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Radim Filipec was born in in Ostrava. Then, he enters in the Directing Dpt. He was selected at Premiers Plans in with his student film Fajne. The film and television school was created as part of the Academy of Performing Art in Prague in Five years programs are offered to its students in eight different departments: screenwriting, production, directing, sound, frame, TV and film cinematography. A boat and a train make their way through a series of animated landscapes.

The film navigates between nature and industry, tracing the marks left by human presence. Sara Muzio is a film director and artist who works within multiple disciplines including animation, film, theatre, architecture and temporary installations. Sara's live-action films explore urban landscapes, including a Caracas shanty town La Cancha, screened at the Venice Biennale of Architecture, and the postindustrial town Erith Erith, screened at the Prague Biennale, This day unveils the fragility of their friendship.

Her short films were shown internationaly on numerous festivals and recieved major awards. Founded in , the German film and Television Academy in Berlin offers a three-year programme on directing, photography and production. Since , its students can follow a two-year scriptwriting programme. Each year, the Academy welcomes thirty-four students, often including students from many different countries. Il rencontre des amis et des inconnus… A la recherche de quelque chose.

He meets various friends as well as strangers. Just like the rest of us. He got enrolled to the University of Theatre and Film, Budapest in , where he is currently a fourth-year student. The SzFE was founded in It offers three-year BA and two-year MA programs in film and television directing, cinematography, production, editing, sound, TV broadcasting, and program supervision. Comment les faire taire? The boy is new to the city. He visits his sister, he visits friends.

Noise begins to emerge: how to say no to yourself? Dane Komljen was born in Yugoslavia in He has made several shorts there, including No no and Quiet Celebration. Eleven-year-old Jessi lives with a foster family, her mother is in prison. Her longing for identity takes her back to the village she grew up in. Here she discovers that her search will have to continue beyond the confines of her old life.

Born in East Berlin. Following her secondary school examinations, she traveled to Mexico and the U. Student at the dffb since Directed numerous shorts during the course of her studies, whereby her social spot Love hurts ran successfully at international festivals, and Jessi. The Faculty of Dramatic Arts is a leading academic institution of higher education in theatre, film, radio and television in Serbia. The Faculty of Dramatic Arts is financed by the government of Serbia.

Potsdamer Str. However he is an undocumented immigrant in France. He is exploited and downtrodden and cannot fight against this injustice. This is the story of his ascension. As part of his studies he moved into directing. Some 40 students are enrolled each year. Avait-il des ennuis? Quelle vie menait-il? A certain man disappears under unclear circumstances. What has happened to him? Was something troubling him? What kind of life did he lead? These are the questions people who knew with him try to answer. Will the mystery ever be solved?

Ewa Borysewicz a grandi en Pologne. Eva Borysewicz grew up in Poland. The Academy of Fine Arts has been teaching artists for years; among them are painters, sculptors, graphic, interior and industrial designers, stage designers and art conservators of high rank, thus contributing considerably to the creation of Polish culture and its promotion all over the world. Callum Cooper is an Australian filmmaker and artist. He is the son of a hippy weaver now nurse and biker now motorcycle journalist. His work tends to be documentative or journalistic often based on interviews. Since graduating in from a post graduate diploma from Victorian College of Art, Melbourne, Australia, Callum has created over 20 short form moving image works, utilizing a rich aria of techniques such as sculpture, animation and visual effects.

His first short film Margot made in his 3rd year, won the junior price at the international festival of animation of Annecy In , Milovan Circus won several prices, as the audience price at Anima Brussels festival. Created in the mids, the experimental animation film workshop at the La Cambre National School of Visuel Arts offers a five-year program within which its students can develop and promote their various works.

Each student enjoys the freedom to choose their projects, but assumes a corresponding responsibility in the organisation of their work. Son travail se rapproche de celui d'un documentariste ou d'un journaliste, et se base souvent sur des interviews. A teenage boy uses his own disability to find solitude from the responsibility of looking after his wheelchair bound little brother. Une voix essaye de le calmer en chuchotant doucement. Les photos apparaissent, deux visages se pressent l'un contre l'autre. Elle vient d'accoucher. In a photo booth, a baby is crying. A female voice is heard saying comforting words.

A photo appears with a teenage girl and a baby cuddled in her arms. Ilinka is 14 years old. She has been living in Switzerland for a year with her mother and her aunt. Ilinka just gave birth to a boy. Ilinka's mother has heard about a box where babies can be deposited. She participated in a course for video design, followed various trainings in audiovisual arts in Barcelona, Geneva and Zurich. In , she attended classes for 6 months as an exchange student at the movie section of the Geneva University of Art and Design where she developed the sript of Mak.

The BA in Film emphasises a practical and theoretical foundation in filmmaking. Within the Master of Arts in Film, students can specialise in narration, visualisation or production, with the aim of achieving future key positions in the film business. Visitors from a distant place appear in the misty swamps of Northern Finland. As harmless as they are, their foreign presence unwittingly disrupts the pace of local habits. They have come to look for berries, an activity that all of a sudden seems to embody all the values of local culture.

Who is to blame and where do the profits end up? Miten marjoja poimitaan is an exploration of Finnish mind and the absurdities of global economy. Elina Talvensaari began her studies with anthropology and sociology at Helsinki University. While finishing her Master's Degree she switched to film studies, majoring in documentary directing.

Founded in , the University of Art and Design in Helsinki offers the two hundred students in its Film School degree programs in directing, screenwriting, cinematography, editing, documentary film, production, and sound. The school also offers programs in art and art history, design, and audiovisual media.

Barely out of a difficult breakup, Ana, a teenager at a loose end, chooses to fight in her own way, to arm herself, and in the group find discipline, and sometimes even alienation, a support to be in the world. To prevent the loss of his best friend, Chris, a cold and aloof youngster, years old Johnny, tries to impress him with offbeat cell-phone videos. But at some point even the absurd comedy of the rabbit costume worn by his little brother isn't enough anymore Rachel Lang was born in Strasbourg in After two years studying philosophy at university along drama school in Strasburg, she united these two centres of interest by making mini-portraits of life thanks to the camera she always has with her.

She then went to the IAD to study film direction. Pour toi je ferai bataille, completed in June , is her graduation film. Judith Zdesar is born in in Villach, in Austria. She has studied comparative literature, German language and literature in Vienna. After screenplay studies from to , Judith has entered the University of Music and Performing Arts of Vienna, department film and television. Founded in , the Institute of Broadcasting Arts offers four-year programmes in directing, acting and stage-directing.

Three-year programmes are offered for editing, continuity, multimedia, camera operating, director of photography and sound. The audiovisual and film department created in of the Vienna University of Music and Theatre offers a two-step programme : the first two years are devoted to basic methods and theory.

Each student can specialise in directing, photography, editing, scriptwriting or production. It's almost Christmas, but these three people are still on the road. Moreover, there is a problem: how to cope with an emerging friendship? He also worked as a film and television actor.

He films have won awards in several festivals. His short film Kaupunkilaisia won an award at the Festival Premiers Plans in Taulukauppiaat is his graduation film. Un jeune homme quitte la ville. A young man leaves town. While packing he thinks about the girl he no longer sees. All htat is left of her is a hairclip. Before he leaves he promises to play a final game of ping pong with his friend. Founded in , the University of Art and Design in Helsinki offers the students in its Film School degree programmes in directing, screenwriting, cinematography, editing, documentary film, production, and sound.

The school also offers programmes in art and art history, design, and audiovisual media. Benoit Felici was born in in France. His italian origins and the passion for documentary led him to ZeLIG, documentary film school in north Italy. He worked for different production companies, in for EyeSteelFilm in Canada. He graduated in at ZeLIG. ZeLIG runs a three-years vocational training course in documentary filmmaking. Courses are held in three languages: Italian, German and English. ZeLIG is also a production company for documentary film and crossmedia projects, but working only with professionals who have been trained by ZeLIG.

Yusuf Emirdar was born in in Istanbul. His short film Usak Hesabi is his graduative film. The Film an Television Department at Bilgi offers an educationnal program for the filmmakers of tomorrow. In that program, we teack skills needed to make films and television productions and directions. At the Bilgi, teachers think that theory without practice is sterile, practice without theory is shallow, but brought together they empower the student to find and give form to compelling expressions of creative solutions. He takes his clueless flatmate with him for the journey and the culture shock begins.

A foray into the symbols of an age uncertain about its future and the people who re-invented these paradoxical products of political corruption. Here, the unfinished becomes a source of creativity Le choc des cultures commence. A lonely man walking the empty streets of a north European city slowly starts to fall apart.

His thoughts are rambling, turning around and around in his head, driving him to shout and sing to try stopping his thoughts. A man feels asleep at the foot of a tree. He dreams of the woman he loved. His tongue, his eyes linger over the body of the young woman…. After studying sculpture and video installation, Tessa Joosse developed experience in opera and musical theatre, creating installations and films on stage.

Again produced at Le Fresnoy, Winter is the second short film she has made at the school. He was interested in puppet animation and learned pixilation and stop motion techniques. He lives between Prague and Kladno and is currently preparing his next animation film. Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains is a centre for training, production and distribution of in the arts, audio-visual media and multimedia.

The aim of the national studio is to enable young creators from around the world to produce works using professional technical facilities breaking down barriers between different means of expression. The theoretical and practical field of work is of all audio-visual languages on traditional, silver and electronic media photography, film and video and digital creation.

Over the past 70 years, more than films have been made in the Zlin Studios. He shot his first short while still a student there. He has worked as a freelancer in the film industry as assistant director, photographer and editor. Following this he has worked directing music videos and other assorted film work. Zoe, a young girl nearly out of her teens, strolls aimlessly through the nights and clubs of Berlin. Longing for intimacy and security, she subjects herself to repeated, indiscriminate sex, until a chance encounter opens her eyes to another possibility — exploitation of her body.

The game intrigues her for a while…. Un raton laveur, un renard et un ours regardent des documentaires animaliers dans leur appartement en banlieue. Racoon, Fox and Bear are watching animal documentaries in their suburb flat. By and by the fox acts quite weirdly. Beauty advices come out from the magazine and get a running dog worked-up. The dog takes the magazine back to his tower home : a new body and a new heart for the little dog!

Carl Roosens est illustrateur, et pratique la gravure. Carl Roosens is illustrator, and he practices engraving. Caniche is their first animation film together. Unlucky bubbles come out of his mouth. When one of the bubbles follows someone, they will have bad luck…. Since , he has worked on several projects as a scriptwriter or animation technician.

In parallel he has developed the Chroniques de la poisse, a collection of shorts where bad luck follows those who are unlucky enough to cross its path. Un jour, cela faillit arriver… A woman and a man, whose lives are shaped by fears and illusions, would match and perfectly fullfil each other, if they would only get to meet.

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Once, this was almost about to happen In they graduated at the animation department of Volda University College in Norway with their graduation film Crossed Sild. They exhibit and work as free lance artists and animators in Serbia, Croatia and Belgium. Extrospekcja is her diploma film. Clones of myself are locked into their unending cycles, based on a painting by Breughel the Young. A massive champion swimmer competes against an undertow of childhood memories.

No medal can rival the riptide of nostalgia that takes him back to the sea, his father, and the boy just oout of reach. Tom Haugomat followedan animation cursus in the Gobelins school in Paris, where he co-directed Passion Ski in Bruno Mangyoku is an animation director. Since, they directed new animation films projects with the production company Cube Creative, by their own or in codirection.

Wooden knocks are echoing in a frozen landscape when a lonesome man is searching for a tongueling of his own. Elli Vuorinen was born in Partons en promenade dans les rues de Cracovie. Let's go for a walk in Cracow. Two eyes which are trying to keep yours open on a noncommon walk. Laszlo est un homme sans racines qui aimerait juste vivre en paix, peu importe le lieu.

Laszlo is a man with no past who just wants to live in peace — anywhere will do. After several years of work in several professions including graphic design, illustration, comic book design and animation, he decided to go to France to experience new methods of filmmaking in animation. A look at life on the Mediterranean borders of Europe, where tourists try to relax while "illegal" immigrants struggle for a chance to a better life.

Gallen, Switzerland is a visual artist who works as director, animator and screenwriter. Before she dedicated herself to the art of movie making, she acquired skills and training in painting, illustration and theatre projects, which are all still part of her work. Since she lives and works mostly in Zagreb, Croatia.

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A three-minute history of the world that starts off with an exasperating mosquito circling around a bald head. Moskito Bravo is their first animation film in common. While there he discovered animation and finished his studies there with the short film Mumkin Boukra, in animated painting. The mother of the director tells to her daughter her arrival in Athens during the 70's after the fall of the dictatorship.

Her interest in animation lead her to Kingston University of London, from where she graduated in with her film He Seemed Lovely. Moving straight to the Royal College of Art, she created there two more films: Eric, do you exist? Every morning a man awakes, and every morning he rebuilds his world that disintegrated during his sleep. One morning, however, he sleeps late and the disintegration is apparent in both himself and his surroundings.

In a moment of enlightenment in the midst of his ordinary morning, the whole world loses its consistency and reveals. Noumeno is his graduation film. A young wolf decides to confront his father. He had not seen him since he was a child. In , he joined Cartoon Saloon for a summer internship and has worked with the studio ever since.

He was a character director on the award-winning feature The Secret of Kells before directing his first short The Red Ball, screened at a number of festivals the world over. In , he made his second short Dialogue and is currently co-directing the music video Scattered with Adrien Merigeau. A Sultan discovers his wife in the arms of another woman. He has the lovers executed and goes into a vengeful rage, until Shahrazad arrives…. At the end of elementary school he started coloring, collecting objects from the street, photographing, playing some music In , he graduated at the Academy of Art and finished graduate studies of animation in Prague, at Famu.

Living in Prague, he is currently doing a thesis on "Preciousness of discarded objects, i. A panic attack in a supermarket exploring big and little worries that becomes an absurd list to be experienced and taken with a pinch of salt. Night lovestory of two outsiders, who meet in closed swimming pool in the middle of big city. He entered the Royal College of Art, where he shots several short movies, and gratuated in with a MA in Animation. She studied in the Graphic Art School in Jihlava from to The faces of class, wealth, history and the tensions between individualism and conformity in British society are explored in this visual journey from East to West London.

He is the son of a hippy weaver and bike. Since graduating in from a post graduate diploma from Victorian College of Art, Melbourne, Australia, Callum has created over 20 short form moving image works. In she went to the Bratislava Fine Arts Academy, in the visual communication department, where she is still studying. It was there that she made her first animation films, as well as Viliam. A story of Viliam, who lives his own animated life within the real world. Childish fun turns into a problem, the problem becomes a solution. No solution is perfect.

Manuel a 31 ans et travaille comme journaliste free-lance. Manuel is 31 and a freelance journalist. He lives in a working class area of Lisbon where the houses — as old and decrepit as their inhabitants — are the cheapest. His daily life is repetitive and lonely, on account of the casual jobs he has to do and which he does without much motivation in front of his computer screen. The objects with which he fills a red chest each day, a flying visit to an underground laboratory, and his enthusiasm at receiving certain cybernetic messages are all signs that he has a plan.

After having found a new master for his cat and undergone an unusual series of physical tests, it is without drama or emotion that he announces to his family that he will be leaving for an indeterminate period of time…. He is a director, editor, actor and musician. His first short Rapace was selected for Premiers Plans in A Espada e a Rosa is his first feature. An old mother and her overweighed son are living in a humble little flat. Their only source of living is their sick benefits. Mother put her whole life for raising her only son, alone without a man. But her son is suffering. Guilty feelings are coming all over him, and he decides to go to his father, a person he never saw before.

Mama is the debut for Yelena and Nikolay as film directors and script writers. Nikolay Renard fell into cinema through visual arts and oil painting. Yelena — through script writing. This film is their first experience of united directing. To all appearances a perfect Gentleman, Mr Christie is in fact an arrogant and selfish monster. His life changes overnight when his frolics with a French sailor are shown on TV….

Graduating in , Phil Mulloy worked as a scriptwriter and director up until the end of the s. He then went to live in Wales to work full time on animation. It is an evening in October A fiveyear-old boy Thor Ochsner is on his way to pick up his mom at the airport. His father is driving the car, it is raining and the windscreen wipers move back and forth. All of a sudden a car accident happens — and the five-year-old Thor is left alone, and has to figure out what to do. Thor Ochsner was born in Copenhagen in Then, he worked as an editor in different companies.

Abed enters Israel illegally by passing under the Wall, through the sewers. He works in a restaurant in the West of Jerusalem. On his day off, Abed decides to go home with a mysterious white box. It is the beginning of a long journey. Giacomo Abbruzzese was born in Italy in Following a degree in Communication from the University of Sienna, he wrote a dissertation on Digital Cinema at the University of Montreal in , followed by a Masters in Cinema and Multimedia at the University of Bologna. In parallel to his studies, he started making short films in including: Romeo sotto Giulietta in , Esprit Maternel in , Women, Fire and Other Dangerous Things in , Droga Party in and Passing the following year.

He currently lives and works in France, Palestine and Italy. He earned his degree in , and directed Light-Sleep as his first short film after his studies. He is also one of the editors of the Prizma film-periodical. Lionel Rupp was born in He went to the Beaux-Arts in and graduated in The same year he founded the production company Zooscope with his brother Adrien.

A typical industrial village, the ideal model for a ghostly past. T the supermarket: two teenagers on a merrygo-round. In the big stadium: a match for a handful of supporters. Gilles Lepore was born in in Porrentruy, Swtizerland. After several placements, he made his first animated film, The Cage, which was selected for a number of festivals.

Maciej Madracki was born in Krakow, Poland, in He studied filmology in Krakow before going to the University of Silesia in Katowice, in the directing department. Michal Madracki was born in Krakow, Poland, in In , he graduated in the History of Religion from the Jagellonne University. He is also a writer, scriptwriter, author of short stories and short films. Seeking their physiological limits, free divers impose a very different regime on their bodies than the usual, regular use of their lungs.

There are bodies and the restraint that they choose, accept and experiment with. This bodily restraint is filmed under free diving conditions. Le Silence de la carpe est son premier film documentaire. Born in France in , Vincent Pouplard lives and works as an artist, director and speaker on film. After studying sociology and photography, he moved into experimental films and blending music and images, and then film directing and production.

Le Silence de la carpe is his first documentary film. In a world where people have lost the use of speech, security guards bully a group of drug addict bikers. Two children are in a gymnasium where they are doing fitness exercises. When night falls they escape from the school. The guards go through the neighbourhood looking for the escaped children. I wish sto create a story without words about the time of the small childhood. Just try to film what happens when we are not there. Joachim Lafosse was born in Brussels in His following films were premiered in Premiers Plans before their realease in France.

From the celestial mountains to the peaks of the skyscrapers of Shanghai, two young peasants leave their village to go to the sprawling city. Hendrick Dusollier is a plastic artist and composes his shots in his films using a mix of live action and virtual spaces in 3D. Since , during several journeys, he has filmed the changes underway in China. His new film, Babel, is an allegory of China today. It is the end of a meal. Eight people are gathered around a table: they recall memories of a friend no longer with them. She studied at art school, and has always been interested in different means of expression so as to better explore the possibilities of language.

Monsieur Lecoq 2/5 - Émile Gaboriau ( AudioBook FR )

She started by publishing low print run art books before making her first videos. She has had several exhibitions in France and abroad, notably at the Jeu de Paume in She has made several shorts, two documentaries Pork and Milk, , Valvert, and a fiction feature, En ville, in Born in , Claire Doyon studied literature before leaving to study drama in New York. Her graduation film, The Wind blows where it wants, was selected for Cannes, Venice and Los Angeles where he received a special mention. Les Lionceaux her first feature film has been shown in the Directors' Fortnight in Cannes in Elle le suit.

A man meets a woman… Everything is going well, so well that the following morning he decides to go and build a lovely house for her. She follows him. Marina Rosset was born in in Lausanne. Love Patate : some french fries, a love triangle, a potato with a scar, a huge nose, North of France and a bunny Mei Ling, jeune chinoise oisive, vit seule dans son appartement en attendant son amant.

Le poulpe grandit Mei Ling, an idle young Chinese woman, lives alone in her flat, waiting for her lover. Until the day she finds a tiny octopus hidden in the sink. She decides to adopt it to her boredom. The octopus begins to grow…. Gilles Cuvelier was born in Lille in His first short, Chahut, is released and selected in Premiers Plans in and with some friends who are also film directors, he creates the production firm PAPY3D productions in Love Patate is his second short film.

In , a travel to Asia inspired them their first film Bonsoir Monsieur Chu, which won the jury prize for French shorts at the Premiers Plans Festival. In January , they completed there second short, Mei Ling. They are currently working on their third film. Henri, a tired forty-something, works as a dog handler in a suburban station. One day his boss explains that he will have to get rid of his narcoleptic old Rottweiler Oedipus, his only friend.

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Incapable of facing up to this, Henri takes comfort in a beer and in Chantal, the waitress at the station buffet. Comment concilier morale catholique et amour conjugal? Pourquoi le plaisir est-il coupable? La mince affaire… Men and women in the 30s and 40s. They could have been our grandparents. How can you love without having eight children? How can you reconcile Catholic morality and conjugal love? Why is pleasure guilty?

Fr Viollet may have the answer to these questions. No easy business…. It is raining and it looks like it will never stop. Tu es parti, Vasco, tu voulais aller loin. Blandine Lenoir is an actress and director. She is currently writing her first fiction feature. He is currently working on his first feature. You were held back, though, by concrete and kisses, and you tasted the blood of the whale.

But that was not enough, you wanted to go elsewhere, to join the horizon that fascinated you. But how far do you want to go, Vasco? Since , the Festival Premiers Plans has introduced audiences to the work of young screenwriters with the readings of scripts for first features. Each year 5 screenplays are selected and read in public before the film is directed by professional actors. This prize will also be given by France Culture, in the form of a first broadcast premium paid to the writer of the script for its broadcast on the radio.

Paris Alex a vingt-cinq ans. They are looking to rent a big, light modern villa. The big villa will be a stage for sinister events…. Alex is Since the death of his mother he has lived alone, and lives off small time dealing, providing for his brother Isaac who, after having been a support for has become a burden. He decides to make the most of the law and leave for Israel, to join his cousin Nathan, who has set up a business there. But Alex realises that in going, he will leave behind Gabriel his nephew, Esther his former lover, Mathias his age-old friend, and Jeanne the beautiful young woman he has just met.

Alex will have to weave his way between his alyah, selling drugs, complicated love life and destructive brother. Alyah is his first feature as a director. In he appeared in the cinema in Didine by Vincent Dietschy. At 18 he moved to Paris to studied applied literature. After a period as an assistant director he moved into writing. At the moment he is directing his first short, The Last Song, and is preparing his second. He is also currently developing his first feature, Nesma, with Mille et Une Productions, and will start shooting next summer.

Quelque part en Europe. When the poor tin shacks he shares with his family in the desert are menaced by demolition orders, Kamal decides to take action. He will stage a bombing and then prevent it, in order to establish himself as a hero, save his village, and win the admiration he so desires.

Somewhere in Europe. Various populations, who have be forced to flee because of poverty, war or fanaticism, are pushed back farther and farther and are often trapped. Alongside her work as a painter, she has worked as a model maker and illustrator. Guy Ofran graduated from Idit Schori, the scriptwriting school in Jerusalem in After having worked as a television and radio journalists, he focused on writing the script of the TV series The Race to be Prime Minister for the national Israeli TV channel.

He has also written several screenplays including Le Poste sud-est directed by Ami Livne, which received the Arte Screenplay Award in Jerusalem in In , she took part in the script reading of A Common Thread at Premiers Plans Festival, and consequently starred in the film. Marie Desplechin has also led a certain number of joint projects, notably with the dancers and choreographers Carlson and Thierry Niang and composer Nicolas Frize.

Adami is a collective management society for the intellectual property rights of artists and performers. It distributes rights to actors, singers, solo musicians, humourists, conductors and dancers for the broadcasting of their recorded works. It defends the rights of artists and performers. It supports creation so as to encourage the employment of artists. It also plays a role in the field of the arts and gives out almost Euros each year to support short films. At the beginning of the next school year, she will leave the family farm, the dirty tricks of the girls at school, the secrets of the boys; Elsa will go on vocational training in Reims.

Rafa, 13, leaves his little apartment in the southern suburbs of Lisbon to go to the police station in the city centre because his mother has been arrested. He is going to come up against authority and also the bureaucratic absurdity of the police. Paul Anselmi est un ancien truand. Et un ancien militaire. Seul, certes, mais libre et autrefois puissant. And a former soldier. And a former businessman. A man who has managed to navigate between stagnant waters to find the source, money, power, power, his dream life.

An unscrupulous romanesque character, without morals, without any value other than himself. Alone, certainly, but free and once powerful. This freedom is precisely what Commissaire Perdrix and Lieutenant Webb have come to take, two cops lost in a time dimension that they do not belong to…. These readings will be recorded and broadcast on France Culture in These screenplay readings will be put to the audience vote. The winning screenplay. Author and director of animation films CGI and 3D , Nicolas Deveaux has a very personal universe around two passions: the image and the animal world.

In , just graduated from the School of Computer Graphics Supinfocom, he directed his first professional short film 7tonnes2, featuring a realistic elephant trampoline champion. Already confirmed in a realist style, at the same time he developed graphic and poetic writing inspired graphic prints and lithographs of old always with a view to giving this show the best of nature His graduation film, Bad Luck!

XXIth century, a young man rediscovers a photographic laboratory forgotten by his ancestors. On , same place, a dreamy young lady wishes to have a very particular portrait of herself She has already directed several shorts, two of which were shot in 2k 3D, and received many awards around the world. At the present time she is preparing her own new narrative stereoscopic projects and shooting 3D for other film-makers as a stereographer. Author, director and producer of around 20 films, Shooting is his first short film in stereoscopic 3D… This technique has brought him face to face with the representation of reality, violently raising the issue, like a hard drug, of his own identity, and by extension, a broader questioning of creation.

A young woman, her father and her son are spending the weekend in the country. The grandfather has promised that the train of his childhood will pass by. Every day, they wait to see the old railway line operating again… But is the train real, or is it an excuse to spend some time together? Jeanne Guillot was born in Les Ulis, near Paris. At the age of 8 she started learning drama in a small theatre group. While shooting, Topper turns out to be an arrogant eccentric and threatens to pack in the shoot. Then Marleen enters. She is the female part, piques the interest of Topper and is the girlfriend of Axel.

Later he worked as an art director designing merchandising products for Bernd das Brot, a popular german television show, where the central character is a depressed bread. When talking of Barbet Schroeder, audiences find it difficult to link the films together. What would you say are the characteristics of his cinema? Il ne pose pas le spectateur en juge. What is striking about Barbet Schroeder is precisely that difficulty in characterising his work.

For audiences, the name is vague. He has worked with genres and subjects that are so different that people find it difficult to identify them and make the link the Schroeder. Even though Barbet Schroeder is uncategorisable and atypical, certain elements do recur. The spectator is not made into a judge. There is neither good nor evil and the purpose of his films is not to decide on this. Schroeder tries rather to understand this strangeness which fascinates him. He is fascinated by the duality of good and evil, as was Fritz Lang, one of his favourite filmmakers.

But if Fritz Lang was fascinated directly by crime, Barbet Schroeder is interest in crossing the line, the limit which leads to crime. The film Murder by Numbers deals precisely with the theme of evil seeping into the minds of two young men. Barbet Schroeder Barbet Schroeder, a filmmaker without borders? Barbet Schroeder has obviously had an international past, both personally and professionally.

Although French by culture, particularly in terms of films, he was born in Teheran of Swiss-German parents, grew up in Colombia, filmed in the United States and in Japan. His cinema is linked to his own culture, which itself is multiple. For example, Barbet Schroeder succeeded in doing something which is rare for a French. Il a toujours voulu faire les films comme il le voulait.

Fassbinder Roulette chinoise. This success protected him for around 15 years. His success can also be explained by his beginnings as a producer. He has always had an idea on who to produce a film, which enabled him to understand the Hollywood studio system more easily. But despite his success, he never really blended into the world of Hollywood, he remained too independent to establish himself completely.

His position is once again one of being on the edges of a world which he accepts, but which he can also reject at times. Our Lady of the Assassins is a flagrant example of this, breaking radically from his previous Hollywood films. With this innovative film, shot in High Definition Digital, using mainly non-professional actors, he crossed the line and was no longer in the spirit of Hollywood megaproductions, but on the side of Columbia.

Going further with this question, you can see that there are no longer any clear borders in his directing process. Schroeder can use the preparation just as well as the shoot. For Koko, a Talking Gorilla, he changes the purpose of the shots taken for the preparation of the original film, and finally turns them into the documentary we know. More par exemple, fait partie des premiers films sur la drogue et le mouvement hippy. Barbet Schroeder, an independent filmmaker? He has always wanted to make films in the way he wanted. His training as a producer soon made him aware of this, but above all it gave him what he needed.

He is the sort of director who often changed crews. Once again you can see this constant desire to renew. As a film lover, Barbet Schroeder clearly has a good knowledge of French cinema, which is visible in his work as a producer. Fassbinder Chinese Roulette. While continuing to produce these directors through his company, he soon moved away from them. His films all have strong, subversive themes, which are always controversial. More for instance, is one of the first films on drugs and the hippy movement. Similarly, Mistress looks at the reality and practices of sadomasochism, a phenomenon which was never really, objectively, explored at the time insofar as the subject was still taboo.

Always a step ahead, he looked into subjects which are disturbing and which regularly have an impact which goes beyond cinema. To all appearances difficult to link together, often considered as separate objects, almost like UFOs, the films have the common point of showing in daylight and on the big screen, the often hidden trends of our society. Barbet Schroeder regularly takes subjects from reality.

Often a controversial reality, with the complicit of Charles Bukowski, and the theme of alcoholism and marginality in Barfly or a homosexual love story with a backdrop of violence and drugs in Our Lady of the Assassins. The difficult subjects meant that he could always find something new and avoid falling into the systematic.

In Paris, Stefan meets Estelle, who drags him down into the hell of drugs. In search of thrills and hallucinations, the lovers meet up in Ibiza, the emblematic island of the hippy movement, to live our their dangerous passion intensely. Six ans plus tard, son premier film More sort en salles. A sa sortie, More fait scandale. Six years later, his first film More was released. The production was a copy of the production of La Collectionneuse: natural sets and lighting, no direct sound and 35mm film. Barbet Schroeder added that there is a clear aesthetic relationship between the two works.

When it was released More caused a scandal. It was an immense audience success. It became a cult film, symbolic of a generation. They show a way of life in which the whole crew from the film were immersed. A very small team, made up of thirteen people, interpreters and technicians included, sharing the lives of the Papuans in New Guinea, particularly in the make-up ceremony, illustrated by the short film of the same name.

Barbet Schroeder shows the cultural importance of music and the body decorations in this primitive community. Viviane is the bored wife of diplomat, who is seduced by a group of hippies looking for a mysterious uncharted valley. Searching for communion with nature, they gradually abandon their western references to blend into this new culture.

Barbet Schroeder films a voyage of initiation, a human and geographic adventure which verges on being an ethnological documentary. This contemplative film follows a quest for a utopia and a freedom which are as attractive as they are dangerous. The film is in the vein of More, particularly with the music, which was also by Pink Floyd. Both films explore the discovery of life and its pleasures, following the transformation and the journey of characters who are pushing back their boundaries, with all the risks that this implies. Distribution Les Films du Losange. This documentary on the Ugandan president and dictator Idi Amin, portrays the caricature of power embodied by a man playing his own role and displaying his government before the eyes of a director who at no time takes sides or judges the situation.

With this almost ridiculous megalomaniac, laughter and fear mingle in the audience, the film becoming a satire on the Ugandan situation. Ariane is a professional dominatrix who sells very special services in her Paris apartment. By accident she meets Olivier, who has just arrived in Paris from the provinces and with whom she has a love affair. After drugs, utopia and dictatorship, Schroeder here looks at the foibles of masochism. The character played by Bulle Ogier plays out the most outrageous desires of her clients while living an apparently normal life.

Just like her doublefacetted apartment, one private, the other professional, Ariane is also double, torn between her love for Olivier and her the freedom of her profession. Dominatrix and lover, the balance is difficult to find. Barbet Schroeder explores the ambivalence, even duplicity, of characters who live normal lives while performing their craziest fantasies in the shadows. Koko is a 7-year-old gorilla that has been taught sign language by a couple of psychologists from Stanford University.

He is presented as a subject in a scientific experiment to see whether animals can be educated or not. He decided to use the tapes that he had recorded for his research. With this, his second documentary, he looks into the possibility of a real dialogue between animals and man. The barrier which used to separate animals from humans has fallen with Koko, since he can speak, can recognise himself in a mirror, can feel and express his emotions.

In a casino in Madeira, an inveterate gambler meets a woman with a 7 on her jumper. This is his lucky number, he asks her to stay and accompany him for a week. She ends up accepting…. Alors, le suspense est la solution. Mon histoire est vraie. It is impossible to get across the feeling of the sensation of drugs, the pleasure of masochism is incommunicable.

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So suspense is the solution. From to , Barbet Schroeder was desperately looking to finance Barfly, a film which was to be written by Bukowski. Over a period of two years he recorded the evenings he spent with Bukowski. It was also very important for him to keep alive the idea that creation could not, and should not, be too serious, a natural wisdom I liked a lot. I soon realised that the film worked as a succession of monologues.

It was an unforgettable moment of solitary exaltation. Henry Chinaski drinks, fights and writes poetry. When he meets Wanda, a woman who is as lost as he is, it is the meeting of two people going downhill fast, who love each other, run from each other, tear each other part in a chaotic world. The two dropouts complement each other in this relationship marked by violence and alcohol. The whole film is imbued with the presence of alcohol. It is the junction between the two heroes, who are connected by alcohol at their first meeting.

With his daring choice of actors Mickey Rourke and Faye Dunaway and an unconventional scriptwriter Charles Bukowski , Schroeder made his first American film a long way from studio-shot Hollywood productions. The mystery surrounding the murder remains. It is a genre where the slightest mistake is unforgivable and it demands total respect for detail at all levels. My first difficulty was convincing Columbia to finance a around two actresses who were unknown to the studios, Bridget Fonda and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

A genuine studio film, produced by a major studio, Barbet explores the psychological thriller. Hong, T. Rouget, S. Neuhaus, A. Niehaus, U. Schaffers, W. Liebert, E.

Debates on Women, Politics, and Culture in France, 1981–2001

Heeke, K. Weber, L. Bluhm, H. Grugger, J. Hemmerling, I. Fooken, J. Mikota, D. Paulus, B. Schafer, K. Weber, M. Hedrich, N. Wojke, V. Seib, F. Covering authors from Mercedes Lackey and Brandon Sanderson to Christopher Paolini and Stephenie Meyer, the author finds that it is the nature of tropes and the language used that make a fantasy story, for bad or good. Imaging Femininity in M. Lettres , , pages. Ai lu ce commentaire enthousiaste sur Amazon. Les textes, dans des traductions nouvelles, se lisent avec bonheur.

C'est aussi palpitant qu'un roman policier! While recent critical thinkers have reengaged with Utopia, the possibility of terror — whether state or non-state, external or homegrown — shadows Utopian imaginings.

The essays in this volume look at a range of fantastic texts as tools for understanding, talking, and arguing about crime and justice. Although crime and justice are not common terms in fantasy, their cognates such as right and wrong, good and evil, punishment and restoration are central to the many themes that inform these texts.

  • Alabaster Way: The Black Gigolo and the Grandmother.
  • Pointers in C: A Hands on Approach (Experts Voice in C).
  • Policing and Contemporary Governance | SpringerLink.
  • Les comptes-rendus-avis de lecture de la librairie Vaux Livres.

This book is the first to offer a justice-focused cognitive reading of modern YA speculative fiction in its narrative and filmic forms. It links the expansion of YA speculative fiction in the 20th century with the emergence of human and civil rights movements, with the communitarian revolution in conceptualizations of justice, and with spectacular advances in cognitive sciences as applied to the examination of narrative fiction. She places the contemporary literary vampire within the wider popular culture scope, also building critical connections with issues of fandom and readership.

In reworking the formulaic elements of the vampiric tradition — and experimenting with genre-bending techniques — this book shows how authors such as J. Ward, Stephanie Meyers, Charlaine Harris, and Anne Rice have allowed vampires to be moulded into enigmatic figures who sustain a vivid conceptual debt to contemporary consumer and popular culture.

This book highlights the changes — conceptual, political and aesthetic — that vampires have undergone in the past decade, simultaneously addressing how these changes in "vampire identity" impact on the definition of the Gothic as a whole. From Here to California: Philip K. Tagomi's Planet: Philip K. The Hymn of Philip K. Stairway to Eleusis, or: Perennially Philip K. Tolkien, Paris, Pocket, , pages. Rowling et G. This book delves deeply into her body of work and traces her career in detail.

Introduction : Alan Moore. Tolkien and C. Introduction: My earthly lot hath little of earth in it -Massachusetts: a chaos of deep passion, from his birth -. Although the classics get a deserved mention, the author concentrates mainly on the neglected lesser titles, many not seen for decades, giving them a much-needed public airing. Readers will indulge in chapters devoted to: Key actors, companies, directors and composers! Comparisons between Japanese monster movies and their Americanized counterparts!

Scarce, unseen American, British and foreign horror, sci-fi, fantasy features! A couple of out-and-out schlock classics! The Abominable Snowman in the s! Neither a debunking book nor one written for the "true believer" in the paranormal, American Hauntings objectively scrutinizes the historic evidence behind such hugely popular films as The Exorcist, The Amityville Horror, An American Haunting, The Conjuring, and The Haunting in Connecticut to ascertain the accuracy of these entertainment depictions of these "true life" hauntings.

The authors then compare these popular culture accounts against the alleged real-life encounters and impartially weigh the evidence to assess whether each incident actually took place. Introduction: Cinemyths; Monica S. Cyrino and Meredith E. Garcia, Jr. Dyson argues that science fiction and fantasy television creators share a fundamental kinship with great minds in international relations.

Creators like Gene Roddenberry, George R. Martin, and Ronald D. Moore are worldbuilders of no lesser creativity, Dyson argues, than theorists such as Woodrow Wilson, Kenneth Waltz, and Alexander Wendt. Each of these thinkers imagines a realm, specifies the rules of its operation, and by so doing seeks to teach us something about ourselves and how we interact with one another. The Writing Dead features original interviews with the writers of today's most frightening and fascinating shows. The Transformation of Dr. This book delves deep into the internal mythology of shows such as The X-Files, resurrects now-forgotten series like Wild Palms and VR.

Outi Hakola investigates the ways in which American living-dead films have addressed death through different narrative and rhetorical solutions during the twentieth century. From early examples such as Star Trek and Sapphire and Steel to more contemporary shows including Life on Mars and The Vampire Diaries, time has frequently been used as a device to allow programme makers to experiment stylistically and challenge established ways of thinking.

In what sense does torture porn respond to current events, and in what ways does it draw from much older tropes? How has torture porn been influenced by earlier horror film cycles, from slasher movies to J-horror? BFI Film Classics , , pages. Starting with the explosive Kiss Me Deadly, the book examines various apocalyptic scenarios and how each ties together through issues of displacement and amorality: from the atomic anxiety of The Big Heat and Lady from Shanghai, to the religious peril of Days of Heaven and The Rapture, to science fiction dystopias of The Terminator and They Live, and ending with the media implosion that is Richard Kelly's Southland Tales.

Including a number of narratives belonging to film, literature, comics and video games, this book provides a comprehensive perspective of the genre. It sheds light on the differences and similarities in the depiction of fear and horror in America and Japan, while emphasizing narrative patterns in the context of their respective cultures. This engaging collection of profiles introduces many of the actors behind the heroes, heroines, monsters and villains who have terrified and fascinated moviegoers around the world.

Predator , the profiles offer insight into how the actors prepared for and performed their roles. Longer essays explore the casts of renowned horror series, including Saw, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th, providing a window into the world of horror filmmaking. This collection features critical articles that explore the role of the child character in post-apocalyptic cinema, including classic, recent, and international films, approached from a variety of theoretical, methodological, and cultural perspectives.

Hodapp; Frank Jacob; Cassandra L. The films covered include The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Island of Dr.

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The studio also produced films in the adventure, comedy, fantasy, mystery and western genres. This volume covers these movies in detail with critical and historical analysis, in-depth plot synopsis and numerous contemporary reviews. In Making and Remaking Horror in the s and s author David Roche takes up the assumption shared by many fans and scholars that original horror movies are more "disturbing," and thus better than the remakes. Containing seventy-eight black and white illustrations, the book is grounded in a close comparative analysis of the politics and aesthetics of four of the most significant independent American horror movies of the s--The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, The Hills Have Eyes, Dawn of the Dead, and Halloween--and their twenty-first-century remakes.

Author Adam Rockoff traces the highs and lows of the. How have familiar tales such as 'Cinderella', 'Beauty and the Beast', 'Ali Baba' and 'Bluebeard' been redeployed in film? Why has the industry taken such a keen interest in reworking age-old stories? And are the 3D star vehicles currently being released necessarily the most interesting examples?

Paying particular attention to less conspicuous adaptations in order to question exactly what constitutes a 'fairy tale film', Sue Short argues that some of the most significant revisions can be found where we least expect them. Now, early in the 21st century, Los Angeles-based philosopher Timothy Shanahan is on a quest to hunt down and critically analyze Blade Runner's distinctive treatment of such perennial philosophical topics as human nature, personhood, identity, consciousness, free will, morality, God, death, time, and the meaning of life. In this tenth anniversary revised and updated edition of They Came From Within, Caelum Vatnsdal adjusts the focus in Canadian horror films, and unwinds the history of this neglected genre to learn "why we fear what we fear and how it came to be that way.

This book provides both students and scholars with a critical and historical introduction to the graphic novel. Jan Baetens and Hugo Frey explore this exciting form of visual and literary communication, showing readers how to situate and analyze graphic novels since their rise to prominence half a century ago. Through their analysis of the works of many well-known graphic novelists - including Bechdel, Clowes, Spiegelman and Ware - Baetens and Frey offer significant insights for future teaching and research on the graphic novel. Swampmen: Muck-Monsters of the Comics dredges up those creepy man-critters that crawled out of the bayou back in the s, through the memories of the artists and writers who created them!

ISHI, Anne ed. The first global history of comics from through to the present day, arranged chronologically and richly illustrated with prime examples of the artists, styles and movements being discussed. The authors contextualize the crucial modern period within the art forms broader history and offer a description of the more fluid, international and digital scene that is the mediums likely future. Nayar 8. Batman and the Joker almost seemed to define each other as opposites, hero and nemesis, in a kind of psychological duality.

Scholars from a wide array of disciplines look at the Joker through the lens of feature films, video games, comics, politics, magic and mysticism, psychology, animation, television, performance studies, and philosophy. In the summer of X-Men surpassed all box office expectations and ushered in an era of unprecedented production of comic book film adaptations. This trend, now in its second decade, has blossomed into Hollywood's leading genre. From superheroes to Spartan warriors, The Comic Book Film Adaptation offers the first dedicated study to examine how comic books moved from the fringes of popular culture to the center of mainstream film production.

King and J. This book describes the evolution of the cowboy hero as a mythic persona created by dime novels, television and Hollywood. The development of the hero image and the fictional West is traced from early novels and films to the present, along with shifting audience expectations and economic pressures. The sagebrush trail -- Part I. The rise of western movies, The great train robbery : or how early western movies stole America's heart ; Blazing the trail : new directors and the rise of feature westerns ; The big trail : tracking feature westerns through depression and war ; Tumbling tumbleweeds : guns, guitars, and b-western cowboys -- Part II.

Transitional westerns on new frontiers, The searchers : cowboys and containment on the cold war frontier ; Shane : western heroes and the culture of the cold war -- Part III. A fistful of dollars : spaghetti westerns and changing times ; The wild bunch : American westerns on a revisionist trail ; True grit : traditional westerns ride again! Django unchained. Il western italiano oltre Leone, Alessandria, Falsopiano, , pages. Wild nature provides a powerful setting but is a determinant of action and of character too.

La proliferazione del genere anno , Piombino, Ass. Culturale il Foglio, , pages. And what role have cinema and television played in this process? This intriguing study argues that since , the two media have turned toward inner German experiences of the Third Reich. From intimate portrayals of ordinary Germans and Nazi leaders to immersive spectacles of war and defeat, German film has focused on portraying the Nazi past from within.

In Real War vs. Reel War: Veterans, Hollywood, and World W a r II, Suzanne Broderick looks at how on-screen portrayals hold up against wartime experiences of actual combatants—soldiers, sailors, pilots, code talkers, and prisoners of war. A wealth of fresh detail is provided on Dr. The book also examines the film within the context of the. Drawn from interviews, biographical research and extensive cultural analysis, this work is an indispensable resource for Kubrick fans, movie buffs and students of Cold War history. In War on the Silver Screen Glen Jeansonne and David Luhrssen vividly demonstrate how war movies have burned the images and impressions of those wars onto the American psyche more concretely than has the reality of the wars themselves.

That is, our feelings about wars are generated less by what we learn through study and discourse than by powerful cinematic images and dialogue. HELD eds. Held -The price we pay? Ce programme s'intitulait Bleu Nuit.? LAU, Kimberly J. Press, Fairy Tale Studies , , pages. Eroticism and the eighteenth-century imagination -Imperfect enjoyments: errors of the imagination in Restoration England -- "Too great warmth": Joseph Addison, Eliza Haywood, and the pleasures of reading -"Something greatly awful": what sex does in early novels -Sex as form: the aesthetic pedagogies of John Cleland and William Hogarth -- Coda philosophy's erotic forms.

During the sex wars of the s, sex-positive feminism entered the adult film industry with a performer support group known as Club Over the next three decades feminism found a home among an influential group of women in pornography. Pornography Feminism: As Powerful as She Wants to Be is a popular history of this unfolding saga told largely through personal interviews along with scholarly works, previous popular histories, and film reviews. The author also explores such elements as romantic versus democratic love, the representation of female sexuality, and new family models.

With an interdisciplinary approach, this book touches on many different areas, including sociology, psychology, gender studies, and media studies. Postface de Wendy Delorme. From sitcoms to horror movies, teen comedies to erotic thrillers, autoeroticism is easily detected on screen. The portrayal, however, is not a simple one.

The screen reflects this conflicted relationship. It is there—hundreds and hundreds of times—but it is routinely whispered about, mocked and presented as a punchline, and is inevitably portrayed as controversial at the very least. Haberski Jr. The Victorians worried about many things, prominent among their worries being the 'condition' of England and the 'question' of its women. Sex, Crime and Literature in Victorian England revisits these particular anxieties, concentrating more closely upon four 'crimes' which generated special concern amongst contemporaries: adultery, bigamy, infanticide, and prostitution.

Each engaged with questions of sexuality and its regulation - as well as the legal, moral, and cultural concerns - which attracted the considerable interest, not just of lawyers and parliamentarians, but also novelists and poets, and perhaps most importantly, those who, in ever-larger numbers, liked to pass their leisure hours reading about sex and crime. What does the heroine seek from the hero in a romance — self enhancement or self-sharing?

Submission or dominance? Drawing together classics like Wuthering Heights and Middlemarch, epics from Ayn Rand and Dorothy Dunnett, and romances from The Scarlet Pimpernel and The Sheik to the Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey sagas, Judith Wilt depicts the feminine imagination conceiving the hero as 'the girl' in pursuit of a transcendent self.