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One person told Pix11 that it would be okay if radio stations could cut "the specific [offensive] language out. Another man told the news outlet that radio stations should be allowed to play any songs they see fit for the airwaves. It could be misogynist or offensive," he said.

When I listen to it, it's not pervasive, it's not personal, it's not permanent, it's just business.

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Watch Pix11 news report on Bob Law and activists pushing bill to limit "degrading" music on hip-hop stations below. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. Categories: News. Bill Foster and Dr. Hank Pym, respectively, also give the movie a powerful dose of star power.

Rocked by a Billionaire – Vol. 2

There is definitely a trend of origin stories making less at the box office than the ensemble films like this one, and Doctor Strange is no exception. Captain America: The Winter Soldier outperformed its predecessor.

But its highly successful sequel, Captain America: Civil War , surpassed its domestic gross in only five days at the box office, according to ScreenRant. The original Iron Man — the movie that spurred the universe — showed the world how well Marvel movies could really do in the box office. Despite its success, it was not the best performing film of its year, coming in at No. The film broke boundaries with the first-ever female-led MCU film, and it also broke records at the box office.

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With its opening weekend, the film hit No. Only Avengers: Infinity War ranks higher, with the top-grossing worldwide debut weekend of all time. The second installment of Guardians was released during the worst summer movie season in years , but it still succeeded on its own. The U.

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Endgame begins where Infinity War left off, leaving the original crew Avengers crew to save the fifty percent of all life that was destroyed. The film, which decided the fate of many integral characters, began breaking records before it was released: Fandango announced that presales for the upcoming film sold five times the number of tickets that Avengers: Infinity War did over the same period in With both the best opening day and best opening weekend in history, Endgame is sure to keep making its way up to the top of this list — and breaking more and more records, for the MCU and elsewhere — before the end of its run.

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Iron Man 3 had the second-highest opening in history at the time of its release in May of James Rhodes Don Cheadle. Jackson : The Avengers would reassemble when necessary. In Age of Ultron, the team gets back together to stop the robot-like villain, Ultron — who was unintentionally created by Bruce Banner Mark Ruffalo and Tony — from killing them all.

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This was a great year for Marvel. Infinity War is the second highest-grossing superhero movie of all time. It is the third highest-grossing film domestically of all time.

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