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Adal's history from this founding period forth would be characterized by a succession of battles with neighbouring Abyssinia. Between Djibouti City and Loyada are a number of anthropomorphic and phallic stelae. The structures are associated with graves of rectangular shape flanked by vertical slabs, as also found in Tiya , central Ethiopia. The Djibouti-Loyada stelae are of uncertain age, and some of them are adorned with a T-shaped symbol.

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The Ifat Sultanate was a medieval kingdom in the Horn of Africa. Founded in by the Walashma dynasty , it was centered in Zeila.

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Its Sultan Umar Walashma or his son Ali, according to another source is recorded as having conquered the Sultanate of Shewa in Taddesse Tamrat explains Sultan Umar's military expedition as an effort to consolidate the Muslim territories in the Horn, in much the same way as Emperor Yekuno Amlak was attempting to unite the Christian territories in the highlands during the same period. These two states inevitably came into conflict over Shewa and territories further south. A lengthy war ensued, but the Muslim sultanates of the time were not strongly unified.

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The cruiser Seignelay reached Sagallo shortly after the Egyptians had departed. French troops occupied the fort despite protests from the British Agent in Aden , Major Frederick Mercer Hunter, who dispatched troops to safeguard British and Egyptian interests in Zeila and prevent further extension of French influence in that direction. The Commander of the patrol sloop Le Vaudreuil reported that the Egyptians were occupying the interior between Obock and Tadjoura.

The Egyptian garrison was withdrawn from Tadjoura. It was Rochet d'Hericourt 's exploration into Shoa —42 that marked the beginning of French interest in the Djiboutian coast of the Red Sea.

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Further exploration by Henri Lambert, French Consular Agent at Aden, and Captain Fleuriot de Langle led to a treaty of friendship and assistance between France and the sultans of Raheita, Tadjoura , and Gobaad, from whom the French purchased the anchorage of Obock in Growing French interest in the area took place against a backdrop of British activity in Egypt and the opening of the Suez Canal in Between , France signed various treaties with the then ruling Somali and Afar Sultans , which allowed it to expand the protectorate to include the Gulf of Tadjoura. In , a Russian by the name of Nikolay Ivanovitch Achinov [18] [19] b.

The French considered the presence of the Russians as a violation of their territorial rights and dispatched two gunboats. The Russians were bombarded and after some loss of life, surrendered. The colonists were deported to Odessa and the dream of Russian expansion in East Africa came to an end in less than one year. The administrative capital was moved from Obock in The city of Djibouti , which had a harbor with good access that attracted trade caravans crossing East Africa, became the new administrative capital.

The Franco-Ethiopian railway , linking Djibouti to the heart of Ethiopia, began in and reached Addis Ababa in June , increasing the volume of trade passing through the port. After the Italian invasion and occupation of Ethiopia in the mids, constant border skirmishes occurred between French forces in French Somaliland and Italian forces in Italian East Africa. In , the Italians were defeated and the Vichy forces in French Somaliland were isolated.

The Vichy French administration continued to hold out in the colony for over a year after the Italian collapse.

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In response, the British blockaded the port of Djibouti City but it could not prevent local French from providing information on the passing ship convoys. In , about 4, British troops occupied the city. A local battalion from French Somaliland participated in the Liberation of Paris in In , on the eve of neighboring Somalia's independence in , a referendum was held in Djibouti to decide whether or not to join the Somali Republic or to remain with France.

The referendum turned out in favour of a continued association with France, partly due to a combined yes vote by the sizable Afar ethnic group and resident Europeans. Harbi died in a plane crash two years later under mysterious circumstances. That same year, France rejected the United Nations ' recommendation that it should grant French Somaliland independence.

In August, an official visit to the territory by then French President, General Charles de Gaulle , was also met with demonstrations and rioting. On 19 March , a second plebiscite was held to determine the fate of the territory.

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  • Initial results supported a continued but looser relationship with France. Voting was also divided along ethnic lines, with the resident Somalis generally voting for independence, with the goal of eventual reunion with Somalia, and the Afars largely opting to remain associated with France. France also increased its military force along the frontier. This was both in acknowledgement of the large Afar constituency and to downplay the significance of the Somali composition the Issa being a Somali sub-clan.

    The French Territory of Afars and Issas also differed from French Somaliland in terms of government structure, as the position of governor changed to that of high commissioner. A nine-member council of government was also implemented. With a steadily enlarging Somali population, the likelihood of a third referendum appearing successful had grown even more dim.

    The prohibitive cost of maintaining the colony and the fact that after , France fount itself to be the last remaining colonial power in Africa was another factor that compelled observers to doubt that the French would attempt to hold on to the territory. On June 27, , a third vote took place.

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    A landslide View Reports. Research View All Research Arrow. Atou Seck Resident Representative, Djibouti. Stay Connected. In Depth. Feb 06, Nov 13, Oct 03, Stay Connected Subscribe to Our Newsletters. Additional Resources. In April , experts estimated some , people, or more than one-quarter of the population, needed food aid. In , Djibouti became a key U. In , President Guelleh, running unopposed, was reelected. In parliamentary elections in Feb.

    In , Parliament approved a constitutional amendment that allowed the president to run for a third term. However, it reduced the term from six years to five. Presidential elections in saw incumbent Ismail Omar Guelleh win a third term with The opposition participated in parliamentary elections in Feb. However, the governing Union for the Presidential Majority won 49 out of 65 seats, and the opposition denounced the results.