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I wanted to give back the wonderful care and compassion I found.

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Thus my even posting how Healthcare is Constitutional and a Democratic way of life. I was glad to do so. Consequently, maybe you have Tinnitus and will benefit from my cure once it is researched first. Eva L.

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Hart Sfc. What does Welfare have to do with my article showng Healthcare for all is Constitutional. Just think only of showing compassion in healing a person and being a nice person and be gla d a Golden Door has opened. Can you do that? Yet, I wished it included ways that one can achieve some of the 10 steps mentioned. For example, some of the steps seem a bit vague. An interesting study. I like the ten steps you list at the end; such common-sense measures and so alien to much of our society today.

DNA study provides insight into how to live longer - BBC News

Many of these health practices were known as far back as when a young church leader named Joseph Smith brought forth a document listing them. Though there was no scientific evidence to back him up then, studies like this and The China Study now prove that what he claimed was true. Thank-you for your longevity article. No one wants to die. But you don't know if you inherited it. Winifred Rossi, deputy director of the Geriatrics and Clinical Gerontology Program at the National Institute on Aging echoed Barzilai's sentiment, saying the new report -- published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society -- was not an invitation for people to "give it all up.

We don't understand what it is that is contributing to longevity. It could be something genetic interacting with something else genetic. It could be genetic and lifestyle factors interacting. It probably is a little bit of all of that.

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Life span has little to do with genes, analysis of large ancestry database shows

What he found by analyzing the pedigrees of more than million people who lived and died in Europe and America going back to was that although longevity tends to run in families, your DNA has far less influence on how long you live than previously thought. The results , published Tuesday in the journal Genetics , is the first research to be made public from the collaboration, which ended quietly in July and whose terms remain confidential. Previous estimates for how much genes explain variations in lifespan have ranged from around 15 to 30 percent. So what did Ruby uncover that previous studies had missed?

It turns out that through every generation, people are much more likely to select mates with similar lifespans than random chance would predict.

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  8. For example, you might choose a partner who also has curly hair, and if the curly-haired trait winds up being somehow associated with long lifespans, this would inflate estimates of lifespan heritability passed on to your kids. Same thing for non-genetic traits like wealth, education, and access to good health care.

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    People tend to choose partners in their same income bracket with the same terminal degree, both of which are associated with living longer, healthier lives. The first hint that something other than genetics or a shared family environment might be at work came when Ruby tried looking at in-law relatives.

    His analysis started with a set of family trees comprising million individuals. The data had been cleaned, de-identified, and stitched together by genealogists and computer scientists at Ancestry based on subscriber-generated public information.

    They investigated parent-child pairs, sibling pairs, various cousins, and so on. Nothing much surprising popped out there. But when Ruby looked at in-laws, things started to get weird. The research could affect the entire field of longevity studies.