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He is at his finest when the shit is flying, but cannot exist in the peace his victory creates. Here is Mars at his most fanatical and disadvantaged. In the microcosm, Mars in Cancer creates angry rifts within a family. If the country is a macrocosm of the family, then the internal feud is a civil war. Again, the situation of Mars in Cancer is supremely disadvantaged- in an ugly family conflict, or a bloody civil war, neither side truly triumphs. Aggressive efforts destroy the very foundations fought for. In Cancer, Mars is in his Fall. His most difficult trial.

Possessed of both a selfless aspiration to surrender power to love and a deep, primal connection to the roots of aggression, Mars is placed on the merciless cross of his own extremes. Neither the symbolic castration of losing his sword nor the bloody joy of regression are real answers for the problem that Mars in Cancer poses. The question is how to prevent aggressive drives from damaging what one is sworn to defend without losing the positive virtues that Mars and his attendant energies provide. Beset with as many problems as it is, what positive quality does the power of Mars in Cancer have?

By reconciling internal conflicts, it unifies its foundations. A strong and coherent foundation is power. Although numberless commentaries and descriptions exist for these configurations, the titles speak for themselves. Working out the conflicts between people is necessary in order to create powerful bonds. Powerful bonds between people allow them to act as a collective unit, pooling their energy and resources together in order to accomplish what no individual can. Think Voltron, think Constructicons.

Families, unified, become a tribe. Tribes unified become a people. Originally published October , modified August and July Thanks, it was greatly appreciated. Crabs are tough little beasties, with claws. And I feel crabbier already. I wish I understood it. Every interpretation seems so far away from anything I feel or experience. I also wonder what the interpretation becomes after one resolves the crux of this take on it.

For me Mars in Cancer makes life full of lots of ups and downs. I feel like Mars in Cancer is like boiling water. Some of this could be influenced by my other planets and aspects though. My Mars in is Cancer, as well as my Sun and Venus…. Hi, I have the same in my chart. I have a civil war going on in my own mind.

I struggle with this. And like you say, I must find inner harmony to balance these two. This is a great piece which I continually find myself referring back to. Thanks again. Interesting you mentioned that Stephen King notes a werewolf correlation. King has Mars in Cancer, perhaps he speaks from experience.

Not 4 hire.. Poor Mars must trade in his katana for a Mont Blanc pen. The fearsome xenomorph clings to its hive and queen. The modern home is built around the burning fire. Release the kraken! And now I understand why I feel and have felt like a werewolf for the past several days. Lots of emotional work to tend! Thank you Austin for your thorough and poignant telling of this phase. Your descriptions are always so spot on in depicting the emotional undercurrent of each phase and it really helps me prepare for what I need to address as I navigate through.

And fiercely violent when emotionally hurt. I compare Mars in Cancer to boiling water. Mars is the heat, Cancer is the water. How the hell to fight and not to fight? It brings a searing division and a checkmate standstill. Hot shame in laying down your sword- the utter meaninglessness in picking it up again.

The pride of the centurion- Bow down peasants!! The powerlessness- the hope. A koan of the soul? Great Article. I think part of me always identified with their internal struggle. Great imagery! Probably my all-time favorite astrology article. Every now and then I read it again. Resonates a lot. To me that points very deep in spirit and psyche And, yeah! No coincidence probably, in this regard. It really is the werewolf. A lot of criminals have this placement.

Most excellent article, Austin. It resonates with this Mars in Cancer native. The werewolf analogy is apt. My worst rages and I do mean RAGES have been at home and in my workplace, against my family, against myself, and against my co-workers who tend to become my closest friends. You cannot make this stuff up. I also have difficulty connecting my head, heart and hands. I get balled up in analysis and it makes for a lot of frustration and pent up energy. Sometimes I do feel completely nuts. My mother could never understand my werewolf tendencies, and in my teens took me to psychologists.

I have Aquarius asecendant, and come off as friendly, somewhat geeky, scatter-brained. That Cancer murk is hidden deep. Or when they hear me cuss like a sailor. I have natal Mars in Cancer 11th. Sun is in Leo 12th, so a bit less….

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Leo than Leo Sun in most other places. This article is absolute truth in my life. Growing up, it was a battlefield every single day. Civil war? My mom and only sibling also have Mars in Cancer, and what you said about the promordial emerging from the womb really brought something to light for me.

I was born 10 days past my due date. My mother was 10 days late also. My sister was also born 10 days late. So interesting! They are both water Moons, like myself too. There are so many patterns! If ever one doubts the existence of karmic playout, he needs look no further than the charts of a family. Ive never related so much to a Mars in cancer post. Everyone were shocked including me to see what I had done.

All of this happened within 5 minutes. Bumped into the guy a few months later, I apologized to him because I felt bad, and we smoked a joint after.. Long story short. Also I do have a suggestion for people needing to manage this energy placement…Practicing any form of martial arts really helps.. My Venus is in Aries, Mars in Capricorn. Families are never perfect, are they? My Leo North Node warmth and generosity are a far better way to get my message across. Thanks for this great analysis and writing. I personally am a Sun in gemini, scorpio rising, venus in cancer, and mars in cancer.

This made so much sense to me. I definitely have that primal energy that I have no idea what to do with but also love to nurture. It is a hardship and I can come off confusing to the people I love. Hello Austin, thank you for this article. It has shed some light on this placement for me. Water, Water everywhere, but naught a drop to drink. Due to the heavy Cancer influence in my chart, it is difficult to discern what role Mars has played in my life.

Some of what you describe is spot on, while other things do not seem to really apply. Unfortunately, my Mars is also heavily aspected, so the way this has manifested in my life is rather convoluted. There are unresolved issues and some family dysfunction, but mostly in my birth family. My parents were interracial—one Asian, One Caucasian—so the cultural conflicts you mentioned certainly existed. My sister and Father passed away within a fairly short period of one another while I was a young adult and this effectively split my life into two distinct sections—before and after.

My own family, the one I have created, are close and relationships are not contentious. We work well together but all of us are fairly independent and, at times, too self-directed, which does not seem terribly Cancerian Virgo in the 4th influence, perhaps? There is not much in the way of cultural conflict in my life these days, unless you count our progressive stance on social issues and politics in conflict with many of our near neighbors. This has not manifested as any real problem, though. Does this mean that some of the energies of Mars in Cancer have been successfully harmonized?

On a personal level, I am very slow to anger but my temper can be quite terrible when I am pushed too far. Generally speaking, I react in a fairly rational way. I am almost never impulsive or emotionally reactive. I would say that I am a loving person and rather gentle, most of the time, but I definitely feel like I lack the hyper-sensitivity attributed not only to Cancer, but also to my Pisces Sun.

The Libras, Leos, Tauruses and Virgos around me surpass me in emotional sensitivity every time. It is true, however, that I can be pretty defensive sometimes, but usually only when defending someone else. Interestingly, in spite of my very watery nature, I can be, and usually am, rather detached emotionally.

I feel cursed lol. I have a fuse a mile long but when I let go I want to kill you literally. I never remember much. Having said that it takes me ages to lose it. Inner turmoil is an understatement. But thanks for the post, this helped a lot in trying to understand myself. I can read a persons character normally really easy. Any thoughts? Thanks Mark. Mark, I know what youre going through. My temper is very similar to yours. The number 1 thing that makes me crazy tho is disloyalty. Those four things are fucked with and nothing can stop me to get my revenge. And my revenge is wicked. But this one time I was having an argument with these 2 kids, and my best friend at the time literally went to their side and basically told me to fuck off.

What happened? I cracked the kids head open and beat the shit out of the other two as well. Almost got in big trouble with the law but luckily I was 17 and got through it because of self defense. From that moment I was known at 17 as one of the toughest guys around and even a psychopath when really I never look for trouble and start shit and am a great hearted Catholic individual. Now I grew up in Brooklyn and Staten Island, so this was also the way I was raised being I also have very tough parents, but part of the reason Im interested in astrology is because it has been dead on with me my whole life.

Im one of the most extreme people you would ever know, I just do a good job controlling myself. But this righteous anger leads me to lash out at my parents at times. Like all of our force comes all at one time. I think my over the top reactions for even slightly disloyal things is probably because of my sun and mercury being in Leo. My combinations, from looking at who I always was, make me the most intensely loyal person out there. I also have something called a Simian line on my dominant right hand.

Would love to see more thoughts about this…. I love your unique style of writing—combining mythology and contemporary lit. I have a friend with this planetary position as well as a sister. This has given me some insight into their mysterious behavior…. It is my life purpose. I struggle with this often…. His mars is trine pluto in libra, so he has the drive and energy but he seems to carry a guilt at the same time. Anyway, just sharing an observation. If you have something to add, please share.

You are very much spot on. Where the stressor lies is that she has no sight of what she is protecting…. Which may be uranus also opposite mars, conjunct my AC but in the 12th house. Almost a wounded warrior returning home, ready to give up the sword, but finds that what they were protecting left without a trace, perhaps a long time ago or maybe was never there. I definitely resonate with the article. I have mars opposite Neptune 8 degree , sun and mercury in cancer conjunct MC.

How to use it? I suppose that everything has some good stuff,even mars in cancer. I know that I am protective of others but also can be very destructive after arguments a get depressive for hurting others. Is there somebody with similar aspects? How do you live with it? What could you recommend me? As Libra ascendant I tend to be very indecisive. Would love to find a job which I could love.

One part of me feels oversensitive and that I need protection the other angry part -too much masculinity.

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As a female I would love to be more feminine. I hate my moodswings,depression,inactivity. I like to care for people but still feel my inner aggression,wound. I feel like I am not strong enough. I argued a lot with my family,mainly father and also with my partner. My relationship with my father was difficult. I hate to hurt my family. I also argued a lot with my partner,he is a very calm and quiet type,it was always me arguing,he quietly listening. But I love children. I am nice with children but I am afraid that with my own it would be different. It makes me very sad and angry.

Unfortunately I am not able to accept myself and I blamed my father a lot. I am trying to stop. I know a lot is my fault and not his. My parents argued a lot when I was growing up. They are better know but I am not able to change myself. I would love to be different. I would love to make myself and my parents happy. I just hope that with age will come release and more maturity. Thanks for the space for writing and for reading.

I am sorry for my English,I am not native speaker. Good article. Good for fevers, lol.

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Can fight to defend friends. Hi, Austin. Thanks for taking the time to synthesize your reflections and offer this insight. It spoke to me deeply. The conflicts you elaborated, I recognize. With my sun, moon and mercury in Aries and Mars in Cancer, constant vigilance over repression and reactions to seeming…often illusory impotency in the face of anger is required.

This has become an increasingly refined process as I mature. Wonderful imagery: the Werewolf. Rather than turning into a werewolf, I choose most often to stay human…use my voice, gain some muscle—inside and out, recognize my deep needs with compassion and celebrate my vulnerability as the trembling intimacy of being human. I see him diving into the depths of the ocean to find his sword, facing subconscious water dragons and returning to shore with a song and a vision.

I see my Venus in Taurus stroking his face and welcoming him home with her earthy femininity, integrating the warrior with his purpose. I accept the challenge and the triumph of Mars in Cancer. Thank you again. Never read anything before that is so well articulated to depict Mars in cancer. I will remember this article for rest of my life.

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Thanks a ton! Bit disappinted though. Would you be able to write part-2 with strategies to successfully deal with this chart placement, perhaps with examples? Or how to read red flags that can lead to intense internal conflicts? I have sun and mercury in aries ascendant, Taurus sun, Gemini moon with this painful Mars in cancer combination. Deep family bonds and friendships, loyalty with rewarding communication is my need to stay in equilibrium.

I often end up with struggles in relationships with family and friends where I feel emotional attachment. If nothing else, I feel lonely since many people are incapable of feeling the depth of emotions that I feel, they look at me as if I am weird. I have to constantly suppress expression of deep emotions that cancer brings. While I have successfully combated bursts of Mars, years of resentment has piled up, wanting to stay away from people!

10 Reasons Why Saturn Can Actually Be Incredible For You And Your Life

Not everyone wants to deal with this intensity of emotions. In the end, I will say I love this combination despite its struggles. Being ma ma bear has been a rewarding experience that I enjoy to its fullest. Having such deep emotions is so gratifying! Having that aggression expressed through hurtful words is how my Mars reacts. Thank you for the feedback. I would love to write a follow-up piece. If I can ever get well and truly ahead of my schedule, perhaps I will!

I am not lying this is so true, but a while back one night, I had a reminition of the kitchen. Yes the kitchen I heared all the way from my cursing, banging, squealing, and my dad and younger sister get mutilated by my mother asking me to just open the door and let her free. I was threatened cause who would who would even fall for something that does not even sound human. Idk but I think that one room was making her a complete psycho. She had exactly, natal Mars in Cancer. Yeah, my family calls me the incredible hulk a lot. When I feel backed against a wall or taken advantage of or finally decide to stand up for myself hell hath no fury.

It works out for me maybe a little more than half the time. It would be nice to have it on command. Aries Moon, Mars in Cancer. Leo Sun, Cancer rising. Great Post. I have mars conjunct jupiter in cancer, also the moon is in cancer but not conjuncted to the other 2. I was all my life more of an introvert. I tend to not get angry but to get lethargic and depressed. Once I got really really angry bc of a man who was teasing me and overstepping my boundaries and making me totally hot for him and never comuing to see me but promised that he would come and promised me marriage and love.

Well, he was not all the way a jerk but a person who has issues. Anyway, first with that relationship I had several moments of feeling bursting from heath and really telling him I needed cool waters and I need to after the sauna to jump into the icewater and that i need cooling. I told him i am about to lose my cool. It happened even that i met up with a friend who was in the army at that time and for some reason to see his tools made me go like; can i wear the mashinegun and the helmet and the friend is also a photographer and we take pics of me wearing the gun.

We did. Anyway then I felt like losing my mind with my love and i gad sent the pics to him too and telling him that u am about to cry abd i needed him to hug me now and i needed to cry at his shoulders. Well, i did explode. It felt like a blast from an atomic powerplant inside of me. After that blast i had lost the ability to feel inuitively.

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All was left was fear, suspicion, spinning scenarios in my head based on indices that are too little proof but too much to still do interpretation. It took me several years to get sort of back together. I did move in back with my parents at age 33 til No marriage. I used to be pretty, skinny, have a diploma, had interests, but after my emotional blast and the discard of my love that followed my blowup, i was like split in half and not able to feel unity within myself.

No intuition left and a mind that was overanalizing everything. I am virgo sun. I can completely relate to this, in an eerie way. I have Mars in Cancer in the 8th House. I am a male mother hen. I have rescued and revived the downtrodden, the disenfranchised and those without hope. My forte is historical research. And my Mars in Cancer in the 8th House is the perfect position for it. It perpeuates itself. The more sex causes more sex. Males and females are always enjoyable. Does anyone have similar experiences?

I believe my Mars in Cancer placement has been the most difficult planet in my chart. One could argue that a heavily aspected Pluto in the 12th is… but Mars is so obvious while Pluto is much harder to pick apart and define. I was nerdy, hated sports, the stereotypical kid who was the littlest, weakest, glasses-wearing, getting picked last on every team, annihilated in dodge ball, pushed down on the playground, you name it, kid.

I distinctly remember one of the happiest days of my life was when, in high school, I found out that marching band fulfilled the Phys. They often hold on to things regardless of their outworn-ness or outdatedness. This goes for material possessions, as well as situations and relationships. Cancer in your chart shows a place where your strength is nurturing others.. This can create barriers if you avoid issues that need to be confronted directly. Every planet in your chart indicates a need.

Cancer needs something or someone to take care of. The trick is to be aware of this need and develop healthy, nurturing relationships, rather than unhealthy dependencies. This will add further information to your delineation of a Cancer Sun. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.