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Darkest Day L. They turn their backs And they put me out They build me up Just to bring me down Like pieces of pages and scattered shreds Tattered thoughts and worn-out threads Torn up words and loose change Burnt up bits of cellophane Everywhere, everywhere I go Everywhere, everywhere I go. Oooh codeine arms, Wrap around me safe and warm Under the light of your sweet charms Save me, save me codeine arms. Oooh codeine arms, Wrap around me safe and warm Under the light of your sweet charms Save me, save me codeine arms Save me, save me codeine arms. A hollow log, a hollow log Sleeping in a hollow log A hollow log, a hollow log Sleeping in a hollow log.

Endless medication

The echo of his footsteps in the street And the drip-drop of tears on my cheeks Were the only sounds on that sad dark night When my loving baby said goodbye. Come on over and see me sometime The jukebox plays on and the losers are fine Oh how the whiskey flows and it works like a charm Here on Heartache Boulevard. How long, not long because the truth is marching on How long, not long because this hour will soon be gone Though our aching legs are weary the truth is marching on The truth is marching on, The truth is marching on and on and on and on How long How long.

Somewhere out west a freighter rides by You used to watch them pass with their grit in your eye And the wild dogs under darkening sky Still listen for your lonesome lullaby. The patch of ground where they found you that day Is godforsaken, a barren place Why did you have to go this way Why did you go this way.

Have you ever seen peaches growing wild on a vine Have you ever seen peaches growing wild on a vine Well just climb in my orchard and get a taste of mine. My money comes and goes, My money comes and goes My money comes and goes and rolls and flows Through the holes in the pockets of my clothes.


Endless nights of one eye open and one ear to the ground You promised me eternity but you never even come around Well all my worries came flooding in the day you said hello If you care to know what I think of that, honey step outside your door. I was raised in that country So pure and so fair But I took too hard to the whiskey And I wandered away from there. You will walk it all alone, You will walk it all alone None will save your weary soul Till you lay down your heavy load.

He Wants to Change Our Hearts

Seasons come and seasons go Seasons come and seasons go Still so little any will know Till we lay down our heavy load. Angels calling soft and low Angels calling soft and low They will guide me safely home Till I lay down my heavy load. Once upon a starry night I had a little boy was the light of my life And I know that I never can stay away Oh my god I pray.

When you wander all the time With a ragged and a worried mind When you walk a crooked line Then your troubles will be like mine. Poisoned streets Full of blood The people can do nothing To hold back the flood. The water takes them Not one life line Everyone just standing Ringing their hands and crying.

Thereafter, she did not act in films, but concentrated on her music and reached out to a pan-Indian audience. Helped by senior statesman C. Rajagopalachari, Subbulakshmi and Sadasivam were at the centre of a cultural renaissance in the country.

Gaudium et spes

She sang widely for charity, and won the hearts of grateful admirers. She mastered the songs of great composers, made them her own, and took the level of music appreciation to new heights. From the Padma Bhushan in to the Bharat Ratna in , there were very few awards that were not bestowed on Subbulakshmi. For taking the spiritual message of music to the masses, she received international recognition and was presented with the Ramon Magsaysay award in Her recordings of the Venkatesa Suprabhatam , Bhajagovindam of saint Adi Sankara , and Vishnu Sahasranamam were inspirational, mirroring the intensely personal aspirations of a vast multitude.

Today, they continue to resonate in temples and homes, giving her voice a permanent place in the lives of ordinary people. I grew up listening to her gramophone records and attending her concerts in Mylapore in Chennai. The affection she felt for my mother was reflected in her attitude towards me. It was a life-long bond, strengthened by the unspoken word. She had style and was always elegantly attired in hand-woven silk sarees with jasmine flowers adorning her hair and diamond nose-rings that matched the glint in her eyes. She epitomised the traditional Indian woman but her modesty veiled a determination to excel in her chosen art.

Her life was her music. She knew it and touched the hearts of many with the magic of her unique voice. Q: When did Subbulakshmi release her first musical album? A: At the age of Plagued by a painful illness, this nun suddenly became lost in recurrent ecstatic visions. Impervious to the extreme pain, she lived as a penitent, praying and fasting in a cell in the middle of the family garden, continually insulted by all around her.

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With Saint Rosa in mind, Marijs and Manah began writing and improvising and the story of Rosa was born, first as a performance artist then as a fakir. Given a Belgian tinge, this story is stained by Catholicism, troubled by erotic infantile-abominable fantasies and perturbed by tunes from a melancholic accordion. No-one, not her mother or grandmother, has ever seen Rosa cry.

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From childhood Rosa develops strange occupations: she makes crowns of flowers in which she plaits a ribbon of iron with small nails that cut into her. Rosa wants to become a fakir.

album: "Echoes Of Decimation" (2005)

She picks horrible plastic flowers in cemeteries; at the supermarket she covers herself in washing powder then jumps in the canal; she knits insect blankets and tries to go to sleep under them. One day she receives a visit from God. But hunger starts to gnaw away at her and she feels she will die if the new Jesus remains in her stomach.

Rosa decides to dislodge the child by giving birth prematurely. After visiting the doctor, God speaks to her again, annoyed because she has failed. She asks him if she can sit on an egg and she receives one at night in a dream.