still remains, as well as. Prowse, Esq. During the time of his holding the ofRce of Physician, he was also a member of the Board of Directors and continued to be a member of the same until its dissolution in May He died after a period of ;. Sacred to the memory of Mr Thomas Bell, comedian, late of the Theatre Royal, Edinburgh, a respectable performer, an agreeable companion,.

While ou the Stage of life he' encountered some of the rudest shocks of adversity, and felt the chill gripe of penury in many a checquered Scene j but, possessed of a happy equanimity of temper, a social disposition, and a well informed mind, the arrows of misfortune fell powerless. Betired from the Theatre oi the world, to the sorrow and regret of all who had the pleasure of his ac-.

Erected by the Dundee Eccentric Society, in testimony of their esteem and respect for Mr Bell, an honorary member. Magazine Aug. Mr Bell was a very respectable per' '. Angus, to the memory of Jajvies Stewart, builder there, who died 3 Aug. Cupar stands at the south-west corner of the church-yard, and consists of an arched doorway flanked by buttresses. The remains of stone cofiins, mouldings, and monuments, are frequently found in the kirk-yard. About four years ago a mutilated slab was disinterred. It bore the following inscription, which has been kindly communicated by the Rev.

Dr Stevenson. According to the Rccj. Carved stones are to be seen in some old houses at Cupar and other bits are placed round the ;. The annexed wood-cut from Memorials of Angus and the Mearns, in which there is an account of the Abbey of Cupar , to the is. Ury about , from Fraser, thane of Cowie, of which thanedom Ury formed a portion. In Ury passed, by of Errol acquired.

In , Bishop Wardlaw converted the church of Fetteresso into a prebend, and gave it and its pertinents to the royal chapel of S. Being situated upon the banks of the Carron, and close to the hamlet of the Kirktown, with its tile and heath-covered cottages, and surrounded by spreading trees, the locality is altogether one of much picturesque beauty. It ought to be stated that the preservation of the old kirk is due to the good taste of the late Lieut.

Duff of Fetteresso, who bought the fabric to prevent its being rising. His body lies 10 feet to the north of monument, erected by the members of his congregation and some others, who enjoyed his friendship, and admired his character. Dr Lougmuir. From a table-shaped stone enclosed within :. She died on the 4th day June , aged 56 years. And also the remains of the said George Thomson, who died on the 15th July , in the 88th year of his age, and the 62d minister of this parish.

This church was built about , siuce which time it has been much enlarged to accommodate an increasing population. A school adjoins the church, and the manse is a little tathe s. Admiral Duff and the lairds of Whitehills, Culter, and Hatton of Auchterless, were sous of Patrick Duff of Craigston, who had five children by his first, and twenty-one by bis second wife. Eour marble tablets, built into the south side of the north aisle, are respectively inscribed :. Kirk was the grateful ing of a seaman who was saved from a which wag wrecked upon the neighbouring.

Witliin an enclosure, in the north-east corner of the kirk of Fetteresso surmounted by the Duif arms and motto, virtute et opera , two slabs. Robert William Duff, Esq. He died aged 71, the 30th December mdccclxi, respected, lamented, regretted by all who knew him. Duff acquired Fetteresso about Helen, 4th daughterof the Fife, and dying in , was succeeded. Mill, senior. She died in , and was the mother of the minister mentioned in the next. Milne had much intercourse with Erskine of Dun and his son's wife may have been in some ;. His tombstone has been lately placed upon two stone rests.

U]3on one of the rests are the words " The grave of Mr Andrew Milne, inscription. One tomb-stone, name defaced, is dated Upon another slab, of date , these words only are traceable :. Heir lyes ane godly and vpright man, Villiam Greig, sometyme in Elfhil, vho departed the 27 yeir of his age, 23 Dec. Sharons fragrant rose, To give his angels charge to be his train ; This is throvgh Christ his sweit bed of repose, is. He died 12th Oct. March , in her 44th year.

Here also lies Katharine Farquharson, grand-mother of the foresaid minister. Weary of an unjust world I rest secure, having both learned. David Hutcheon, advocate in , aged Aberdeen, died 10th Dec. Alexander, their eldest son, died in the Island of St Vincent, in the year , aged Also two sons, James and John, who died in infancy.

This tablet was erected by Isodel, their only surviving daughter, relict of the Eev. Bengal Fusiliers, died at Rangoon, 4th Nov. James, died at Bath, 8th July , aged 54 , also three of his ;. Old Aberdeen, in memory of her beloved parents and their deceased children, who are aU buried here except the said Alexander.

Sacred to the memory of Mary, daughter of Robert Farquhar, Esq. Arthur Farquhar, RN. It has reference to the parents of the first Silver of Netherley, and is above-noticed. The above-. NicoL, who died at Stonehaven, 25tli Nov. Also of his fifth daughter, Grace, who died 18th March , aged 20 months. Arthur were by that marriage. The latter, who became a Rear- Admiral and K. Dr Nicol, who was the son of a local farmer, and a medical practitioner in Stonehaven, married Margaret, daughter of Mr Dyce of Baden toy, in Bauchory-Devenick, a merchant and burgess of Aberdeen.

Dr Nicol had six daughters, all of whom married opulent merchants, and an only son,. He died enjoy. He was buried in the church-yard of Birse, in.

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Cameron in , a. In memory of William Monctjr, late sergeant Regiment of Foot, who, after suffering the fatigue and calamity of war, viz. All fall alike, the fearful and the brave ; Live to the Lord, that thou may'st die so too, To live and die is all ye have to do. Robert, eldest son of the above, died 4th. Sacred to the memory of John Lumsden, Esq. He died , aged Blairmonmonth, now Blairmormoud, or Knowis at the foot of the hill of Mormoud, in Buchau, Aberdeenshire. This monument is erected by desire of his affectionate wife, Margaret Garioch, of the family of Mergie, who, having survived him fifteen years, was buried by his side native of this parish, in the church-yard of Fetteresso.

Sighs was my devotion. Drugs did me no good Till Christ my Redeemer, who knows what is best. Robertson, d. It is surrounded by a stone dyke and some trees, and hag is. Roberti Barclay de Ury, Apologite Auctoris nee noil Matris, lectissimaj ob vitaj sanctimoniam et raram boneficeutiam qua miseris et regris quotidie opitulabatur.

She had three sons and one daughter by her first, and one daughter by her second husband. On 12th Jan. David Barclay, merchant in London, to cover the ashes of hia ancestors viz. Baiud, Esq. He erected the present mansion-house of Ury, and was succeeded by his brother John Baiud, Esq. Both brothers wei'e interred in The Hoirjf at Ury and the last-mentioned was succeeded by his eldest son. Walter de Berkeley, Great ChamberKingdom, became owner of a large thia county, and from the lands of Bal,. Alexander the Second. Dying without issue, she was succeeded by Johk DE Berkeley, brother of Humphrey, who dispossessed the monks of all these donations, but was obliged to compromise and give them instead, coufii-med.

Mathers, son of Thomas, was born anno Polite and accomplished, he lived much at Court, incurring extravagant expenses, to the great im-. David de. To his daughter he gave a handsome fortune, to pairment sell five. Berkeley, 2d of Mathers, married the daughter of John de Seton. Captain of Horse, fell gloriously at the Battle of PhiUiphaugh. Colonel David Barclay, the first of Ury, third son of David 12th of INIathers, was born anno , at Kirktonhill, the ancient seat Instructed in every accomplishment of the family.

His son, Alexander, of. Wishart of Pithe changed the spelling of the family name to Ba -daj. His son, David Barclay, 6th In ,. George B. His son, David Barclay,. Marischal, the barony of He sat in the Scots Parresidence of the family. See his gravestone adjacent hereto. Home, and to John, his son by he gave the lauds of Johnston. He was born Anno bought the barony of ;.

When on one of these excursions, at it is. Colonel David Bai'clay of. She was born, anno , and died Febry 14, When Earl William of Panmure heard of the occurrence, and guessing it to be Barclay, his Lordship traced him to the House of Fothringham, and there made him sign an obligation which secured the brewer in a small pension from the estate of Ury, which. She was born March , and died March Also of Jane Barclay, her daughter, who was born in , and died August Distinguished by and patriotism, and honoured with the intimate friendship of the great Wdliam Pitt, and his loyalty.

She was born 13 September , and died 29th October Sarah Anne Allardice, who brought the estate ;. Until the above failui-e of the male line, the Allardices appear to have been regularly represented, and to have held the lands from which they assumed their surname, from the time of King William the Lion. Mary, in September James Allardice, died in the Island of Ceylon in , who.

David, Major in the 28th Regiment of Foot, in , and died at Otranto, in Italy, Rodney, born in , who died in , in The above John Innes was the eldest son of. Inheriting from his father, Robert the Strong, symmetry of form and great muscular power, he excelled in aU the athletic exercises,.

His youngest and son, William, bought Raemoir about Accordingly, he brought into high cultivation arable acres, planted acres of wood, and executed the manifold operations connected with such works, in a manner so unexampled and successful, that his practice became the conventional standard over an extensive district, and placed him m the foremost rank among Scottish agriculturists.

By the grant of feu-rights on his estate of Arduthie, he laid the foundation of the New Town of Stonehaven, and lived to see it become a populous and thriving community. By unanimous election, he represented his native county.

Epitaphs in North East Scotland | Epigraphy | Funeral

Esquire of Ury and Allardice, heir of line of the Earls of Airth and Monteith, born August 25th , died on the 1st of May , in the 75th. His Essay on Training ;. It is also worthy of note that a great part of the road through " the Cowie Mouuth," between Stonehaven and Aberdeen, lies in this parish.

Although traversed now a-days by an excellent ;. He was always ready with his subscription for any good object, and every Monday 20 or 30 people would his habits. Among others, was Paul Crab, who, in , mortified a sum of money out of his lands of Kincorth,. For sometime before his death he had suffered from paralysis, but a kick from a pony produced a crisis, and two days after, when they went to awake him on the May morning of '54, he was found dead in bed.

The forest, which stretched almost from the Dee, to the sea at Cowie, was royal hunting ground and the castle, which stood upon a headland near the kirk of Cowie, where the green mound, formed by the debris of the ruins, still remains, was an civilly ;. It may be added that S. Serenus, Caranus, or Caiian the patron of Fetteresso , under the name of Corinnu, is said to have died amongthe Picts. Gordon, a son of Gordon of Haddo, who succeeded Bishop church, dedicated to S. The old church is quite used until ,.

Although, according to an inscription cut in characters of the 18th century over the lintel of the west window :. Barclay was subsequently accused of treason, but acquitted, along with. Danish kings were once preserved. These unfortunate foreigners are said to have been killed in an engagement which local story avers took place at Gamrie between the Danes and Scots in the time of Malcolm stance also the is.

His wife had possibly though not mentioned in peerage books been a daughter of Ogilvy of Findlater. CoUane and others at the same time. It was in the Castle of CuUen, in Gamrie, that William Barclay, an eminent scholar and father of the author of the Argenis, was born in and it was a descendent of those scholars who became a field- marshal in the Russian army, and ;. Garden of Banchory, entered the service of Gustavus of Sweden, and returning to Scotland in , bought the lands of Troup, and married Betty, a daughter of Strachan of Glenkindie.

Bathia, a daughter of Sir Alex. Forbes of Cragievar. The same authority shows that these lastnamed were the grand-parents of Francis, Lord Gardenston, a well-known judge in the Court. He was succeeded by his nephew, not his brother as Burke says, for Lord G. The churchyard of Gamrie, which is strewn with "moisty bones and broken skulls," and otherwise ill. Under hope of a blessed resurrection, here lyes the ashes of Iohn Ross, sometime in the Mdl of Fortrie, who departed this life Aprile 17, Here lyes the ashes of. Granfether [that] him nor yet his son, nor his sons son, would never put on9 of his Generation out horn, 1,.

Culy Can. And when your onars fethar cam and heerd whou that your lif was seavt, he Please your honour. By laudable industry, joined with ;. At Christ's right hand, the soul doth dwell on high Then repine not parents, at your childrens' death. The flowers which bloom in spring, cut off are first. Kenneth Fimister, shipbuilder, who was put on shore hear the 13 November , aged 50 yeais. Pleaced hear by his son John Fimister, carpenter in Burghead, in. Kinedar was ocand as the Earl of Buchan was then lord of most of the district, possibly " Wallace's Castle" was erected either by him or some of his vassals.

Of the later proprietary history of certain parts also that his castle of I. Glendowacby was a thanedom in the time of Alex. It was given by Bruce to Hugh of Ross. In later times, the Earls of Buohan, and Moray, had an interest in Glendowachy. Doune was also a thanedom, of which John of Bothuille had a grant in Thomas Sewan, who had " the haill vicarage" and kirk lands, was the contemporary reader or schoolmaster at Farnell. November years, and of hir age Remember man as thov goes by, As thow art now so was I As I am now so mvst thow be, Remember man that thov mvst dye. Anno Dom. The surname of Enereritij is of like origin, and assumed from luverarity in Angus.

Heir lyes spose to Androv Andrson, indvelers in Villen Yeards, vho departed this lif the year of God , and of age Also heir lyes Walter Tyler, husbaut to Barbra Crch: :. When the kirk-yard of Farnell was being extended and improved in , the workmen came upon a line of coffins on the east side of the church, which were carefully constructed of stone.

The heads of two crosses were also discovered. One is pierced with four holes, and the slabs. It seemed. Symers' were designed of Balzeordie from the middle of the 15th century Laud of the Lindsays ,. Doig was the name of a churchman of Dunnichen in About a century afterwards, James Doig is celebrated by Dunbar, the poet, as "the wardraipper of Venus' bour," or wardrobe keeper to the Queen of James IV. But probably the most eminent person of the name, in modern times, was Dr David Doig, a native of Monifieth, and master of the Grammar School of Stirling, whom Lord Karnes pronounced to be "a genius;" and said he loved him because he told him " his mind roundly and plainly" Memoirs of Kames.

A free- stone monument, which stood within the old kirk, bears this inscription :. Dean Carnegy, who was descended from a laird Cookston and Unthank, was the founder of the Carnegys of Craigo. His seal, attached ,to a letter of 5th. The charge of the cup was afterwards exchanged by the Craigo family, for that of an open Bible, in allusion to the Dean's profession.

The Dean's first wife was a daughter of Bishop Lindsay of Edinburgh. Two of his sons were churchmen. Dum dego in terris expectana gaudia cceli, Me ducat semper tua Gratia, Grandis Jesu. In a deed of , David Carnegy is described as " lawful son and heir to said Mr James. He was moderator of the General Assembly in , and died before 8th July the date of Dean Carnegy's presentation to Farnell.

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The s and 70s were a boom era for blended Scotch whisky and new distilleries of the same design were also built alongside existing sites at Clynelish in , Linkwood and Mannochmore , beside Glenlossie Distillery. A further seven distilleries were re-modelled in the same way: they can be identified by their large still-room windows, making for a pleasant working environment. Tasting Note Pale gold in colour, with pale green lights. Easy to drink, straight; sweet and centre palate.

Water reduces the aroma and introduces some spice to the taste. Evidently the latest one announced for Longmorn is not the last that this district will see… Where is all this going to end? So the water — so important to distillers, although in days gone by it was the almost mystic quality of the water that appealed, while today it is the reliable quantity and purity was of undoubted reliability. More prosaically, but of equal. Longmorn Station and its platform still exist in good order, although the track has gone.

There are currently plans to clear it as a cycle path, linking with the Speyside Way at Craigellachie, and from there to Aviemore and the National Cycle Network. The founder was John Duff, in partnership with two other local worthies. He had been manager at Glendronach Distillery and had been the driving force behind the building of Glenlossie Distillery in and went on to build BenRiach Distillery, next door to Longmorn and connected to it by a railway line, in The two distilleries amalgamated as Longmorn-Glenlivet Distilleries Co.

Ltd in , by which time John Duff appears to have run out of money he would later emigrate to Australia. I once worked as a free-lance commercial copywriter, and it was in this connection that I began to write about whisky, in My business partner, Simon Scott, went on to become the leading advertising copywriter in Scotland. Bunnahabhain distillery was commissioned in to make non-smoky whisky for blending. Both the colour and the sweet overall flavour indicate that it has been drawn from refill ex-bourbon casks — an attractive balance of oak and smoke.

It is bottled without the addition of any spirit caramel — i. The taste unreduced is sweet, lightly salty and powerfully smoky in the finish. It drinks well, straight. A drop of water reduces the smoky impact in favour of the maritime notes iodine, sea-salt , with vanilla; the taste is now even sweeter and saltier. Whisky Collecting — Gavin D. When it comes to collecting whisky there are essentially two different motives at work.

Some people collect as an investment -a perfectly understandable reason in an economic climate where it is difficult to make money earn its keep by traditional investment methods — and others collect for the sheer pleasure of doing so. There is, of course, also a potential crossover, as many who collect for pleasure quietly hope that over time their collection will increase in value.

However, what we can state is that the UK rare whisky market - as defined by the secondary market for all UK auctions on and off line - has grown dramatically to 33, bottles in This represents a Conversely, bottles from less attractive distilleries and brands continue to fall in value. Indeed, if you look at. Both Arran and GlenDronach have made significant progress in taking an increased share of the wallet at auction.

Both distilleries are becoming more collected, with GlenDronach in particular starting to gain momentum. Are they higher than expected for an old bottle only get to know about releases first, but, currently, you have the with an imperfect seal? Check labels. Do they look too perfect, too 10 per cent discount available to W Club members on all whisky clean, and too white? You need to be smart thing is to consider when collecting whisky. For me the answer is about what you are buying and why. Caveat emptor! New truly special. The result, of course, is the price goes up in the secondary market - in some cases drastically so.

The quality of the whisky should never be underestimated by collectors, even if they have no intention of drinking the bottle. The important thing to consider when collecting is how long do you want to hold on to your whisky. Port Ellen is one of the most sought after single malt whiskies for two main reasons.

Firstly, it's a whisky from Islay, and secondly the distillery was closed 32 years ago. This is one of only bottles, and very rare indeed. To have such a rare blend of 82 whiskies over 50 years of age is very significant. Ladyburn whisky is really rare, the Ladyburn distillery only operated for nine years and closed in Not much whisky was produced there, making this some of the rarest liquid available to purchase by the bottle.

In my view, GlenDronach is definitely the distillery to keep an eye on. Not every collectable will be very expensive, so stick to a budget and decide how much you want to spend on further bottles. This can be important if you want to showcase your collection for all to see, but not so important if your collection will stay hidden from view in the loft or in a cupboard.

Either way, some collectables will look more attractive than others, so think about whether that matters to you. I firmly believe you will have more interest in and respect for your collection of whiskies if you take time to experience and appreciate the flavours of our treasured spirits. Never feel guilty opening a bottle. It is a truism of British fashion that nearly all talent will eventually drift towards the seductive beckoning of London. In , he summoned all that he had learned and ploughed it into forming a brand of his own. The Folk aesthetic has changed little over the years; it is the attention to minute detail that sets Folk apart from its competitors.

You were born in Cumbernauld, just outside Glasgow, perhaps not the most creatively inspiring place in Scotland — what was it that first sparked your interest in clothes? For the most part, it seems that kids of my era had only two routes that got them into designer brands — music or football.

Football was my real passion … I loved playing football, occasionally getting in trouble and always wanted to hang about with the cool guys — who were older and generally wanted to smoke and drink; I still love football, though for me it showed no direct route to fashion. I was really into dressing up and looking different, but it was only when I walked into Ichi Ni San, aged 15, and Stephen, one of the owners, asked me to model for them that I really got seduced by it all.

Shortly after that they kindly asked me to work Saturdays and from there I experimented heavily with all the wares. How did working there affect your ideals and affinity for quality products? Dries is still one of my favourite brands, one that still inspires me personally and Folk. The shop and its brands brought the fashion world to life. My job there afforded me time to soak up design styles and quality, to see for myself how brands evolved: some got better, some stagnated, some faded away. What was the catalyst for starting the brand?

Using the south island of Japan as a place to experiment with the Folk style, it was not until two years later that would I bring it to London for the first time. Your ethos of minimalist branding and great detailing was very definitely swimming against the flow of the time.

Is that correct? Not that I could make it to that standard at that point, but a big influence was beautiful, casually worn garments. Have you always been quite contrarian in your work? Yes, both in work and privately. For example, I am in the process of renovating my house, and we come to the part when we are ordering standard stuff So, last weekend I made a box mould to make my own stone skirting tiles. And were the early days challenging? It was very labour intensive. So when it came back from the factory, there was still stuff you had to do with it.

All the clothes were a direct reflection of my personality — the way I want clothes to look. Folk is a design company that prides itself on the great product it makes. Where do you draw your inspiration from and is it hard to stay inspired? There is also an inner confidence that we have gained through roughing out some tough times and through 10 years of Folk. The design team takes influence from all over.

Epitaphs in North East Scotland

Art is a strong influence, especially in London. Most recently we looked at the lauded architect Oscar Niemeyer, juxtaposing the massive sprawl of favelas and the pattern and colour they showcase. Would it be accurate to say that even with retail locations, Folk seems to avoid the obvious, or stereotypical?

It is not prime fashion, but many have followed us and it is now becoming a bit of a destination. Shepherd Street is also off the beaten track, but it works for us. We go with what we feel rather than what is dictated. Amsterdam was down to doing well and the shop owner asking us to do it with him. It was an easy one to say yes to.

There was also a store in Munich, now closed. It was an idea we could act out, but I think an amount of naivety and courage did not make a recipe for success. What do you have in store for the future? Perhaps more stores and more categories. Procreating should always be on the agenda, we have a young-ish group so we expect many little ones to arrive over the coming years…no pressure. Oh, and having fun while working is a must.

We are not exactly Yvon Chouinard, but we should all take a little from the fine example he sets. Elbe Lealman, the head designer at Folk, is maturing into one of the very best around. I think she has a lot more in the tank. What else might you branch out into? Ceramics for December this year. Like in our clothing, buttons, fabrics, etc. Away from clothing and design work, what interests you? Having fun with my family and friends …. I am happy to be a daddy to my three children, it allows me to unwind. W1D 7LG See other outlets worldwide on www.

High in the mountains of Madeira, they serve whisky with a punch. At Abrigo do Pastor, a country pub where rusty old farming equipment dangles from the ceiling and a mounted goats head glares at a stuffed buck from across the room, barman Eusabio Andrade hands over a balloon glass of bright orange liquid.

Claire Bell reports. The favourite drink of Madeirans. While the traditional poncha is a mix of honey, freshly squeezed lemon juice and rum, in recent years barmen on this Atlantic island have been experimenting with new concoctions. Andrade serves his with Grants whisky — a kind of cold toddy. That would be a waste. Over the past four centuries, the inhabitants of this mountainous island, miles off the coast of north Africa, have transformed the shards of an extinct volcano into terraced farmland that cultivates produce with flavours unlike anywhere else on earth.

And the local wine is no exception. Fortified wine has been made on Madeira since the 17th century. Looking for a wine to commemorate the building of the Eiffel Tower. Or perhaps a wine to commiserate the sinking of the Titanic ? For the first time in April they will bottle a Malvazia — a sweet wine — as well as adding a Sercal, a Boal and a Verdelho to their selection of 56 vintage wines. And although they do export — Luis finally convinced his father to begin exporting in the s — they only do so in limited quantities. Sitting at a table made from wine barrels, we begin our tasting with a 3-year-old, the colour of white wine.

This is the youngest Madeira on offer, because like Scotch whisky, Madeira wine must spend three years in a barrel before it can earn its title. Another similarity to Scotch is that Madeira wine is matured in French and American oak barrels, and never new wood — they constantly reuse old barrels to hold onto decades of flavour.

The older the wine, the deeper the colour. The ten-year-old reminds of a tawny whisky, a is the colour of cognac, while a Sercal — a dry fortified wine — has a smoky taste with the colour of port. An appropriate description, considering where the grapes are grown. Up in the peaks to the west of Funchal is the main winegrowing region. Small-scale farmers train the vines to grow up steep slopes and these near-vertical vineyards are irrigated by levadas, a network of high-altitude irrigation channels that filter the water from the rainy northwest of the island to the sunny, dry south.

There are over km of levadas criss-crossing the island, and the fact that they are level make them popular hiking trails with tourists and locals alike. Just outside the town of Estreito de Camara de Lobos — home to Restaurant Es Vides, which claims to have invented espetada — you can pick up the Levada do Norte. Within seconds of entering the levada you are walking in an archway of vines, a man-made pergola connecting the balconies of colourful homes with their terraced farmland. There is something very peaceful and satisfying about walking the levadas — waterways that connect villages, homes and livelihoods, a poetic reminder of how interconnected all of human life is.

No man is an island, especially not on an island. An excellent bus network means you can follow the levadas for as long as you feel, and then pop out at a village to make your way back. Curiously, it turns out that nearly every tiny bar next to a bus stop across the island has this single malt on offer. Again and again they shrug.

For over a century Madeira has been a popular tourist destination — especially during the winter when the island basks in daily temperatures of 22C. Today the island receives one million visitors annually — four times the local population. It was Winston Churchill who first put the island on the British tourist map. Fortunately there are many more relaxed five-star boltholes, including Jardin do Largo, the former home of General Beresford, Commander of the British forces during the Napolenoic wars, set in 2. The gardens are home to over different species of plants, a year-old giant tortoise called Colombo, and a heated pool, where you can easily idle away entire winter days occasionally glancing up to note the orchids, camellias and bougainvillea in bloom.

Here, where forested cliffs and waterfalls plunge into a turquoise and deep indigo sea, the chef formerly of Reids serves up sea bass served with saffron risotto and champagne sauce, trout fished from the nearby cold waters of Ribeira Frio, served in a local honey sauce, and ice-cream made from Madeira wine. For those seeking out a quiet, epicurean paradise, while the rest of northern Europe cowers from wind and snow, this is it. We are always looking for ways to feed your curiosity about whisky. All the usual content is there but the layout is more appropriate for the medium. Initially just for IOS users, we are testing right now but will be live during March Android version will be in place shortly after.

We hope the experience of using the App version of Whiskeria compliments the print version but also lets you have the option to dip into content when on the move. We look forward to hearing your thoughts about this version or what you would like to see more of. In the future the Whiskeria App will be enhanced by multimedia.

The prime objective of The Whisky Shop in establishing this new App is to provide world leading standards of communication to all of our customers and friends across the world. Enjoy the magazine and enjoy your whisky! That would be Speyside, located in the north east of the Highlands. There, you find an abundance of hills, mountains, sparkling cold rivers, copper stills and water of life! Speyside whiskies are renowned for their sweetness and lightness and their popularity around the world has established some of the most famous brands in Scotch whisky.

In this issue, we focus on distillers at opposite ends of the spectrum. The first is the small independent distiller, BenRiach; the second is none other than The Glenlivet, one of the most famous marques of single malt Scotch whiskies in the world. We also put Aberlour and Longmorn into the mix. More importantly, however, our customers have consistently given this distiller their vote of confidence.

Built by John Duff in , BenRiach is one of the few distilleries with its own on-site maltings. It draws its water from the Burnside Springs. This is a testament to how good this single malt can be. This is a smooth and drinkable dram. Unpretentious in every way, it delivers an honest Speyside experience of fresh heather, fruit, honey and nuts. Not at all bad for a starter!

On the nose it is floral and fruity and on the palate there is the classic flavour of honey and vanilla with hints of cream, spice and chocolate. All in all a well-balanced and delicious malt. A peated malt — unusual for Speyside. BenRiach Curiositas achieves a peat richness through the use of malted barley dried in the traditional way over peat infused kilns. The BenRiach 25 year old Authenticus is the oldest Benriach peated expression. This malt is non chill filtered and of natural colour. The extra age in this BenRiach delivers richness to its aromas of fruit, honey and vanilla.

These translate on the palate to a delightful full bodied flavour with a long finish that includes spices, toffee and apples. This is just magnificent. On the nose the aromas are layered with spice, nuts, honey and fruits and on the palate it is beautifully rounded and rich. The finish is long and complex and simply delightful. On the nose it is undoubtedly peaty, but there are fragrant hints of honey.

On the palate, the expected smoke and peat flavour is followed by a complex mix of fruit, heather, nuts, oak wood and spices. Authenticus captures a fantastic fusion of rich peat and fresh herbs with a rush of honey providing a sweet contrast. This is a most unusual dram and not to be missed. It exudes all the wonderful qualities of malt whisky from this region and is every bit as good today as it has always been.

Having been financially successful for so long, the distillery has amassed a rich array of maturing casks of the highest quality and diversity. These are actively employed today in producing an incredible selection of expressions. Here are just a few. The Glenlivet was one of the first distilleries to use French Oak in the whisky making process, a technique that has since been imitated by many others. The French Oak increases the intensity of the whisky, resulting in a richer and creamier finish. Master distiller, Alan Winchester uses a combination of several different cask types to create this complex expression, with first and second fill American and European Oak featuring in the line up.

European Oak imparts spiciness and firstfill American Oak adds soft tropical fruitiness. On the nose it is rich with buttery notes and on the palate it is creamy and sweet with nutty flavours. The finish is long and lingering with a trace of sweet almonds and hints of spice. On the nose there are rich fruit aromas and toffee notes and on the palate it is beautifully balanced, with bursts of sweet oranges. The finish is long with spice and moist raisin notes. The Gaelic word for 'natural', Nadurra is the purest expression of The Glenlivet. It is batch-produced at cask strength using traditional methods.

Avoiding chillfiltration gives the mouth-feel more body and a richer texture, and stays true to the style of whisky enjoyed in the 19th century. The Glenlivet Nadurra represents both simplicity and innovation. The 21 Year Old is produced in small, bespoke batches with each cask being nosed and approved, making every batch unique.

A sizable inventory of whisky of this age is extremely rare and only the best casks are selected for this expression. The Glenlivet 25 year old is a very special whisky. The original character of the new spirit, fruity and floral, has been faithfully retained during years of careful maturation.

The final finish in rare, hand selected ex-sherry butts, adds a layer of polish and complexity, yielding a sublime whisky of silky power and elegant character. Matured in a hogshead cask and one of approx. It is very fruity — clementine, pear, a note of pineapple — with toasted almonds and moist gingerbread behind.

A long, refreshing finish. Maturation in first fill Amercian Oak casks imparts distinctive vanilla notes and delivers rich and rewarding flavours. This is an intriguing malt for the enthusiast. On the nose the aroma is of dried fruit with a sherry influence. On the palate one can detect cinnamon and ginger and the finish is lasting and warm with a hint of toasted hazelnuts.

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  • The Oloroso-soaked oak imparts a nutty spiciness and enriches the flavour of the expression. Each cask is individually monitored in the finishing process to ensure only the subtlest sherry tones are added to this intense, silky and elegant whisky. What is it? This winning expression is created using a subtle mixture of casks including Hogsheads and American oak barrels with the addition of a proportion of whisky from Spanish ex-sherry butts to provide a rich, exotic twist.

    Selected exclusively by The Guardians of The Glenlivet. On the nose it is rich and indulgent with hints of fruitcake and sweet, candied apple. On the palate it is nicely balanced, having an undertone of dark chocolate orange with the subtle warmth of spice permeating through. The finish is long and slightly dry. Speyside single malts react particularly well to ex sherry casks.

    Being light and flowery in the first place, they take on the flavours and aromas of Spanish sherry wine with considerable aplomb. Longmorn Distillery was founded in by John Duff and two associates at a time when the whisky industry was booming. The malt produced here has long been a favourite of blenders who rate it very highly. This award winning, non chill filtered, Aberlour expression offers a generous whisky that has been expertly crafted.

    Every ex-sherry cask is nosed even before being filled with spirit and then, before being passed for bottling, every cask of mature whisky used is personally nosed by a member of the whisky making team. Aberlour 16 year old is matured in a combination of ex bourbon casks and the finest ex sherry butts. This maturation ensures the depth of character as well as the distinctive fruitiness and spiciness of Aberlour.

    Aromas of juicy fruits, lemons and grapefruit before it sweetens. On the palate there are initial flavours of orange dipped in chocolate leading to spices, clove and ginger, before a finish which is both herbal and earthy. Creamy with sweet raisin aromas and a spicy nuttiness on the nose with a smooth blend of floral and spicy taste, paired with a sweet plum fruitiness and gentle oakiness.

    Finishing gloriously long, with a warm, honeyed spiciness. The Aberlour distillery produces a new make spirit of exceptional quality with striking depth and a clean, crisp and fruity flavour. Matured in the highest quality casks, where it develops deep Bourbon and Oloroso Sherry flavours, this is the richest and most indulgent Aberlour expression. Perfect in structure and memorably eloquent. Aberlour A'bunadh, Gaelic for 'of the origin', is matured exclusively in ex-Oloroso sherry butts. It is a natural caskstrength malt whisky produced without the use of chill-filtering methods or the addition of water.

    A 19th Century-style whisky - dark, luxurious and powerful - this is an award winning whisky and a superb after-dinner malt. The distillery's name derives from the church of St Marnoch near the Elgin to Rothes road, in turn named for a 7th century missionary who brought Christianity to the Picts of Moray. Longmorn 16 year old is in great demand not only as a single malt but as the 'top dressing' in many of Scotland's finest blended whiskies.

    On the nose it is rich and complex, with notes of toffee and butterscotch combining with ripe fruits. On the palate it is superbly structured, with initial notes of soft apricot and cream, offset by developing flavours of old leather and oak, with a touch of honey. Terrific aromas of allspice, praline and spiced orange hit the nose and on the palate there is orange, black cherries, dried fruit and ginger, spiked with dark bitter chocolate.

    Superlatively full bodied and creamy. The finish is robust and long lasting. Longmorn uses fat, plain stills which are said to create complexity. The product is described as sweet, fruity, with depth as well as breadth, while being fragrant yet powerful. It is gentle and honeyed in American oak barrels, richer and more spicily expansive in good quality hogsheads, darkly rich and powerful in ex-sherry butts. It may surprise many readers to know that all Speyside distilleries were founded for the principal purpose of making malt whisky for blending. When combined with the soft, neutral tones of grain whiskies, Speyside malts sing and the end result is an excellent blend.

    Smokey Islay malts would be added in very small doses only to give the blend some edge. So on the subject of blends here are some mighty offerings. Initially produced in for the Queen's Coronation and drawing from the exceptionally aged range of casks laid down over the years by Chivas Brothers, Charles Julien, Master Blender, skilfully married the powerful flavours of whiskies aged no less than 21 years to craft a blend fit for royalty. It was named Royal Salute 21 Years Old, in reference to the long tradition of firing cannons as a sign of respect or welcome to sovereigns and dignitaries: the Gun Royal Salute.

    Over the years, this special blend has stayed true to its roots. The porcelain flagon, crafted by the world-famous artisans at Wade, is sculpted in Cornish clay from the Jurassic-era, then naturally air-dried and finished by hand with a double layer of glazing to protect its precious contents. The three different colours of glaze used to dress the flagons - Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald - symbolize the precious gems on the Imperial State Crown.