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Il prit donc une femme de valeur et d'honneur, Qu'ils n'eurent pas d'enfant; cela leur causa beaucoup de peine.


La langue anglaise prit du recul au profit du franco-normand. Il faut dire aussi que certains rois anglais passaient plus de temps sur le continent qu'en Grande-Bretagne. Au nombre de quatre, elles correspondaient aux sons [ts], [dz], [tch] et [dj]comme dans djihad. On en comptait 16, dont 11 orales et 5 nasales.

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Voici des exemples d'anciennes diphtongues dont on retrouve les traces encore dans la graphie d'aujourd'hui: fou , voir , feu , sauver , saut , douleur , chaise , causer , truite , etc. Traduction contemporaine 1. Dame Hermeline prit la parole, 2. Pour simplifier la description, on peut indiquer les grandes tendances suivantes:. The substantial colonial literature written in and about New France was published in France for a European audience.

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The colony also possessed an abundant oral literature composed of folk songs, folktales, and legends. Considerable scholarly effort has been expended on the recovery and study of the rich heritage of oral traditions and literary works surviving from the French period. During the first 70 years of British rule, journalism was vitally important to the French-speaking majority. The bilingual Quebec Gazette and, later, French-language newspapers such as Le Canadien and La Minerve offered the only medium of mass communication, of contact with Europe and the United States, and of political expression at home.

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  4. The first scattered indications of literature anecdotes, poems, essays, and sermons appeared in their pages, as did the verses and songs of two French immigrants, Joseph Quesnel and Joseph Mermet. Colas et Colinette , first acted on stage in , was revived as a radio play in Publication of French Canadian literature in Canada began in the s.

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    This literary development reflected in part the gradual organization of primary and secondary education and the increasing availability of French books and periodicals even before the resumption of commercial relations with France in More important was a growing sense of national identity, apparent in the campaigns for responsible government that preceded and followed the ill-fated rebellions against British rule in and Load Previous Page. Load Next Page. Canadian literature. Additional Reading.

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