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Today, our conversation with Judith will challenge you to build a pause into your week, nourish your community and remember that you are so much more than what you do. Take in the wisdom of our elders. Books with photographs of my children. Before you make a major change in your life, ask yourself, "what would it be like every morning to do that thing? Would it feel good or would it feel bad? Trust yourself. Stop doubting everything you do. Stop wishing you'd done everything differently and realize that everything happened for a reason and move on.

I set a good example for my children. Fifteen-year-old Sparsh shares about being born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, or "Brittle Bone Disease", and how he hasn't let it define his life. He radiates positivity while owning his disability with awe-inspiring grace. If you enjoyed Sparsh's optimistic outlook of his disability, listen to Live Inspired Podcast ep. Resilience and optimism. My dad said I had a smile that would light up anyone's face. My MacBook. Jesus and I would ask him, "how and why is it that the life that is so imperfect, you made it perfect the way it is?

No matter what happens in your life, don't give up on your passion. No matter how many bones you break, your voice will never break. You can do anything in life, you've come here for a reason. Sparsh it not years-old yet! Though I struggled, I refused to suffer. And because I refused to suffer, I conquered. Today, I take pause to celebrate Doctor's Day and share the important role play in all our lives.

Tsifutis, who I recently got to have lunch with and thank in person. Hear about these and how they apply in your life on one of our most listened to episodes: Live Inspired Podcast ep. The Kindness Diaries, streaming on Netflix, is a series that follows Leon Logothetis as he travels the world relying solely on the kindness of strangers, which he pays back in unexpected, inspiring ways.

Join us to rekindle your belief in human kindness and its power to change the world… starting with your own. I discovered Leon and his amazing story after I enjoyed his series streaming on Netflix. I am a child. Many of us lose our inner kid and I haven't. My passport. Nelson Mandela and I'd ask, "How did you spend 27 years in prison and be kind to the people who put you in there? Keep going. It's all going to be okay. He came, he saw, and he loved. Today, my friends, we are stepping into spring! Nature is blossoming in front of us; offering a reminder that the best in life is yet to come.

More than seven million Americans struggle with some form of addiction. Today, Fr. Tom debunks an often-taboo topic by sharing stories of redemption and healing — including his own. Tom Hoar! If you have questions or feedback, you can always send them to me and my team at podcast johnolearyinspires. If you enjoyed today's episode, Live Inspired Podcast guests Teri Griege share her story of overcoming addition on ep. Jim Martin on discovering our best life on ep. The Gospel of Matthew. It challenges us not to live minimally but to strive for the life of virtue.

A pair of rosary beads my aunt Helen gave me on the day of my ordination. It represents my relationship with God through true prayer and my family. Jesus, of course. I'd ask, "Didn't your dad do a great job with this view? Don't drink and go to meetings. There is nothing to be afraid of. He saw people in pain and tried to bring them a message of healing and hope. Join me every Monday for a quick burst of inspiration during Monday Moments. Michele Cushatt is a self-proclaimed expert of trauma, pain and the deep need for human connection. As a three-time cancer survivor, mother of six, author and speaker, Michele's warmth, strength and transparency will remind you that you're not alone.

Michele shares her story, how hope got her through her struggles and how it will help you through yours. Today, you'll be reminded that your best days remain in front of you to live a more inspired life. Have someone you want to hear on the show? Email me at podcast johnolearyinspires.

We've welcome other guests onto the Live Inspired Podcast that have overcome cancer diagnoses and are living inspired. Listen to author Christine Cain on ep. I was very playful and full of imagination. I've lost some innocence and natural playfulness and I miss that. I'm trying to rediscover play, joy and laughter. I used my Bible through the darkest days of my life. I wrote all the ugly, hard questions in there and have become part of my journey.

It's evidence of the grace that got me through. The other would be my dad. He died of terminal pancreatic cancer eight weeks before my third diagnosis. I would love to hear him share how all the different pieces of his hard life came together. You're not failing, you're learning. I was frustrated that I allowed my emotional triggers to get the best of me.

It's changed how I talk to myself and how I approach all my children and to teach them that they're going to make mistakes. Sister, you're in for a long road. It's going to be harder than you can possibly imagine. It's going to take you to a point where you're not sure you're going to want to live. But I promise you, if you hang in there and keep making the choice to wake up and live you're going to be so glad that you did.

She never stopped believing that love would win. Every Monday moving forward, join me for a quick burst of inspiration during Monday Moments. Each week, I'll cover a different topic that will spark you to live more inspired. This week, I answer questions submitted from three Live Inspired community members. Tune in to hear my answers! Lisa K. Which has been your favorite, and why? Chris F. You seem like a person who one of my best friend's, my dog, would love!

What lessons could dogs teach humans? Alison J. What are some small things I can do day-to-day to help others? If you ever have questions or feedback, you can always send them to me and my team at podcast johnolearyinspires. See you here next Thursday! During his eleven years as a business leader at Build-A-Bear Workshop, Manley Feinberg implemented solutions inspired by his extreme outdoor adventures in the Himalayas, Uzbekistan and El Capitan in Yosemite. Today, Manley shares compelling tales from the trails that led to lessons in leadership that will help you overcome your challenges and live more inspired.

My endless, boundless energy level. A couple of guitars my mother bought me when she passed away. My mother. It's been 18 years since we've had a physical conversation and we have a lot to catch up on. My mother always told me I could do anything I wanted to do, and believed in me. She always reminded me I have an amazing purpose in this world. Don't worry about what people think.

I'd tell my year-old self the same thing. Manley was an amazing father, husband and friend to everyone he met with no exceptions, loved them and they knew it. Today, I share a story submitted by Mike F. Mike has done something truly amazing by applying the Live Inspired 7 — the questions we ask every guest at the end of our Live Inspired Podcast episodes — to his own life Listen to last week's Monday Moments with Dennis Gillan on ep. The Bible, chapter of Job. Tomorrow you discover your wealthy uncle shockingly dies at the age of ; leaving you millions. What would you do? A tin cup with holes in it that I brought back from the prison camp.

I keep that cup just to remind me of the challenges I face and the value of the challenge. She endured so much while I was over there, but never placed blame. I never heard her say a bad word about anyone. The longer I live, the more I appreciate her approach to forgiveness. You can choose to be a loser or a winner or choose to give away that choice. Looking back, what advice would you give yourself at age 20? Believe in a purpose as the highest priority. He was a servant. I could dream big. I tried to do crazy stuff as a kid.

We made a potion out of crayons and dirt to make me fly. Then, I put on a cape and jumped into cow manure! A medallion that I carried in combat. I gave it to the love of my life when we got engaged. When she has to go into dark places, I wanted her to have the same medallion with her. Abraham Lincoln. And hold everything together with a nation that was literally pulling itself a part? Get back to those basics. But in those moments, know that there is light coming.

There is truth and love in people in this world. There is more light and hope than darkness. Never forget that. He learned to love and learned to leave by serving others. I am honored to be joined by my dear friend Dennis Gillan to discuss a topic that desperately needs to be revisited: suicide prevention. Take this powerful episode as reminder that the best is yet to come. You've likely seen some of their viral hits that have amassed nearly one billion views! Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I read it once a year. Playful and imaginative nature. I try to bring it into the culture of SoulPancake.

It's passed to the oldest woman in every generation and represents family, tradition and togetherness and bridges generations. My grandfather. He grew up with seven siblings, five of which died before they were adults. What is the best advice you've ever received? Professionally: hire people that are smarter than you. Personally, self-care is important. There is a very long life ahead of you. I have a very long life left to live. In honor of Valentine's Day I went deep into the vault -- we're over episodes deep now!

He'll give us practical tips to love and live! This episode originally aired in June Les is a co-creator of the match-making software behind eHarmony, psychologist, professor, author, husband, and father. My laptop. My wife Leslie, she loves the beach. Master the capacity to adjust to things beyond your control. Life is unfair. Slow down a bit. A man who loved his family with all his heart. Take a picture of you and your loved one, you holding a pen about to write, of your letter, whatever you choose.

Legal residents of USA. Full rules here. The book Proof of Heaven ignited a conversation around the globe about how heaven can be scientifically proven by examining near-death-experiences NDE. Today we are joined by Dr. Alexander to discuss his NDE, how it changed his understanding of science, the world we live in today, the life beyond it and what it means in your inspired life.

Through much of my academic career, curiosity was drilled out of me and the last 10 years have been a strong reawakening of an extraordinary, unbridled sense of curiosity. My dad's pocket Bible that was with him during World War Two because it got him through so much and is a rich source of connection to me. Albert Einstein. My son, Eben Alexander IV, encouraged me to write down everything I remember about my near-death experience before reading anyone else's experience. Love yourself. The best way to manifest that is to show love for other beings.

Love, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance and mercy are the greatest gifts we can give ourselves and others. I made progress. I awakened. Catch by Joseph Heller. Staying a little weird. It's important to love the life you're living. The book my partner made featuring photographs of our lives. It's a beautiful thing to want something that originates from yourself. Just chill out! It's okay. You can be weird the right people will love you for it. Be smart. Be curious. Be kind. She helped me feel better.

Enjoy thinking about a current topic through an inspired lens? Listen to Sue's inspired take on what we can do in the wake of growing gun violence here. John Grisham's book, A Time to Kill. I was a risk taker. A photo with my sons that is very important to him. Mickey Mantle. I think his answer would be about a lot of things we talked about today.

Something controlled him that he couldn't gain control over. It's not always as it seems. Try harder in everything that you do. He did everything he could to help young adults and adolescents who struggle with addiction, substance abuse and mental illness. Today's episode is about you. Specifically, how to make sure is absolutely your best year yet. I'll give you a peek at the exercise created by Jinny Ditzler I complete every year to ensure I have my best possible year.

My friends, these are just a few of the goals I set and then achieved thanks to this process. Registration is open for a very limited time. Register today so you can join us and make Your Best Year yet here. Email shannon johnolearyinspires. Next week on the Podcast, my guest will be my old friend Steve Grant. Check out his amazing story here. Today we are going to talk about how you can get better results in life and business by activating your creativity.

Today, you'll learn how this concept will help you live more inspired. Audacity and day-dreamy-ness. Harriet Tubman, my grandmother who I was never able to meet, people who are long gone. Keep on keeping on, persevere And also, "please and thank you" will set you apart one day. She was brave before she was masterful. Today, I share 3 of the most formative lessons I learned during my recovery.

One is a favorite I share on stage from time to time. One I've never shared before. I hope they fuel you to live inspired today. Enjoy this episode on life lessons from my doctors? Check out Ep. Don't miss it. Check it out here. Today, we've got a really fun treat for you! An awesome lesson on love and how to fill your home with it just in time for the holidays My friends, rehabbing isn't just meant for homes, but more importantly, for our hearts, lives and towns, too.

Erin: Love in the time of Cholera. It's a love story that happens across decades. Beautifully written, colorful. I recommend to anybody. Ben: A Childhood by Harry Crews. I wish I did more with my hands. Ben: I was much more naive and trusting as a child, which is hard to have as an adult. Ben: Probably the anniversary books for Erin. Erin: My grandfather who died. I wish I got to spend more time with him. Ben: Erin. Its the only way to be proud of it and own it. They were right. Ben: Try harder to get Erin.

Ben: He loved everyone. Bob's books have sold millions of copies and after hearing our whimsical conversation - ripe with lessons on how to love everybody, always - you'll know why. My friend, you are in luck. You won't be able to listen to Bob and not live inspired. Join us. They are awfully good. Childlike faith. Artwork my kids made when they were young. Mark Twain would be really interesting to talk to. I'd ask him questions about hope, confidence, purpose and meaning.

From my grandparent, that it's possible. Swing for the fences! Keep your eye on your own paper. Write your own music. What if we weren't afraid any more. Jake Harriman realized this truth while completing 4 tours as a Marine. After completing his service, Jake started NURU International to address the extreme poverty in war-torn countries -- and in doing so, combat terrorist groups. Jake gives new depth to the idea of "living inspired.

It says: [Joshua ] "Be strong, courageous and remember that the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. I'd ask: How in the world did you get through that time? I think he'd say "Find commonality - there are threads and values that run through all of us. Never say you can't do something, you have to believe in yourself and those who love you. It's going to be dark. You are going to have a lot of really horrific moments that you didn't even know were possible.

Mondays in November, I'm releasing a special, Ask John episode. Today's question was submitted by Mary from Missouri. She finds the podcast to be counter cultural and that it is good news in a negative news culture. Her favorite episode was with Sue McCollum , a strong woman sharing strong ideas of overcoming and doing great things.

See you here next Thursday and Monday during November! Jason will help us rekindle our childlike spirit. Jason talks about the importance of creating white space. On Ep. I was an off-the-charts dreamer when I was a kid; always imaginative. I'm more cynical now, from the bumps and bruises. One or two paintings, my originals that mean something to me. She is my best friend. We could talk about nothing we could talk about anything. If I was stranded somewhere, or looking at something beautiful, I would just want to be there with her.

Be yourself, everyone else is taken. Don't worry so much. It's going to be different than you think, but it's going to be even better. Stay persistent and keep working. Today's question was submitted by Rich from Tennessee. Rich became part of the live inspired community after hearing me speak at his office, he work for Dave Ramsey and Dave has something he calls "Devos" to inspire his employees each week. Rich Donnelly spent three decades as a major league baseball coach. This was his dream since he was a little boy.

In attaining this dream, he set everything else in life aside, including his marriage and children. Today, Rich shares how the news of his daughter's terminal disease shook him out of his detrimental focus on success and how he's been driven to lead a life of significance since. Ever wonder if people can change? My friends, this episode is for you. Did you enjoy hearing about major league baseball? I Am Third. Passion for what I do. I don't put a whole lot of value on material things.

They are just temporary wins. What was it like for you growing up? During your teen years, did you think you were a big shot? My dad told me if you don't want to get hit by the train, stay off the tracks. Seems simple, but I sat in the middle of the tracks! You got a heck of a life ahead of you and you better know how to handle this. Stay out of trouble. Stay away from people who are in trouble and places that are always causing trouble. He became a good person. Mondays in November, I'm releasing a special short, Ask John episode.

Today's question was submitted but Troy in Florida who said that his biggest takeaway from the show is: "Life is an adventure and always worth listening to the fullest. Troy asked if we ever get recommendations for our guests from our listeners and the answer is YES! If you want to make a recommendation, email my team at info johnolearyinspires. Here are a few that were recommended by listeners like you:. Today, Klyn is living her "second chance. Join me and Klyn live! Did you enjoy hearing John talk to a guest in person?

Check out episode 1 with Brian Buffini. Or, episode 89 with Coach Kath Bresnahan. Compound Effect , Darin Hardy. My main takeaway: Where you are heading right now will continue to snow ball through your entire life. If you don't like the trajectory of the life in which you are heading, change it right now. Owning your power, appreciating it and not being afraid to use it.

I'm not going back in. I don't care. I don't need of it. None of it matters. John O'Leary 2. Let's do it! When someone loves you enough to tell you you are messing up so you can come out stronger on the other side. You are more capable than you have any clue. And she's still laughing. Today's question was submitted through the Episode Survey we did a few weeks back. Thanks to everyone who participated!

If you have ever have questions or feedback, you can always send them to me and my team at info johnolearyinspires. Today you'll meet our dear friend Amy. Everybody's favorite 4-letter word today is "busy. Are you making time for it? Tonya will be our guide in learning how to do more with less at work and at home.

If you enjoyed our discussion about "productivity" check out ep. Jane Eyre. I read it every year. It brings me back to my English studies roots and love of writing. I see it in my daughter! That feeling of self confidence. You just don't care what anyone else thinks. I hope to foster that into her even in adulthood. I love this! It boils down to priorities and that is what I talk about all the time.

I have some pictures from my wedding and when my kids were born. Those are really important to me. The conversations my husband and I have keep getting better and better we've been together for 20 years. If I could spend the whole day with one person, I would pick him.

Be yourself. Be true to who you are and never lose sight of it. Hold fast to what is important to you, morals, values, ethics. I love going to bed at night feeling proud of what I do. It gets better. You think in your 20s that life is great, and it just keeps getting better and better! Because the longer you are with yourself, the better you get to know yourself and the more time you take to really delve into who you are, the more in love you can fall. She taught people to live with priority all while keeping her own at the center.

What makes someone superhuman? Is it their cape? Their blue tights? Their ability to fly, jump or leap? My guest today was curious about the subject and, instead of turning to Marvel, Superman or the X-Men franchise for answers, he searched the world to find the finest examples of individuals who personify the 11 'super-human' traits. Today he shares what his research means for us. Grab your journal, your cape put it on! Lonesome Dove , Larry McCurty. It's an American Western, the characters in it stay with you forever, just like Huckleberry Finn.

The reason it is in a steal box is that if there ever is a fire, it can survive. Charles Darwin. He was my hero growing up because he was an incredibly wise and passionate man who changed our world. The first question I'd ask: What do we do now about understanding the world? I'd try to update him and then ask his advice. Do what you want to do.

Don't force people to do things they don't want to do. Let them find their own way. Don't drink so much! Just enjoy your youth. Feel it while you've got it. He was a nice guy, did a few cool things and inspired people with the stories he told of other people. Scott Harrison made a lifetime of mistakes by the time he was Today we'll learn lessons on redemption, creative problem solving and creating purpose in our lives and work. Scott reminds us that making BIG change, though difficult, is possible and that the best is absolutely yet to come.

Love hearing about Scott's impact? Love hearing about how Scott went from a high-profile life of vice to a high-impact life of virtue? Check out episode 58 with Matt Emerzian for another refreshing story of redemption and impact. My mom's book; the story of her life that she wrote and never published. Albert Schweitzer. Why did you do it all? What was driving you? Put integrity at the core of everything you do.

I ask myself: Is this thing right?

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Don't cut corners or take the easy way out. Dude, are you serious? Get a haircut an don't waste all this time just to come full circle. He fought to inspire greater generosity and compassion and helped bring clean water to everybody on the planet. Bonus 8: What do your mom and dad think about their prodigal son these days?

They are so proud. It's painful to watch my dad show how proud he is in public! They know it is consistent and don't have fear that I will revert back. They know that it took and that I'll finish well. The Alchemist because I always go back to it. My main takeaway: when you are on the right path, the universe conspires to help you. Photos and the crosses I had made out of the my kids' baby cribs.

Maya Angelou. When we know better we do better. You don't have to act so tough, it's okay to be afraid. She contributed more than she criticized. What's more inspiring than delicious fried chicken? The mission behind the chicken and the resulting success and growth the company is enjoying. Joe will share how his competitive advantage what he calls fair 'chance employment' is leading Hot Chicken Takeover to outperform its competitors in productivity 2 to 1.

Join me and life-long entrepreneur Joe DeLoss to get inspired and to get new ideas to grow your business, life and relationships. Walden by Henry David Thoreau. Everytime I read it I find some peace and contentment. The idea of seeking and exploring a different way of living inspired me to take the reigns of what my life will look like. A life of exploration, understanding and reflection is the basis of growth. Creativity and freedom from ego is really magical. Battling with my judgements of myself constrains me. The more I can be present, love and empathize with the world the way children do feels boundless.

Nothing, if you press me I'll go straight tactical: My iPhone. I want mountains not beach! My wife, Lisa. Every meaningful conversation we have opens me up and gives me a different perspective. As a leader, instead of answering the question, ask the question back. If you have the right community around you, they'll have the right answer. It is the most freeing thing. Slow down and be present. Make decision for the moment you are in not the moment you want to be in.

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In my 20s, I escaped to my future a lot. It damaged relationships, because it is not the place to be. He was empathetic, saw and communicated the value that everybody has. I'm honored to have Stephanie on the show to bring mental health into the light during Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. It changed my life. Playfulness, as a mom when I am caught up in the domesticity of life, cooking dinner and all this, I wish I would just let go and be more playful.

The old family pictures on our book shelf and passports. We're looking at the ocean. They're all such poets and free spirits the conversation just starts; life, creativity and love. And I am in heaven listening to all of them. My husband and I went into different rooms and answered: "If there were no obstacles and anything was possible, what would every aspect of your life look like? It's a great way to get to know each other. You don't know who you are yet. Take your time and be curious. She did it her way and inspired others to do the same. Stay until the end, Jonathan will play a mini-live concert for you!

This is our th episode, my friends, and it is an all-out celebration! Look for all of the special features in the show notes. Don't miss it! The Power of Now by Eckhart Toehl. It took me awhile to get into, but it changed my life. I woke up the next morning looking at the world differently. I was very hopeful.

My computer with my lyrics on it. I'd ask him 'How do you write like that? Pay attention. Stay in the moment. I've seen a lot of people having a conversation that aren't in the conversation. My father would say, 'Are you really connecting with everyone you meet?

People don't meet by accident but for a reason. You are not always who they say you are. You are uniquely unique, so don't be afraid. Never stop believin' in who you are. You are uniquely you. Register today. It was released just in time for Suicide Prevention Awareness month, September Adam took pause in his favorite Denver park to join us for this personal conversation. Adam shares about life, family, comedy, anxiety and how his book helped him process losing his sister. Listen to live inspired and bring mental health into the light.

It's beautifully written. I've put up walls. We need pure empathy for everyone, we button ourselves up in our world. I need to do better. I'd say 'I miss ya. I miss the hell out of you. A beloved family friend died when we were young and my Dad tried to explain to us how to deal with grief. He showed us pictures of comets and black holes and just turned the pages, sitting with us kids and said 'Isn't this amazing.

We don't know why any of this exists or what it means and we get to live in all of it. I am not an atheist, I am agnostic. I'm a seeker. Don't take yourself so seriously. You are going to be alright. He died as he lived, with humor. Loneliness epidemic. Did you know we're currently experiencing this? So, if you feel lonely or like you're lacking something, you are ironically Today's episode can help. My friend, the Live Inspired community is absolutely a place where you belong.

My hope is that today's episode helps you strengthen the community where you live, too. Stop asking questions like "what do you do. Want to get started making new friends? Listen to Ep. Sapiens , by Yuval Harari. I wish I was less combative and a better listener instead of beating my own drum. A video that my partner made of our engagement. She helped Lewis and Clark get across harrowing parts of the country while pregnant. I'd ask her what it takes to be such an incredible explorer. Choose your friends wisely. You're as good as the 5 closest and the sum of all the friends you keep.

Pick your friends and nurture them. Stop trying to be so cool and relevant. This is your time to discover who you are. She helped bring people together, find more connection, feel a sense of belonging and fully express and shine their unicorn light. Amy Jo left the business to move into nature and reset. Now, she journals at home in the woods 15 miles outside of Mount Rushmore.

Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl. I have so many journals. Especially my - journal when I was really struggling. I'd like to be able to reflect and look back on it and continue to learn from it. Together they form a family, and Mattie is finally able to pass on her memories from the hope chest she received from her mother. With each item—including a favorite doll, family dishes, an embroidered apron, and an antique Christmas ornament—the hope chest connects Mattie, Don and Rose to each other and helps them find hope again in the face of overwhelming life challenges.

A beautiful story about the unconditional love and support of family, The Hope Chest will remind you that hope can be found where and when you least expect it. Get A Copy. Hardcover , pages. More Details Original Title. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Hope Chest , please sign up. Can anyone tell me when I can expect my Goodreads Giveaway for this book that ended on Jan. I've written to both Viola and St.

Martin's without response twice in the past month. Thank you so much. Donna Hines Thank you Viola. I have received my copy. Is this a print book or an audio CD? Cyndi Culbert I listened to it in audio cd! Loved it! See all 3 questions about The Hope Chest…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Jan 15, CL rated it really liked it.

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Mattie has ALS and she has struggled to remain independent as she battles her disease just as she was independent in life. Her husband has been her caregiver but her ALS has reached the point he needs help. Enter Rose and her daughter Jeri who make all the difference in both Mattie and her husband's life. Rose is Mattie's caregiver and as she attempts to make Mattie's life easier the growing affection between the four of them is what all of them need.

Rose and Jeri need Mattie and Mattie's husba Mattie has ALS and she has struggled to remain independent as she battles her disease just as she was independent in life. Rose and Jeri need Mattie and Mattie's husband as much as they need them and as their relationship grows stronger they all redefine what "family" is. Great read. View all 5 comments. Jan 24, Karen Whittard rated it really liked it. Thank you to Netgalley a massive thank you to St Martins Press and a humongous thank you to Viola Shipman who kindly contacted me and asked if I could read this book for an honest review.

I was so excited to receive your email and when I read the bio I couldn't wait to start the book. You can find my review on both Goodreads and Amazon. You can find it on Goodreads under Karen Whittard from today and on Amazon on publication date under k. This book is breathtaking, it is beautiful and Thank you to Netgalley a massive thank you to St Martins Press and a humongous thank you to Viola Shipman who kindly contacted me and asked if I could read this book for an honest review.

This book is breathtaking, it is beautiful and heartbreaking. It made my heartache and it made my heart sing. I was equal parts saddened and charmed by this book. Viola is an amazing craftswoman and I will be recommending this book to everyone that I know. If you are looking for a romance story to knock you off your feet this year. Then you simply must read The Hope Chest.

I implore you if you only read one book this year. Make sure it is this book you simply will not regret it. Just remember to grab lots and lots of tissues. This book speaks of the love that everyone dreams of. The love that is once in a lifetime. That is so rare and precious that you simply must hold onto it and never let it go.

It is a love that endures all things and sticks by you through it all. A love that is so heartbreaking and pure that it is beautiful. I cannot describe how much I simply love this book. I just hope you all read it and you will all understand how special this book is. I was so emotional all the way through this book. I found it heartbreaking and beautiful all in the same time. I became so invested in these characters. That it felt like I knew them personally. That is a rare and beautiful treat I devoured this book so quickly and my wonderful amazing husband had to keep making sure I was ok because I just kept blubbering.

I gave him the biggest, massive cuddle that I could after reading this book. I really really really want to say a huge massive thank you for letting me read this beautiful book. I haven't read a five star book in so long. Until this book came along I didn't think I would find one for a long time. So thank you for sharing this book with us all. I can't wait to see what you bring out next. You are on my authors to watch out for list now. I have been having such a bad pain induced week. That this book helped me in so many ways.

Thank you Happy reading everyone Mar 14, Judy Collins rated it it was amazing Shelves: womens-fiction , books-read-in , releases , netgalley-arc , viola-shipman. Emotionally rich, heartbreaking, and yet inspiring and warm-spirited— Shipman once again demonstrates the impact of family, history, and friends. Life is precious. Life is a gift. How do we choose to use it?

A legacy to be continued through others. To be passed along.

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You can utilize what time you have, or lose it all in a blink of an eye. One man may be losing his wife, but through her strength—he may discover a new family. From family heirlooms, nostalgia, grief, sadness, to inspiration and hope for the future. Hope is something you carry with you forever, not only in this chest but also in your heart. So look inside it and inside yourself when you need hope the most, and it will guide you, and remind you of what was and what is to be. They have been in love since they first met many years earlier.

They promised one another, till death do us part. They are approaching their fiftieth wedding anniversary. Don wishes more than anything he could freeze time. Just a little longer. They had their cottage at Hope Dunes. Their history. However, the house was big and now Don needed help with Mattie. They now required a caregiver. Mattie has ALS— for five years, and now they are forced to move to a smaller place. Are they really ready to give up a big part of their past? What about the future?

Mattie is multi-talented. She was a successful landscape designer, with many famous clients over the years. She was also a painter. Now they are left with no children and only a faithful dog, Mabel. What will he do when his loving faithful wife passes on.

How will he go on? He is clinging to every moment. Enter Rose Hoffs, and her charming, "larger- than- life" daughter, Jeri. Rose lost her parents to cancer and her husband left years ago. A divorced single mom, her parents had left her their family home; however, she is struggling to make ends meet. She needs full-time hours versus part-time in order to survive without using all her savings and her inheritance, which was dwindling quickly. She needed to hang on to her family home.

She was too young to have no help. However, Mattie made him aware his anger was misplaced. It was not all about him. She told him he was being selfish and wasting his strength and emotion over something he could not control. Time will march on. Life will continue. One short little stop to get things right, and too few of us do.

We focus on everything that is unimportant. A special hope chest for a special history. Everything has a story. Past, present, future. Living lessons. A hope chest once filled with hope and now there is none. From a cedar chest, scents, fragrances of the past. Filled with memories such as scrapbooks, heirlooms, family pictures, teddy bears, family bibles, special mementos, rag dolls, aprons, dishes, jewelry—precious items to be passed along to a family. Connecting the past with the future. Filled with love, hopes, and dreams.

H is for Hope Now and for always. O is for the Overwhelming love I have for you. P is for the Practical items that will make your house a home. E is for the Eternal memories this chest will provide every time you open it up. You are my hope, and my home, in this world, My daughter, my love. Shipman has a way with words and vivid descriptions—predict he will be the next Nicholas Sparks! Loved everything about this charming story! Readers will fall in love with the characters, as well as the comforting words to those who have recently lost loved ones or those left behind trying to make sense of their loss.

You will smile and cry at the same time. No chance encounters. An ideal book for book clubs and further discussions. Another element which was nicely done— the way Shipman used the different timelines. Often an author will spend more time with the secondary story than the main one. I liked the fact, Don and Mattie's touching and the timeless story took center stage, as well as their background history. Highly Recommend! A special thank you to St.

Martin's Press and NetGalley for an early reading copy. Mar 18, Susan rated it it was amazing Shelves: netgalley. The Hope Chest Viola Shipman Received from Netgalley I have never read anything before by Viola Shipman but she broke my heart over and over again and she owes me a box of tissues. Learning about Mattie and Don's lives is so moving and will make you fall in love with both of them as you are reading. They are getting ready to celebrate their fifty year wedding anniversary but at the same time The Hope Chest Viola Shipman Received from Netgalley I have never read anything before by Viola Shipman but she broke my heart over and over again and she owes me a box of tissues.

They are getting ready to celebrate their fifty year wedding anniversary but at the same time Mattie is in the final stages of ALS. Rose is hired as Mattie's caretaker and quickly becomes more of a family member and friend. As Mattie feels the end getting closer and closer she shares her stories with Rose and her young daughter, Jeri.

Mattie and Don never had children and Rose and Jeri have no family, since Rose's parents passed away. Their relationship grows stronger and stronger each day, even though they were breaking my heart the whole time while I was reading. I really loved learning about Mattie and Don from their stories, but I felt heartache like I never have before. I became so emotionally invested in all of the characters and felt like they were lifelong friends.

When they were sad, I felt sad. When they were happy I found myself smiling. I love when an author can do that to me and Viola Shipman did it perfectly. Be prepared not to do anything else until you finish reading this beautiful story. Once I started I had a hard time putting it down, especially when Viola began to introduce all of the treasures inside of Mattie's neglected hope chest. View 2 comments. Jan 21, Hannah rated it it was amazing Shelves: giveaways , 5-stars.

This is the first book that I have read by Viola Shipman and I absolutely loved it. I was emotional throughout and became extremely invested in the characters and the relationships they each had with one another. The main character, Mattie, is slowly losing a battle to ALS. Her husband Don, hires a caretaker named Rose to help out as Mattie slowly starts to lose most of her independence. Rose is a young, single mother struggling with her own battle of finances and the loss of her parents, while This is the first book that I have read by Viola Shipman and I absolutely loved it.

Rose is a young, single mother struggling with her own battle of finances and the loss of her parents, while raising her daughter Jeri. The elderly couple, unable to have children of their own, form an instant bond with Rose and Jeri and they become a part of each other's lives in the most heartwarming way. Each chapter is filled with memories from the Hope Chest that was given to Mattie as a gift from her parents when she was a child.

She has kept everything memorable and dear to her throughout the years tucked away safely in the chest. Each part of the book is divided into sections about items in the chest, with a story attached to each item. As the four bond over the items in the chest, they learn to help one another in the daily struggles of life. As Don and Mattie near their 50th wedding anniversary, Don begins to wonder what life will be like without Mattie in it. He isn't ready to tackle life without her, but Mattie always seems to be the voice of reason for the future.

They learn when to let go, when to hold on, and that one must always have hope. This is the first book that I have read that has actually caused me to shed some tears. I feel like I know the characters personally and went through every high and low with them. It was such a beautiful story about life, happiness, hope, and how we must carry on and pick up the pieces when everything crumbles because life is beautiful and worth living.

This is one of those cozy, warm, snuggly sad books that you read while laying in the grass! Or at least one of those books you connect with because it takes place in a small lake town and you know there is not a prettier sight than the cottages on the dunes of Lake Michigan! I'm only a 30 minute drive from the wonderful town of Saugatuck - and I yearned to take a drive out there while I read this The main character in this story suffers from ALS, something my own Father i This is one of those cozy, warm, snuggly sad books that you read while laying in the grass!

The main character in this story suffers from ALS, something my own Father in law passed away from. It hurt and warmed my heart at the same time to read this story!

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Mattie was a wonderful characters along with her husband Don, care taker Rose and her daughter, Jeri! If you want to read a story of love and hope "just one letter away from home" pick this one up!! View all 7 comments. Apr 02, Anne Wolfe rated it did not like it.

Not for diabetics. How is it possible for so much hope and sweetness, bravery, pure saintly character, none of which are in the least real to exist in one novel? Even death from ALS and transition to an afterworld where all your loved ones are waiting didn't bring a tear to my eye. No more Viola Shipman for me. View all 8 comments. Mar 01, Sue rated it it was amazing. This is a fantastic book that will bring you to tears but will leave you with a feeling of hope and love. The characters are well done, the plot is terrific and the setting is fantastic. Before I tell you a little about the book, I want to say that the book had me hooked with the setting in Michigan on the Lake.

I spent all of my summers at Lake Michigan about miles north of the setting of this book and I think Lake Michigan is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The author descri This is a fantastic book that will bring you to tears but will leave you with a feeling of hope and love. The author described the area and Lake Michigan so well, that it brought back great memories of the time that I spent there and still do.

Mattie and Don have been married almost 50 years when the book begins. Mattie is very independent and has been fighting her diagnosis of ALS but the disease is getting worse. Her husband is totally devoted to her and takes care of her by himself until her disease progresses and he needs help. They hire Rose, a young down on her luck mother with a 6 year old daughter Jeri to take care of Mattie. Rose and Jeri bring some joy into their lives as Mattie begins to share her memories that are stored in the hope chest that her parents gave her as a child. Each chapter is devoted to a different memory - a vase, an apron, a snow globe and others - and we learn not only the history of the item but also how it affects them present day.

I will warn you that this is a sad book, Mattie's impending death hangs over every page and as you come to know her better throughout the book, it gets sadder. The important thing is that you are not left with a feeling of sadness but a feeling of love and family and the fact that family is not made up of who you are related to but it's made up of the people who love you.

Thanks to NetGalley for a copy of this book for review. All opinions are my own. Inkvotary You've got to read this. So intense, full with hope, happiness, sadness and love. A beautiful book.

The Hope Chest by Viola Shipman

The Hope Chest is told by an invisible narrator who gives you an intense and very touching insight into the life of two families. During the novel you read about the years when Mattie grew up and later met Don as well as the present things that happen. Both are smoothly combined in a heartbreaking but beautiful written novel about love, hope and what it means to always believe. Not necess Inkvotary You've got to read this. Not necessary in a religious way but in something you feel comfortable with. Like his first novel this one tells the story of the items that are contained in the hope chest and which Mattie wants to share with Rose and her daughter.

The author uses little things that give this novel the special something. The symbolism of colors, the meaning of each flower and plant and all the items that mean something to Mattie and Rose. There are not many figures in this novel, but those who are there are very well created. And Jeri is a girl you will love. How she talks and acts with Mattie, how she treats her and what she does to understand everything is so sweet and remarkable — I fell in love with her right away. A novel filled with intensity, hope, happiness, sadness and love; and beyond that the answer to all the things that count in life: you.

Mar 20, Carole rated it it was ok. After reading the pre-publication reviews I looked forward to reading this book The premise was good, but the author was so busy trying to be heartbreaking that he left improbable plot loopholes and even more annoying used poor writing techniques. I realize her character was supposed to be young and full of life, but there are other ways of describing her voice t After reading the pre-publication reviews I looked forward to reading this book I realize her character was supposed to be young and full of life, but there are other ways of describing her voice thesaurus please.

This, along with poor character development, made what was to be a sweet little girl seem to be a brat. And the poor character development continued to the others, especially Mattie. I heard so many times how wonderful, beautiful, brave, etc. Yes, she handled her illness courageously, but why was she so fantastic before her illness? I never quite got a picture of that, even though extensive time was spent on stories that occurred throughout her life. My guess is that since this was the author's second book under this pseudonym his publisher rushed him to finish.

Hopefully he will be given a bit more time for his next novel. I'm sorry if I sound like a 'Debbie Downer', but rather than enjoying an interesting, well-written book, I had to struggle to finish it. Jul 08, DeAnn rated it really liked it Shelves: This is a sweet love story with a hope chest at the center. Set in Michigan which I just visited this summer we meet Mattie and Don near the end of Mattie's life.

Books That Kissed My Soul - A Reading List

She's in her final months of ALS, but throughout the book we learn about her and memorable parts of her life, many of them memorialized by items in her hope chest. The other main characters in the book are Mattie's caretaker and daughter. They come into Mattie and Don's life and become like family to them.

I must admit I was drawn to This is a sweet love story with a hope chest at the center. I must admit I was drawn to this one by the beautiful cover. This was a quick easy read, but I have another Viola Shipman book to read and I think I will enjoy it too! This one was much more character driven. Jul 19, Chris rated it did not like it. I went in with great expectations and was very disappointed. It was a saccharin laced story almost unbelievable how most things fell in place except for the death of Mattie.

My sister died from ALS and quite honestly this book did not even touch upon the daily struggles and incorporate into story. Yeah the choking, the lift, the wheelchair are all a part and I know the storyline is about the hope chest and not a dissertation of the disease, but please I think I got to 3 or 4 times in a short amount of pages and was irritated by that that the author could not come up with something better.

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I agree with other reviewer - she was cast as something of a brat. This was more of a hope chest fairy tale which fine some people loved the story and were driven to tears. I did not like it, will not read any other books by author and I was driven to tears that I wasted my time reading this book. Sorry for being blunt but that's my review. View 1 comment. May 26, wade rated it it was ok. Rose, a divorced woman with a young daughter, gets a job as a caregiver for a couple in which the wife suffers from advancing ALS.

This seems like a promising plot. However, it all falls apart for me as I have never read a more syrupy over sentimentalized book. All the characters portrayed are too sweet, too kind and too caring. Everything works out with a positive spin. No one would think to raise their voice in ire.

I wanted to scream by the novel's end. If you have a fragile psyche that want Rose, a divorced woman with a young daughter, gets a job as a caregiver for a couple in which the wife suffers from advancing ALS. If you have a fragile psyche that want to read an unrealistic portrayal of family life - this is for you. Apr 26, Susan Crowe rated it liked it Shelves: books , have-on-kindle. It was worth the read. The thing that was holding me back? Right from the beginning of the book, I could tell it was going to be an emotional read and it definitely was.

It is a beautiful story, though, very well written but heartbreaking. It was touching how Mattie, who has ALS, and her husband Don, made Mattie's caregiver Rose and her young daughter, Jeri, a part of their family from day one of Rose becoming her caregiver. Mattie's sharing of the contents of her hope chest is what brings them together. The bond that developed between the four of them Right from the beginning of the book, I could tell it was going to be an emotional read and it definitely was.

The bond that developed between the four of them really moved me. Reading this book will make the reader realize how precious life is and that you just never know what life is going to throw at you. It certainly made me realize that. I really felt for Mattie as she was no longer able to care for herself and do the things she loved to do, mostly designing gardens as a landscape architect, or just caring for her own garden, something she really had a passion for.

And I also felt great sadness for her devoted husband of 50 years. They had a such a beautiful relationship. I enjoyed the flashbacks to Mattie's years as a child, when she met Don, and the stories of how she acquired the precious items she had stored in her hope chest.