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The 4 Paths of Yoga

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This Indian television -related article is a stub. Bhakti is to make serving your family your practice.

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With Bhakti, all attachments end except the all-absorbing love for God—this is the only attachment that frees rather than limits. Once the Divine is re-established in the temple of your heart, Its Love will serve you for eternity. It is the path of selfless service Seva. You cease to identify with the ego and all action is seen as an offering to the Divine.

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The heart is purified so egoism, hatred, jealousy, selfishness, and similar negative qualities vanish, creating space for humility, pure love, sympathy, tolerance, and compassion. With Karma Yoga, all desires eventually merge into one, which is to serve and ultimately serve the Divine.

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Gyana Yoga is the path of knowledge or, more correctly, wisdom. It is the means to Enlightenment through the process of reason—particularly the process of discrimination between what is real and what is not real, what is true and untrue—through study and self-inquiry. It is said to be the most difficult path because it uses the mind and intellect to go beyond themselves to finally realize you are One with the Divine.

It requires great strength of character, will power, and intellect. The basic theme of Raja Yoga is that your perception of the Divine Self is obscured by the disturbances of the mind.

Dr. (Mrs.) Charanjit Ghooi

If the body and mind can be made still and pure, the Self will instantaneously shine forth. Raja Yoga is the path most favored by Westerners because it can be practiced by almost everyone requiring no belief or particular faith.

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Raja Yoga says to believe only what you find out for yourself through direct experience. In essence, Raja Yoga is a systematic process of molding our character and life to the experience of Enlightenment. Even though these four paths appear different, there is really only one Yoga, one Union. We may be drawn to one Path more than the others but they complement each other.

The Paths are like four different strands woven together to form the same rope, each one strengthened by the others.

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Choose whichever aspects of each path resonate with you and begin to incorporate them into your life. Look for joy in your daily practice and let it guide you. Search form Search. The 4 Paths of Yoga. By Roger Gabriel Raghavanand. Vedanta tells us that there are five causes of suffering: 1. Not knowing who we are 2. Attachment: Clinging to things that are impermanent and having expectations 3.

Aversion: Trying to avoid things that are not real 4. Identifying with the ego and creating separate realities 5.

The 4 Paths of Yoga | The Chopra Center

Fear of death Fortunately, Vedanta also gives us the solutions to overcome them. Bhakti Yoga Bhakti is the yoga of devotion, ultimately to the Divine, but it can initially be a guru, your family, a friend, or anything that creates strong emotional ties. Gyana Jnana Yoga Gyana Yoga is the path of knowledge or, more correctly, wisdom.