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Spelling review For older kids, you can pass the ball and go through your spelling words one letter at a time.

1. Develop an atmosphere of reading

For example, you say, "We're going to spell the word t heir , as in 'This is their ball. If one says the wrong letter, the next person says correct letter and fixes the mistake. You can use the ball or a pair of flyswatters, depending on the age of your students. You say, "I need a synonym for mad. For older kids, you can put a list of synonyms on the board and divide the class into two teams. Have one person from each team come up and compete. Whoever slaps the board with the flyswatter and says the correct synonym wins a point for their team.

In the end all of your students win a better vocabulary. Reinforce other skills What other subjects are you teaching? You could adapt these games to fit pretty much anything. Roll dice to have your students answer story questions. Sight Word Slap Game Write your sight words on the board. Separate your class into two random teams. Let one person from each team step forward and hold a fly swatter. Call out one of the sight words. The first one to slap the correct sight word gets a point for their team.

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Continue until everyone has gone. This is great for helping sight word recognition. Dress in costumes of storybook characters to leave a lasting impression, or let students dress up as characters to retell stories. Turn your room into the environment of what you are learning about. When the class is learning about fairy tales, turn your classroom into a castle.

When you're learning about animals, turn your classroom into a jungle. Create class songs about topics they need to know, or use the music of singers like Hap Palmer and Jack Hartman. You might also borrow songs and games from coworkers.

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Songs are catchy, and children learn quickly from them. When teaching about the properties of friction , use KS2 for interactive projects you can do in small groups or as a class using a smart board. You might ask your students slide down the hallway first in their socks, then barefoot, and have them journal about the different amounts of friction. When teaching phases of matter , drop some food coloring into beakers of cold and warm water and note the difference.

  1. 2. Put your child in the driver's seat as much as possible!
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Then pour the contents of one beaker in a bag and put it in the freezer. The next day, compare the liquid bag with the solid chunk of ice and note differences. Use the ice from the above activity and talk about gravity. Stand on a chair and discuss what will happen if you drop the ice, and if it matters which way you drop it.

Let your students predict the possible outcomes. Survey your students at the beginning of the year. Get to know them and what they like. Then make a point of using their names, favorite foods, games, books, etc. People do better and learn more when working with things they like. As adults we know that we don't want to do something if it's not fun.

The same goes for kids.

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Investigating circle theorems Some of the best investigations are topic-specific and this activity is no exception. It uses the free dynamic geometry package, GeoGebra, to help students derive, identify and better understand all of the key circle theorems. Prison cells investigation The famous investigation about the numbers on prison cell doors is well-presented, has a really clear structure and some fantastic ideas for differentiation.

Maths investigations for gifted and talented GCSE and sixth form students. Rich Maths Task 20 - Diagonals of Rectangles Have a play around with this task, and please share any questions, extensions, simplifications, modifications, or lines of inquiry in the comment box below. The idea is to collect loads of suggestions that can then be used for effective differentiation. They can see and manipulate the visualisations and use them to deduce the theorems for themselves. They can then test their understanding on some of the problems. I have found this really successful in teaching for understanding and have found pupils remember the theorems far better having seen them in action.

Outstanding computer lesson! Prison Cells: Number and logic maths investigation Group activity.

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Maths investigation. Pupils work in 4s to get the most points. Pentominoes Pentominoes are a superb, versatile teaching resource that can be used for investigating many aspects of shape. This resource takes you through lots of ideas for making the most of them. Mathemagic These maths magic tricks are engaging way of presenting a problem to your KS3 pupils, before challenging them to investigate how and why they work.

Better still, can they go on to design their own? Noughts and crosses investigation Who would have thought you could get so much maths goodness from a game of noughts and crosses?

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  • This game will appeal to secondary students of all ages. Lesson plan, investigation. Description This clear and helpful resource provides new and creative ways of providing challenging maths activities for able students. Authors Anne Price. Box , Moorabbin, Victoria , Australia MISSION: At Hawker Brownlow Education we are passionate about the education of students, and strive to produce outstanding resource materials for teachers, parents, school administrators and other professionals in education and allied fields.