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Except for isolated think-tankers or academics and those directly affected, usually only bureaucrats, lawyers and lobbyists know or even have incentives for knowing the full details and implications of key regulations.

Deep State

Just by delaying and postponing actions or failing to use any initiative to try to find a solution, bureaucrats can assure failure. Boris Johnson right , leading candidate to replace Theresa May, if he becomes Prime Minister he will have to deal with U. I have defined the deep state as the alliance of an entrenched bureaucracy benefiting special interests and the intellectuals who rationalize its legitimacy and superiority.

I began focusing on it after a memorable event I attended in January in Turkey. Republican institutions suffer when the battle is not through the ballot box and established procedures but between factions of the deep state. Living in the Washington area, I am familiar with some of the way the deep-routed bureaucracies try to block reforms but I have also witnessed it in other countries.

What Does Deep State Mean?

The latest was Brazil. I asked the officials if they got support from career bureaucrats.

Donald Trump and 'the deep-state'

Their answer was no. Senior officials worked on it mostly alone. As with Brexit and Trump, the election of Jair Bolsonaro caught most of the bureaucracy by surprise, as did its liberalizing agenda. Hidden category: Word of the day archive. Namespaces Entry Discussion.

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