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Read reviews that mention virginia woolf south america mrs dalloway santa marina rachel vinrace men and women young woman clarissa dalloway john hirst father owns the ship terence hewet england to south helen ambrose aunt and uncle ridley ambrose unedited ocr point of view ocr garbage woolf novel falls in love. Showing of 57 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. This is Virginia Woolf's first so it was before her more experimental stream of consciousness writing. I haven't read her later works yet.

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I'm glad I started with this one because if I don't end up liking that style it would have kept me from this. Her writing is beautiful in an understated non pretentious way. It feels effortless and lyrical. I was mesmerized. If you need something plot driven, stay away because you won't get that.

It's short on action but long on ideas written in gorgeous prose. I'll definitely read more Woolf and likely in order. The Dalloway's were characters in this book so maybe she expounds on other characters in future books. I first read Virginia Woolf 17 years ago, as a sophomore in college. The more I read, the more confused I became.

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A collection of critical essays on the novel gave me an appreciation of it, but I still had to admit to myself that, much as I had wanted to like the novel, the experience had not been a good one. And I was blown away. The first quarter of the novel is concerned with a voyage by ship, as a handful of British men and women make their way to South America.

She is musically inclined, but she has grown up without a mother and her father has kept her in absolute ignorance about the relationships between men and women. Her aunt Helen assumes the task of educating Rachel, of helping her to become a woman. This first part of the novel will be of great interest to fans of Woolf, as in it she introduces Clarissa Dalloway and her husband Richard. These characters are gone by the time Rachel and Helen reach their destination, but they make a lasting impression on the protagonist.

Most of the novel takes place in the fictional town of Santa Marina, located somewhere near the Amazon River. Through long dialogues about art, politics, religion, love, marriage, race, and other existential topics, Woolf draws us into the world of a group of Edwardian aristocrats, a socio-economic stratum she knew very well. By the glimpse we get into the environment in which the characters move, we can tell that they are self-satisfied, jaded, and completely illiterate when it comes to meaningful social interaction, let alone something as complex as love.

The remote location the characters choose for their holiday, instead of providing recreation, only accentuates the sense of ennui that envelops them. The novel also contains extensive commentary on the relationships between men and women. In chapter XVI, Terence laments that most writing about women does not come from women themselves. Think of a railway train: fifteen carriages for men who want to smoke. You, I mean--how does it all strike you? Why four stars? I would not call it a magnificent novel, but it is at least a very good one. Woolf was 33 when it was published, but she had been working on it since age More than a mere assessment of the novel, the page text constitutes an introduction to Virginia Woolf.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the book! This is the third novel I've read by Virginia Woolf and whilst I found it to be the most "readable" of the novels that I've read to date I couldn't in all honesty say that it was an easy read. I kept waiting for something to happen, some momentous event to push the story along.

It wasn't until I gained some patience and just went with the flow that I began to see the light and appreciate the vein in which it is written.

The Voyage Out : Virginia Woolf :

One thing that has become apparent is that I shall have to source a copy of Mrs Dalloway now. Was also surprised to find that it was the "debut" novel for the author.

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This novel, I believe, was Virginia Woolf's first. It also underwent considerable alteration in the tortured journey towards publication, much of its original politics being too strong for its publishers to stomach. Which makes one wonder what has been lost. What remains, however, is a moving story of a number of English men and women cast adrift in a luxury hotel or villa in some unspecified South American port.

It is also a love story - with tragic consequences that would be unfair of me to fully reveal in this brief review. Let me just add that it also has one of the best accounts of sea-sickness I too am a sufferer that I have ever read it made me queasy just to read it! This is a marvelous book and an excellent introduction to the extraordinary novels that were to follow 'Voyage Out'.

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If you are willing to take your time and read this book as though you were in a deck chair on a leisurely cruise yourself, the rhythms will be congenial. Woolf's sharply observed observations along the way well repay a reader's time beyond the interest of the narrative and characters.

When I complained to my daughters that I really did not like the ending, they said, "Well, it's a girl's book, and that's how many of them work. She also handles the development of love in her main character and some others exquisitely. I appreciate the writing style, but I found the book itself boring. The characters do little to distinguish themselves from each other, to the point that I sometimes had to go back to see which one was being written about.

Since this was Woolf's first novel, I presume she got better, but I'm not about to read another of her works to find out. One person found this helpful. The fish swim in circles, sometimes going up, sometimes going down, and sometimes feeding. Other than that, it is watching them do the same things over and over again without any real story.

The Voyage Out was just like that. People came in and came out. No real plot developed.

Sometimes there was an electrical storm to liven things up. Once, a dance helped break the monotony.