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About The Book. A whole set of possibilities and uncertainties stand before you.

Daily Encouragement from the Proverbs

The prospect of these new beginnings fills us with great awe, which is why many people make such an effort to commemorate this day—making resolutions and celebrating their arrival. The promise of a new beginning stirs hope in our souls.

Way of the Wise: Wisdom from Above

But from the very first verse in Scripture—Genesis —we see that the most powerful beginnings come from God. And the very best, most fulfilling and fruitful commencements do not just include the Father but are initiated and guided by Him.

JAMES 3:17-18 The Amplified Bible (AMP)

So as you start this year, the most important principle for you to embrace is that God formed you for a purpose and has been shaping you for the days and months ahead. He has a plan for you that is good, acceptable, and wise—and He promises to lead you well. Your responsibility is to always acknowledge Him as the living God, your Lord, and the sovereign Architect and Ruler of all creation.

If you wish to make this your very best year yet, allow God to begin it—every day of it—and trust Him to show you what He wants to accomplish in and through you. Look for Him to initiate the opportunities, healings, spiritual growth, and new areas of fruitfulness. For to do so, friend, is the very heart of wisdom.

Making wise decisions

Father, thank You for this new year and all the hope it brings. About The Author. Corey Lack. Product Details. It shows no favoritism and is always sincere. What does James mean?


It's not pretty. Typical human philosophy is driven by envy and selfish ambition, and the result is all the disorder and evil we see in the world. Putting ourselves ahead of all others means creating billions of contradictory goals, and making excuses for hurting other people in order to get what we want. Here, in verse 17, James describes the characteristics of the wisdom from heaven.

This is God's wisdom. This is the wisdom of those who trust God to provide all they need, to continue to give them every good gift James , and to fulfill every desire of their hearts for eternity with Him in heaven. As a result, these believers willingly sacrifice opportunities for "more and more" money, pleasure, and power. Instead, those who trust in God make themselves available to serve the needs of others.

Nine Characteristics Of Wisdom From Above Sermon by Paul Fritz, James -

The result of submission to God is very different than selfish, worldly ambition. This means "undivided, chaste, or pure. Godly wisdom is peaceable or peace-loving, putting a high value on easing conflict.