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For the documentary, see Miss Representation. Carter v Boehm 3 Burr Redgrave v Hurd 20 Ch D 1. Misrepresentation Act Misrepresentation in English law. Main article: Rescission contract law. Main article: Damages. Main article: Vitiating factors in the law of contract. They gave her a contract to sign and she asked the assistant what it was.

The entire agreement clause

The assistant said it merely covered risk to the beads, but in fact the contract exempted all liability. The dress was stained but the exclusion was ineffective because of the assistant's misrepresentation, and the claim was allowed. Justice Fry commented on the responsibilities of a fiduciary " The agent knew of the picture's true worth yet bought it for a considerably lower price.

The plaintiff subsequently discovered the picture's true worth and sued to rescind the contract. It was held that the defendant was in a fiduciary relationship with the plaintiff and accordingly assumed an obligation to disclose all material facts. Accordingly, the contract could be rescinded.

The employer favoured single women. It was held that she had made no misrepresentation. The elder brother was under the impression that he was born out of wedlock and thus not their father's true heir.

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The agreement was reached on this basis. The elder brother subsequently discovered that this was not the case and that the younger brother had knowledge of this during the negotiation of the settlement.

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The elder brother sued to set aside the agreement and was successful on the grounds that such a contract was one of uberrimae fidei and the required disclosure had not been executed. The contract proceeded on the grounds that such a tenant had been arranged. Unbeknown to Krakowski, Eurolynx had entered into an additional agreement with the tenant to provide funds for the first three months rent to ensure the contract went ahead. When the tenant defaulted on the rent and subsequently vacated the premises, Krakowski found out about the additional agreement and rescinded the contract with Eurolynx.

It was held that Eurolynx's failure to disclose all material facts about the 'strong tenant' was enough to constitute a misrepresentation and the contract could be rescinded on these grounds.

Spice Girls v Aprilia - Misrepresentation by Conduct

Later on, it was discovered that the stock had been exposed to a contagious disease which affected the reproductive system. It was held that the agent had a duty to take remedial action and correct the representation. The failure by the agent to take such measures resulted in the contract being set aside. Before the contract was signed, the practice took a downward turn and lost a significant amount of value. After the contract had been entered into, the true nature of the practice was discovered and the plaintiff took action in misrepresentation. In his decision, Lord Wright said, " The state of mind is an existing fact, therefore, a false presentation of an existing fact, so that the contract was voidable.

While dealing with a mistake of law, similar reasoning should apply to a misrepresentation of law. If a statement is an honest expression of opinion, honestly entertained, it cannot be said that it involves a fraudulent misrepresentation of fact. Of course, the misled party may seek to negotiate a compensation payment, but the other party need not comply; and if the misled party litigates to seek "damages in lieu", but the court holds that the contract must subsist, the misled party will lose the case and be liable for costs.


Lloyd [] 1 WLR When it broke down after two days and was doing 5 miles to the gallon, Mr Long complained. Mr Lloyd said he would repair it for half the price of a reconstructed dynamo. Because Mr Long accepted this, when it broke down again, Pearce LJ held the contract had been affirmed. The Team Careers About. Join The Block Genesis Now.

The law of misrepresentation

Sign In. Privacy Policy. Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Link. Quick Take StoAmigo previously brought a case against Vanbex and the pair behind it, Cheng and Hobbs, in California, but they were dismissed due to lack of personal jurisdiction Now, StoAmigo is bringing another case against Cheng and Hobbs in Nevada, alleging fraudulent inducement and negligent misrepresentation.

There are likely sufficient contacts in Nevada for the case to proceed, unlike in California. Legal Vanbex team faces another suit for alleged fraudulent inducement and negligent misrepresentation Read more. Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Link crypto-caselaw-minute stoamigo vanbex. Legal Getting divorced? The law recognises that there are certain types of statement which should not give rise to liability on the part of the person who makes them.

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Rescission means setting aside a contract and restoring the parties to the position they were in beforehand. So, if a contract for the sale of a car is rescinded, the seller gets his car back and the buyer gets his money back. In order to claim rescission, the innocent party must show that:. The right to rescind is lost except in cases of fraud if the innocent party delays too long. The period of delay permitted will depend on the facts of the particular case, and the safest course, if you are the innocent party, is to seek legal advice as soon as possible.

Deceit is more difficult to prove than other forms of misrepresentation, because the innocent party must be able to show that the other party had no honest belief in the truth of the representation and that he intended the innocent party to act on it. If the innocent party is able to surmount these hurdles, however, the rules on damages are more liberal, which is in part a reflection of the dim view that a court takes of deliberate deception.