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The narrative is beautifully enhanced by historic photographs and by David Graham's recent color photography.

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While evoking the alluring beauty of Maine's rugged coast, the book celebrates the Kellams' courage and determination to follow a distinctive life path. We Were an Island paints a sensitive and sympathetic portrait of a relationship that endured, even prospered, in isolation. Seller Inventory X3. Published by Penguin Books, Harmondsworth About this Item: Penguin Books, Harmondsworth, A Pelican Book. Reprint Edition. In short, Learning to Philosophize, with its lively selection of quotations from very varied sources, provides a "think-it-yourself handbook" for the application of logic and philosophy in daily life.

Key Words: E. A Quest Book.

An examination of Buddhism and the Vedas and their values to contemporary man. Here is a book for people with a question in their mind and a longing in their heart; a sensitve guide for those who are drawn to the Eastern path. Pull up a chair, sit back, and enjoy tagging along on some of the most outstanding hunts in Idaho history. Idaho's Greatest Elk will take you on a journey you'll never forget, and one you'll want to relive for years to come. This is the second book in a series of what is becoming one of the most collectible hunting book series in the West.

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Published by Scribner, New York About this Item: Scribner, New York, Both revealing self-portrait and dramatic fictional chronicle of his final African safari, Ernest Hemingway's last unpubished work was written when he returned from Kenya in Edited by his son Patrick, who accompanied his father on the safari, True at First Light offers rare insights into the legendary American writer. Published by Andre Deutsch, London About this Item: Andre Deutsch, London, First Printing of this edition. Very good condition but there is a gift inscription on the front endpaper.

Celebrating her glorious reign, Victoria not only brings to life a golden age of industrial, scientific and military progress but also paints an intimate portrait of a young queen whose marriage is remembered as a tender and moving love story. Looks at every aspect of a remarkable era, including its politics, art and society and reveals why, over a century after her death, Victoria's appeal continues. Accompanied with beautiful images, this is a stunning visual guide to a great British monarch.

Fifth Printing. Key Words: Civics, James E. About this Item: Softcover. Eighth Printing. Data book on escorts. Includes 84 photos and line drawings and a color ship profile. Seller Inventory X Published by Biblio Press, New York Reprint edition. Highlights achievements of Jewish women, both famous and obscure.

Contains 85 illustrations plus maps, glossary bibliography and an Index. Published by Oscar Todtmann Editores, Caracas Pequena Historia de la Gran Sabana.

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With a voice that beckons while it howls, Mountain nimbly traverses lyric, confessional, and narrative modes, leaving groundbreaking tracks for us to follow. High Ground Coward offers fists full of soil, leftovers for breakfast, road trip as ritual, twins of lovers and twins of ourselves.

This world blooms with hunger-inducing detail, its speakers asking us to consider what it will take to satisfy our own appetites while simultaneously trying to nourish one another. Mountain's speakers question the meaning of inheritance, illness, violence, mythology, and family architecture. Whether Mountain is at work revealing the divinity of doubt, the entanglement of devotion, or the dominion that place holds over us, High Ground Coward heralds a thrilling poetic debut.

From "Scavenger" We three eat food and are in love. This is the easy way to say there are stores beneath the floor. Potatoes and shallots, hard-necked garlic streaked purple, jars beside jars, themselves each staving globes of suction. Preservation, a guardian hunger. Her voice is intimate, brash, always precise, heartbreaking in both its vulnerability and its authority.

These poems are carried away by both lust and intelligence. This poet understands desire: its expression lets loose while giving form. This book doesn't detour, it goes right to and through the overpowered, relentless heart of its speaker and the reader is struck through too, and good. High Ground Coward is a dazzling debut by a rare, true talent. Alicia Mountain looks at what she loves and that foreground blurs into a backdrop of practical constraints and injustices. The poems press at those boundaries where desire starts to interfere with the opportunities of others and cast an unsparing eye on the cost.

This is a book of hard, shifting, dreamlike gems. Published by Butterworths, London About this Item: Butterworths, London, Presents the elements of the subject to the beginner and explores sophisticated techniques of interest to the expert. This edition has been expanded to include a chapter on basic neurophysiology, and another on some of the commoner applications of EEG outside of routine laboratory recording.

Numerous illustrations. Key Words: Clinical Electroencephalography, L. Kiloh, , A. McComas, J. Published by University of Arizona Press, Tucson The array of bottles is impressive, their contents finely tuned to varied tastes. But they all share the same roots in Mesoamerica's natural bounty and human culture. Valenzuela-Zapata, the leading agronomist in Mexico's tequila industry, and Gary Paul Nabhan, one of America's most respected ethnobotanists, plumb the myth of tequila as they introduce the natural history, economics, and cultural significance of the plants cultivated for its production.

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Published by University of Oklahoma Press, Norman George Rogers Clark led four victorious campaigns against the Indians and British in the Ohio Valley during the American Revolution, but his most astonishing coup was recapturing Fort Sackville in , when he was only twenty-six. For eighteen days, in the dead of winter, Clark and his troops marched through bone-chilling nights to reach the fort.

With a deft mix of guile and violence, Clark led his men to triumph, without losing a single soldier. Although historians have ranked him among the greatest rebel commanders, Clark's name is all but forgotten today. William R. Nester resurrects the story of Clark's triumphs and his downfall in this, the first full biography of the man in more than fifty years. Nester attributes Clark's successes to his drive and daring, good luck, charisma, and intellect.

Born of a distinguished Virginia family, Clark wielded an acute understanding of human nature, both as a commander and as a diplomat.

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His interest in the natural world was an inspiration to lifelong friend Thomas Jefferson, who asked him in to lead a cross-country expedition to the Pacific and back. Clark turned Jefferson down. Two decades later, his youngest brother, William, would become the Clark celebrated as a member of the Corps of Discovery. By the beginning of the nineteenth century, though, George Rogers Clark may not have been fit to command any expedition.

After the revolution, he raged against the government and pledged fealty to other nations, leading to his arrest under the Sedition Act. The inner demons that fueled Clark's anger also drove him to excessive drinking. He died at the age of sixty-five, bitter, crippled, and alcoholic. He was, Nester shows, a self-destructive hero: a volatile, multidimensional man whose glorying in war ultimately engaged him in conflicts far removed from the battlefield and against himself. Published by Berkley Books, New York Reading copy. Part of front cover is missing. Thrilling espionage novel set in Milan amongst a maelstrom of violence and sinister intrigues.

Written by someone widely considered as the greatest spy novelist of our time. Item added to your basket View basket. Proceed to Basket. View basket. Continue shopping. Search Within These Results:. Idaho's Greatest Mule Deer. A Potter's Workbook. Damrosch, Leo. Gable, Dan, With Kyle Klingman. The Life Of A Leaf. Vogel, Steven. Idaho's Greatest Whitetails. Jessen, Nathan. Thomas Aquinas On Man.

  1. Paleo Cookbook 101 Delicious Whole Food Paleo Recipes For Optimum Energy, Weight Loss, and Health (Optimum Health 6).
  2. The Infinitum Government by Megan Derr.
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Summa Theologica, I, Qq. Aquinas, St. The Secret. Byrne, Rhonda. The Judges And The Judged. Miller, Merle; Sherwood, Robert E. Foreword By. A Rhetoric Of Motives. Burke, Kenneth. Modern Biology Of The Gene. Watson, James D. Learning To Philosophize. Emmet, E. Fausset, Hugh I'anson.

Idaho's Greatest Elk. Hatfield, Ryan.

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True At First Light. Jaffe, Deborah. Davis, James E. Walkowiak, Tom. La ' Gran Sabana. High Ground Coward. Mountain, Alicia. Clinical Electroencephalography Third Edition. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Oct 15, Katherine rated it it was amazing. This book was one of my most surprising loves of the year!

I picked up this book through the recommendations on goodreads and bookbub. There were plenty of good reviews and I decided to go for it. I thought I would be getting some fluffy book full of cheesy romance- boy was I wrong. Let's start with kidnapped. The described event happens almost immediately; Sean is kidnapped from his work by Mendel. I figured the story would just be following them from then, progressing it from kidnapping to rele This book was one of my most surprising loves of the year! I figured the story would just be following them from then, progressing it from kidnapping to release to relationship- wrong!

Kidnapping is more of a theme of this book and there are multiple throughout. Each one serves a different purpose. There is no Stockholm type love going on. The story is following these multiple kidnappings related to a new species; some want them dead and others say they deserve life. There is a trial queuing up to determine if they are too dangerous to live and each party we meet has some sort of stake in this. The book explores the political, moral, and emotional motivations of our characters and of their universe.

I found the couples sweet and intriguing, and was pleased that just because they were male couples Derr didn't feel the need to make one submissive. The couples tended to have two strong independent men that found a good match. The story had a good plot and a really cared and worried about the characters. Next we move on to Meant To Be. A continuation of the story a bit of time down the road it is now the actual trial for the Draconis.

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Much like the last the theme follows the title; meant to be. If you found someone that you felt you were meant to be with, would you fight for that relationship? It could be age, race, job, responsibility, any number of things working to keep them apart. Once again it all pertains to the Draconis trial and we also find out why there are some major detractors who want the Draconis dead. I loved the progression again as no relationships were forced or even a given. It follows characters that were major side characters in Kidnapped and explores their lives.

It also doesn't shy away from using characters that have moral ambiguity and making you wonder if they could deserve a relationship themselves. I found the whole thing very enjoyable and quite a satisfying read. My only complaint is that though we have the characters from book one mentioned in book two, we don't actually get to talk to them. I felt there were some times where it definitely could have worked for progression and I had hoped it would happen.

Regardless I really loved both of these books and it has put Derr as an author very much on my radar!

Meant to Be

Three Gems including 2 Jewels Intriguing trio of stories set in Sci-fi worlds of the future. The first "Kidnapped" follows two friends who work as guards on a prison planet. The first friend accidentally bonds to a Draconian prisoner and both escape fast. His friend attempts to follow and help later, but is hiding secrets and so gets pulled into the mess big-time. The Draconians are a artificially genet Three Gems including 2 Jewels Intriguing trio of stories set in Sci-fi worlds of the future.

The IG Government is considering having them all destroyed. In the second story, Meant To Be, the trial for the existence of the Draconians continues. When their greatest defender, Lower Chancellor Ptyor is unexpectedly removed from the fray, will they succeed? Dangling issues from the first book are finally resolved, especially Jade.

The Jewels Of Bangkok is a related story set in this most interesting universe, but peripheral not a direct plotline. Of course with such a title, one must have a Jeweler and he arrives on the planet Bangkok with the ability to identify jewels at a glance. Even the notorious twin Jewels of Bangkok, gorgeous identical twin brothers fail to confuse him.

I hope Megan Derr will continue to write about this IG universe. I am looking forward to hearing more about Pytor, Jade, his Brother and all the rest including those Jewels. Alice Montrose rated it it was amazing Nov 04, Marija rated it it was amazing Nov 22, Debra rated it really liked it Apr 05, Katherine rated it really liked it Nov 09, Neomie rated it it was amazing Mar 18, Giselle rated it it was amazing Oct 06, Nev Usilton rated it really liked it May 09, TF rated it really liked it Sep 10,