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All you need to know is available from mgreg aol. His tour is by far the best.

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He is extremely caring of every client, only guides to PNG and is absolutely the most knowledgeable. We used Paiya Tours for our visit to Mt. Hagen and the sing-sing we also went to the Ambunti Crocodile Festival on the Sepik, and that was incredible - only about 20 tourists among about spectators We also found the Sepik to be a more interesting place to visit. Before going with them I spent a lot of time on this forum and found mixed reviews for many operators but only positive reviews for both of them, so I took a chance and went with them It might be helpful to you in knowing what to expect.

The bottom line - a remarkable trip, especially timing it to attend some of the big sing-sings. Very helpful indeed! Thanks a million! Yes, I will read your blog. I am sure I will get a lot out of it.


If your interested then let me know. M more than willing to help you if you want to.

I've been to PNG and found it to be the most fascinating and memorable trip I've ever made - as well as being among the most expensive. Even with the cost, I don't regret one penny I spent on this truly unique experience. I went during the Goroka Show and Trans Niugini Tours made all of the arrangements for the show as well as the other regions I traveled to. They also came to my rescue in Port Moresby when mechanical problems caused cancellation of my domestic flight and chaos ensued as the locals were trying to rebook for the next day, gratefully Trans Niugini Tours swooped in and took care of everything!

I can't imagine how one would get around PNG without using a tour agency and having seen what transportation there is like I wouldn't want to try. Anyone who accomplishes solo travel in PNG must, in my opinion, be truly adventurous as well as foolish. I was with a small group of 7 and 5 of us were traveling solo. Being part of a small tour group we never felt unsafe nor part of a mass marketed tour.

Also, without being part of a tour you would not get to experience the remote villages we were able to travel to.

Papua New Guinea - Adventure Travel for 50 plus

There are no roads into those more remote regions so Trans Niugini has their own planes as well as lodges in those regions. Trans Niugini Tours provided me with an unforgettable experience and I strongly recommend them. Enjoy your trip! Thank you so much for your detailed account of your adventure in PNG. We plan to to there in November. We are corresponding with PYM now about our 7 night trip. It looks as if your experience with his company was good.

Please comment about anything we should know or consider. Hi Jerie. I'm not sure if your comment refers to my post and my blog that I referenced in my post or to other people's comments. But, if you haven't read my blog it might be valuable for you. The only thing that I can add is to second what DWH52 said about travel.

Air Niugini is terrible. They delayed our flight from Brisbane to Port Moresby I'm sure in order to combine it with a later flight to save money. The result was that despite their assurances before and during the flight, they did NOT hold our onward flight to Wewak. As a result, we stayed in Moresby for 24 hours to catch the next day's flight.

True North Cruises

Arranging this took almost 3 hours! Because of warnings about violent crime inside Moresby, we stayed holed up in the airport hotel compound which was actually quite nice but ended up losing the one day we planned to tour in and around Wewak. Then, on the way back, they delayed our flight from Garoka for two hours so that we missed our connection in Moresby to Brisbane. She finally found a late night flight to Cairns , and Air Niugini paid a small fortune to put us up in a beachfront sofitel hotel for all of 5 hours so we could catch two morning flights 4 of us could get on the 6am, and one on the am flight to Brisbane, that got us there in time to connect to our Quantas flight on another ticket to LA.

It was harrowing to go through on our own. Comfort notes 2 days over 8, feet.

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  6. Local roads can be rough and wet. Travelers must be flexible and prepared for day-to-day changes. Some areas are very primitive.

    Navigating Tradition and Tourism in Papua New Guinea

    Itinerary - detailed itinerary Day 1: Arrive in Port Moresby. Days 3 - 4: Mt. Hagen Cultural Show. Day 6: Mt. Hagen to Goroka. Day 8: Goroka to Madang. Day Fly to Wewak. Day Sepik River Excursion.

    PDF Papua New Guinea Port Moresby the Trobriand Islands Beyond Travel Adventures Download Online

    Day Sepik River, Return to Wewak. Day Depart Wewak, Loloata Island. Day Kiriwina Island, Trobriand Islands. Day Kaibola Village, Trobriand Islands.

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