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Before taking his first teaching job, he built a centrifuge with the idea of testing gravitational effects. Local chickens served as his test subjects. He taught arithmetic and geometry in the local school in Borokvsk, a small town 70 miles south of Moscow.

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There, he married Varvara Sokolova and raised a family. In , Tsiolkovsky was promoted to another teaching position in Kaluga, where he would remain until his death in Soon after his return home, Tsiolkovsky tried his hand at writing science fiction.

However, he found himself focusing on the concrete problems that space travelers would have to deal with, such as the struggle to control a rocket as it traveled through gravitational fields. In , he published an article about living in outer space that dealt with the effects of zero gravity.

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Isolated, Tsiolkovsky found it difficult to stay abreast of new research. When he sought to publish his findings on the kinetic properties of gases, he was told that someone else had already published similar findings a quarter decade earlier.

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Undaunted, Tsiolkovsky turned his eyes toward flight. He began to design airships, publishing his first work on the subject in and developing Russia's first wind tunnel. An article proposed the idea of a fully metal aircraft, and in , he turned his eyes toward settling space. This and his follow-up articles are regarded as the world's first scientifically viable proposals to explore outer space with rockets.

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Tsiolkovsky's rockets were fueled by a mixture of liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen, the same mix used on the space shuttle , though hydrogen had only been liquefied for the first time in His manuscript included the equation now named for the scientist. Tsiolkovsky's formula provides the mathematical relationship between the changing mass of a rocket as it burns through fuel, the velocity of the exhaust gases, and the final speed of the rocket. It is considered a foundation of astronautics. But though Tsiolkovsky was the first to delve into such complex problems, his role as a provincial schoolteacher, combined with the shutdown of the magazine, meant that very few copies of his research left Russia.


In the s, German scientist Hermann Oberthand American physicist Robert Goddard were independently reaching many of the same conclusions as Tsiolkovsky. Their separate parallel work set all three men as the "fathers of rocketry. In , Tsiolkovsky published another article elaborating on his thoughts on multistage rockets, which he described as required to allow a body to leave orbit.

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