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I first started attending Musikfest in Bethlehem when I returned to the area in It is the biggest free, day music festival in America, according to the Musikfest organizers. Blaine's feelings towards Sebastian have drastically changed. Even when Kurt mentions his name, Blaine gets upset. Blaine sings Cough Syrup as a possible number for Regionals. When New Directions catches news of Karofsky's suicide attempt, Blaine joins the Glee Club in the auditorium and discuss what they are looking forward to experiencing in the future. Blaine says he is looking forward to marriage equality in all fifty states.

Later on, he, along with Kurt, Brittany and Santana, confronts Sebastian at the Lima Bean over his blackmailing of Rachel, but Sebastian says he has changed because he feels partially responsible for Karofsky's attempt. After this, Blaine begins to forgive Sebastian and even cheers the Warblers on at Regionals. In an act of good sportsmanship, Blaine shakes hands with Sebastian and the two appear to be on good terms.

He is later seen waiting for Quinn at Rachel and Finn's wedding, unaware that she has just gotten into a car crash. Several days have gone by since Quinn's car accident, Blaine is lamenting his older brother, Cooper , visiting Lima. They meet up at his locker where Kurt instantly becomes enamored with him as he recognizes Cooper from his credit rating commercials. Blaine watches as Kurt and Sue fawn over Cooper and after Cooper is pulled away by Sue, explains to Kurt that this is the reason why he and Cooper do not talk much.

Sue introduces Cooper to the New Directions where he is asked to coach a master acting class to help those with a future in the entertainment business. While the performance was a hit with the New Directions, Blaine is disappointed that Cooper acts like they are applauding for him solely.

Blaine Anderson

The two brothers have lunch at Breadstix together where Cooper charms the waitress to give them free Cokes, using a Scottish accent, much to Blaine's annoyance. During lunch, Blaine gets increasingly annoyed with Cooper's criticisms, until he has an outburst, saying that all Cooper does is tell him what he is doing wrong. There is then a flashback to Blaine and Cooper's childhood, showing their troubled relationship. Cooper tells Blaine that despite their age gap, he wants to be closer to Blaine and Blaine nods, seemingly regretting his words.

Blaine confronting Cooper. During Cooper's second master class, Blaine is visibly annoyed with the horrible advice Cooper is giving his friends. While practicing a scene from NCIS , Cooper's constant criticisms become too much for Blaine and they break into an argument with Blaine wondering why Cooper cannot just support him.

Cooper then uses the argument as an example for the master class, which frustrates Blaine. In the school hallway, Blaine watches as Cooper take pictures with Blaine's friends and boast about his life. Cooper tells Blaine that he is going to audition for Michael Bay's new movie and is disappointed when Blaine's unenthusiastic about it. Blaine tells Cooper that he is sick of Cooper making everything about him and expresses his frustration by singing Fighter.

Kurt comes by Blaine's locker and tries to cheer him up with a small, dog plush toy. Kurt then gives Blaine advice on siblings and encourages Blaine to make amends with Cooper.

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Kurt tells Blaine that Cooper has not left Lima yet and is waiting for him in the auditorium. Cooper reveals that he is only like that because he knows that Blaine is talented and will be successful. They embrace each other again and Blaine tells Cooper that he will help him film his acting to show Michael Bay that how talented Cooper is. Saturday Night Glee-ver. Blaine, along with Brittany and Mike, start off the episode, performing You Should Be Dancing through the school, ending in the auditorium where Blaine reveals that since Nationals ' theme is vintage, they thought they could perform disco, to which Will nods in approval.

The New Directions however, are not all that enthusiastic about the idea, as they think disco sucks. Nevertheless, Blaine is excited when Will and Sue work together to turn the choir room into a disco hall where they receive their assignment: performing songs from the movie soundtrack of Saturday Night Fever. Blaine, along with Will and Joe , perform Night Fever together as the New Directions have a dance-off to see who will win a replica of the white suit worn by John Travolta in the film.

Blaine is later seen enjoying the performances of the finalists, Mercedes, Santana and Finn, as the New Directions close off the episode with a dance number to Stayin' Alive. Dance with Somebody. After Will reveals to the Glee Club that they will be paying tribute Whitney Houston , Kurt excitedly gushes about what song he will sing while Blaine looks uninterested. After Kurt asks if Blaine can come with him to Between the Sheets, the music store, to help him pick out a song that can double as his glee assignment and his NYADA audition. Blaine, however, declines and tells Kurt to text him later.

Unbeknownst to Blaine, Kurt has been texting another guy named Chandler Kiehl and although he claims it means nothing, Rachel points out to Kurt that if he is not willing to show Blaine these messages, then it is not completely innocent. During Rachel and Santana's rendition of So Emotional , Blaine is visibly upset when Kurt ignores him in favor of reading the text messages from Chandler.

Blaine accuses Kurt of cheating, but Kurt denies it and says that it is only texting. He also points out that Blaine used to do the same with Sebastian. After the argument, Kurt tells him that it is okay. After the song, Blaine storms out of the choir room. Later, after receiving some advice from Burt, Kurt sings I Have Nothing as an apology and later takes Blaine to "couples therapy" with Emma where the two hash out their problems and make amends.

Blaine and Kurt reaffirm their love for each other and hug it out. Towards the end of the episode, Blaine and Kurt are happy again. Kurt tells Blaine that he told Chandler to stop texting and receives a text from Blaine. Kurt invites Blaine for glee practice even though it is not mandatory and says that he wants to cherish the last few glee practices left.

Finn calls together the boys of New Directions to help Puck, who is suffering in grades. Puck tells everyone that he ran into his dad and does not want to end up like him, so they guys agree to help Puck study for his European geography exam. At three o'clock in the morning in the choir room, the guys of New Directions struggle to help Puck remember the material. The guys then perform The Rain in Spain to help jog Puck's memory.

After the taking the test, Puck thanks the guys for his help and says that they all taught him how to be a man, even Blaine. Class president Brittany is in charge of the prom theme and issues a ban on hairgel because hairgel hadn't been invented yet. Blaine is horrified as he is embarrassed to be seen with his hairgel.

The three of them share their discontent on prom and decide to have their own prom, the anti-prom. However, their anti-prom turns out to be a bust and they leave for the prom where Brittany orders Blaine to remove his hairgel. Although hesitant at first, he agrees and his hair ends up making him look like Borat. In Tina's Dream , Blaine is now Puck! Blaine is seen at the mall with Kurt, agreeing with Kurt's stance against Sue's plan of having him cross-dress to face-off against Vocal Adrenaline 's transgendered lead singer, Wade "Unique" Adams. Tina runs into the pair and subsequently hits her head on the water fountain.

There, Tina enters an alternate reality where everyone in New Directions are switched with another member. Puck is dressed like Blaine while Blaine is dressed like Puck, adopting each other's mannerisms. The New Directions prepare to compete at Nationals in Chicago.

Albums recorded at United Western Recorders

Blaine is a featured soloist in Paradise by the Dashboard Light. After the competition, the New Directions are crowned champions and they return home to the school, following their win. Members of the hockey team approach them with slushies, though it turns out to actually be confetti. As the New Directions prepare to say goodbye to their seniors, Blaine questions Kurt on their future and how Kurt's graduation will impact their relationship. Kurt, however, says that he will never say goodbye to Blaine and imagines a future many years from now with him.

Blaine attends the graduation with Tina and Brittany to see Kurt off. Even though Rachel says she will decline the offer and apply next year, Finn sends her off on the day they were supposed to get married and New Directions, including Blaine, along with Will and Emma. Blaine vs. The new year sees big a change with New Directions , in personality and popularity. After Jacob Ben Israel asks Artie , Blaine, Brittany and Tina which of them will become the new Rachel , they all simultaneously respond that they will take Rachel's place as lead soloist.

When Will introduces last year's MVP Unique from Vocal Adrenaline to the group, Blaine, Tina and Brittany are not very receptive to the idea and Blaine asserts that there is already enough competition for lead soloist. After Unique tells them that she will be the "New Rachel," Blaine declares they have a sing-off. Later at lunch, Artie and Sam exclaim that Unique should not be wearing make-up in public, and Blaine tells her she can be Unique during performances.

After some insults are exchanged about the new lunchlady with the new Cheerio , Kitty Wilde , and her football goons, Bobby and Phil , the group are then scolded by Marley Rose , who turns out to be the lunchlady's daughter. Blaine encourages Kurt to go to New York. Blaine then tells Kurt that he will join him next year and serenades him with It's Time with some accompaniment from the Cheerios and the band. The Glee Club apologizes to Marley for getting so caught up with Kitty and the jocks' insults at her mother and Blaine invites her to sing lead vocals in Chasing Pavements at glee rehearsals where the New Directions welcome their newest member as Jake Puckerman , Puck 's younger half-brother, looks on.

After Brittany suffers from a meltdown over Sue kicking her off the Cheerios, Will declares a second Britney Spears tribute week, entitled Britney 2. When several performances from the New Directions are unsuccessful in getting Brittany off her funk, Blaine suggests they lip-sync at the student assembly. Blaine singing Everybody Wants to Rule the World. Blaine then signs up for student council elections opposite Brittany, who hopes to get re-elected for a second term.

Afterwards, Brittany approaches Artie to be her vice presidential candidate and convinces Blaine to use Sam as his vice president. Blaine is not enthusastic about the idea when he learns that Sam is not very well-versed on elections. Nevertheless, he attempts to school Sam on his debate answers. Sam giving Blaine some much-needed "bowtie" advice. Blaine is disappointed that he cannot get a word in edgewise about his experience and fears he is being marginalized by Kurt's accomplishments.

At the debate, Blaine shows his frustration at Sam's performance, which consist of stripping in front of the whole school. When it is Blaine's turn to debate, he is more successful, especially after Brittany suggests they ban summer vacations and weekends. Blaine wins the presidency and celebrates with the New Directions. He lies to Artie about Kurt's response, since he had not told about it yet. Blaine then tries to call Kurt, but Kurt ignores his call in favor of having drinks with his colleagues.

Blaine tells Sam that he feels very alone without Kurt and reveals that he transferred schools because of Kurt, despite saying otherwise. Sam tells him that what he is doing is important and that they can be best friends, which cheers Blaine up. Blaine and Brittany watch Jake and Marley during their lunchtime exchange and ponder on the early days of their relationships with Kurt and Santana , which have now harded due to their current circumstances of long distance. Blaine feels neglected since Kurt keeps dismissing his calls because Kurt is busy with his job at Vogue.

When Kurt finally picks up, their exchange is brief and flippant, leading Blaine to sing Barely Breathing in the auditorium , picturing Kurt with him. After the performance, he receives a message on Facebook from someone named Eli. C , who propositions Blaine to come over. Blaine looks conflicted as he walks out of the room. Blaine singing Teenage Dream Acoustic Version. Days later, Blaine shows up at Kurt and Rachel's loft in New York to surprise Kurt with flowers as they along with Finn and Rachel go to Callbacks , a karaoke bar, for a double date.

Blaine is extremely emotional during his performance, leading Kurt to realize that something is very wrong. While walking through Central Park, Blaine reveals that he had sex with Eli. C, leaving Kurt devastated. Meanwhile, Finn and Rachel also officially calls things off when Rachel reveals that she has been seeing Brody after Finn left without any explanation. The two broken couples express their emotions through Don't Speak as they all go to sleep that night without speaking to each other.

Blaine and Kurt singing Don't Speak. Blaine returns to McKinley to find Finn alone in the choir room. Finn asks why he did that to Kurt. Blaine does not have an explanation or an excuse, and says that Kurt will not talk to him. He sends Kurt a large bouquet of roses with a note saying he is sorry, but Kurt dumps it into the trash. As Sam signs up for auditions for the school play, Grease , he notices that Blaine is acting sullen.

Blaine reveals that he has not slept and lost his appetite since the break-up and says that Kurt will not even speak to him via phone or text. At the request of Finn, Blaine auditions for the school play with Hopelessly Devoted to You which is lauded by Artie and Finn, believing him to be the Danny Zuko of their dreams. However, Blaine is too distraught over his break-up with Kurt to play the part. Artie asks him if there is a part he can play, and Blaine suggests Teen Angel, on account that there is only one scene. Later, when the cast list is put up, it is revealed that Blaine was cast as Teen Angel.

Blaine singing Beauty School Drop Out. On opening night, Blaine and Finn have an awkward reunion with Kurt and Rachel, who are visiting from New York to see the school play. During the play, as he performs Beauty School Drop Out , Blaine gets distracted for a split second when he sees Kurt in the audience.

Finally, after the play, Blaine tries to stop Kurt in the hallway to talk, but Kurt is not interested. Kurt angrily tells Blaine that he cannot trust him anymore and hastily exits with Rachel, leaving Blaine completely devastated. The Secret Society of Superheroes Club. Tina texts him during the club, asking if he has spoken to Kurt yet, to which he reminds her not to use his "Night phone" for personal reasons.

When Tina's assistant, Dottie Kazatori , runs in and says there is an emergency, the entire club rushes to the choir room to see the Nationals Trophy has been stolen. In its place, there is a laptop with a message from someone in a Dalton uniform, their face blurred and voice altered. After listening to Finn's terrible ideas for Sectionals , Blaine goes to confront the Warblers at Dalton. At the staircase, he runs into Sebastian and assumes he was the one who left the video message, but Sebastian reveals that it was the new captain of the Warblers.

He leads Blaine into the library where he meets Hunter Clarington , a former military academy student. Hunter tries to talk Blaine into coming back to Dalton to rejoin the Warblers since he only trasnferred to McKinley because of Kurt.

Although he declines, Hunter tries to butter Blaine up by making him wear the Dalton blazer and put on an impromptu performance of My Dark Side with the Warblers. Blaine returns to McKinley to tell him that he is going back to Dalton, but Finn does not like the idea, saying that Blaine belongs in New Directions.

Blaine tells him that he does not fit in here and that everywhere he looks, he is reminded of Kurt. He says the Warblers are his birthright and his destiny. Sam asks Blaine about the situation with Eli. C and Blaine reveals the details. Sam tells Blaine to stop vilifying himself and to give himself one day to feel like a hero.

They then sing Heroes together as they help do charity work with the rest of New Directions. Afterwards, Blaine and Sam go on one last mission to reacquire the Nationals trophy from the Warblers. Blaine apologizes to the Glee Club for doubting that they were his home and gives a pep talk that they have the team, the talent and the leader, Finn, who returns the trophy to its rightful place. At the end of the episode, the New Directions sing Some Nights together. Shortly before the New Directions perform at Sectionals , Blaine receives a call from Kurt for the first time since their break-up and walks away to take the call in private.

Kurt tells him that he misses him and he believes Blaine is sorry, but is not ready to forgive him yet. Blaine tells Kurt he loves him, to which Kurt replies that he loves him too before hanging up. Blaine and Tina are on the Cheerios! Following Marley's collapse at Sectionals, the New Directions drag Marley to the choir room and try to wake her up. Sue walks in to inform them that the Warblers have been announced the winners.

As a result of the loss, the New Directions disband and scatter across the school to find their place by joining other clubs and sports. Blaine and Tina join the Cheerios as the others join various other clubs. When Finn gathers the Glee Club in the auditorium, they are non-committed to continuing with practice. At the end of the episode, Finn sends an e-mail to everyone to come to the courtyard where they all sing Don't Dream It's Over together. Swan Song.

Blaine is mentioned in Artie's flashback when Artie asks Kurt what Blaine thinks of Kurt being held back a year with Kurt looking bewildered, asking who Blaine was as he had never met him in that timeline. Blaine and Kurt sing White Christmas. Blaine asks Kurt if he is happy to see him, to which Kurt replies that he is. As they skate on the ice together, they continue their tradition of singing a Christmas song together, singing White Christmas.

Blaine Anderson

After the duet, Blaine tells Kurt that even if they even if they are no longer together, they will still be there for each other. Blaine is listening to Sam's speculation on Sectionals as Sam believes that they somehow cheated. Sam asks Blaine if he has any chapstick and Blaine takes the time to admire Sam's lips. Tina and Sugar come out and tell them that they are late for their student council meeting.

At the meeting, Tina proposes the idea of hosting the first annual Sadie Hawkins dance as a way of expressing female empowerment and for girls who are never asked out to prom to get a chance to snag a date. Blaine tries to dismiss this, but is outvoted by the group. Blaine and Tina by the lockers. Later, Blaine and Tina enter a science classroom together, laughing together at Sam saying he wants to sit under Uranus, before Finn enters and gives this week's assignment: woman power, suggesting that the New Directions girls serenade to the guys to ask them out.

Tina then asks Blaine to the Sadie Hawkins dance, but Blaine politely declines the offer, humiliating Tina. Tina later apologizes to Blaine as he once had a bad experience at a Sadie Hawkins dance, but later demands an apology when Blaine says that was not the reason why he said no. Blaine then reveals that he has a crush on Sam and agrees to go with Tina to the dance as friends. Blaine and Tina 's final dance. After the song, Blaine joins Tina for a dance. As they enjoy each others company, they are about to share a kiss when they are interrupted by Sam, who has discovered a lead in the case.

Blaine then leaves with him to the boys' locker room to see Finn. Blaine and Sam provide the evidence they have found of steroid use from the Warblers, including a video of Hunter having Roid Rage. They then bring in Blaine's old friend and former Warbler Trent , who reveals that the Warblers were using steroids and agrees to testify against them. Blaine returns to the dance for one final dance with Tina. With the Warblers disqualified and the New Directions advancing to Regionals , the Glee Club has to find a way to pay for the expenses.

Tina proposes a sex "Men of McKinley" calender, though it is clear that she is using this as an excuse to see Blaine half-naked. After doing so poorly on the SATs, Sam becomes obsessed with his body image and Blaine suggests he is over-compensating for his flop. Sam accuses Blaine of being jealous, prompting Tina to come to his defense. Blaine follows Sam back to the locker room where Sam has a breakdown because he believes he has to hold on to his physical qualities to feel special, but Blaine reassures him that he will still be loved.

Blaine is called into Emma's office after Blaine enlists her help to find schools that are receptive to students who did not perform well on their SATs, as well as other options for Sam. Later, as Sam struggles with his personal essay he is writing for one of the colleges, Blaine presents him with a video of their friends revealing the many things Sam has accomplished and what he is brought to their lives.

Moved to tears, Sam embraces Blaine, thanking him for his help. The calendar ends up becoming a success and the New Directions end the episode with a performance of This Is the New Year , with Blaine as one of the soloists. When Finn and Emma team up for this week's assignment, diva week, Jake makes a comment that guys have no business during diva week, to which Blaine contradicts him by saying that guys can be divas too. Shortly afterwards, Blaine performs Diva with the girls of New Directions to start up diva week. Blaine singing Don't Stop Me Now. Blaine is shown to have gotten a cold.

He is cared for by Tina, who still has feelings for him. He refuses to take some of the medicine, however, since he claims it makes him sleepy, which he does not want to risk during diva week. He reveals that he is going to prove that men can be divas by singing Don't Stop Me Now in Freddie Mercury -inspired attire.

Some time later, he is approached by Tina, who provides him with more medicine and tells Blaine of her apprehension of not being diva enough, due to her Asian ethnicity. Blaine reassures her that she can be a diva and offers to help her with the assignment. Tina can't help how she feels about Blaine.

At Blaine's home, Tina wonders if he has ever been interested in girls, but Blaine tells her no, except for that one time with Rachel. Blaine then presents Tina with a list of songs from many famous divas, including Madonna and Cher. Eventually, Tina reveals to Blaine that she is in love with him, but Blaine is asleep, overcome with his tiredness from the medicine. Tina then takes the time to tearily apply Vicks VapoRub on his chest to decongest his nasal tracts, while also admiring his physique.

The next day, Blaine is confronted by an angry Tina and tells her that he is feeling healthier again. Tina responds that it was her achievement alone and that she is sick of showing Blaine so much affection, only to get none in return. She then storms away and performs Hung Up in the courtyard, which ends up being a success with everyone and leads to Tina winning diva week.

Blaine gives Tina a flower after her victory and expresses his delight, since people have finally noticed what a diva Tina truly is. He also thanks her for being so caring towards him that week and apologizes for not being grateful about it. He then invites Tina to be his date to Will and Emma's wedding, to which Tina happily accepts.

Blaine and Kurt reunite on Valentine's Day before Will and Emma's wedding, making out heavily in a car in the parking lot before being interrupted by Mercedes. Blaine attends the wedding with Tina, which is short-lived when Emma runs away from the church. Nevertheless, Will allows the wedding guests to attend the reception where the New Directions are performing.

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Blaine and Kurt duet together, singing Just Can't Get Enough where the two are seen casually flirting with each other. Kurt is then confronted by Tina about his treatment of Blaine, arguing with each other before Tina admits to "vapo-raping" Blaine while unconscious. During Finn and Rachel's performance of We've Got Tonite , Blaine slow dances with Kurt before taking him to a hotel room where they have sex. Afterwards, Blaine asks Kurt about the status of their relationship, but Kurt is aloof and seductively says he will meet Blaine downstairs.

Nevertheless, Blaine is extremely pleased with the night's events. Blaine is walking down the hallways at McKinley with Kurt and Tina, and Tina apologizes to Kurt for attacking him at the reception. Kurt accepts the apology while remains Blaine clueless about the exchange. Tina also apologizes for throwing herself at Blaine like she did, and mentions that the legendary chemistry between him and Kurt has returned. Blaine then promises Tina that he will help her find a boyfriend and the trio run off together, arm-in-arm.

Blaine and Tina are later seen performing in Anything Could Happen. Girls and Boys on Film. When Will announces another girls vs. He eventually falls asleep and dreams of Blaine and him singing Come What May , ending in a passionate embrace. Blaine, along with the rest of New Directions, are later seen assisting Will in serenading Emma with In Your Eyes and ending the episode with a performance of Footloose.

After the revelation of Finn kissing Emma, Finn and Will are confronted by Blaine, Tina and Artie, who point out that they are feuding. The three tell them that for the first time, they are the ones giving them the musical assignment: famous feuds. When Blaine declines, Sue gets aggressive in her pursuit to make him rejoin, such as putting cement in his hairgel, ruining his parents' credit score, and flying a banner over the school that reads: "Blaine is on the bottom.

After the performance, Blaine complains that Sue cheated, but still loses when the New Directions vote her as the winner. In Sue's office, Sue makes Blaine and Becky co-captains and has him comply with the standards of the Cheerios. After the meeting, Sam approaches Blaine in the hall and it is revealed that this is all a plan to take down Sue from the inside.

Blaine meets Sam by his locker and offers him money for his family, believing that Sam is stealing macaroni because his family is hungry. However, Sam reveals that he is stealing the macaroni for his macaroni art. Sam then asks Blaine what his guilty pleasure is, since he revealed his. Blaine, who still harbors a crush on Sam, admits that the band Wham! Tina interrupts them and announces that Will is out sick for the week and Glee Club rehearsals is cancelled.

In the locker room, Sam reveals that he has something to tell Blaine, but is too embarrassed, leading Blaine to speculate that Sam is in love with him. However, it turns out that Sam is actually a "Fanilow," a fan of Barry Manilow. Blaine laughs and encourages Sam to express his love for Barry by singing Copacabana in front of the club. Blaine and Sam discussing Blaine's crush. Afterwards, Sam finds Blaine reading in the library and is upset that Blaine is not being completely honest with him about his guilty pleasure. Tina then questions who the song was about, a smirk on her face because she knows that the song's about Sam.

Blaine lies and says it's about Kurt, but Sam had noticed that Blaine was staring at him. Sam later confronts Blaine in the auditorium and tells him he knows the song was about him and says that he's not mad, he's actually flattered. They hug it out, which gets awkward when he thinks Blaine is getting turned on, but it ends up being Blaine's breath mints. At the end of the episode, they sing Mamma Mia with the New Directions.

When a shot rings out during school, the New Directions minus Tina and Brittany, are on lockdown in the choir room, all visibly frightened and upset. He helps Artie with hiding behind the piano and texts his loved ones at Will's order. Blaine and Tina after the shooting. At the end of the episode, Blaine and Tina have a conversation in the hallway, saying that he and his parents talked, cried and hugged each other all night. Tina said she wanted to be there with them, but Blaine convinces Tina that it was the scariest thing to have ever happen to him. The two take comfort in one another as they join the New Directions in the auditorium where they perform Say.

Following the shooting, everyone in New Directions begin to act strangely. Afterwards Blaine holds a secret meeting with the Glee Club to express his disagreement with Will's selections. Marley suggests using one of her original songs, but Blaine and the rest of the club rejects the idea. Later when Blaine tells Will of their ideas, Will expresses disappointment in Blaine for allowing this to happen. Marley calls a meeting with Blaine, Sam and Unique and tells them that she wrote a song for them after Will's scolding of the Glee Club and how this affected them.

Blaine and Becky are called into Sue's office to find that swim coach Roz Washington has taken Sue's place. Roz assumes that they put a hex on Sue, causing her to accidentally drop a gun in school. Therefore, she instructs them that they are never to place a hex on her. After taking the verbal oath, Blaine notices that Becky is acting strange and questions her, but she rebuffs him. Blaine is seen exercising in Sue's aerobics class, subtly eyeing a cute guy. After the exercise is over, Blaine confesses to Sue that he plotted to get her fired, but then realized that the Cheerios are lost without her.

Blaine asking Burt for permission to marry Kurt. Both talk about the marriage equality in New York that is now legalized and Mercedes asks them what their relationship status is, with Blaine confirming that they are not together. He is later seen performing Superstition with Mercedes and New Directions. Later in the episode, Blaine calls Burt to the auditorium to give him a rainbow pin to show support for gay marriage and then formally asks Burt for permission to ask Kurt to marry him.

Burt rejects him and they both talk about how important marriage is. All or Nothing. Sam is urging Blaine to reconsider his plan to ask Kurt to marry him, but Blaine is determined and wants Sam to be his best man. Blaine and Tina go ring shopping. Later one, Blaine goes to the jewelry store with Tina to pick out an engagement ring for Kurt where Tina not-so-subtly tells him that if he were buying her a ring, she would want the largest. Suddenly, Blaine runs into Jan , the jewelry store manager, who at first believes that Blaine and Tina are getting married.

Blaine corrects her that he is actually buying a ring for his boyfriend. Afterwards, Sam comes along and agrees to be Blaine's best man. Jan later invites Blaine and Kurt out to Breadstix to meet her partner, Liz where the couple share their experiences together. Afterwards, Jan asks Liz to legally marry her, which excites Blaine and Kurt. Blaine and Marley singing All or Nothing. During the show circle before Regionals , Brittany reveals that she is going to MIT and has to leave immediately, leaving the Glee Club, including Blaine, saddened.

After New Directions are declared the winners, Blaine attends Will and Emma's impromptu wedding in the choir room where the episode ends with Blaine standing next to Kurt, clutching his engagement ring behind his back. Blaine is first seen in the choir room, as Will announces the assignment of that week and the next, The Beatles.

He defends the band when Kitty claims that no one relates to them anymore. He is later seen having fun at the carnival and singing along with the rest of the club during Drive My Car. He and Kurt have a picnic on the bleachers in the courtyard, during which Blaine asks Kurt to give him a second chance, promising that he will never cheat on him again.

They discuss their break-up and Kurt's relationship with Adam, and Kurt finally agrees to dating him again. When Blaine tries to serenade him in celebration, Kurt stops him, saying he will not sit around and be sung to anymore, before blowing a whistle to summon a marching band. The two of them perform Got To Get You Into My Life together, singing and dancing around the courtyard, amidst students and band members.

At the end of the performance, they meet atop one of the lunch tables and share a kiss. He is next seen entering the choir room with Will, where he informs the rest of the club of he and Kurt's rekindling and his intention to propose. Sam gets carried away in an attempt to convince the astonished Glee Club, and Blaine asks him to calm down, before explaining that he intends to ask for their competitors' help, and organize a proposal of epic proportions, a "cultural statement.

During this performance they go around the different schools recruiting other clubs' help. They sneak in to find rival club Vocal Adrenaline practicing, and Blaine dances with a girl briefly, then singing to them until both clubs head out together.

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Next they arrive at Haverbrook School for the Deaf , where after a failed attempt to sing to their Glee Club, Blaine and Sam request their help through sign language. Finally, the three glee clubs arrive at Dalton Academy and invade The Warblers' headquarters. As the performance comes to an end, Trent offers their help, and when Sebastian requests a show of hands in agreement, everyone raises their hand, including Blaine himself. The two then hug each other cheerfully.

Back in the choir room, when Kitty references the Glee Club's long history of failed relationships during her speech to Artie, Blaine interrupts her, declaring he and Kurt will have a happy ending. He later meets there with Sam, Jake, and Ryder, where he tells them about Tina's break-ups with Artie and Mike, and claims he is worried she has become lonely and bitter. Haman was then forced to show Mordechai the honors that he actually wanted for himself. Good claims that the word hevel, used many times in Ecclesiastes the word is used five times in the second verse alone , means something very close to irony , e.

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Comic jesters were deemed indispensable to the efforts of kings to mediate between heaven and earth. Both the Korean and Japanese languages are also replete with a number of terms and concepts related to humor , e. Grok read epub read online Grok pdf, azw kindle , epub, doc, mobi. In a sense, his own readers are suckered in by his tales, poems, and criticism, while Poe himself is likely having a chuckle at their expense Baboo Jabberjee, B. Illustrated Edition pdf, azw kindle , epub, doc, mobi. Persistence of Vision, no. Jokes: Philosophical Perspectives on Laughing Matters.

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