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The tent stage was closed by Behemoth with their The Satanist show involving impressive light and pyrotechics. Avantasia closed the first day of Tuska with their two hour set where multiple guests including Micheal Kiske and Eric Martin were seen on stage.

Friday gathered metalheads to Suvilahti. Tickets for Saturday are still available, but they will be sold out, so if one wants to buy, one should head to nearest ticket store.

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All Turbo-Vips are already sold out. See few highlights below.

The Altamont Fair offers tried and true with spanking new | The Altamont Enterprise

Each service ran between 2 and a half to 3 hours or more in length. Unsuccessful in quieting me inside the service, she led me to another tent which she explained was the "spank tent" for unruly children. In fact, it was a tent solely designated for the spanking of children. I remember hearing what sounded like children being tortured; crying, screaming, pleading for mercy, smacking sounds, etc.

The Feast (part 3): Pith Helmets, Spanking Tents, and Healing Trailers

I cannot explain how horrific a feeling that was; my own mother taking me to a "torture chamber" for children, condoned by "the church," put there by "the church. I only remember dreading those services and wondering what if I would be killed someday for being too loud.

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Young children have bizarre thoughts like that. Of course, common folks those outside the church often praised us kids for our impeccable behavior! Sure we were good!!

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  • We didn't want to go to "the tent! Either way, I'll take my chances.

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    I would never want my son to feel like he was only worthy of love when he was being the perfect child.