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At this writing, the book is being prepared for publication. Fisher was a Harlem Renaissance writer as a well as a physician. The article provides a biographical, critical, and bibliographic overview of Fisher and his work. Jersey: Hampton Press, , Michael Soto. Keith Booker Westport : Greenwood Publishers, Oxford : Oxford University Press, Wendy Bishop. Thomas Riggs. Detroit : St.

James Press, James Press, , David Starkey. Journal published at the Univ. Bill Hotchkiss. Corvalis, Oregon: Castle Peak Editions, Alvin Sullivan. Westport : Greenwood Press, , pp. Samhain was edited by W. David Macey see under Books above , listed by volume number and page numbers. Poetry Selected. Listed alphabetically by title of magazine, journal, or book. Abbey , no. Christianity and Literature Vol. Crazyquilt Vol. Cutbank Fall , "Tornado in the Pennsylvania Hills.

Dominion Review Spring , No. Judith Shears. Corvalis: Castle Peak Editions, XII, No. Mary D. Medicinal Purposes Vol. II, no. Northern Review Vol. Pablo Lennis Spring , "Whether Report. Poetry Nottingham [ England ] 58, no. Samsara , no. Spoon River Quarterly , Vol. XVI, no. Short Fiction. Second Prize, Redbook magazine's annual fiction contest, announced in March issue. Judged by William Dickey. First prize, Harvest Awards University of Houston , Judged by Stephen Spender.

Reviews Selected. Susan Koppelman, ed. Studies in Short Fiction 28, no. Susan Lohafer and Jo Ellyn Clarey, eds. George Lakoff and Mark Turner. San Francisco Chronicle Review , June 4, , p. John O. Hayden, ed. William Wordsworth: Selected Prose. New York : Penguin, Philip F.

Deaver, Silent Retreats. George Hillocks, Jr. Download Port Series: No. Download Romola Vol. Electrochemical Science and Technology of Polymers: v. PDF Download. Free Bible Crafts for Kids: v. Free Japan: The Childless Society? Le continent Nord-atlantique. La Gondwanie.

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Free La Percee du Bocage: Vol. Free The Hand in the Glove G. High bonnet PDF Download. Proceedings Lecture Notes in Applications, incl. PDF Drink Me! PDF Hellraisers Download. PDF Pathfinders ePub.

Mountain Writers Series

When We Were Birds, as the title indicates, is full of imaginative novelty as well as reminders that miraculous secrets are hidden in the fabric of everyday life. What is ordinary becomes transcendent. In places derelict and seemingly unexceptional, Wilkins compels us to recognize what is worth salvage, worth praise. His essays, poems, and stories have appeared in many magazines, journals and anthologies.

He lives with his wife, son, and daughter in Oregon, where he teaches writing at Linfield College. Barbara Drake is the author of both nonfiction and poetry. Drake is also a poet, with numerous collections, most recently Driving One Hundred from Windfall Press Her prose and poetry appears in numerous literary magazines and anthologies. Drake lives with her husband in rural Yamhill County Oregon. Sarah Bokich is a writer and marketing consultant in Portland, Oregon. Her work has recently appeared in VoiceCatcher literary journal.

Ben Crawford is a third-generation Alaskan who thanks God he did not see a TV until he was 14 years old. He spent 30 years as a mental health clinician and feels fortunate to pursue his dream of writing. He and wife, Ginny, now live in Damascus OR. Hughes brings insight and awe to the smallest things, and levels the large stuff with his wit.

Everything here is both casual conversation and High Mass--which is the true magic of all the best poetry. This is the book you'll read out loud to whomever is within earshot, full of poems you'll memorize without trying. Hughes marries the comic with the sorrowful, and breaks our hearts while we laugh. Bunch of Animals is the collection you've been waiting for, the one that will revive your love of poetry, and one you won't forget.

A poetic bestiary of strange and wondrous creatures. With great agility and knowing, the poems in Bunch of Animals surprise their reader in the illusion-lands between animal bodies and the human body, between the lives and desires of American fauna and the loves and duties of the people, including the poet, who share the land and water. Writing in an erotic, witty, restrained style, Hughes offers an expansive vision of life's richness. Henry Hughes—what a rare creature, indeed! Like a fishermen casting into the unseen, the speaker of these spells carries us past the reflective surfaces of our days into realms of wonder, sorrow, humor, intrigue, and illumination.

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Jane Greenbaum has been writing poetry for over 50 years. Over the years, Peter has been her mentor in workshops and privately. He has also been a big support and influence in her writing. With his help, she is currently readying a chapbook for publication. Her poems are reflections on life on the rural Oregon Coast and of the lost and found department of life in general. She has spent time in Cuba writing a book and giving readings. For 31 years, he taught writing and international studies at Mt.

Hood Community College where he also coordinated their study abroad programs, as well as those of a consortium of five Oregon community colleges. Martha Ragland lives with her husband and a Welsh corgi in a quiet Southeast Portland home cheerfully cluttered with books and unopened mail. Since moving to Oregon thirty years ago, his focus has been poetry and photography, both of which were combined in broadsides that were selected for a recent Multnomah Arts Center Gallery Juried Group Show of broadsides and mixed media His poems have appeared in Hubbub, Cloudbank, Windfall, and elsewhere.

She won an Ohio Arts grant in She currently works as an education researcher. Her short stories have appeared in Cimarron Review and Hawai? He has an MFA from the University of Montana, and has taught in a public school for over twenty years. He currently lives in Portland. Verlena Orr, twice nominated for a Pushcart Prize, hails from north-central Idaho.

She was raised on a ranch and attended elementary and high school at Kamiah, Idaho, on the Nez Perce Reservation, and settled in Portland in Her poems have been published in journals throughout the country and in the United Kingdom. Lex Runciman was born and raised in Portland, and has lived most of his life in Oregon's Willamette Valley. He holds graduate degrees from the writing programs at the University of Montana and the University of Utah.

Runciman taught for eleven years at Oregon State University and is now Professor of English at Linfield College, where twice he received the Edith Green Award in teaching—once in the last century and once in this. He and Deborah Jane Berry Runciman have been married more than forty years and are the parents of two grown daughters. See flyer. Mountain Writers Series at Concordia University. He has a B.

He lives in Portland with his wife, Cathie, and enjoys following the lives of an eclectic tribe of offspring. She was instrumental in development of the first Oregon Book under the aegis of the Oregon Institute of Literary Arts. She was also one of the founding editors of Hubbub Magazine. He makes his home in Portland. Four poems have also been nominated for Pushcarts. She is part of the regular faculty teaching poetry workshops for Mountain Writers Series each year.

She currently lives in Portland. He has received fellowships from Oregon Literary Arts and Yaddo. He currently lives in Portland, Oregon. She is a native of Michigan's upper peninsula and lives in Portland. She writes and teaches in and around Portland, Oregon. Molly Gloss is a fourth-generation Oregonian who now lives in Portland on the west side of the Tualatin Hills. Award; and a Whiting Writers Award. Her work often concerns the landscape, literature, mythology and life of the American West. Sears has taught at Reed College, Pacific's low-residency MFA program, and in numerous community-based programs, including Mountain Writers Series year-round writing workshops.

She works for the Environmental Defense Fund. She lives in Portland, Oregon, where she co-curates The Switch reading series. Although she is interested in the STEM-based areas of study, her true passion is writing — specifically prose fiction and poetry. A native Oregonian, Chelsea is devoted to the preservation of the environment and the preservation of peace. He has been a frequent visitor to Ireland since , and this spring gave readings at the Eamon de Valera and Patrick J. He is the recipient of numerous awards and fellowships, most recently serving as poet-in-residence at Devils Tower National Monument Together with his wife, Marquita, he produces limited-edition, letterpress-printed poetry broadsides through The Peasandcues Press.

View PDF. He is the author of four other short story collections and has published over two hundred stories in magazines. He lives with his family in Montana. Glen Moore is a jazz bassist, co-founder of the group Oregon. For the past 30 years, Moore has played a Klotz bass fiddle crafted in the Tyrol circa She lives in Portland, Oregon.

Alicia Jo Rabins is a poet, composer, performer, and Torah scholar. As a musician, Alicia tours internationally with her band, Girls in Trouble, with whom she has released three albums. She has played bluegrass fiddle across Central America and Kuwait as a cultural ambassador for the US State Department and toured for eight years as the violinist in Brooklyn-based klezmer-punk band, Golem. Alicia lives in Portland with her husband and their two small children.

Daniel Wolff is an accomplished author, poet and filmmaker whose collection of poetry, The Names of Birds , was just published by Four Ways Books Winner of the Ralph J. My Multiverse. Dan Berne grew up in a working-class family in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he worked in his way through college, with jobs in drugstores, warehouses, U-bolt factories, and cement plants. He moved to the west coast in , settling in the Portland area in An active member of a select writing workgroup led by author Karen Karbo for ten years, he has published poems and short fiction in various literary magazines.

The owner of a market strategy consultancy, he is currently writing a book on market transformation. He lives with his wife Aliza in Portland, Oregon. Mark Pomeroy lives with his family in Portland, Oregon, where he was born in Ursula K. Le Guin was born in in Berkeley, and lives in Portland, Oregon. As of , she had published twenty-one novels, eleven volumes of short stories, four collections of essays, twelve books for children, six volumes of poetry and four of translation, and has received many honors and awards including Hugo, Nebula, National Book Award, PEN-Malamud.

Photo by Eileen Gunn. His poems have appeared in numerous publications and anthologies. He lives on forty-some acres in the country outside of Dallas, Oregon, in the mid-Willamette Valley. Together they will perform their unique blend of spare musical accompaniment alongside Starck's engaging poetry that draws on his life as a Merchant Seaman and journeyman carpenter.

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Mountain Writers January She teaches memoir, poetry and short fiction. She and her partner live in a purple house in Portland, Oregon with their sidekick, Rafi, a very patient dog. Her writing appears in numerous literary magazines and anthologies. Drake taught creative writing, environmental literature, and book arts at Michigan State University and Linfield College. Modeled after the work of Theophrastus — the Greek philosopher who originated the character sketch as a literary form — the short shorts in Ordinary Sins deftly capture the oddest of individuals to discover the most universal themes.

He is also the author of poetry and young adult fiction. Heynen lives in St. Paul, MN with his wife, Sarah T. Heynen and Drake at Concordia. He and his wife Loretta live in Oakland, CA. He is a founder and editor at Tavern Books, a nonprofit publisher of poetry. He lives and works in Portland OR. Adamshick and Schmitz at Concordia.

Peterson divides his time between Florida and Ashland, Oregon. She is winner of a Pushcart Prize for prose memoir, the D. Her poems and essays have appeared in many anthologies, college textbooks, and literary journals, and she has been featured at writers' conferences and festivals throughout the United States, as well as in England and France. Hollander now makes her home in Portland, Oregon. From he lived in Brooklyn, working as a freelance writer and as a senior copywriter at Oxford University Press. Mountain Writers Series at Concordia.

She began a spontaneous eruption of poetry in January following the deaths of her mother and mother-in-law in Shawn carries a band-aide and a safety pin in her wallet. They have recently made Portland, Oregon their home. In , Maggie was appointed poet laureate for Friends of Chamber Music, composing poems while listening to concerts.

She currently serves as president of the Tanka Society of America. She shares writing VoiceCatcher's monthly website prompt column with friend and writer, Carrie Conner. She is currently editing her first novel,Stumptown. A Pre-Kindergarten teacher by day, she also teaches evening poetry writing workshops for Mountain Writers Series and serves on their board of directors. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her younger son, a bandy-legged Pitbull, and her husband of 31 years.

She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and three children. Mountain Writers at TaborSpace in August. He serves on the board of advisors for Fishtrap, and splits his time between Corvallis and Portland. Every year Mountain Writers Series is pleased to introduce new, as well as experienced, writers who participate in some of our annual writing workshops.

This reading will feature members of poetry workshops taught by Peter Sears. Readers and host will happily sign copies before and after the reading. She is interested in connections between writing and the world of dreams. His photographs have been shown on the Oregon Coast and in diverse Portland locations, including a one-man show at the Mountain Writers Center. His work has been published in Hubbub, Cloudbank, Windfall and others.

She is also the poetry editor at Gertrude Press. Martha Gies is a fourth-generation Oregonian whose stories appear many quarterlies, including Orion, Zyzzyva, and Notre Dame Review , along with various anthologies. Gies traipsed about North America for 15 years, working in tech theater, independent bookstores, backstage at the opera, and programming computers. Back in the Pacific Northwest, she began publishing profiles of artists and musicians in the mids, short stories in the mids, and since then has added literary essays, book reviews and political rants.

She is the author of Up All Night Oregon State University Press, , a portrait of Portland told through the stories of 23 people who work graveyard shift. In addition to reading her own work, Gies will showcase her friend and sometime student, Rebecca Koffman, a talented writer who has published stories in The McGuffin , Colere and other quarterlies.

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  • She is author of five books of poetry and six librettos including Rio de Sangre. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and children. Iron String , her first book of poetry, was published in by Airlie Press. A longtime teacher, she has taught at Boston College, as a poet in the schools, and for community groups of all ages.

    He and his wife, Linda, have lived in the Northwest for fifteen years; six years ago they moved to San Juan Island, bringing their old trawler, Keats, home to the waters they love. Her articles have appeared in Slate and High Country News, among other publications. Terrill teaches environmental journalism and science writing at Concordia University in Portland.

    She is a passionate equestrian and backpacker. He was awarded the William Stafford prize in Lisa M. He has worked at many jobs, but mostly as a union carpenter and construction foreman on the West Coast—San Francisco, British Columbia, and Oregon. Flyer for Reading.

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    Stevan Allred has survived circumcision, a tonsillectomy, a religious upbringing, the 60's, the War on Poverty, the break-up of The Beatles, any number of bad haircuts, years of psychotherapy, the Reagan Revolution, the War on Drugs, the Roaring 90's, plantar fasciitus, the Lewinsky Affair, the internet bubble, the Florida recount of , the Bush oughts, the War on Terror, teen-aged children, a divorce, hay fever, the real estate bubble, male pattern baldness, and heartburn.

    His work has appeared in numerous literary journals and websites, and he has twice been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Robin Cody was born at St. Helens and grew up in Estacada, Oregon.

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    A graduate of Yale, he taught at the American School of Paris for a decade and was Dean of Admissions at Reed College in Portland before taking up freelance writing in While writing, he has been a baseball umpire, a basketball referee, and special ed school bus driver. His most recent book, Another Way the River Has, is a collection of short true stories.

    Paul Hunter is the author of seven full-length collections of poetry and three chapbooks. Hunter has published fine letterpress poetry under the imprint of Wood Works for the past 19 years, currently including 26 books and over 60 broadsides. Clemens Starck is a Princeton dropout, a former merchant seaman and reporter on Wall Street. Traveling Incognito, a letterpress chapbook from Wood Works in Seattle, appeared in A new book of poems, Rembrandt, Chainsaw , was published in the fall of Every year Mountain Writers Series is pleased to introduce new, as well as experienced, writers who participate in its annual workshops.

    This month the members of poetry workshops taught by Peter Sears will bring their poems to the Press Club for an afternoon reading. Copies of the anthology will be available for purchase at the event. Her fourth collection of linked stories and flash fiction, Boneland U. Her hybrid mash-ups of poetry and photography have been in several gallery shows and literary journals. She has taught at Bucknell U. She lives near Spokane, Washington with her husband, the artist Rik Nelson. Tom Crawford is a teacher and poet whose work explores the natural world and our complex connection to it.

    Years of teaching in China and South Korea have infused his work with a quality of Eastern sensibility. His poems are both contemplative and activist. Crawford is the author of seven books of poetry. Lauds won the Oregon Book Award. Cold Snap , a collection of assorted writings, was published in by Fishtrap, Inc. Waterston is also the founder and former director of The Nature of Words, a Bend-based literary organization.