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Before buying this product, make sure to check our accessory recommendations. Specifications: Capacity Max. Customer reviews: There are no customer reviews for this product yet. Be the first and write about your experience now. Ed has been on and continues to be on Coast to Coast for the last two decades. Why and how he has any credibility with the hosts is also beyond me, and why he has not been banned like Courtney and like the late horrible claimed psychic Sylvia Browne is something I will never know.

He assumed that this was an object behind Hale-Bopp, and targeted that idea. And-and ended up with a bunch of uh, uh nonsense and spurious data, which he tried to pigeon-hole into a preconceived notion. So it was a -- It was a doomed project from the— from the start. In fact, she was the primary endorser of that, unfortunately; uh, his lieutenant at the time. He then discussed how his own group of remote viewers had collected their own data this time done properly involving the Hale-Bopp comet, and he made the frightening announcement that the comet was carrying a plant pathogen bomb designed by aliens that was going to drop on Africa and wipe out all plant life.

He also began to market a remote-viewing instruction kit. Strangely to me, given my past with this radio host , the talk-show host did not seem interested in forcefully challenging the predictions of planetary disaster made by this former military remote viewer. Instead, the host seemed to enthusiastically support this guest. I am not accusing the talk-show host of anything illegal or immoral.

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I simply did not understand why he would challenge one guest more than another. Nonetheless, it was clear that the talk-show host felt the former military remote viewer was an interesting guest to have on his show. This leads me to his book and my very, very brief e-mail exchange with him. One was whether he ever gave the name of the astronomer who sent him the images. The other was if he still believed the remote viewing results from the Hale-Bopp stuff.

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He never responded to my second question. For the first, he referred me to the foreword to his book, where the above quote came from, for it is freely available on his website. Suffice to say, some of the highlights are that he never refers to anyone who is still living in that section by name.

But as I said, he does not name them. Courtney pretty much says what he did in that long clip I played in Part 1. He defends himself. He says the only gave Art the photos out of duress and because he was told they would not be released by Art. He did so because Art asked him if he could do anything to help Chuck Shramek, who was getting a lot of heat. Indeed, their aging fanatical leader was probably on the lookout for an opportunity to wrap up his adventure into cult worship without having to tell his band of loyal castrati that it had all been a big mistake.

He ends his foreword by pointing out that it has been his retreat from the media that let The Farsight Institute thrive to where it is now - or was then in - and cautions people that if they conduct controversial research, they should keep their heads low.

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While this would seem to run contrary to some of his recent media appearances and publicity-seeking with his September 11, , terrorist attacks stuff, it certainly is something that I think he learned the hard way, and perhaps needs to learn again. Most other pseudoscience that I address on this podcast and in my blog deals with fringe topics. They seem benign, and most of the time you wonder why anyone would really believe this stuff. It was a fringe topic. Hopefully you learned some astronomy, image analysis techniques, and technology from Episode , and hopefully you learned about the bulls--t that is remote viewing from Episode They specifically believed that a spaceship was trailing Comet Hale-Bopp and that by committing suicide, a UFO would bring them to a higher state of existence.

It is of course impossible to know what will set normal people off - let alone crazy people. Perhaps they might have committed suicide anyway, finding some other reason. We will likely never know. But what we can do is look at where we are now. When I started this very long wrap-up discussion, I pointed out the obvious parallels between current crazy fringe claims and the claims surrounding Hale-Bopp. My point is that we never know what craziness will tip the next person over the edge.

The phenomenon and everything that people associated with it had many people seriously scared. Fortunately, there were no reports of mass suicides as a result.

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To be honest, I was surprised. Pleasantly surprised, but surprised.

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That goes to show how hard predicting this stuff is. And it shows the importance of remaining vigilant.

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People have sometimes asked me why I do what I do. Especially when I was going back-and-forth with Mike Bara in the summer of about the claimed ziggurat on the moon. My response at the time is that it was clear pseudoscience, but in exposing it, you can not only learn about how to debunk that specific kind of claim, but you can also learn basic critical thinking. But if you believe in a hollow Earth, chances are that you believe in a lot of other crazy stuff that COULD negatively affect your daily life, and learning some basic critical thinking skills - using ANY kind of claim, such as an examination of the hollow Earth claims - can help.

We must stress critical-thinking skills […] thus enabling future generations to discard the demons lurking in the apocryphal imaginations of those who would mislead and profit by ignorance. Nancy Lieder got a huge amount of play in with Planet X, including telling at least one interviewer that she killed her dog to spare it the consequences.

Could that do it?

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Harold Camping convinced many followers to sell all their belongings and tell people that Judgement Day was happening on May 21, Again, fortunately, no mass suicides, but again, many followers were thereafter left without any money or means to support themselves. You just never know.

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At the very least, it hones my own ability to think critically about things and bring disparate physical fields together to analyze a claim. At the very most, someone listening may start to re-examine some of their own beliefs and think more critically about things, and who knows, that could lead to saving their life some day. Exposing PseudoAstronomy Podcast Shownotes.