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What he needed was air power. He got it. By that October, Russian warplanes were striking rebel positions daily from above while Iranian special forces were leading operations on the ground. And Iran was only getting started.

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For the previous five years, it had labored under a U. But six months after the July deal, the sanctions came off and money began flowing again, including billions in cash assets previously frozen by the U. Firms from Europe and the U. That in turn has raised fears of pervasive Iranian influence that Sunni rulers warned would come into being after the U.

Already, Tehran had used the U. Now its overland supply route runs from Tehran, across Iraq and Syria, to Lebanon, a route replacing air cargo flights as a supply corridor.

You might be surprised.

Hizballah has received weapons, training facilities in Iran and direct financial support since the early s, when Iran helped establish it. In Bahrain, which was once a part of Iran and now hosts the U. They have received long-range missiles which were then fired into Saudi Arabia, and the U. Navy and allies have intercepted weapons shipments from Iran headed to the Houthis. The U. Instead, the U.

In addition to naval interdictions off the coast of Yemen, the Trump Administration has provided intelligence, munitions and midair refueling to Saudi warplanes operating against the Houthis. In Syria, the U. The greater U.

Trump Has Made Iran Public Enemy No.1. How Far Will He Go?

Under the reimposed American sanctions, companies that invested in Iran have a brief window to wind down business ties before incurring penalties. The real economic pain will begin Nov. Iran currently exports around 1 million barrels of oil per day to Europe, and nearly 2 million to Asian countries like China, India, South Korea and Japan. No one expects a full return to the level of international sanctions that were in place prior to the nuclear deal—a prodigious, nearly global and ultimately successful effort aimed at forcing Iran to the negotiating table.

Some experts say U. Tehran is doing what they can to push back. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Javad Zarif, his Western-educated Foreign Minister, have traveled throughout Europe in search of commitments from leaders there, but have yet to secure them. The leadership is right to worry. The Administration has made the determination that there are real cracks inside this Iranian society, so why not tap into it?

All of which helps explain the mounting tensions between Tehran and Washington. Rouhani revived a threat to shut down international oil shipments in the strategic Strait of Hormuz if Washington continued to provoke Tehran, a step that would almost certainly trigger war. Meanwhile, U. There have been other provocations. An Iranian diplomat based in Vienna was among six people arrested in connection with a foiled bombing attack on a conference of opponents of the Tehran regime that was to be held in a town north of Paris.

A Belgian couple of Iranian origin was arrested with homemade explosive and a detonation device found in their car. After law school, I moved to Manhattan and never looked back. Which is why the decision I then faced tore me apart: Should I give up the place I loved deeply for the man I also loved deeply?

All couples, whether long-married or casually dating, have to make the everyday I'll-agree-to-the-ball-game-if-you-agree-to-the-ballet compromises that keep unions humming along.

But what happens when an issue arises that is so huge, so important to both partners and so impossible to agree on that to compromise feels more like making a soul-shattering sacrifice? I suppose I could have issued an ultimatum: "It's me or Houston! I also worried that I'd be racked with guilt in the future when we grappled with Manhattan's inconveniences, such as sky-high real estate prices or the ultracompetitive preschool application process.

Plus, although I had a good job as an attorney, I had no great love for the profession and hoped to stop working when I had kids. If I couldn't claim my career as a reason to stay in New York, what bargaining power did I have? So, grudgingly, I agreed to a move "down the road," hoping it would never come to be. Three years later, I found myself, my husband and our baby daughter in the backseat of my in-laws' sedan, headed from the Houston airport to our new apartment. As I stared at the scenery, so unlike Manhattan's skyline, my eyes welled up and I inwardly berated myself for not holding firm.

I've often wondered if my willingness to endure my own pain rather than the guilt I'd feel if I caused my husband pain is an inherently female quality. I've certainly noticed that even though many of the women I know make the daily decisions planning vacations, paying bills , men play an outsize role in negotiating the big stuff, such as where to live or whether to have a second child.

Indeed, in a Self. Then there's economics. It's no surprise that I felt I'd lost a strong bargaining position in the moving discussion because I planned to leave my job when I had kids. Still, I did my best to be a good sport and adjust to our new life in Texas. But my bitterness never quite dissipated. Worse, whenever my marriage hit a rough spot, my outrage at having been asked to make this sacrifice returned full force.

I didn't always express it openly, but it quietly fueled the fires of discord over the years. Part of the problem was that my husband and I hadn't talked about the move the way we needed to. Rather than expressing our deeper fears and concerns which, for both of us, meant having to give up the place we felt most at home , we'd clung to our polarized positions, going around in circles. It turns out that was exactly the wrong way to handle things. To tackle a major conflict without wrecking your relationship, you need to forget about winning and losing.

If someone loses, you both lose. Try them whenever you're grappling with a big conflict to sail through closer than ever. The best way to break free of a destructive win-lose mentality is to think about other ways to meet your needs, so you'll feel taken care of even if you don't get exactly what you hoped for. Try this to help pinpoint your concerns: Grab a stack of index cards and write down the top 10 factors shaping your position, one issue per card e.

Have your partner do the same. Next, rank each card in order of importance, using each number only once. Haltzman says. In my own case, I might have listed as 5 the fact that in Houston I could no longer be a pedestrian and would have to drive everywhere; my 1 might have been losing my connection to a city that felt integral to my very identity. Once you've clarified your priorities, you can deal with them specifically, instead of being stuck on the larger impasse.

My husband and I could have agreed to live in a walkable Houston neighborhood and that I'd visit New York often. Another strategy that can help couples get past these wrenching conflicts: "Consider reframing hard choices as an occasion for one mate to give the other a gift, in the metaphorical sense," Kampf says. And for the person who receives the gift, it encourages not taking the sacrifice for granted and showing gratitude.

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There doesn't always have to be an either-or outcome. Some couples opt for a commuter marriage rather than have one or the other give up a lucrative job. To others, that may sound like a crazy arrangement, but it worked well for them.

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She's Jewish; he's a devout Catholic. Although neither expected the other to convert, the question of how they would raise their kids hung in the air between them for years. That denial took a toll: The two split up over the issue several times while they were dating, until Amanda decided she needed to work out her feelings with a therapist.

Her boyfriend, though, was concerned that Amanda might come back later and say, "I did that for you. Now you have to do this for me. For instance, it was important to Amanda—and to her parents—that any future son be circumcised in a Jewish ceremony.

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Her husband was OK with that. The two agreed that Amanda could celebrate Jewish holidays with the kids at home, although the family wouldn't observe them as religious occasions. My husband never asked me to do this for him. I came to it on my own. Remind yourself, too, that your values may change over time.

I was trained as a lawyer.