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Persons and social objects make up the two main regional ontologies on which our work has focused. Two out of the three traditionally described spheres of consciousness — or rather personal life cognitive, emotional and conative acts — have been privileged and are being studied, both in their fundamental structures and relative to recent neuroscientifical findings.

Here are our present contributions to what we hope is going to renew the spirit of early phenomenology — on a planetary level. Let me conclude on the possible upshot of all that. Europe, from Cracow A new to Oxford, passing through Copenhagen and Paris does share a common beginning? Or at least it could. We do master one again.

We have gone through the very beginning of a major philosophical turn in this century: the outset of a gradual reciprocal understanding between modern cognitive neuro science and phenomenology. We are learning to conceive 10 Bobbio For experience and the experienced world are the very background of our scientific enquiry, as well as the concrete embeddings of all normativity: logical, axiological, practical.

While many of the best analyses on phenomenology are methodological essays presenting a possibly fruitful new approach to the cognitive sciences and the philosophy of mind, many of the best analyses in phenomenology are, so to speak, essays in the ontology of concreteness — of life and of the experienced world. Meanwhile, a shared theoretical and methodological principle seems to have imposed itself within and beyond the phenomenological circles: being founded on something does not mean being reducible to it.

It also proves precious in making sense both of our increasing knowledge of nature in ourselves and of the increasing demands of practical reason justice in our personal and social world. To sum up, I really hope that some at least among the contributions to this issue will work as basic bricks of a building which we have dreamt of for a very long time: a common house for phenomenologists from all countries, maybe brought up in different traditions, maybe trained in different philosophical or 13 Meirav ; De Monticelli submitted.

Here are some of the reasons we have to believe that we are facing a new beginning in philosophy. Thank you for helping us to realize this hope. Sulla filosofia dei circoli di Monaco e Gottinga, Quodlibet, Macerata. Bobbio, N. Conni, C. De Monticelli, R.

Putallaz et B. Dennett, D.

Giovanni Ciacci: «Ballando con le stelle (e con un uomo), per la libertà di tutti»

Dummett, M. Gallagher, S. Pedrini, La mente fenomenologica. Filosofia della mente e scienze cognitive, Cortina, Milano Giorgi, A. Husserl, E. Meirav, A. Mulligan, K. Simons, P. Stanghellini, G. Tarozzi, M. De Monticelli part II Related Papers. Phenomenologizing Cognitive Neuroscience. By Roberta De Monticelli. New Trends in Philosophy Index. By Laura Caponetto. By Gian Paolo Terravecchia.

Epistemic Trust. Download pdf. Remember me on this computer. In particular, it sets out to fill the gaps which have appeared in this area of research in recent decades and to make contributions with respect to fundamental and current issues. Of special significance are the questions surrounding a future European peace order and the realisation of regional and world-wide processes of disarmament and arms control, as well as all of the humanitarian issues arising from armed conflicts and situations threatening peace.

The Institute's twofold and comprehensive objective of dealing with issues surrounding both peace and armed conflict — issues which were traditionally seen as two completely separate levels of research and political activity — takes into account the growing interconnection of these areas of international relations which has appeared in recent years in academic discussions and in the practice of international law.

It came into being on 1 July Following The Hague Platform on European Security Interests of 27 October , the creation of the Institute as an instrument at the service of member countries was intended to assist them in their determination both to strengthen the European pillar of NATO and to provide an integrated Europe with a security and defence dimension. At the European summit in Cologne on 4 June , the Fifteen finally decided to give the Union a credible military crisis-management capability, and adopted the principle of "the inclusion of those functions of the WEU which will be necessary for the EU to fulfil its new responsibilities".

Today, the prevention and management of crises are the challenges that Europe, as a strategic actor, must help to meet in a more coherent and credible way. The progressive integration of WEU in the European Union constitutes an essential step in the assertion of this new responsibility of the European Union. Institute for Peace Spark M.

Matsunaga The Spark M. Matsunaga Institute for Peace is an academic community designed to explore, develop and share knowledge of peace through teaching, research, publication, and public service. In doing so, it seeks to promote peace personally, locally, nationally, and globally through compassionate and nonviolent means.

By addressing the major issues of conflict management, community building, and the reduction of violence, the Matsunaga Institute for Peace draws closer to its goal: a world at peace. Established in October , ICSA aims to provide research and analysis to decision-makers in both the public and the private sectors concerned with strategic and operational planning. The revolution in the processing and dissemination of information and developments in precision munitions must be addressed at the same time as the impact of environmental degradation and resource scarcity.

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At the same time, the international community is threatened by the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. In response to these developments, armed forces are being called on to master a wider variety of roles. They must maintain the right balance of forces to meet the demands of both future conventional battlefields and of peacekeeping and humanitarian operations. Governments must be prepared to manage crises in unfamiliar parts of the world and relate military considerations to economic, social and political factors. The increased need to operate out of area puts particular strain on C4I systems and logistic elements.

International Crisis Group ICG en The International Crisis Group ICG is a private, multinational organisation committed to strengthening the capacity of the international community to understand and respond to impending crises. International Human Rights Law Group en The International Human Rights Law Group is a nonprofit organization of human rights and legal professionals engaged in human rights advocacy, litigation and training around the world. Our mission is to support and help empower advocates to expand the scope of human rights protection for men and women and to promote broad participation in creating more effective human rights standards and procedures at the national, regional and international levels.

The Institute's main role is to encourage co-operation on a world-wide scale between governmental, non-governmental and inter-parliamentary organisations, as well as between national parliaments, with a view to promoting and strengthening pluralistic democracy. To this end, IPRA shall encourage worldwide cooperation designed to assist the advancement of peace research and, in particular: to promote national and international studies and teaching related to the pursuit of world peace; to facilitate contacts and cooperation between scholars and educators throughout the world; and d to encourage worldwide dissemination of results of peace research.

Institute of International Relations Clingendael en The objective of the Netherlands Institute of International Relations Clingendael is to promote the understanding of international affairs.

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  • Clingendael seeks to achieve its objective by means of research, the publication of studies, the organization of courses and training programmes, and the provision of information. It acts in an advisory capacity to the government, parliament and social organizations, organizes conferences and meetings, maintains a library and documentation centre, and publishes a monthly journal.

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    The Institute examines alternate approaches to security relevant to India and the world with the aim of promoting a harmonious and secure regional and global order. In particular it focuses on: Changing concepts of security; dissarmament and arms control issues; Comprehensive and co-operative security; Non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction; Landmines elimination; Confidence building measures; Non-military threats to security; China's security policies; Asia-Pacific security issues; Regional co-operation in South Asia.

    International Peace Bureau IPB en The IPB is the world's oldest and most comprehensive international peace federation, bringing together people working for peace in many different sectors: not only pacifists but also women's, youth, labour, religious, political and professional bodies. IPB's role is to support peace and disarmament initiatives taken by the UN, by governments, and especially by citizens. We devote our main resources to informing and servicing grassroots peace campaigns, and creating international projects.

    In addition, we act as publishing house, conference organiser, and Geneva logistical support for visiting NGOs. International Studies Association ISA en ISA was founded in , and since then it has vigorously promoted research and education about international affairs. With well over three thousand members in North America and around the world, ISA is the most respected and widely known scholarly association in this field. We cooperate with 53 international studies organizations in 32 countries, and we are a member of the International Social Science Council, and have nongovernmental consultative status with the United Nations.

    Clearinghouse for resources in the field of security and defense studies, peace and conflict research, and international relations.

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    Provides daily updated, searchable resources organized by subject and region and links to related research institutions. Offers a conference agenda and register of electronic discussion lists. ISN also acts as a platform for networking, dialogue, and cooperation within the international security community. The Programme aims to provide the education that will enable its graduates to serve conscientiously and effectively in international field operations of conflict management. These include missions of civilian peacekeeping, humanitarian and refugee assistance, peace and democracy building, election observation and human rights monitoring.

    International organizations, such as the United Nations and its agencies, the European Union and the OSCE, national governments as well as non-governmental organizations increasingly recognize the importance of recruiting those who have been specifically trained for these missions. The training opportunities offered by the Programme have been designed to respond to these needs and to professionalize the work of international field officers, observers, consultants, and volunteers. Minorities at Risk - Tracking Ethnopolitical Conflict Worldwide en Minorities at Risk is an independent, university-based research project that monitors and analyzes the status and conflicts of politically-active communal groups in countries with a population of at least , The project is designed to provide information in standardized form that will contribute to the understanding and peaceful accommodation of conflicts involving communal groups.

    Selected project materials on groups are available through this site for the information of researchers, students, public officials, journalists, activists, and other interested individuals. Peace and Conflict Studies en Peace and Conflict Studies Institute of Sociology University of Muenster offers on-line research and communication exploring the dimensions of peace and conflict. Peace Research aims at scientific contributions for the realisation of the long-term goal of a peace that is more than the absence of war.

    Security policy aims at the protection of societal achievements, of democratic goals and of cultural values. It puts scholars and institutions in touch with one another; it provides information on the organizations, concerns, and findings of peace and conflict research; it organizes discussion groups and work groups on specific topics; it provides those wishing to set up projects with advice on both technicalities and subject matter; and it provides back-up in the presentation of research findings and academic publications.

    The AFB Peace Research Index is based on a continuous survey of institutions and individual scholars involved in peace and conflict research. PSS I does not confine itself to ideas specific to peace research, but welcomes and utilizes relevant work of the social and natural sciences.

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    A primary concern of the Society is the improvement of social science theory as it relates to international relations. PSS I facilitates acquaintance and provides a vehicle for discussion among its members and others worldwide. It encourages and supports the publication of research, particularly but not exclusively quantitative research. PSS I avoids social, religious, or national bias. It does not promote political action or polemical discussion.

    Peace Studies Resource Institute en "We have a simple message for the whole world from the movement for peace. We want to live and love and build a just and peaceful society. We want for our children, as we want for ourselves, lives at home, at work and at play to be lives of j oy and peace. We recognize that to buid such a life demands of all of us dedication, hard work and courage. We recognize that there are many problems in our society which are a source of conflict and violence.

    We recognize that every bullet fired and every exploding bomb makes that work more difficult.

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    We reject the use of the bomb and the bullet and all the techniques of violence. We dedicate ourselves to working with our neighbors, near and far, day in and day out, to building that peaceful society in which the tragedies we have known are a bad memeory and a continuing warning. The organization makes particular use of the Internet as a way of linking persons around the world in a transnational network of global civic engagement and action. The foremost goal of Prevent Genocide International is to cultivate well-informed and articulate voices in many nations able to speak out in the emerging global civil society against the crime of genocide.

    Recent events in the former Yugoslavia, in the Great Lakes region of Africa and elsewhere demonstrate the urgent need for a network of individuals as well as local, national and international organizations capable of rapidly mobilizing the global public against possible future episodes of genocide. We believe that alternatives to the main world trends are desirable and possible -- indeed, necessary for humankind to survive and live with dignity in a less violent future. TFF is an independent, small and innovative force for peace.

    We see conflict-resolution as science, art and politics in one. Thus, you'll find science, art and politics on these pages. UNU has four Key Roles: An international community of scholars, a bridge between the United Nations and the international academic community, a think-tank for the United Nations system, a builder of capacities, particularly in developing countries.

    Its mission is to promote effective and efficient verification as a means of ensuring confidence in the implementation of treaties or other agreements which have international or national security implications. VERTIC aims to achieve its mission through research, training, dissemination of information and interaction with the relevant political, diplomatic, technical and scientific communities.

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    L'Associazione per i Popoli Minacciati:a promuove un'opera di sensibilizzazione contro tutti i tentativi di distruzione fisica genocidio e di sradicamento culturale etnocidio , e si oppone fermamente allo sciovinismo, al colonialismo, al razzismo;b si batte per i diritti delle minoranze e dei popoli indigeni , dalla Corsica alla Polinesia, dal Sudamerica alla Siberia. Amnesty International Italia Movimento internazionale, indipendente, che opera per la promozione e la difesa dei diritti umani.

    Possiede status consultivo presso le Nazioni Unite e ha ricevuto il premio Nobel per la Pace nel Il Movimento Nonviolento lavora per l'esclusione della violenza individuale e di gruppo in ogni settore della vita sociale, al livello locale, nazionale e internazionale, e per il superamento dell'apparato di potere che trae alimento dallo spirito di violenza. PBI fornisce un accompagnamento internazionale protettivo a persone e organizzazioni che sono state minacciate di violenza politica oppure incorrono dei rischi comparabili.

    Abbiamo vissuto sui diversi fronti, riunendo le famiglie, proteggendo con la nostra presenza le minoranze etniche provando a guarire le ferite e a gettare ponti e, a partire dal , abbiamo esportato questo modo di entrare nelle guerre anche in Albania, in Africa Sierra Leone ed in Chiapas Messico , convinti che dal vivere con le vittime della guerra nascono delle strade per la pace inaspettate. Siti di informazione e coordinamento:.

    To this end the Archive has created a specialized library, which at present contains besides many periodicals hundreds of books. Io non voglio lasciare macigni per la strada, ma piccoli sassolini. Viveva la sua battaglia in prima persona, soldato — come me — di una guerra combattuta in trincea. Adesso, credo che lo show sia pronto ad aprire un portone. Ballando ogni anno affronta tematiche molto forti. Pensa possa aiutare chi la guarda da casa?

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