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Skrunch voiced by Jim Ward is Captain Qwark's cycloptic monkey sidekick. Being a monkey, he loves bananas. He's also seen running around the Starship Phoenix's bridge. Skrunch joins Clank during some of Clank's missions in Up Your Arsenal to activate out-of-range buttons or distract powerful enemies and is a gunner for Ratchet on Tyrranosis.

Skrunch also makes an appearance in Size Matters. He speaks to Clank twice in the game, first on planet Metalis and again at the end of the game on Quadrona.

Not to be confused with the backyard wrestler of the same name. Exclusive to the re-imaged projects, Grimroth Razz voiced by John Goodman in the film, Travis Willingham in the game , or Grim for short, is a mechanic from the Polaris Galaxy who became the mentor and legal guardian of Ratchet ever since he found him as an infant. He owns a garage on the planet Veldin where he and Ratchet repair ships. In the video game, Grimroth is revealed to have a twin brother named Felton.

Grimroth states that they don't talk much because Grimroth considers Felton to be a slacker. With his own homeworld of Orxon overpolluted and overpopulated to the point of being uninhabitable, Drek announces to the Solana Galaxy that he intends to carve out giant chunks of land from other planets and assemble them into a new Blarg planet. To help protect his interests, he hires Captain Qwark to be his spokesman and personal hitman for when Ratchet and Clank start interfering with his operations.

At the end of the game, Drek attacks Ratchet's homeworld of Veldin with the intent to destroy it and put his piecemeal planet in its former orbit. Confronting the Lombax in a giant robot, Drek then admits to him that the new planet is all part of a larger money-making scheme: once it is complete, Drek intends to pollute it until the Blarg pay him to build another planet, just like he did with Orxon. Drek is killed when he loses control over the robot and crashes into his piecemeal planet, which is then destroyed with a single shot of his own Deplanetizer laser. ThugsLess is willing to do anything for a price, no matter how morally questionable it may be.

In Going Commando , ThugsLess is initially hired by Angela under the guise of the Mysterious Thief to stop Ratchet from retrieving it and are later hired by Megacorp to stop him from foiling the company's plan to market the Protopet. He first appears on planet Endako to fight Ratchet during his rescue mission involving Clank and is encountered several times before finally being defeated on the Thugs' homeworld of Snivelak.

In Secret Agent Clank , the Thug Leader meets Ratchet while he's in prison and has his men pick a fight with the Lombax as payback for the previous defeats. Devised as the "perfect pet", they appear as small, fuzzy blue creatures with large eyes, but they are very vicious, have large appetites, and reproduce rapidly. Megacorp had created the original Protopet and Angela was close to correcting its flaws until CEO Abercrombie Fizzwidget pushed up the release date, putting the Bogon Galaxy at risk from the still dangerous product. Angela Cross attempted to prevent this by stealing the Protopet, but Ratchet unknowingly hand-delivered it back to Megacorp where it was quickly mass-produced and shipped out.

Soon, entire planets were overwhelmed by the furry swarm of Protopets. Unknown to everybody, "Fizzwidget" was actually Captain Qwark in disguise, who had orchestrated the entire Protopet crisis so that he could appear and "save" the Bogon Galaxy with a device he had stolen from Angela: the Helix-O-Morph. His plan backfires when the Helix-O-Morph instead causes the original Protopet to mutate and eat Qwark whole.

After the Mutant Protopet is defeated by Ratchet and Clank, Angela fixes the device as it turned out, the batteries were in backwards and turns the Protopet back to its normal size and rendering it completely safe. Nich Maragos of 1UP. Doctor Nefarious voiced by Armin Shimerman is a stereotypical robotic mad scientist who has a hatred for all organic life forms or "squishies", as he calls them. Lawrence voiced by Michael Bell is Doctor Nefarious's robotic butler, noticeably similar to the character Jeeves. His duties usually consist of "dirty laundry and whatnot" and other menial tasks, though he enjoys playing the bass guitar as a personal hobby and playing a song in particular called "Bass Odyssey".

He has a clear dislike for his boss, often pummeling him with subtle insults or purposely doing a bad job, though he seems to be scornful of essentially most around him. Despite this, Nefarious, who either cannot fend for himself or does not catch on to Lawrence's true nature, still keeps him by his side. Lawrence first appears in Up Your Arsenal , where he serves Dr. Nefarious in his plan to transform all organic life in the Solana Galaxy into robots. When all of Nefarious's plans are foiled due to Ratchet and Clank, Lawrence suggests that he name a destination to escape to via teleporter, but Nefarious doesn't bother and the two of them are teleported onto an asteroid in deep space, where they aimlessly drift in isolation.

In Deadlocked' s ending, the asteroid is seen passing through the already-destroyed DreadZone Station. When Nefarious complains that they're not getting rescued, Lawrence tells him that he didn't know the station would be destroyed by the time they arrived. Eventually, the asteroid wanders into the Polaris Galaxy and lands on Zanifar.

After spending time with the planet's Fongoids, Nefarious discovers the Great Clock and begins his plan to take control of it. While Clank explores the Great Clock and learns about its functions, Lawrence secretly follows him and reports to Nefarious on his progress. During the battle with Nefarious, Lawrence provides support from a laser-equipped UFO, but he escapes before it and Nefarious crash into their own space station. Two years later in All 4 One , Nefarious appears before Ratchet, Clank and Qwark and has Lawrence reanimate a Light-Eating Z'grute from cryosleep in the intent to have it kill the three.

The plan backfires when it drains the electricity on Lawrence's hovercraft, resulting in Lawrence and Nefarious falling to the floor. After the doctor demands Lawrence to help him out, Lawrence "tends his resignation" and leaves. He does not return until the end of the game where he helps Cronk and Zephyr in landing their ship on Magnus to retrieve Ratchet and his allies.

Lawrence asks Nefarious for his employ again and the two take the ship, flying off into space.

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Her music and videos are popular in the Solana Galaxy. As Ratchet tells Clank about Courtney being famous for her physical appearance rather than her singing voice "She's not the hottest pop star in the galaxy because of her singing. Courtney is initially interested in Clank and the star power she can gain from playing a role on his Secret Agent Clank Holo Vid series.

At Holostar Studios, she knocks Clank out and takes him to Doctor Nefarious, whom she is working for and apparently in love with possibly because of his idea of robot freedom. When Skid gets himself kidnapped, Ratchet travels to Obani Draco and defeats Courtney in direct combat. Courtney later recovered and is mentioned in Deadlocked as having made a "miraculous recovery after her attack by two psychotic fans" Ratchet and Clank. As part of her new contract with Vox, Courtney appears in the trailer for Reactor: Rise of the Sociopathic Bloodlust , where she plays the role of girlfriend to the DreadZone Exterminator Reactor.

In the trailer, Courtney dumps Reactor because of his pathetic High School math teacher persona, but runs right back to him as soon as he becomes a "homicidal popstar". Jeff Gerstmann of GameSpot praised Courtney Gears' music video sequence as "a spot-on parody of recent pop music ", citing the video's "synchronized dance moves", "epic pop production" and "incredible devotion to extreme overuse of an autotuner ". Klunk's eyes are naturally red, but turn green when in disguise as Clank. Unlike the well-mannered Clank, Klunk is evil and nearly swears at one point. Klunk continues to aid Ratchet, but his true identity is not revealed until the real Clank is found in Metropolis, after which he transforms into his Giant Klunk form and attacks.

After being defeated, Klunk falls on the hovertrain and explodes. Klunk is later revealed to be the main villain in the non-canon Secret Agent Clank. Since his first encounter with the heroic duo, Klunk found work making high-tech toilet seats, but promptly quit upon hearing about Otto Destruct's defeat. As part of his revenge plan, Klunk frames Ratchet by using a mind control helmet to make him steal "The Eye of Infinity", causing the Lombax to be arrested while the evil robot uses the Eye to power a planet-destroying superlaser. After his defeat at the hands of Clank and, to a lesser extent, Captain Qwark , Klunk is turned into Ratchet's new vacuum cleaner as payback for all the trouble he caused, though it is hinted that Klunk may yet return.

During the dream world two identical doors appear where Clank emerges from the door on the left lamenting about a bad decision he made previously. In the other doorway another robot with glowing red eyes, said to probably be Klunk, appears, tempting Ratchet to follow him into that doorway. However, during that cinematic, Ratchet chooses the door with the true Clank and the other robot is never seen again. Nefarious was originally going to name the Tombli Outpost on Zanifar "Klunk Memorial Outpost and Day Spa" but was prevented from doing so due to Klunk's estate lawyers.

A media mogul with no sense of morality, Vox has his forces kidnap Ratchet, Clank and Al for his reality show DreadZone , where heroes must participate in life-threatening challenges or else risk certain death since all "contestants" are fitted with Deadlock Collars that will detonate at Vox's command. Throughout the game, Vox slanders Ratchet's name and reputation with fraudulent holovision broadcasts and outrageous claims while also trying to market the failing reputation of his top Exterminator Ace Hardlight.

After Ratchet defeats Ace in battle, Vox attempts to talk Ratchet into becoming the new face of DreadZone with an endorsement deal. When Ratchet refuses to agree, Vox sends the Lombax to the "mathematically proven to be unbeatable" Gauntlet of Doom. Ratchet later infiltrates the DreadZone Station to rescue the other captured heroes along with the fans and staff of Dreadzone as well as Clank and Al after Vox announces his plans to blow it up calling it "the biggest ratings-booster I've ever had" , Ratchet destroys the containers and everyone is freed, Vox confronts Ratchet to kill him but is defeated and left behind to die within the exploding station when Ratchet takes the last escape shuttle out of DreadZone.

He is the last-known member of the Cragmites, a dangerous race of aliens that once devastated the Polaris Galaxy until the Lombaxes banished them to another dimension. For this, Tachyon desires to wipe out every Lombax in the universe, which automatically makes Ratchet his main target. After Ratchet initially escapes Tachyon's forces on Kerwan by taking the Cragmite's spaceship, he and Clank find themselves in the Polaris Galaxy, most of which Tachyon rules over.

As Ratchet learns of the Lombaxes and their history, he discovers the existence of the Dimensionator, a device which can be used to travel between dimensions; and which Tachyon seeks to obtain so he can return the Cragmites from the dimension they were banished to. Tachyon believes that the Cragmite's were imprisoned rather than transferred to another dimension.

During their final battle on planet Fastoon, the Dimensionator malfunctions and pulls Tachyon and Ratchet into a dimensional rift, where their battle continues until the ground they fight on crumbles and causes the Cragmite to plummet into a black hole, ending his evil reign for good. Ironically, Tachyon owes his conquest of the Polaris Galaxy to the Lombaxes, as they had found him when he was an unhatched egg on the Krelii Comet and raised him as one of their own out of pity.

When Tachyon learned of his true origins and the fate of the Cragmites, he turned against his adoptive species. A Crack in Time further elaborates on Tachyon's retaliation and rise to power: prior to his attack, he attempted to convince a council of Lombaxes to grant him full access to their technology. A single Lombax, Alister Azimuth, worked with Tachyon under the belief that it was the right thing to do, a choice that he would forever regret when the Cragmite used the Lombax technology to create an army and destroy the Lombaxes out of vengeance.

While most of the survivors escaped to another dimension, a single Lombax named Kaden remained behind and was able to send his son, Ratchet into the Solana Galaxy before eventually being caught and executed by Tachyon. Tachyon is mentioned in Quest for Booty and All 4 One , along with a few mentions and a cameo appearance in the comic series. He tends to enter scenes singing "pirate tunes" with Rusty Pete, his loyal first mate. His pirates, including himself, pursues Ratchet and Clank while they are traveling to other planets which leads to dogfights.

He is also after the "Lombax Secret" and is an enemy of Emperor Tachyon. Slag would eventually battle Ratchet face-to-face only to be defeated and completely reduced to a head, Slag then dies in Pete's hands. Even though his body is destroyed, Rusty Pete carries around his revived head on a stick.

They initially help Ratchet on one of his early missions, but after finding Darkwater's body, Rusty Pete betrays Ratchet and completely revives Slag by putting his head into Darkwater's body, unleashing the curse and bringing Darkwater and his crew all back to life, though Slag and Darkwater have to share one body together due to the curse.

They are last seen stranded in the middle of the sea, where an angry Slag is ordering Pete to row towards a nearby island. Over the course of the game, Slag can be heard bickering with Pete, plugging an advertisement for "Rusty Pete's School of Piracy", and at one point sobbing over his ruined reputation. Slag is also advertised on the radio for his role as the main villain in Captain Qwark's new movie "My Blaster Runs Hot".

In Into the Nexus , Slag is mentioned as having retired from piracy and living as a semi-professional beat-boxer in Stratus City. He refers to Slag as his best friend even though he is put through a lot of verbal abuse. Rusty Pete is a heavy alcoholic from his grog drinking and is constantly hiccuping because of this. He is last seen on a crate with Captain Slag's head, being yelled at to row to shore. In the playable mini-game based on the movie, Pete can be played as the Player Two character. Captain Angstrom Darkwater voiced by Dave B.

A vicious pirate known on the planet Merdegraw for his merciless and cost-cutting methods such as telling his men to use their swords as much as possible so as to limit spending for ammunition , Darkwater discovered the Zoni and befriended them as part of his plan to loot their home dimension. To this end, he constructed an Obsidian Eye, an interdimensional communication device powered by a Fulcrum Star that the Zoni gave him. Darkwater was later slain by his first mate Romulus Slag, but not before he used an ancient Terachnoid incantation and a coupon for "One Free Curse" at a local magic emporeum to bind his soul to his treasure and protect it from all who would steal it.

Ratchet began searching for Darkwater's treasure after discovering that the Obsidian Eye would allow him to find the location of the missing Clank. Rusty Pete and the bodiless Captain Slag initially appears to help Ratchet find the treasure's location, but this ends up being a ruse which allows Pete to plug Slag's head into Darkwater's headless body. This trigger the "Curse of Darkwater", bringing Slag, Darkwater, and all of his deceased crewmates back from the dead. Though Darkwater is forced to share his body with Slag and despises his former murderer's presence, they both agree on invading and looting the Zoni dimension.

Ratchet eventually defeats the pirate pair, banishing Darkwater's soul and reducing Slag back to a helpless head. Lord Flint Vorselon voiced by Dave Boat is a Terraklon assassin; his disembodied head is contained in a jar connected to a robot body he had stolen from GrummelNet HQ in Meridian City although no one knows how a severed head was able to accomplish this. In the past, Vorselon was sentenced to life in Zordoom Prison for kidnapping Kerchu Ambassador Boogoh, but he escaped and joined forces with Dr. Nefarious under the promise that he would get his original body back once Nefarious gained control of the Great Clock.

After the defeat of Nefarious and Azimuth's death, Vorselon demands that Ratchet come to his ship for one final battle. Once defeated, Vorselon's robot body explodes, allowing Ratchet to finish off his bouncing head with ease. Upon detecting his death, Vorselon's ship activates its "Sore Loser Protocol" and self-destructs.

She along with her partners Carina and Libra are Valkyries, a mercenary band of female space pilots who work for Dr. Nefarious so he can use the Great Clock to bring back the rest of their colony, which was destroyed by the Erebus supernova decades ago. Cassiopeia also has a romantic crush on Nefarious, which he reciprocates. After Libra and Carina are destroyed by Ratchet in deep-space, Cassiopeia eventually lures him and General Azimuth to the Valkyrie citadel on the planet Vapedia by sending out a distress beacon from her prisoner Clank.

Ratchet battles his way through the Valkyrie training courses and many Valkyrie units before he finds Cassiopeia and defeats her, sending the Valkyrie leader falling to her presumed death. When Ratchet and Clank learn about this event from a lone Fongoid on the planet, they use a time shift to travel back in time ten years ago and help the Fongoids defeat the Agorians. Angered, Argos attempts to blow up the village's dam, but is defeated by Ratchet and Clank.

Argos's humiliating defeat is reenacted ten years later. Artemis Zogg is a Markazian and the former Polaris Minister of Defense, and the main villain of the comic book mini-series. Zogg was originally a kind, caring man that wanted the best for the galaxy. To this end, he conceived and designed the Helios Project, capable of teleporting entire planets to new places in space in order to protect them from danger.

After Dr. Instead, Qwark segues the endorsement into his own campaign for the Presidency and wins, leaving Zogg utterly humiliated. As his first Presidential order, Qwark orders the Helios Project to be shut down, but Zogg refuses to allow this and vanishes with the technology. Some time later, Zogg now presumed to have gone completely insane returns and uses Helios to teleport various planets from the Solana, Bogon, and Polaris galaxies into an empty portion of space.

His intention is to create his own "Artemis Galaxy", which he plans to rule for himself. He is eventually defeated when Ratchet hits the Suriox Shard with General Azimuth's Praetorian Omniwrench, sending Zogg to another dimension in which he is stuck sharing an asteroid with Percival Tachyon. Long ago, their home planet was destroyed by the Cragmites, but they survived by hiding in the remaining pieces as they fell onto the planet Magnus.

Unable to live long without a body to inhabit, the Loki were forced to possess the small and harmless creatures in order to survive. One of the planet's inhabitants, Dr. Croid, had his pet Mr. Dinkles possessed by the Loki Master, though Croid remained unaware of the evil spirit living within Mr.

Dinkles' body. Still possessing Mr. Dinkles, the Loki Master tried to steal Dr. Croid's plans for the Protomorphic Energy Extractor to extract the "energy" from Mr. Dinkles, but was discovered by the doctor's partner, Dr. Nevo Binklemeyer. Rather than kill him, the Loki Master forced Nevo at gunpoint to aid him in finding the most dangerous species in the galaxy for his kind to possess with the Energy Extractor. When Ratchet, Clank, Qwark, and Dr. Nefarious arrive to stop Nevo believing him to be the villain , the Loki Master uses the technology to free himself from Mr.

Dinkles and possess a giant Grivelnox to destroy them. After being removed from its host, the Loki Master attempts to possess Qwark, but is punched aside by Dr. Nefarious and left to die with no host. Ephemeris , also called the Creature Collector , is an interstellar machine built by Dr. Croid to find Mr. Dinkles after he goes missing. However, under orders of the Loki Master that possesses Mr. Dinkles, it is reprogrammed by Croid's assistant, Dr. Nevo Binklemeyer, to collect the most dangerous species in the galaxy for the Loki to possess.

After the demise of the Loki Master, Ratchet thinks of using the gigantic droid to fly back to Luminopolis after Nefarious and Lawrence steal the ship used by Cronk and Zephyr. What happened to Ephemeris after All 4 One is unknown. Initially living in the Bogon Galaxy during Going Commando , he confronts Ratchet and Clank and blames them for Qwark's fall from glory, though he is appeased when Ratchet offers his a Qwark figurine albeit one previously pulled out of a sewer pipe by The Plumber.

Over the years, Stuart became more and more embittered at seeing how the galaxy would always forgive Qwark in spite of his many, many scandals and mistakes, and he ultimately lost all faith in his idol. Seeking revenge, he eventually decided to frame Qwark for messing up his childhood and hired an army of Grungarians to aid in his plans. Stuart Zurgo is eventually confronted and defeated by Ratchet, Clank, and Qwark, who all proceed to bring Stuart to Galactic Authorities.

In Into the Nexus he appears a statue in the Museum of Intergalactic History and it is mentions ed that he has been sentenced to a fate worse than Zordoom Prison for his crimes: 50 years of living with his mother Lucille. Vendra Prog and Neftin Prog voiced by Nika Futterman and Fred Tatasciore are members of a race called Nethers, who exist in an alternate dimension called the Netherverse, and their primary goal is to allow the Nethers to enter into the Polaris Galaxy. Vendra is considered the brains of the pair and primarily uses telekinesis to attack, while her brother Neftin is the muscle who favors brute force.

At the beginning of the game, Vendra is imprisoned for questioning in regards to Neftin's whereabouts, but Neftin breaks Vendra out of prison with the help of ThugsLess. Using a Dimensionator of their own creation, they are then able to allow small numbers of Nethers out of the Netherverse so that they can weaken the dimensional fields enough to let all of them out, including their leader.

However, the Nether leader betrays them and throws Vendra into the Netherverse while the Nether hoards attack the galaxy. Unwilling to leave his sister behind, Neftin begs Ratchet and Clank to save her and agrees to let themselves be arrested in exchange for their help in stopping the Nethers. After retrieving the original Dimensionator from its display at the Museum of Intergalactic History, Clank enters into the Netherverse and rescues Vendra while Ratchet fights and defeats the Nether leader.

At the end of the game, Neftin uses the Dimensionator to banish the Nethers back to their dimension, then keeps his word to Ratchet and turns himself and Vendra over to the authorities despite Vendra's protests. He is a Technomite, which are said to be the very creatures that made technology possible. However, while he claims that he dislikes how his kind are ignored, his true intentions are purely based on a hunger for power.

Originally, Otto had created defective technology which killed Qwark's parents, and also sent a fake e-mail to Qwark so he thought that Otto was his real father. Otto's ultimate creation was a device which could transfer another creature's brain cells into him. Before Captain Qwark could use it as revenge despite not knowing or caring about its function or effects , his pet monkey Skrunch interfered and it resulted in Otto having a monkey mind, to which Clank humorously states that Skrunch "just added another family member".

Luna voiced by Nicole Sullivan , initially introduced as a young, innocent girl doing a report on heroes who gets kidnapped later on by robots, is in fact a robotic puppet itself, built by the Technomites as bait for Ratchet and Clank and to capture footage of their actions. Normally speaking with a childish lisp as part of its disguise, it is capable of speaking in a normal adult female voice and then in a male Technomite voice. The puppet is later destroyed by Ratchet and Clank on Dayni Moon while using a farming vehicle to attempt to destroy them. Darla Gratch voiced by Sylvia Aimerito is a female robot works as a news reporter for Channel 2 News first game only and later Channel 64 News in Going Commando and Up Your Arsenal , she is often seen reporting on planets in rather inconvenient times and does not seem to be aware of the chaos in her surroundings, this leads to her becoming an easy target to any creatures that would sneak up behind her and attack.

He is portrayed as a good manager but very absent-minded, and frequently uses malapropisms or made-up words such as "imbeciliac", "cratefule or "soretainly". Fizzwidget hires Ratchet as one of Megacorp's Commandos and tasks him with recovering a stolen Experiment later called the Protopet. Upon Ratchet's along with Clank rescue of it, Fizzwidget meets him and Clank on a desert planet but lands his ship on theirs, although he offers to give them a ride in his ship. As they take off, Fizzwidget "accidentally" presses a button that sends Ratchet and Clank up out of the ship and they both fall into a volcanic cavern.

With the Experiment back in his hands, Mr. Fizzwidget begins to mass-produce the dangerous creature. At the end of the game, it is revealed that "Fizzwidget" is really Captain Qwark in disguise the malapropisms and made-up words being a mistake on Qwark's part and is behind all the events of the game. The real Fizzwidget is shown at last following the Mutant Protopet's defeat and thanks Ratchet and Clank for saving the galaxy. Fizzwidget made a minor non-speaking role in the third game, being shown watching the premiere of Secret Agent Clank.

Tom Bramwell of Eurogamer said that Fizzwidget "may not be the Captain Qwark successor fans will be after, but will still raise a smile in all but the angriest of gamers when he presents some of his fascinatingly incoherent but salvageable tirades. A small robot with a crush on Clank, the Female Infobot appears in Going Commando in her attempts to get Clank's attention.

Near the end of the game, she shows Ratchet and Clank the reason why: she was a witness to Captain Qwark as he talked about his plans to "save" the Bogon Galaxy by creating a disaster. She is then shot by Fizzwidget, who reveals himself as Qwark. The Infobot is later repaired and appears in the ending, where she gets to spend quality time with Clank.

In the comic series, he is kidnapped by his former friend Artemis Zogg and forced to work in his mines on Planet Zaurik. At one point, Zogg boasts of his noble intentions to the President, who responds by calling him a villain worse than Tachyon and Nefarious. In all of his appearances, he is always hiding behind a booth presumably due to his reputation as a black market salesman , leaving only his eyes visible.

He is also present in several booths on different planets in Size Matters , selling weapon mods. Slim Cognito makes another appearance in Secret Agent Clank , where he appears in Prison Planet having been sent there for all those times of selling black market merchandise to Ratchet and gives Ratchet a code so that Clank can enter a high-stakes room in Les Paradis des Trechuirs Casino. In return, Slim asks Ratchet to protect him from the other inmates, who "wanted to see him expire for selling them shoddy merchandise". He is also mentioned in Tools of Destruction as an inmate of Zordoom Prison.

In the game, Slim's identity is shown. He is a Rilgarian working in the black market who builds Ratchet the illegal and dangerous RYNO superweapon after collecting all the plans. The Galactic Rangers voiced by Michael Bell and Chris Hatfield are robots who fight alongside Ratchet who they consider their sergeant in the battlefield missions throughout Up Your Arsenal. They are often cowardly, preferring to let Ratchet take care of the enemies himself. In some missions, they can be heard joking about previous missions over the radio contact.

Likewise, they also reward Ratchet with new gadgets for helping them out in their missions. During the final battle with Dr. Nefarious, a number of Galactic Rangers with stronger weapons appear and help take out several enemies, clearing Ratchet's path to the doctor. I was glad when Lala was told by several people that it was time for her to grow up. Without giving away too much, I'll say that it was painful page turner.

Did anyone else wonder about this?? I'll be reading the series. View 1 comment. Dec 14, Nadine rated it liked it. I gave only 3 stars due to poor grammar and spelling errors. The story line was great, and it definitely kept me interested, but this book is for someone at 6th grade level of education. The whole concept of allowing a bum ass man, with nothing to offer a woman, to sleep with you because he so desires is a foreign concept to me.

Getting pregnant and moving out of town because he has a woman, and you understood your position, so you "stay in your lane" Do real people like that exist? Easy and fast read. Should be enjoyed by most. Apr 12, Valerie rated it it was amazing Shelves: mykindlebooks , my-epub-or-pdf-books.

I love drama filled books about relationships. I also love when the characters have a realness that the reader can identify with. This is exactly what I got from this book. I could really identify with the issues that each character was dealing with. I loved how the author allowed you to see more than one of the character's point of view.

That being said, there are some grammatical errors, but the story outweighs that IMO On to book 2. Sep 22, Shekie Johnson rated it it was amazing. Yaass this was a great read. I will most definitely be reading part 2!! She really played the side chic rolled until the pregnancy popped up!!.

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I can already see that Tomeka is going to be a problem. Lol at Trey!! Its about to go down!!! Jun 11, Me'Tova Hollingsworth rated it really liked it.

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  • The book started out slow, but it picked up toward the very end. There were grammar and editing errors. Hopefully, book two will take off a little quicker. Mar 17, Andrea Williams rated it it was amazing. Wow is all I can say!! Loved this book.. Tre got his self in some stuff and he should only blame his self.

    That tamika heifer grimey as heck. I feel where lala is coming from and I hope she make tre suffer if he don't stick to his promise. What will kisha do when she find out about all this? Oct 02, Sally Mccargo rated it it was amazing. Loved it This is a five star read. I loved reading about Lala and Tre's sexcapades. I can't wait to read the next installment in this series.

    West is a fantastic author. Jan 18, Tonia rated it really liked it. Side Chic Tre need to learn how to keep it in his pants. Lala was wrong with sleeping with him she should of still kept saying no then she wouldn't be in the position she's in. Tre need to man up and tell Kisha what is going on. Tamika is a thirsty hoe. Aug 08, Steph rated it it was amazing.

    Omg LaLa is a trooper I don't respect what she did but I respect how she is handling things I can't wait to read the second book On my way! To get it now great job shit is about to hit the fan with tamika and LaLa Tre you need to get a plan and fast. Jan 21, Carla Hamlin rated it it was ok. Ok read This was my first book from this author.

    [Free Read] Side Chic 2: (A Ratchet Mess) Free Online - video dailymotion

    I look forward to reading more from this author. Dec 11, Tieakia rated it really liked it. What a Hot Mess I really enjoyed this book. I will be reading Side Chic 2. Jan 10, blover rated it it was amazing. Side Chick Volume one is off the chain This book was good as hell. I can't wait till I start book 2 of the 5 Book series. I will get to reading that very soon.

    Dec 12, Chrissy rated it it was amazing. This book was the truth I'm glad I took the time out to get the series part 2 here I come. Mar 11, Goodread rated it it was amazing. Apr 13, Tammy rated it it was amazing. That dang tamika is a hot mess like how do you go around trying to sleep with your man friends, or even try to blackmail them. Lala got on my nerves sometimes acting like she just stupid and Tre needs to stop acting like he don't care about her. I'm so ready to read what's next.

    Jan 13, Kathy rated it it was amazing. Side Chic This book is so good, I can't wait to see what will happen next. I have got to read it soon!!! May 23, Sabrina rated it it was amazing. I will be reading the next book in the series. I liked how Lala found a friend that she could trust. Jan 06, Karen Blackmond rated it really liked it. Good story. Need spelling checked. It was a good story. Just when things really got heated, and of story.

    See a Problem?

    I am getting part 2 though. Jan 08, Tiffany rated it really liked it. As long as you know your role and you stay in your lane, being a side chic is a piece of cake right? Lala is Tre's side chic of two years, she understands her role, as well as the fact that he has two kids and a babymama at home and shes not trying to come between that. Lala doesnt cause any drama, doesnt show up unexpectedly and Tre appreciates the fact that shes not the typical full of drama side chic. Lala is such a low key side chic she often takes Tre and his families feelings into consider As long as you know your role and you stay in your lane, being a side chic is a piece of cake right?

    Lala is such a low key side chic she often takes Tre and his families feelings into consideration as opposed to her own feelings. Lala even leaves town without saying too much to Tre about it. Lala feels that they are both grown and what they do is what they do so there is no reason to cause drama because she knew what it was when she went into it. While Tre is feeling Lala to some extent he has made it clear that he will not loose his family for anything or anyone.

    As much as Lala plays by the rules and continues to be a great side chic will she be able to keep on with the way things are going once feelings get involved? I enjoy this authors work. She does a really good job of making the characters relatable as well as a good job showing each characters point of view. I know that there are many women out there who are able to relate to such a story because they have either been, either known, or either heard of a side chic. Lala is definitly not the typical side chic bringing drama and being all rah rah in your face, she is real low key and really knows her position.

    As Lala continues through the story she goes through so much and learns a lot of lessons about growing up. I do wish there was some more drama just because we associate side chics and drama most of the time but the story overall was a good one. The lesson that Lala learns is also a leason the reader could learn about karma, because it seems to come back and hit Lala and she doesnt expect it. What will the outcome be, will Lala continue to be the same side chic or will she allow her feelings and whats going on with her to want more?

    I will be reading Part 2 because the way part 1 ended leaves you hanging to find out whats next. Jun 01, Crystal Mccune rated it it was amazing. Every woman needs to read this book.. This book kept me guessing what was going to happen next!