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You will get more product for that average price, paying less per ounce. Why go through product after product, when you can invest in our line that will give you more bang for your buck and last lon ger. From Cambridge English Corpus. Over time, as the male bourgeoisie's political influence grew, the new "sphere of public opinion" and old "sphere of traditional authority" became increasingly inter twined.

Instead, they emerge as configurations in an existing social fabric of interdependent nodes and inter twined relationships.

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In this region, the labelled fibers were fine caliber axons bearing small varicosities, and were often inter twined to form tubular configurations. Developmental transitions reflect proximal developmental influences, which are often inter twined with more distal influences.

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What one comes to observe and identify as manifestations of social change are the outcomes of this inter twined , two-tiered confrontation at a given moment in time. Inter twined in all his arguments is the belief that, when sociolinguistic research is employed, it is possible to implement meaningful and effective programs. Or can they also fall into the realm of the shamanic healing and illness complex, whose specialists may not be so closely inter twined with political institutions or for tunes?

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In many respects they were twined and intertwined in production and in agree- ments. From the Hansard archive.

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In many ways their productions and interests are twined and intertwined. Trade is so inter- twined that if we were to cut ourselves off for matters of principle there would be no international trade. For a while in the mids, a screen was attached to the top of the wall and the ivy twined its way up.

From Wikipedia. The piezoelectric nanowire is grown vertically on the two microfibers in its radial direction, and they are twined to form a nanogenerator.


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