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Below are examples of good closing speed. First, the Atlanta Falcons are up on the Carolina Panthers in their Week 16 game from the season. The player to watch is Falcons linebacker Deion Jones 45 near the middle of the screen. Panthers quarterback Cam Newton 1 takes the snap, drops back, and scans the field for any open receivers who can make a play to get the first down.

As the play develops, Jones heads to the left side of the field, mirroring Whittaker. The blitzing linebacker, Philip Wheeler 41 , forces Newton out of the pocket, meaning he will then have to try to pick up the first down with his feet. The Hurricanes are down with left in the first half. The Tar Heels send Ryan Switzer 3 on a screen to the right side of the field. Receiver Bug Howard 84 is asked to block Elder at the bottom of the screen , while tight end Carl Tucker 86 is assigned linebacker Zach McCloud 53 , who is on the hash marks.

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Elder tackles Switzer for a loss of four yards. The last example shows Temple University up on University of Memphis with left in the first quarter in their game. The Tigers have the ball on their own yard line and are facing a 3rd and Temple edge rusher Haason Reddick is the player featured who shows good closing speed.

The Tigers run a sweep to the left side with running back Sam Craft At the snap, offensive lineman Jace Neville 51 releases out of his stance toward the middle of the field, leaving Reddick 7 unblocked. Craft takes the handoff and reads the blockers in front of him as Reddick follows. Defensive lineman Praise Martin-Oguike 50 beats the block and contains the play side forcing Craft to bang upfield. Reddick presses on in his pursuit and tackles Craft from behind, forcing a fourth down.

We began to reason. Our lives are a miasma of calculated risks that we undertake with very little conscious thought: preparing vegetables with a sharp knife, riding a bike or crossing the street. We have the capacity to calculate risk and adjust our behaviour accordingly to minimise risk and maximise survival.

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Evolution has made us very good at determining distance and movement. Not only is this because of our sensory development for identifying colour, contrast and movement, but also our ability to understand potential danger.

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Cognitive processing is largely built on experience and expectation. Not only is the average human a creature of habit, but a creature of advancement. Honestly, how often do you find yourself driving a little too close to the back of another car on the motorway?

We expect to regularly stop on residential streets. We expect there to be obstacles and emerging hazards.


We expect other drivers to do something unexpected a little paradoxical but you get the idea. You might think that means you have over 28 seconds until it passes. Remember, that approaching car is probably travelling at the speed limit, meaning that your closing speed is now mph and that time is reduced to 11 seconds. When travelling at 60mph, the closing speed is now mph and the collision time is at 9 seconds.

Depending on your vehicle, it may take up to 3 seconds to go from 40mph to 60mph. That will take you 5.