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Investigations into the data society A closer look at a world currently suffering from an extreme case of Obsessive Collection Disorder.

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Trackography Who is reading over your shoulder when you read the news online? Trackography: visit the project. Nothing to Hide? Stories our Data Tells About Us part 2 Almost everything we do online is constantly being collected, analysed and processed by algorith The main compartment keeps your belongings secure and protected while efficiently utilizing the bag's compact design, a large zippered pocket opens up a large volume for your charger or accessories, and your laptop is protected inside a padded compartment and can be snugly held in place via a custom booq velcro strap.

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The bag's concealed quick-access zippered side pocket preserves that clean look and helps you stay organized. Ultra-clean look with incredible organization and ease of use Weighs a nimble 0. This bag is equipped with a Terralinq serial number, a service operated by booq designed to help you recover your lost bag. And I went down to the local hospital. Anyway they done some tests on me then because I'd presented, I forget what they call it like coughing blood up, x-rayed and they couldn't find anything and the blood had stopped coming.

But they decided then that because of the way I presented they would ask me to come in the following Wednesday to do some tests. And it was quite a shock to me you know, I'd never been in hospital before.

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Early diagnosis of mesothelioma a type of lung cancer is difficult. The first obvious sign of illness may be when an 'effusion' occurs. This is an accumulation of fluid which gathers in the pleural space around the lung, or in the peritoneal space in the abdomen , which causes breathlessness. However, other symptoms may occur too. One man with mesothelioma initially complained of chest pain and a dull ache in his shoulder. Another man had backache, a 'croaky voice', weight loss and breathlessness.

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Several tests and biopsies may be necessary to confirm the diagnosis, and this can take a few weeks. It all started really, January last year, that's , and I'd begun to realise that I was becoming short of breath, and if I would walk, well I suppose initially, if I ran for the train, I always seemed to be running everywhere, it's sort of an old habit. And I found that I was short of breath and the breath was becoming more and more difficult, until January, February time, when I realised that just walking, from one end of the office to the other, I could tell that my breath was less easy, and up till this point I'd just put it down to the ageing process.

And I'd just thought, 'Well I don't need to do anything about it'. I've never made a fuss about anything and it was just so easy just to write it off and assume it was natural. When it got to noticing the difference just with a short walk, I thought, 'Well this can't be natural. This can't just be the fact that I'm in my early sixties, this can't be right. So that's when I first went to the doctor. The doctor was absolutely amazed and said she, my local GP, she listened, put the stethoscope on me, and sort of listened to the lungs, and she obviously didn't like what she heard.

And she said, 'There's something going on there and I think we need to investigate this pretty quickly', she said. I actually know her quite well, but, because of helping her out with computers rather than because I'm her patient. She referred me straightaway to the local hospital. I went to the local hospital, was introduced to a specialist there, in the Chest Clinic, and he straightaway said, 'Chest X-ray', took me through to the Chest X-ray department. Now that was, by this time it was sort of end of February, last year, The X-rays came back the same day, and his immediate reaction was, 'You shouldn't be walking around like this', because he realised that, well the X-ray showed, that the largest part of the left, the left part, left lung, was, shrouded in fluid, and I was actually running on one lung.

And that's why I was short of breath, all quite logical really.

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Well it all started February, I had a terrible cold, well I thought it was a cold for about three weeks and I kept coming to work instead of having a week or two off so I could finish this job you know. So I kept going in and it seemed to get worse. And then we went away for Easter down to my wife's auntie's in Folkestone and I got struck there with pleurisy and it was really painful, it doubled me up. So I went on penicillin, a course of penicillin for a week and pain killing tablets and that seemed to get rid of it. So I went down my own doctors to notify him what had happened and he sent me for an x-ray locally and they said there was something wrong so they sent me down the hospital.

And they took more x-rays and then they wanted me to have a scan. So I had a scan as well and they thought it might be to do with asbestos. And then I had to go for a lung biopsy which was one hundred percent it was mesothelioma. But getting back to when I was first diagnosed with mesothelioma it wasn't only just the pain in my chest I used to have a pain right up in my shoulder, it was like a dull ache for ages you know and they give you pain killers to help that which it does, you know it kills the pain a bit so it makes you feel better.

Because when I was putting up with that, because I don't like taking pills if I can help it, I'm not that sort of person, but at the end of the day I had to have something because it was like having a toothache in your shoulder all the time and you had to have something to stop it you know. Sometimes people delayed seeking help because they had no symptoms, or because they did not associate symptoms such as tiredness with serious illness, or because the symptoms did not bother them.

One woman delayed seeking help for eight months, even though her weight had dropped to five stone - she thought the weight loss was due to worry about a family problem. Audio only Text only Read below Please enable Javascript to watch this video view profile Now Playing She delayed seeking help for her cough because she did not think she had a serious problem.

And I was diagnosed on 9th November 95 and that is when that consultant told me I just had four months to live.

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How many months do you think you delayed with the cough not knowing whether to go to the doctor or not? But it was, the cough was no trouble to me at all. A few people commented "Have you started smoking, you've got a smoker's cough," but I, it was something that crept up on me and I really didn't take it seriously because I was not the sort of person that's paranoid about health, I just thought may be I've got a, I don't know what I thought but it didn't occur to me.

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