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Community Hub. Chapter 3 out now and playable! Play as Astrid, a Viking heroine on a mission to rescue her mother. Teaming up with her estranged father figure Birger the Bastard, encounter the beautiful and dangerous environment of Jordenheim as you traverse puzzles and vanquish enemies. All Reviews:. S Games.

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S Games on Twitter W. Share Embed. Add to Cart. I hope everyone is mostly out enjoying the sunshine! A quick one this weekend: I am doing a poll on twitter to determine future buying habits of people in our community for our planned upcoming games over the next years we are just now starting to conceptualize. Found a bug that stopped the quest log from being correctly updated on some subtasks on quests in Chapter 2. This bug has now been squashed, in a humane and animal-friendly fashion befitting modern times. The patch is also now live.

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About This Game Genre : RPG, Adventure, Puzzle, Single Player Value for Money : hours across all chapters of the game Think : Witcher meets Horizon Dawn with Indie flair Release Style : Episodic, fixed price Discover Jordenheim A Viking inspired world with lush environments, a flourishing ecology, and deep characters as you immerse yourself in a third person RPG adventure that challenges you with exploration, puzzles and strategic combat as you work your way through our engaging story. Astrid our heroine, is a young village Witch, toeing the line between old-school Viking magic and the encroachment of modernization on her culture and civilization.

Old magic has fled the main parts of Sverige and the Jordenheim regions are under threat from foreign economic interests and belief structures alike. In her village of Guilon, on the outskirts of the Shrouded Realm, Astrid and her mother live a life of outcasts from the main Village.

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An unforeseen and terrible turn of events causes her to need to reach out to her estranged Father, Birger the Bastard, an old-school Viking hero of yore - with whom she has no relationship at all. Thus begins our adventure of danger, exploration, and self-discovery as Astrid and Birger set out to unearth the source of these events, while at the same time finding common ground between themselves and forging a lasting father-daughter relationship. How We Want You To Experience The Game Blood Bond is being released in an episodic chapter style, where you experience chapters of content over time until the story is completed.

Each chapter updates the main game and is not a DLC and will not cost extra. Every chapter is free after the first purchase. See our community pages on Steam for a FAQ. Action scenes abound, but actual battles tend towards the short and are a bit perfunctory. And rarely does any combatant seem to fight until they have nothing left. We never really get the kind of epic, near death fights that one would expect. That would be my biggest criticism of this show. If the original purpose of science fiction and fantasy writing is to give us a comfortable space to discuss uncomfortable topics i.

Blood does bond us. And certainly, no one would deny that soldiers fighting together have a blood bond that strengthens them and helps pull them through the darkest of times Hank and Alex. Those are the upsides of being bonded by blood. We have communities to draw strength from, a sense of belonging and our place in the world, and the knowledge that we are not alone, even if it sometimes feels that way.

Because there are downsides to this bond as well. How much strength can you draw from a community that tries to manipulate you?

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Both of which this show is better than. We forget that people are complicated, a messy juxtaposition of qualities and feelings. But there may be hope for Astra yet. Often we get a chance to see our hero fall from grace, and do something less than heroic, but much less common is the reverse. She still believes in her cause and maintains her ruthlessness, but for just this moment, Astra makes the compassionate choice.

We can see some of the blood bond between her and Alura in that moment. What good is not being alone if we still feel that way?