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In a flash of light, Will-O'-the-Wisp is back! And once again he needs assistance from the Spectacular Spider-Man! But this web-slinger aka Ben Reilly doesn't know the Wisp! Story continues from Spider-Man After taking their lumps the past few days, Peter Parker and Ben Reilly strike back! The brave duo invades the Multivex Corporation We conclude the Web of Carnage arc, though the background sub-plots make it pretty clear that we're not going to have a tidy ending to anything much. PlotIn part four, And their first stop is Ben Reilly's apartment to check out the spider-skeleton! But the trio's examination is Kaine is alive!

And the disfigured clone of Peter Parker doesn't know how or why he's back! Apparently, a billionaire businessman wants Kaine to participate Peter is overtaken by a post-hypnotic suggestion to kill Mary Jane; continued in Web of Spider-Man The stakes are raised even higher as the conflict between Spider-Man, the Scarlet Spider, Kaine and the Jackal approaches its explosive climax; story continued from Spider-Man The real killer is revealed at the last second as Ben Riley while posing Peter Parker is on trial.

Plus a possible dark revelation that can turn everything upside down is revealed. Ben Urich gathers information for a background story on Peter Parker. A big 3-way fight scene heats up and ends with Ben asking Peter if he wants him to take his place in jail. Spiderman has succumbed to a crippling disease after combatting Stunner and lays near death at the mercy of Dr. Octopus of his laboratory.

Spider-Man is on the edge of death and Doctor Otto Octavius is determined to find the antidote to the virus that is killing him.

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When Octavius finds an antidote is it the real thing or only a temporary fix? Meanwhile, Mary Guest-starring Daredevil. Plot by Tom DeFalco. Script by Todd Dezago. Pencils by Sal Buscema. Inks by Scott Hanna. Cover by Sal Buscema and Michel Le. Story continues Art by Sal Buscema. Cover by Sal Buscema. Story continues from Amazing Spider-Man Nocturne's plan to help Script by Tom DeFalco. Foil cover front and back by Sal Buscema.

In the A desperate Spidey hunts the Scorpion - but Mac Gargan is no longer willing prey! And at long last, Spidey comes face-to-face with the "Mystery Man" in the most stunning twist of the year. Tom DeFalco takes Spidey down into the depths of the sewers to face a terrifying Scorpion! As if that wasn't enough - another appearance by our "myster figure", who's appeared in Web of Spider-Man , Script by Ann Nocenti.

Pencils by James Fry.

Urban Fantasy non romance/action

Cover by James Fry. Typhoid Mary and her multiple personalities are on the loose Inks by Sal Buscema and Rodney Ramos. Cover by Joe Madureira and Cam Smith. On assignment for the Daily Bugle, Peter Parker photographs Spider-Man's pursuit is over. And now the web-slinger is just trying to hold onto his sanity after the recent bizarre events in Guest-starring the Shroud. In the concrete rubble of the Sorcerer Supreme's former townhome, the screaming masks of Cyttorak have come to life! And affixed themselves to the Script by Steven Grant. Pencils and Inks by Sal Buscema. While web-swinging through Greenwich Village, the Shortly after, Morbius and Nightwatch find Carnage's hide out and Carnage gets Doppelganger and Demogoblin to fight them while he watches.

Meanwhile Shriek is making people go crazy as Spider-man and the rest soon realize Spider-man and the rest are now looking for clues which brings them to Estate Home for Boys. When Venom brings up the fact that Carnage might be stronger but he still has Venom's weaknesses. This then brings Spider-man, In the last issue Professor Powers' hovering castle has begun to fall.

Now Spidey and the X-Men have to stop it in another heroic act. After that Peter goes back to his parents and solves the arguing with his dad. So for him there's no challenge in stopping the cops. While he is calling his hovering castle, Mary and In the beginning of this story Peter Parker as the blue'n'red guy, of course swings to an Indian restaurant to meet his parents, who returned a few issues ago.

Nextdoor the original X-Men team has a meeting in The three heroes The issue opens with Peter sitting in silence on his couch, a cold expression on his face. Mary Jane bursts in, explaining she's been let home from work early. When Peter doesn't respond, MJ notices somethings up The cover says it all for this one, "Call my killer PlotThis issue starts the same as every other issue in the storyline, namely, with a Vermin's escaped and Spidey's hunting him down.

Meanwhile, Harry is in the middle of a nervous breakdown. Plot This issue's first session with the asylum-cam reveals Vermin's real name — Edward. Turning Spidey's most hated enemy into a good guy didn't go over that well with the fandom, Cedric Forrester and his scientific discoveries. The interview The Amazing Spider-Man is suffering from temporary amnesia after a long fall into the River Mersey last issue. The townsfolk are being helpful to the dazed Peter Parker Robbie Robertson pardoned for felony conviction; Spider-Man and Puma prevent Hobgoblin from assassinating him, with a little unknown help from Tombstone.

Source: marvel. Doctor Doom knows who! More dangerous! More uncontrollable than ever before! Here comes the Cosmic Spidey! But will all that power make a difference against the magical might of the Brothers Grimm?! This is it! Spidey goes Cosmic! Chapter VI of the 'Atlantis Attacks" crossover saga!

Cloak and Dagger and Spider-Man team up to investigate the new miracle drug of Dr. Tyrone's that guarantees to cure addicts of any addiction! Sounds too good How's Robbie Robertson going to keep life and limb together now that he's stuck in prison with his enemy, Tombstone? And what does Gloria Grant do when she discovers that her boyfriend is an honest to gosh mutant The shocking verdict of Joe Robertson's trial is in - Robbie's guilty! Meanwhile Spidey has to deal with a simmering gang war between the Lobo Brothers and the Kingpin; plus a werewolf is prowling the streets!

A while back, Spidey learned that the person he thought was Gwen Stacy's clone wasn't really a clone at all!

The Amazing Spider-Man -- Chapter 13: Peter and Gwen [Extras]

But if that's the case, then what about the clone of the fiendish Professor Miles Warren? In other It's a horrific tie-in to Inferno! Flash Thompson and Betty Brant are attacked by Betty's dead husband--and by But what price will S'ym exact for Hobgoblin's Ever since the Hobgoblin adapted the Green Goblin's weapons for his own evil ends, he's made life pretty rough for the ever-amazing Spider-Man. But if Spidey thought he had problems before, just imagine how he must Who hired Boomerang to kill the winner of an international yacht race?

Spider-Man wants to know, and he's not leaving San Diego until he does! The High Evolutionary wants the secret of cloning. But when he kidnaps the clone of Peter Parker's dead girlfriend, Gwen Stacey, he's in for a surprise. Also featuring the dramatic debut of the Young Gods! But the ever-lethal Boomerang is in San Diego too!

Boomerang's in town for an international yacht race The Punisher isn't quite himself. In fact, his mind is being controlled by the Persuader!

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Spider-Man starts out trying to stop the Punisher from killing two Dallas crime lords, and then discovers that the Persuader has The Punisher - about to assassinate a pair of crimelords in Dallas? That's what happens when the Persuader turns his persuasive power on the Punisher! Can Spider-Man free him from the Persuader's control before it's Spider-Man teams up with the Punisher to tackle Tombstone, the villain who broke Robbie Robertson's back.

But Tombstone has an ace up his sleeve: a deadly new nemesis called the Persuader, who is out to control the Punisher's But someone else is also hunting Tombstone The Kingpin's new assassin, Tombstone, has an old score to settle with Joe Robertson - and not even Spider-Man can stop him! The new Tarantula's in the U.

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But before Spidey can stop Tarantula, he's going to have to take on the Tarantula's You remember how deadly the old Tarantula was? Now meet the even deadlier new Tarantula!

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The Tarantula's mission - destroy certain illegal aliens from his homeland living in the United States. Lev Grossman Goodreads Author. Seanan McGuire Goodreads Author. Abram Barneck Goodreads Author. John Conroe Goodreads Author. Justin Gustainis Goodreads Author. Alexandra Engellmann Goodreads Author. Tim Waggoner Goodreads Author.

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